Amberscript Review, Pricing, and Alternatives

Adding subtitles to your videos make it more inviting for a lot of people. Moreover, it ensures that you reach a much wider audience, as you make you videos easy to understand. Listening to videos and transcribing every word, however, can take up so much time and effort.

Luckily for us, various audio and video transcription services are now available in the market. These AI tools make it a lot faster to produce subtitles and text, allowing you more time to focus on more important things.

One of these programs is Amberscript. In this review, we’re going to test out just how helpful this program can be.

What is Amberscript?

Amberscript is a tool designed to make audio accessible. Simply upload your audio or video files and let Amberscript automatically create texts and subtitles with the help of their language experts and professional subtitlers.

Who is Amberscript for?

For businesses

Amberscript allows you to get the most out of your business with its business features. You can integrate your workflow via API, centralize your bulling, provide access to multiple users, request a model customized to your needs, and even get volume discounts.

For academia

With everything going digital, it is beneficial to adhere to digital accessibility regulations in the university or institution. With Amberscript, you can easily transcribe research interviews and lectures or integrate transcriptions and subtitles to any of your academic works.

For communication & media professionals

Adding captions or subtitles to your videos make your content more inviting and appealing to different audiences. Automatically upgrade your content and make it SEO and social media friendly with the help of Amberscript.

For professionals in healthcare, psychology, journalism, and law

Providing transcriptions to your interviews and other videos make your content editable, searchable, and easier to access, ensuring a much wider audience.


There are only three main things you need to do to produce transcriptions with the use of Amberscript.

First, upload the audio or video file you wish to transcribe. Either Amberscript’s powerful speech recognition engine or their trained transcribers will then handle the project for you, depending on which product you choose.

After uploading, Amberscript connects your speech files to the text in the online text editor, allowing you to revise, highlight, and search through your text conveniently.

Lastly, export your finished transcript in TEXT, SRT, VTT, or many other formats. You also have the option to include timestamps and speaker distinction in your transcriptions.


Amberscript boasts that all its products and services are fast, accurate, and secure. It ensures a quick turnaround of all your files, enables an accurate flow of audio to data, and complies to GDPR security and safety. The following are the platform’s features, or what they call solutions.

Automatic Transcription

No time and effort are wasted using Amberscript’s software to automatically draft text from your audio or video files. Should you need to make any changes and improve the output, a text editor is available for you to improve the text yourself.

Manual Transcription

Having a team of professional transcribers work on your transcriptions guarantees an even quicker and more accurate output. For an affordable price, Amberscript’s transcribers will perfect the text, distinguish speakers, and double check the quality of the transcripts.

Automatic Subtitles

Get away from the hassles of having to manually create subtitles for your videos. Amberscript’s software does the job for you, allowing you more time to focus on other things that matter.

Manual Subtitles

Much like with the Manual Transcription, professional transcribers can help you out with writing the subtitles for you video for an affordable price.

Data Annotation

Amberscript offers pre-made data sets with 99% accuracy language samples from native speakers to help you with optimizing your own speech recognition models. You can even create a custom data set with the help of their language experts.

API & Custom Models

With the help of their API, Amberscript also allows you to integrate speech recognition abilities into your own software. You can choose from a variety of generic models or create a new speech recognition specifically for your needs.

There’s more to these features of Amberscript. For more information about these features, you can check out their website.

Ease Of Use

Amberscript makes it easy for beginners to immediately start using the platform. The process of creating transcriptions and subtitles with Amberscript is easy to understand and follow, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost along the way. The program is complete with tools conveniently placed in the dashboard to help you make edits or any other necessary changes. Simply hover over the tools to get an overview of what it does.

In addition to this, Amberscript starts you out with well-explained tutorials to really show you how it is to use the tools they offer. After finishing the tutorial, you’re all set to start producing transcriptions.  


Amberscript offers two main product types: Transcription and Subtitles. For both of these products, you have the option to choose between Automatic or Manual Subscription.

The following are the prices for the Transcription service:

Amberscript’s plans offer flexibility which is beneficial for those who need it for just one or a few projects. For $10, you get transcriptions for an hour-long video or audio file. Even though you’re not subscribed to the platform, you’ll be able to get the same set of tools, text editor, dashboard, and available languages so it’s a pretty good deal. For those who will be needing transcriptions regularly, a monthly subscription is available which gives you transcriptions for up to 5 hours of audio or video files each month.

Because the transcriptions are created by a software, you may need to correct a few mistakes and make a few improvements here and there. If you’d like to skip this part completely and leave it up to the professionals, you can avail of their Manual Transcription service at a rate of $1.2 for every minute of audio or video files you upload.

Unfortunately, Amberscript does not offer a monthly subscription for Manual Transcription, which would make it a bit pricier should you need a lot of work done. Manual Transcription is also limited to only 11 languages currently, as opposed to their software having 39 languages. This, however, will make sure that your transcriptions are 99% accurate.

The following are the prices for the Subtitles service:

Rates for the Automatic Subtitles are the same with the rates for Automatic Transcription. For every hour of video subtitles, you will have to pay $10. A monthly subscription of $32 gives you 5 hours of subtitles.

For the Manual Subtitles, Amberscript offers two different types of services— creation of high-quality subtitles, and translation of subtitles. The former will cost $6.25 for every minute while the latter will cost $7 for every minute.

Review In Detail

Here is an overview of how it is to use Amberscript.

Signing Up

With a short scroll of Amberscript’s landing page, you will be met with a brief introduction of what the platform can do, its impressive features, happy customers, and other reviews of their service. Towards the bottom of the main page, you’ll also find links to some blogs about transcription and captioning.

There are links that you can click on to lead you to more information about their features, should you need more convincing about whether you should avail of their service or not. You can read about Amberscript’s main products— Automatic Transcription, Manual Transcription, Automatic Subtitles, and Manual Subtitles. Clicking on the Business tab will lead you to more information about how you can make use of Amberscript to create custom speech recognition models for your own software or program.

Amberscript offers a free trial for you to get a feel of their program. The trial allows you to create transcriptions or subtitles for up to 10 minutes with the help of their automatic software.

To claim the free trial, you’ll simply need to sign up to the platform. You’ll only need your email and a password to sign up to Amberscript. To optimize your experience, Amberscript will also ask for your name, country, and sector. It won’t need any credit card details before you can avail of the trial which is always a good thing.


Once you’re done signing up, you’ll be taken to a window where you can see a list of your files, and everything’s pretty simple to figure out from there. At the bottom of the window, you’ll find a tracker of your credits, or the remaining time of audio or video files that you can transcribe.

You’ll also notice a demo in your files. Clicking on this file will lead you to a brief but very helpful tutorial of how you can make the most of Amberscript. The tour covered the basics such as the purpose of the buttons on your workspace, and the shortcuts for these controls.

After the tour, you’ll find that the demo audio and transcription is actually a tutorial that you can follow to have a much better grasp of how it is to use the platform. If you didn’t quite grasp the controls during the tour, you’ll definitely understand how everything works with the help of the demo. 

Let’s have a quick run through of the important functions and controls.

The first thing to learn is how to start and stop the audio. You’ll find a play button, rewind button, and fast forward button in the top left part of your screen. You can also control the speed of your audio by sliding the speed marker. Shortcuts for these controls are also available. Simply click on the “Show all shortcuts” button below your workspace to see the list of available keyboard shortcuts. 

Beside these controls, you’ll also find the files and export button.

Automatic transcriptions may be prone to a few mistakes due to things such as unclear pronunciations or low volume in certain parts of the audio files. You’re bound to make a few edits to improve the output so it’s a good thing that Amberscript makes it convenient to edit these mistakes.

To correct a word or a phrase, all you have to do is to move your mouse to it and edit as you would in any text editor. You can also type in any other text or comments you wish to add the same way.

Another helpful function is the ability to label or name the speakers in the audio. Amberscript automatically distinguishes one voice from another, but this function allows you flexibility and convenience.

Say that we are to change the label spk1 to Amber.  To do so, simply click on the label found in the left side of your transcriptions and edit. All fragments of the transcription labelled under spk1 will automatically be changed to Amber.

On the top right of the workspace, you’ll find more handy tools to help you make the most of your editing.

The first icon allows you to toggle, or turn on or off, the spelling checker. The next is a tool which allows you to easily replace one word to another in bulk. Simply enter the words you want to change, and the word you want to replace it with in the small window that will appear on your screen. This makes editing your text even faster.

Another handy tool is the highlight tool. Simply select a word or group of words from your transcription, click on the highlight tool, and you’ll automatically see a mark on your word as well as on the part of the transcription you’re on.

As seen below, I’ve highlighted the word left. You can see that it has also marked the part of the audio file I’m currently on. This tool makes it easy to keep track of your progress and mark important parts of the audio file.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with Amberscript’s capability to produce transcriptions and subtitles in just a short amount of time. I’ve tried uploading several video and audio files and Amberscripts has done a great job. The AI was also able to distinguish the different voices of the speakers in the audio files which indeed makes your work much faster.

I needed to make a few adjustments here and there as the AI had a bit of difficulty with the muffled and low-volume parts of the audio. However, Amberscript’s tools make it convenient to edit and make other necessary changes, so you don’t need to worry. Still, Amberscript definitely helps you finish the work in a much faster and more efficient way.

Amberscript Alternatives


Descript is an all-in-one video and audio editing platform which also specializes in automatically generating transcriptions. Descript also offers both AI and human-powered transcriptions with industry-leading accuracy and powerful collaboration tools.

Descript offers a free plan with 3 hours of transcriptions per month. For a Creator and Pro plan, you get 10 and 30 hours of transcription every month along with the other services Descript offers. A Creator plan costs $12 while the Pro plan costs $24.


Transkriptor allows you to automatically transcribe your meetings, interviews, lectures, and any other conversations. Transkriptor allows you to be productive, can provide you with accurate transcriptions, and makes editing easy and convenient, all for an affordable price.

Transkriptor offers 2 plans: Lite and Premium, which cost about $6 and $17 respectively. The Lite Plan entitles you to 5 hours of transcription per month while the Premium Plan gives you 50 hours. serves as your AI-powered assistant when it comes to creating transcriptions. The program helps you save time and increases efficiency, allowing you more time for everything else. provides services catered to individuals, businesses, and education to better focus on your needs. For individuals, offers two main plans: Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is a free plan while the Pro plan costs $8.33.

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