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This Article Forge review details how you can harness Article Forge AI software to generate content that is both high in quality and big on quantity. It’ll also give you the lowdown on whether or not Article Forge is worth spending your time and money on.

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Whether you’re a copywriter, a copywriting agency delivering SEO-rich content to your clients, an online marketer or a blogger, you know that content is king. You also know that high-quality content writing takes a lot of time, effort (and monetary investment, if you are hiring freelance writers). But what if there is a better, smarter way of working than spending long hours hunched over your computer keyboard in order to produce the amount of high-quality content you need to grow your business and influence in your niche?

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Enter Article Forge (and other AI writing software). The AI revolution is only just beginning, and if you are reading this, you have the opportunity to become one of the early adapters of this powerful new technological advance. No AI writing software has been perfected yet – and this includes Article Forge – but we are fast headed in that direction.

If you are dreaming about ramping up your content creation, AI will be a game changer for you. With the help of AI copywriting software like Article Forge, you’ll be able to write more, write better and write faster than you ever thought possible.

Article Forge comes with many powerful features that allow you to write incredible amounts of words in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days. The new version is even more powerful – it utilises an even more sophisticated deep learning model and delivers more consistent content quality.

Want to learn more about Article Forge, what it is, how it works, and whether or not it is worth signing up for? Then keep reading. You’ll find it all here in this Article Forge review.

How does Article Forge work?

What does Article Forge do, and how does it all work?

Article Forge is an AI (artificial intelligence)-powered, web-based writing software that empowers you to produce enormous amounts of writing in a fraction of the time that it would take you to accomplish the same amount of writing manually. With Article Forge, you’ll be able to spit out quality article after quality article without ever running out of energy or creative steam.

No matter what kind of writer or creative you are – a blogger, a freelance writer, an online marketer, a small business owner – you’ll have to fill your pipeline with plenty of SEO-optimized, high quality content. There is no other way of getting found in today’s fast-paced world.

With Article Forge, you can produce high quality articles like mad – and grow your influence and noticeability quickly. This is how it works.

Deep learning

Article Forge relies on deep understanding algorithms to mine untold numbers of blogs and websites for written content in any genre, niche or topic.

The Article Forge AI is constantly absorbing and assimilating new knowledge – and most importantly putting it to use by producing ever more well-written and relevant content.

Thanks to deep understanding technology, the newest version of Article Forge is able to produce articles in several different languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. No doubt, Article Forge is going to learn how to write in many more languages as time goes on and the AI keeps improving.

Load up your keywords

When you prepare to generate an article using Article Forge, you will be asked to input your primary keyword and sub keywords. The AI uses the seed keywords to determine what the article should be about.

Article Forge API allows you to use the software with any web tool you want to automate SEO-efforts. This really streamlines and simplifies the SEO keyword research process for you.

Determine article length

You get to set the approximate length of every article you create using Article Forge. Your options, however, are quite limited. You can chose between 50, 200, 500 and 700 words.

Of course, some or all of the blog posts you intend to compose with the help of AI will exceed the 700-word limit. For longer pieces of content, you’ll have to rinse and repeat, stringing 700-word articles together until you have enough for a full-length piece.

Something to keep in mind is that the length you set for the article is only approximate. You may set the word count to 700, and still end up with a 567 word piece. The article length option is not totally accurate.

Let AI do the rest

Now, it is time to let the artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting, i.e. the bulk of the writing.

Another cool feature of the Article Forge writing software is that it automatically uses SEO-rich keywords that are relevant to the article you have set it to write. The artificial intelligence even adds photos and videos to the article – nice touches that only serve to make the article in question more compelling to read and engage with.

How to set up your Article Forge account

Setting up your Article Forge account is a straightforward business. Simply head on over to the Article Forge website and hit the sign-up button. In all likelihood, you’ll still be able to snatch up the five-day free trial when you arrive.

Fill in your account settings, including payment details and begin your 5-day free trial right away. Now you are ready to create content like never before!

Article forge offers and pricing

When you sign up to Article Forge, you’ll be able to chose between two versions of the subscription. One is priced at $57/mo when you pay on a monthly basis, and the other option costs $27/mo when you decide to pay for a year upfront.

Both Article Forge subscriptions give you access to exactly the same features, namely AI-powered writing, human quality content, content that passes Copyscape (an authorative plagiarism checker software), one-click article generation, 60-second article turnaround, and automatic reposting to blogs.

Now, this is a pretty great pitch, and it is even rather accurate. It does come with its drawbacks and caveats, though, and we will go over these in a moment. But first, let us take a good look at the pros of using Article Forge.

Article Forge pros

You’ve made it to the most exciting part of this Article Forge review – looking at the pros and the cons, and lining them up next to each other.

When it comes to pros, Article Forge has plenty. Let us start by taking a look at what they are, before we move onto the cons.

High quality articles in a matter of minutes

This really is the number one selling point of Article Forge (or any other AI-powered writing software). Article Forge empowers you to generate mind-boggling amounts of words in the same amount of time that it might take you to formulate a single written sentence. You cannot really argue with that.

However, it could be argued that Article Forge generated articles don’t quite live up to the claim that they are human quality. While they are impressive AI-made pieces of content, they are not the same quality they would be if a skilled human copywriter had written them. But this is where a human editor is useful to have – as long as your pass all your articles made with AI under a human eye before publication on any of your blogs or platforms, you’re golden.

While the Article Forge copywriting software isn’t perfect and comes with its fair share of limitations and imperfections, it is nevertheless true that the bulk of the content the software produces is of surprisingly high quality and good enough to post on blogs and websites with minimal human editing.

The AI does its own research

This is a truly spectacular feature: Whenever you input your keywords and specify a topic you want the Article Forge AI to write about, the artificial intelligence taps into deep learning algorithms in order to gather its own extensive research.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to write articles on topics you know either very little or nothing about. While it would take you hours to research, for example, a complicated scientific or technical topic, the artificial intelligence is able to get it done in a matter of minutes. This feature alone could save you unspeakable amounts of time.

98% original content

Article Forge reads millions of relevant articles and other forms of content available on the internet before putting things into its own words. The result is approximately 98% original content produced, every time you hit the forge article button.

When you run articles generated by Article Forge through Copyscape, you are likely to pick up only 1-2% unoriginal copy.

What this means is that you’ll never have to worry about plagiarism or copyright infringement when you are using Article Forge. This is, undeniably, a huge upside.

WordPress post scheduler

This is a really great feature as it allows you want to automatically post your Article Forge-generated content to your WordPress sites.

The WordPress scheduler feature allows you to line up one quality article after another, ready for publication on your self-hosted WordPress blogs whenever you want.

Bulk article generation

Short on time? Article Forge has a bulk article generation feature that does what it says on the tin; it allows you to create multiple articles in one go.

While a human content creator can only be in one place, working on one piece of content at once, artificial intelligence is able to work on multiple pieces of high quality content at once, without dropping any plates or having a nervous breakdown. If you’re in a hurry to get content done, this feature is an undeniable godsend.

Article Forge cons

Article Forge’s pros are impossible to argue with – they should weigh heavily in your decision-making as to whether or not Article Forge is worth a try.

But no Article Forge review would be complete or balanced without also looking at the cons. Here they are.

Limitations to what you can write

While deep understanding technology allows Article Fore to carry out research and subsequently spin articles on just about any topic or niche you can imagine, the software still has its limitations – and they can be quite frustrating.

First of all, Article Forge doesn’t allow for a great deal of customisation. You input keyword and sub keywords and hit the compose button, and then you sit back and let the Article Forge content writer tool create content that hopefully reflects what you had in mind.

Compared to a more collaborative AI, such as Jarvis AI, the process of generating written content using Article Forge can feel a bit clunky and impersonal. Having said that, you still have the opportunity to edit and add your human touch as a writer in edits, once Article Forge has generated your article.

Inaccuracies and imperfections

Article Forge has its share of inaccuracies and imperfections.

The first one you are likely to notice is that you cannot fully instruct Article Forge on the article length you want. Sure, the settings in the Article Forge allow you to set the length to either 50, 200, 500 or 700 words – but that doesn’t mean the article will necessarily come out at the length you have specified. For example, a 700-word article might come out being only 550 words long.

Occasionally, Article Forge experiences glitches and end up producing what can best be described as reams of nonsensical and incoherent sentences.

Another manifestation of these inconsistencies is the general lack of cohesion and structure that Article Forge-made articles tend to have.

There is no way of either avoiding or limiting these imperfections, so until Article Forge becomes even more sophisticated, it’s just something you will have to live with (and fix up when you go over the article and edit it).

You’ll still need to edit

This brings me to my next and final point: Edits. Practical and swift as Article Forge is, you’ll still need to go over what it has written to make sure everything is coherent, accurate and as you had intended.

Article Foge experiences as many glitches as the next AI writing software on the market does. Sometimes, you’ll find incoherent sentences or simply sentences and paragraphs that lack content and seem to be irrelevant to the rest of the article. A human eye is able to check for content readability and catch the inevitable inconsistencies and edit them out of the final draft before sharing it to WordPress or any other platform.

Article Forge Alternatives

This Article Forge review wouldn’t be complete without us taking a brief look at some of the other AI copywriting tools that are out there, and looking at how they compare to Article Forge.

Since AI writing software is still such a new technology, it might make more sense to compare AI copywriters to each other, instead of to human writers.

Article Forge vs Jarvis/Conversion.AI

The primary difference between Article Forge and Jarvis AI (formerly Conversion.AI) is that Jarvis is much more intuitive and customisable.

While Article Forge only allows you to input article titles and a sparse amount of keywords, Jarvis AI allows for a more collaborative process – but also one that requires more effort and commitment on the part of the writer. With Jarvis, you can’t sit back while the AI does all of the writing almost hands-off. When working with Jarvis, the content writer has to provide a more detailed outline and coax the AI along as it produces the words and makes it way through the article from intro paragraph to final conclusion.

Article Forge vs WordAI

WordAI is perhaps the most intuitive artificial intelligence copywriting tool out there. In many ways, as far as AI writing software goes, you could even say that it is the diametrical opposite of Article Forge.

While Article Forge generates solid blocks of text without much input from you, the writer, WordAI works with what you’ve got and is able to rewrite you articles in order to subtly improve and strengthen your writing.

WordAI is able to understand the meanings of different words, and has a finely tuned understanding of synonyms, multiple meanings for the same words, and so on.

Article Forge vs Article Builder

Article Builder is one of the best pieces of AI writing software on the market when it comes to efficiency and streamline your production of written words.

One of the most remarkable and attractive features of Article Builder is that it comes with a full-featured API that allows you to access and harness the powers of Article Builder within multiple applications on your device.

What’s more, Article Builder AI gives you access to countless Super Spun articles and images you can use and repurpose in your own content.

Article Forge vs SEO Content Machine

If your goal is to create content for money blogs, PBNs and link building, SEO Content Machine is probably your best option.

SEO Content Machine allows you to add videos, images, headings, subheadings and even tweets to your article in order to make it more readable and engaging. Like Article Forge, SEO Content Machine also gives you the option of publishing directly to WordPress blogs – very practical when you know that time is money.

Another cool feature of SEO Content Machine is that it allows you to work in your preferred language, which you can then switch over to English (This step is, of course, optional).

Similarly to WordAI, Content Machine enables you to rewrite and therefore repurpose content you have already made – glowing you to present it to the world better and clearer than it was the first time around.

In conclusion: Is Article Forge worth it?

There is no doubt that AI writing software is in rapid development – and that every content writer, online creator and market could benefit from becoming an early adapter of AI technology.

What’s more, AI content writing software is already relatively accessible, even on a shoestring budget. Article Forge is a good example of this.

And the possibilities, when you think abut them, are extraordinary. For the first time in human history, a determined solopreneur is able to compete with small and even medium-sized companies, provided that he or she is able to leverage the newest in technological advancement.

Article Forge is, admittedly, still far from being perfect, but the software nevertheless provides a glimpse of what is possible with AI-powered content creation. While Article Forge-made content will have to be checked for content quality and coherency before it is published, it is still possible to produce a great article much quicker with the help of AI.

The articles and blog posts that you will be able to produce using Article Forge may not be a replacement for human content, but if you are able to collaborate with the AI, writing content becomes much less of a chore.

Besides, the new version of Article Forge is already much more advanced than the previous one. Article Forge even offers new signups a free 5-day trial. So why not give it a go?

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