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AI novel writing software is one of the most incredible new developments within the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence.

AI is only going to become more advanced and sophisticated in the months and years to come, and is guaranteed to disrupt and revolutionise multiple industries and fields – including novel writing.

In other words, if you are a creative writer – and it doesn’t matter whether your subject matter is short stories or long-form novels in any genre – AI can help you superpower your creative output and maximise your daily word count beyond your wildest imagining.

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Rather than seeing the burgeoning AI revolution as a threat to human creativity, it makes much more sense to look at it as an incredible opportunity for all who are willing to adapt to the new technology and learn how to use it to their advantage. AI isn’t here to replace human writers – it is here to help them amplify their creative potential and scale their output.

So are you ready to get onboard with and start using the magnificent tools that artificial intelligence writing software places at your disposal? Then keep reading, because in this article we’re going to look at how AI novel writing software can help you triumph in all of your varied writing endeavours. We’ll seek to answer the questions you probably have about writing with the help of an AI wrier, as well as review some of the best AI writing tools on the market.

How AI writing software can help you write a novel

If you’re a creative writer, blogger, marketer or social media content creator, AI writing software is going to revolutionise the way you work.

Why? Well, let’s take a look.

Say goodbye to writer’s block for good

Almost every writer is familiar with that most dreaded affliction that befalls writers – writer’s block. Writer’s block is when you can’t seem to concentrate and get any words down on the page. Writer’s block can also be incredibly difficult to shift and can delay your writing process by hours, days, weeks, even months.

One of the very best things to be said about deploying an AI writing assistant is that it can and will help you blast through writer’s block in a matter of seconds. Writing with an AI tool means that you will never get stuck, or hit an inspiration draught because the AI writer will always be at hand and ready to pick up where your own creativity and imagination let up.

Streamline your novel writing process

Anyone who has ever written a novel – or attempted to – knows that a lot of organisation and structuring goes into crafting a coherent novel.

When you start working with AI writing software, a lot of the heavy lifting will be done for you when it comes to managing everything from sentence structure to world building to fixing grammar mistakes.

How AI writing software works

AI writing software is built on top of GPT-3, an autoregressive language model utilising deep learning (a very granular form of machine learning) to access enormous quantities of pre-existing text, such as blog posts, social media posts, video scripts, squeeze pages and public domain works in order to generate new and original, human-sounding text.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism when you use an AI writer to generate words – approximately 98% of the text that is produced by an AI is going to be original content.

The AI writer uses natural language processing to generate anything from a few paragraphs to long-form written work, such as novels or movie scripts.

Many content marketers, entrepreneurs and writers are already leveraging the massive potential that AI writing software has to offer. Are you one of them -and if not, do you want to be?

The best AI writing tools for writers

Despite AI writing software being a relatively new field, there are already a lot of competitors on the market. In this part of the article, we’ll be looking at the very best of them in some detail, to help you decide which one is going to be the best fit for your novel writing style and temperament.

Selecting the right novel writing software is a vitally important step in getting your novel out of your head and down onto the page, preferably in one piece, without breaking any of the ideas that have gone into the story in the process of transfer.

Gone are the days where writers have to pore over Microsoft Word or manually backup everything they write in Google Docs to ensure not a single word is lost on the way from idea to finished novel.

An AI system makes everything easier for you by helping you with both the knots and bolts of writing, but also with the all-important technical and practical aspects surrounding the writing process – so that you can focus on your story instead of worrying about whether or not your writing tool has even saved what you’ve just spent hours writing.

Now, let us zoom in on two of the most important AI writing softwares you need to know about.

Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI is an incredibly powerful AI-powered writing software with an incredibly diverse range of applications. This makes Jarvis AI perfectly suited not only for would-be authors, but also for entrepreneurs, marketers, agencies and bloggers looking to amplify their output and reach.

The stated goal on Jarvis AI’s main page is to help creators break through creative blocks and get their content done. It’s a bold goal, but if the 1,000+ Trustpilot reviews that rated Jarvis 4.9 stars out of a possible 5 are anything to go by, Jarvis delivers on its promise.

Another really cool thing about Jarvis is that this AI tool actually caters to writers and lends itself really well to creative writing. Many authors have already published books with Jarvis – there is a whole list of them on Jarvis’s main page, ready for you to peruse. Interestingly, most of them seem to be non-fiction.


Jarvis offers a splendid buffet of AI-driven features and functions, all aimed at helping you get words on the page, fast. To mention just a few of the many features and tools that recommend Jarvis AI as a must-have piece of writing software:

  • 2,000-3,000 characters lookback (depending on which subscription level you are on)
  • Up to unlimited runs
  • Jarvis commands (Only available in Boss Mode)
  • Long-form content capability
  • Workspace documents to help you (and your team) stay organised
  • Over 25 supported languages
  • Access to over 50 customisable short-form copywriting templates
  • Chat support and live trainings (so you’ll never get stuck)
  • AI copywriter’s community (so you can learn and grow together with other writers and content creators using AI)

Pricing and subscription options

Jarvis AI offers quite a few different subscription options, depending on how many words you want to be able to generate on a monthly basis, how quickly you want them done, and how much you are willing to invest in your writing software. The different paid subscription options offered by Jarvis are Starter, Pro and Boss Mode.

For those who would like to take Jarvis AI for a test-drive before they opt in, there is also a free trial, which allows you to generate 10,000 words using Jarvis – that’s insane value, by anyone’s standards. Another good thing to know is that Jarvis offers a 7-day money back guarantee on any of the paid plans.


Jarvis’s Starter plan, which costs $29/month, allows you to generate up to 20,000 words a month.


Jarvis Pro, priced at $109/month is quite a step up in cost from the Starter plan, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that a Pro subscription gives you the ability to generate unlimited words.

Boss Mode

Jarvis Boss Mode is the ultimate in terms of AI novel writing software on today’s market. Boss Mode is priced at $119/month, which is really just a small step up in cost from the Pro plan. What you get for the additional $10 is Boss Mode, the ability to give Jarvis direct commands and tell the word processor what to write next.

If you are only planning on using Jarvis for relatively simple, short-form content such as social media captions, then you may not need boss mode – but if you’re planning on using Jarvis to create long-form creative content, including novels, then Boss Mode is what you need.


The upsides to using Jarvis are many. Let me list just a few of the highlights:

With Jarvis, you’re guaranteed to blast through writer’s block, since you can trust the AI tool to do the bulk of the writing – and even the process of coming up with ideas – for you. If you’re feeling low on inspiration, you can use Jarvis Boss Mode to spark new ideas and let Jarvis do the bulk of the writing, while you step in just to direct and fine tune the AI’s output.

A related upside to using Jarvis is that the software allows you to scale your productivity, by a whole lot.

Jarvis AI can potentially mean the difference between finishing your novel or not. Use the framework Jarvis AI provides to guide and finish your chapters.


Jarvis AI is might very well be most well-developed and versatile ai writing tool out there – but it still has its flaws.

First of all, no AI software is perfect, although new developments are constantly happening that are taking both Jarvis and its competitors in that direction. AI is still a relatively new technology, and therefore flawed.

One of the most noticeable cons of using Jarvis AI is that the AI content generator occasionally rambles on for quite a bit, producing reams of unintelligible text that a human editor would need to pick up on. As a result, writing with the help of an AI writing software like Jarvis is incredibly speedy – but the editing process can be quite a chore.

While the Jarvis AI software is constantly learning and refining its writing skills, steering it so that it writes down exactly what you had in mind can be quite a challenge. Writing software like Jarvis borrows its novel text from numerous sources, specifically from already published books and public domain works. This can make it very difficult for you to ‘train’ your writing software AI to mimic your exact style of writing. For fiction writers, this can prove to be quite a drawback.


If you find that you don’t get on with Jarvis, Headlime is another powerful AI novel writing software worth considering.

Headlime promises to help you turn your thoughts into words at 10x the speed, and is particularly geared towards helping copywriters, marketing agencies and business owners generating the copy they need for their landing pages, email sequences, social media ads and more.

But like Jarvis, Headlime also lends itself well to other forms of creative writing. Headlime is powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI and promises to assist you with everything from idea generation (Which is great if you are working on your next novel and would like some help crafting a new and original plot or characters).

Hedlime works mainly by following your prompts – allowing you to turn a brief 100 word paragraph into reams of text.

Pricing and subscription options

Headlime has two different subscription options on offer; Individual and Business. There is also a free trial for those who would like to test-drive Headlime as a novel writing software before they commit to a paid plan.


Headlime’s Individual plan is priced at $59/month and is perfect for personal use or small businesses (as well as individual novelists).

The Individual plan gives you 1500 credits per month and includes Headlime’s full suite of features and writing tools.


If Headlime’s Individual plan doesn’t meet you need to create, the Business plan, priced at $399/month, is the next step up.

A Headlime Business subscription gives you unlimited usage, white labelling, and allows you to add up to three user seats (Giving you the option of collaborating with others).


The pros of using Headlime are much the same as the pros of using Jarvis.

Like Jarvis, Headlime gives you the ability to generate up to unlimited words on a monthly basis – more than enough to satisfy any productivity junkie’s desires. In other words, singing up for a Headlime plan guarantees to skyrocket your writing output and to help you get the words down onto the page.

With Headlime’s idea generating tool, you’re also guaranteed to never run out of fresh creative ideas and will never have to contend with writer’s block ever again.


Headlime and Jarvis are on par in many ways, and this includes their drawbacks.

As the case is with Jarvis – and every other AI writing tool currently available – the creative text generated by Headlime is rather far from perfect. While some of the AI’s output is going to be pure gold in terms of sparking new ideas or helping you actually finish that chapter, some of the generated text is going to read like nonsense. In other words, you are definitely going to need a human editor!

Another potential con associated with using Headlime and other AI novel writing software is that how to collaborate well with your new artificial intelligence writing assistant can take quite a bit of practice before you get it right. Teaching the AI your unique writing voice is all but impossible, and combining the AI’s writing with your own can seem difficult and clunky, particularly when you are first getting started.

Other AI writing tools

While Jarvis and Headlime are the best AI writing softwares when it comes to helping you structure and finish entire novels or non-fiction books, there are also numerous other writing tools out there that rely on AI technology and can assist you with everything from grammar checking to text to speech conversion.


You might already be using Grammarly in your daily writing routine – and if you aren’t, you should seriously consider it.

Grammarly is a Chrome extension designed to help you write better, whether you are composing emails, blog posts or entire novels. Grammarly helps you save time by giving you real time suggestions for better word choices and sentence structuring, in addition to correcting your grammar.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is another AI-driven writing tool worth looking into if you are a novelist.

Text Blaze is designed to help you eliminate repetitive text while streamlining and speeding up your writing process. Text Blaze accomplishes this by tapping you into a diverse array of easy-to-use and dynamic formulas that you can customise to your heart’s content.

Text Blaze is a Chrome extension and, like Grammarly, integrates seamlessly with your writing on any platform.

AI novel writing software Q & A

We’ve looked at some of the best AI novel writing tools available today and discussed the pros and cons of using an AI writing software to eliminate writer’s block and fast-track your novel to completion. Still, you may be left with some unanswered questions. Hopefully, you’ll find them answered in this dedicated Q & A section.

Can an AI write a novel?

AI is constantly learning and growing in both scope and sophistication – but none of the AI writing softwares currently available to writers are able to write a full-length novel without human guidance, input and editing.

But while you cannot (yet) make your AI writing assistant craft an entire novel for you, you can collaborate with it to write your own novels much faster than you could on your own or when collaborating with another human writer.

Does AI-written content infringe on copyright?

AI writing software like Jarvis AI, Headlime and others are built on top of GPT-3, an open source AI that utilises deep learning to access unfathomable amounts of text. The AI draws on this incredibly wide knowledge base in order to generate new writing that is 98% original and therefore doesn’t infringe on copyright.

In other words, yes, you can use the words you produce using an AI and put it into your original novel or onto your landing page etc.

What software should I use to write a novel?

When it comes to picking the AI writing software that lends itself best to fiction writing, there is no clear winner. Most AIs currently on the market are aimed primarily at helping content producers, marketing agencies and digital entrepreneurs generate copy for their websites, squeeze pages and product descriptions.

Having said that, some AI writers, including Jarvis AI, Headlime and ClosersCopy, can be used for creative writing thanks to their idea generating capabilities and, in the case of Jarvis, AI-generated chapter guidance.

Can Jarvis AI write a book?

Jarvis AI is probably the best aI novel writing software available today, but not even Jarvis is capable of producing an entire book completely on its own.

Having said that, you can craft a novel in collaboration with Jarvis, by using Jarvis AI’s Boss Mode to guide the process from start to finish.

Can AI write stories?

So far, AI wiring software is mostly being used to generate copy for social media, email sequences, e-commerce pages and so on, but AI is perfectly capable of producing more creative writing, including stories, as well as plots and characters.

AI novel writing software – final thoughts

If you are a creative writer and you are not yet collaborating with AI novel writing software to get your stories onto the page and out into the world, you should at least consider it.

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