Article Forge Alternatives

Copywriters, digital marketers and agency owners alike know that content is king in the digital age and the demand for SEO-rich content is only growing year on year.

However, you’ll also know that writing high-quality content takes a lot of time, effort and sometimes money, too since it often necessitates hiring several copywriters and editors.

What if there was a better way, though? A way to deliver reams of high-quality content, grow your business and dominate in your niche while saving time and money?

Today we’ll be looking at Article Forge and alternatives to Article Forge to compare and analyze which will best suit your needs.

What is Article Forge?

Article Forge is an AI-powered web-based article generator that will allow you to produce vast volumes of writing in a fraction of the time it would take you to write manually.

Article Forge is a high-quality article generator that can research articles and write them too, harnessing the power of the most advanced AI technology that exists.


Article Forge has an array of impressive features that you can use to add value to your business while streamlining your content creation process. Just a few of these features are as follows:

Deep Learning

Article Forge makes use of deep learning algorithms to mine information from across the internet in any genre or niche that you select.

The AI is constantly absorbing knowledge and most importantly, applying it to write better and more relevant content.

Thanks in part to this deep understanding algorithim technology, the newest version of Article Forge is multilingual and able to produce articles in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Italian.

SEO Keywords

As you start to generate an article using Article Forge, you’ll be given the option to input primary keywords and sub keywords.

The AI uses seed keywords to determine the context of the article. Article Forge API also allows you to use software with any web tool that you want in order to automate your SEO efforts.

Determine Article Length

You can control the length of any written article as you’re able to set an approximate article length though your options are somewhat limited since you can only choose between 50, 200, 500 and 700 words.

If some of the content you’re producing exceeds the 700-word limit, you’ll need to work on it in 700-word chunks until you have finished writing your article.

The article length function is also more of an aim than a strict rule as the AI may only generate a 570-word piece even if you ask it to generate 700 words.

Inserting media

In order to make your generated content more informative, compelling and engaging, Article Forge can add relevant photos and videos to your article.


Article Forge is capable of independently researching in any niche for you; this feature is very useful when you need to write articles in niches you’re not so experienced in.

For example, while it would take you hours to manually research a complex scientific or technical topic, the AI can do this for you easily and automatically in a matter of minutes freeing up your time for other crucial business tasks.

Plagiarism Free

With some article writers, plagiarism is a concern particularly as search engines don’t like plagiarism however you don’t need to be concerned about it with Article Forge, since the artificial intelligence reads millions of relevant articles and other sources of information in order to research articles before it creates a quality article for you, all while articulating in its own words.

The result is approximately 98% original content. If you test an article created by Article Forge with Copyscape, you’re unlikely to pick up more than 1-2% unoriginal copy.

Article Forge does not directly copy content from any one source but instead uses deep learning to inform itself and create a knowledge base from which it can extrapolate and write a quality article for you.

Bulk Article Generator

One of Article Forge’s most unique features is the ability to create articles in bulk.

While a human copywriter can only write one piece of content at a time, Article Forge can use advanced artificial intelligence to work on multiple pieces of high-quality content at one time, all without having a nervous breakdown!

If you’re working to tight deadlines, this is a powerful feature that will allow you to bulk generate up to 200,000 words per month.

Word Post Scheduling

This feature is very efficient and convenient, allowing you to post the content generated to your WordPress sites quickly and easily.

The WordPress scheduler feature allows you to line up one quality article after another, making it easier than ever to organize and oversee the content generation process.


There is no denying that Article Forge is a powerful piece of software that really punches above its weight in terms of features and quality output, but we also need to look at the cons to help you make the best, most informed decisions for your business.

Writing Limitations

While industry-leading technology allows Article Forge to generate and spin quality articles for you in any niche, the software does still have limitations.

There are limited options for customization, you just input keywords and sub-keywords and can’t really lead the AI any further than that.

You have to sit back and trust Article Forge to generate unique and readable content that reflects what you had in mind.

Compared to a more collaborative process offered by some Article Forge competitors such as Jarvis, Article Forge can feel awkward and impersonal.

Having said that, you’re still able to add a human touch by editing any generated content.

No AI software is perfect – yet – so you’ll still need to go over everything to proofread and ensure that your content is coherent, accurate and conveys exactly what you want it to.

A human eye is needed to check for content readability and catch any inconsistencies or nonsensical content.

Article Forge Pricing

When you subscribe to Article Forge you’ll be presented with two possible versions.

One is priced at $57 and the other is $27 per month (equivalent) however to get this lower price, you’ll need to pay for the year in advance.

Both subscriptions offer the same features.

Now it’s time to look at some Article Forge Alternatives to see what’s on offer.

Article forge Alternatives


Our first Article Forge alternative is Jarvis; the most noticeable difference between Article Forge and Jarvis AI (sometimes known as conversion AI) is that Jarvis is much more intuitive and customisable.

While Article Forge only allows you to input article titles, Jarvis AI features much more collaborative software that can work side by side with you.

With that said, while it does allow the creation of the best articles, it does require more effort and work on the part of the writer.

Jarvis AI produces excellent quality content and is a very popular content writer offering a great many unique features of its own.

Jarvis Features

Boss Mode

Jarvis has introduced a new command structure that allows users to take over the AI and manually guide it to generate articles with precise commands, it does exactly what you’d expect.

Here’s an example, you can write a custom command such as ”Write Ad Copy for health insurance company” and sit back while the magic happens.

Surfer search engine optimization

SurferSEO is a tool that most SEO’s and bloggers have heard of, it’s a content optimization tool that analyses the content based on NLP (Natural language processing) in order to suggest relevant phrases and topics add to your content, Jarvis allows for smooth integration with Surfer SEO.


Jarvis is available at 3 different price points, here they are summarised with a few bullet points.

Starter $29 per month.

  • Multilingual support (25+ languages)
  • AI Copywriters community.
  • 7-Day Money back guarantee
  • Copywriting templates
  • Long-form assistant.

Pro $109 per month.

  • 50+ Short form templates.
  • Long-form assistant.
  • 5 Project Folders.
  • 7-Day money-back guarantee.
  • AI Copywriters community.
  • Chat Support.

Boss Mode $119 per month.

  • Unlimited articles.
  • 3,000 character lookback.
  • Workspace documents.
  • 50+ Short form templates.


Our next Article Forge alternative is WordAI which is a popular and intuitive AI copywriting tool, despite being the same type of software programme you may notice that WordAI and Article Forge are essentially opposites in terms of how they work.

While Article Forge generates solid blocks of text without any real input from you, WordAI works with what you’ve got and is able to rewrite your articles in order to subtly improve and strengthen your writing. WordAI is strongest as an article rewrite rather than an article generator.

WordAI is able to understand the context of different words and has a professional understanding of synonyms and linguistics and can apply this to help you create quality articles.

WordAI Features

Multilingual support

WordAI offers support for multiple languages (such as Spanish and French) allowing you to generate content for multiple audiences.

Bulk Spinning

Not too dissimilarly to Article Forge’s bulk content generation tool, WordAI is an efficient bulk article spinner that allows you to upload all of your already written articles to be spun.

Article Import from Article Forge

Additionally, you’re able to connect your Article Forge account harnessing both the power of Article Forge and WordAI in one smoothly integrated process.

With this feature, you can take the content generated by Article Forge and let wordAI, a sophisticated article spinner, supercharge your content allowing you to get the best out of both programs.

These programs are perhaps best-suited to be used side by side rather than either/or.

WordAI Pricing

WordAI’s pricing is as follows.

$49.95/month or $347 per year with plans aptly named ”turing monthly plan” and ”turing yearly plan”.

Both can be tested with a free three-day trial.

Enterprises can access additional pricing options however you need to contact customer services for a quote for this.

Closers Copy

Among the best Article Forge alternatives, Closers Copy is software that encompasses an array of features that promise to improve your copywriting skills in addition to multiple templates to help you get started.

Closers Copy was created by sales industry experts and their knowledge, combined with the power of AI has resulted in this all-in-one software that has skyrocketed many businesses to new heights.

Closers Copy Features

Tone analysis

Unlike Article Forge, Closers Copy features a one-click analysis tool that helps you easily check how your audience is likely to receive your work making Closers Copy an intuitive, cutting edge content writer.

Spam analysis

A unique feature that really makes Closers Copy an excellent Article Forge alternative – in addition to saving you from wasting precious time creating email copy that will never reach your clients – Closers Copy can predict with great accuracy whether or not your content will end up being blocked by a spam filter.

Premade templates

This programme has a generous library of templates to choose from, all you have to do is choose which one best suits your copywriting needs such as ad copy, email campaigns or sales letters and then fill in the blanks, if you need to generate content you can trust Closers Copy to do the heavy lifting for you.

You can also pre-make your own templates to speed up the content creation process in future.

Closers Copy Pricing

Closers Copy has two subscriptions for you to choose from.

The freelancer account is worth $39.99 per month and the professional account is worth $49.99 per month.

While Closers Copy doesn’t offer a free trial, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Up next on our list of Article Forge alternatives is Copysmith.AI which is a powerful copywriting assistant that can create content of all kinds, from short Facebook ads to long-form articles. It can also work on Google Ads, Promotional emails and blog comments to give you a hand in all of your marketing needs.

Copysmith particularly excels at creating accurate copy, however, if you’re not happy with your first few attempts and are looking to increase accuracy, consider carefully revising keywords and descriptions.

It is simple to generate articles with Copysmith.AI however it’s important to remember that the quality of the output will depend on the quality of the input.

Copysmith.AI Features

Blog Post Generator

Similarly to Article Forge, Copysmith encompasses a blog post generator that will allow you to input a few pieces of information and keywords and generate an entire blog post.

After entering the introductory paragraph, a few keywords and some opening sentences the template will already be filled with useful copy based on your own style.

Editing content has never been easier either, thanks to the convenient rephrase function that changes phrases on demand.

Built-in plagiarism checker

Copysmith’s copy is generated with state-of-the-art AI technology and will pass all of the major plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape, which prevents you from negatively impacting your search engine optimization.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith offers a free trial without requiring you to enter your credit card details, after your trial has concluded you can choose from one of the three following plans.


$50/month Professional.

  • Includes Google Ad integration.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Other integrations promised.

$424/month Enterprise.

  • Best for businesses/marketing
  • Unlimited long-form blog generations.
  • Custom domain
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Bulk data import.

Copysmith also offers discounts for non-profits and B corps, you just need to email a copy of your certification to them to be granted this discount.


Perhaps one of the best article forge alternatives available; as a marketer, you’ll know the importance of high-quality content generation in terms of connecting with your audience and persuading them to buy from you.

If you struggle with writers’ block, there is an easy solution that will allow you to render it a bitter memory: you can delegate this tedious task to Writesonic AI, software that promises to deliver human quality content that is written based on industry-relevant keywords.

Writesonic works more similarly to Jarvis and Copysmith than Article Forge, though there are similarities there too.

Writesonic features

Article/Blog Copy

Similarly to Article Forge, with Writesonic, you can automate the content generation process. Writesonic is capable of writing blog ideas, intros, outlines, listicle ideas and even complete blog posts with little to no human intervention, though human editing and fine-tuning will be necessary more often than not.

Free Plan

Writesonic has a free version that includes 10 credits towards premium generation (blog posts, product descriptions etc).

For free, you can generate short-form content like YouTube titles and Listicle ideas.

Writesonic pricing

If the free plan isn’t sufficient for you, there are several plans available. They are summarized in a few bullet points below.

Starter Plan $9.99 per month.
  • Landing pages
  • Google and Facebook Ads
  • Article Summaries
  • Professional emails.
  • Content expander.
  • Content rephraser.
  • SEO meta tags.
  • 75 credit limit for advanced features.
Professional $35.60 per month.

Best suited for professional marketers and smaller businesses.

  • 150 credit limit for advanced features.
  • Grammar fixer.
  • Copywriting formulas.
  • Article summaries.
  • Content expander.
  • AI article writer.
  • Blog ideas and outlines.
Business plan $179.60 per month

Best suited for medium businesses who need to create content at scale.

  • All of the above.
  • An additional credit limit for advanced features (1200 credits total).


Even the best writers and marketers can struggle to find the right way to put something into words, during those times, it would be so convenient to have an assistant.

Rytr seeks to be an automated AI version of a copywriting assistant for all of your business needs.

Not only is Rytr an efficient program, but articles created with Rytr are consistently of high quality.

Rytr Features

Create Articles in multiple languages

Rytr allows you to create articles and generate content in multiple languages with support offered for 25+ different languages, far more than most article forge competitors.

Single page interface
Rytr’s single-page interface is very clean and requires minimal clicking and scrolling to start working, all of your tools are available in a simple drop-down bar.
Multiple Tones Available

Rytr offers over 20 different tones to choose from, aside from the typical tones ”professional” and ”funny” Rytr can generate from others such as cautionary and worried or assertive and thoughtful allowing you to make a variety of content that is appropriate for all purposes, to create articles with this feature is very interesting as most AI tools offer only a couple of tones.

Mobile use

An interesting and unique feature is that Rytr is optimized for mobile use as well, making it easier than ever to work on the go.

This option is particularly perfect for the fast creation of short-form content such as captions, video descriptions and social media ads.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr is perhaps the only Article Forge alternative that offers a totally free plan.

Rytr’s free plan allows you to generate up to 5,000 characters per month. However, if this isn’t sufficient for your business needs, Rytr’s pricing structure is very simple with only one paid plan available.

For just $29 per month, you’ll be able to use Rytr to write articles without any restrictions.

Conclusion – Is Article Forge worth it?

Artificial intelligence – though developing rapidly – is still in its infancy in general; however, I genuinely believe that every digital marketer, content creator and business owner can benefit from becoming an early adapter of AI technology. Article Forge is already improving steadily and regularly and looks to become one of the most popular tools on the market.

Article Forge uses natural language generation to search website content from across the internet and, with cutting edge technology and automated research, help you craft the best article possible. Articles created with Article Forge usually require somewhat of a human touch however you can write much more efficiently if you only need to proofread something versus needing to research and write it all manually.

For this reason, making use of AI copywriters (particularly Article Forge) is a good idea, however, if you’re not convinced, you can check out one of the suggested Article Forge alternatives or sign up for a 5-day free trial that will help you assess how much value it could add to your business.

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