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Burner Mail – Free Disposable Email Addresses

Protect My Inbox Now!

In this digital world, email is one of the best ways to communicate with friends, family, work colleagues, and get notifications for every service that you have signed up for. Everything can be done online!

Although it is more convenient to have just one email address for everything, it is not actually safe. Apps, online stores, and website data can be hacked and before you know it, your email address ends up on a spam list, or worse, your own email gets hacked, compromising all other accounts linked to it.

Because of these risks, disposable email services like Burner Mail is created to protect you and your privacy online. Having a disposable email address gives you an extra layer of protection as you use online services and navigate the Internet.

How does Burner Mail work?

Burner Mail generates throwaway email addresses for you to use when you want to sign up for an app or service. When you use a temporary email address, it will be harder for advertising companies and marketers to track your online activity and send you spam.

When someone sends you a message through the disposable email, it will be forwarded to your real email. So basically, you still see these advertising mailings but you have the advantage of a protective layer since your real email address is hidden and kept private.

All you have to do is install the Burner Mail extension on your website browser. When you have to input an email address in a website, a burner icon will appear on the email fields. Just press it and a disposable email account will be generated.

The email address is unique and usually inserts the website you are using to make it easier for you to remember which burner email address is for what service.

Communications with your personal email address and the data involved will be encrypted in a secure hosting facility so there is no way that anyone can track a burner email address to you.

Burner Mail will not be able to access your personal email and will only be able to access the incoming emails on the temporary email address. The messages that will be forwarded to your private email address will not be stored in the system and will automatically delete in a certain number of days.

If you want to stop receiving forwarded emails from the temporary email address, you can disable that Burner Mail address. You also have the option to enable the same temporary email address again if you want to start receiving messages again.

If you feel that the temporary email address is compromised, you can simply delete that burner email address. Take note that once temporary emails are deleted, you can no longer recover them and their contents.

Burner mail features and services

Block senders

Burner Mail gives you the option to block senders. So, when you feel like you no longer want to receive trash mail from a specific sender or service, all you have to do is block them and you will never hear from them again.

Multiple recipients

Some services need to be known by a group such as airline emails. You do not want to receive airline promos but you should not miss flight notifications. You can add recipients to where a certain mail can be forwarded so that you do not have to use your own email to alert your traveling group about any changes in your flight.

Anonymous replies

If there is a need to reply to a message on your fake mail, you can have the option to reply anonymously using the said disposable temporary email address instead of your real email address. With Burner Mail, you can send email anonymously!

How much does BurnerMail cost?

Burner Mail registration is free! The free account will give you a total of five temporary emails, access to one mailbox, and will let you keep 7 days worth of mail in the mailbox history.

If you want more features such as the one that allows you to reply using the burner email address and adding multiple burner recipients, you can get the Premium account. It only costs $2.99 per month or 34.99 per year.

The Premium account will give you an unlimited number of temporary emails (with a limit of 30 per day so you do not abuse the service) and unlimited mailboxes. You can choose to customize the addresses.

Burner Mail pros and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data is encrypted making it secure to use
  • Can reply using the burner email address (premium account)


  • Can only work for Chrome and Firefox browsers

Burner Mail FAQs

Why use a temporary email address?

Here is a list of some of the best reasons why you should love burner emails:

No more spam

Spam is probably the most annoying thing that has happened to the Internet. There is a lot of useless junk circulating in the email world and it gets harder to avoid spam online. With a burner email address, these annoying messages will not have to reside in your personal email address permanently.

Online anonymity

Being anonymous has its advantage when it comes to your privacy. This means you do not have to enter your personal details all the time. You can even use disposable temporary emails to be anonymous on social media platforms and create second accounts.

Data security

With a throwaway email, your data is encrypted and safe. No one can access your personal email, your personal information, and the online accounts linked to it. When a data breach happens, allowing spam to infiltrate a company’s mailing list, you will not be compromised.

When not to use a disposable email address or temp mail

As much as you would want everything to be protected with Burner Mail, there are some services where your personal email address should be used because of the data they handle. It is a must that you receive messages from these services on your personal email.

Here is a list of services where you should not use a throwaway email address:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Phone numbers
  • Password and pin recoveries
  • Work


With Burner Mail, you get an easy and reliable way to protect your online identity through disposable temporary email addresses. You no longer have to give out your personal email address all the time! Now you can avail of games, services, and even online shopping websites with peace of mind because you know your personal info will stay safe. It is now easier for your real mailbox to be clutter-free!

Protect My Inbox Now!