What’s The Best Article Generator Software?

What is the best article generator software? Article writing can be a daunting task for many professionals and amateurs alike.

You want to provide your readers with the most informative, engaging content possible, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of 10 AI article generator software products that will make this process easier than ever before!

Our top pick – Closers Copy – is easily the best for high-quality long form blog posts that make sense and have strong potential to convert website visitors into customers.

Here’s one fantastic example from a happy customer.

But that’s not all. Unlike a lot of copywriting software products Closers Copy has a limited lifetime deal so you can lock in full access for a great price… if you join quick enough.

See if it’s still available now.

Writing articles is tough work, even if you are a good writer. Most websites don’t get any significant traffic until they have about 50,000 – 100,000 words on them.

Any linkbuilding efforts typically revolve around writing guest posts – whether paid for or white hat – which is a struggle enough if you are already having to create content for your own site.

Outsourcing is basically essential to online success with content. That’s why I have a team of writers cranking out content all the time across my portfolio of sites. But that comes at significant cost and I couldn’t have started out that way.

While AI content generator software products have had a poor reputation in the past, some article generators are showing really strong promise now. In fact I am genuinely considering increasing my use of them for long-form content.

While my top article generator recommendation – Conversion.AI – seems expensive at $109 for the unlimited plan after a 5 day free trial, I can save a huge amount of money compared to outsourcing that content creation work.

The most important choice when looking for the best article generator software comes down to your goals.

If you want automated article writing software to produce genuine human-readable content that Google and other search engines will love, then currently AI is usually not advanced enough to provide that from scratch without significant editing. This is even moreso with a free article generator that hasn’t had the investment to make it a real AI writer for your article writing.

Personally I find editing poor work takes longer and is more tedious than just writing the damn thing myself.

Most popular AI article generator software products simply spit out fluff with very little information. On the other hand, Google likes what its users like – genuinely informative, high quality content.

Many marketers fail to realise this disconnect and just assume traffic is a volume game of creating the most content. If that content offers no value then the effect is damaging.

But if you are simply building out a site and want some filler that’s more advanced than lorem ipsum then AI generated content could be a good way to go. You do still end up with filler content that is optimized for a keyword.

The same goes for PBN (private blog network) sites where you just want to rebuild old pages that are never actually going to be read by a human but still need to convey to Google that the site is genuine.

Similarly there are still plenty of SEOs relying on tools like mass page generators. For instance, if you want hundreds of pages targeting “plumbers in [location]” then you’ll want unique content for every page.

Having tried mass-page generation myself, it was this unique filler content that was the biggest challenge. Despite using dynamic keyword insertion and an excel sheet so every page included unique facts and statistic ([state] known as the [nickname] is home to [numberofresidents] people…) they just didn’t rank. And I saw a considerable boost to the site once I removed these pages. Could AI article generator software have helped me? Almost certainly.

It is these kinds of gray and black hat uses that really demand the use of content generator software. These days traditional content spinners that simply rephrase a copied article are too old and easy. AI is definitely the new approach.

But what about if you want genuine quality blog post content for your site?

Enter article generator assistants.

In fact, as I explain later I’ve found ways of using AI content generator software instead of a spinner that shows great promise for writing articles effortlessly.

For content creation designed to rank and drive revenue, I would not rely on an AI article generator like Article Forge or SEO Content Machine. The clue here is in the names “Forge” and “Machine”…

Instead, I would use an AI writer assistant like Conversion.AI, Rytr and Closers Copy. These AI writer tools do not pretend to replace the effort of writing – they just make it easier to create content. Their names are far more appropriate (Except Rytr but I see where they were going with that…)

These content generator tools take snippets of your writing and expand them to create content fast.

Need a blog post introduction (often the hardest part to start off with)? Conversion.AI or Rytr can spit one out in no time.

Want to know a secret?

I wrote this article with Conversion.AI on its 5-day free trial. The introduction you read above is 100% pure AI.

best article writing software

In fact, Conversion.AI even has an integration with Surfer SEO – so not only is your content extended by an AI writer assistant that does the heavy lifting, but you can make sure you are following Surfer’s market-leading SEO recommendations to make sure you create content that ranks.

Right now, Surfer is telling me I need 3500 words for this piece and I’m feeling lazy. So I’m going to let Jarvis – Conversion AI’s assistant – take over for a bit and just see what happens with this AI content generator software.

See if you can tell when I come back in – I’m a trained journalist who studied at University College London, so I really hope you can.

I’m back! So I thought it would be fun to have a little contest with you guys. Can you tell which paragraph was written by me and which one is my AI? It might be hard – the first time I tried, even I couldn’t tell sometimes. But if you think about what makes an article good (and then bad), it should become clearer over time that we are not doing this right now 🙂

Anyway, so here’s our list of the best software out there when it comes to generating content:

In this section I will review some of these generators and give a conclusion about which are worth your time. I’ll also mention what kind of content they generate as well as their price point.

The Best Article Generator Software:


Conversion.AI is a powerful AI content generator engine that can generate content in a wide variety of styles, formats and topics.

You tell Conversion.AI what you’re trying to do with the content – for example “generating blog posts” or “boosting social media shares”. It then gives you an article prompt from its AI content generator.

You can then use this content to create high quality articles in just seconds – or your editorial team for example could spend a few minutes producing the best blog post they’ve ever written through prompts and enhanced sales copy.

I found Conversion.AI particularly interesting because of its unique AI content generator functionality – generating fully-fledged article prompts with everything you need from headline ideas, images, graphs etc.

Ok now the human me is stepping in to finish off the details for this one. The basic plan for the Conversion.AI content generator is just $29 a month for 20,000 words or $109 a month for unlimited words and extra functionality.

Try Conversion.AI today with its 7-day moneyback guarantee. If you’re hesitant, I can give you a 5-day free trial – although I don’t know how long this offer will last.

Conversion.AI also integrates with Surfer so you can import powerful SEO recommendations into the ai article generator template.

Unfortunately my testing found Jarvis was not able to follow these recommendations himself (a very tedious part of on-page optimization) but I can imagine this kind of SEO-optimized ai article generator functionality is not far off.

Some of the limitations of the AI were factual. While grammar was nearly always flawless, Jarvis was very happy to totally make up brands, products and pricing plans.

However, towards the end of my test I found a feature that will probably make Conversion.AI a gamechanger for marketers looking for an efficient shortcut to generate articles.

Jarvis can re-write paragraphs.

This is the content spinner you always wanted – rather than early AIs or clumsy thesaurus suggestions that swapped out words where they made no sense in that context – Jarvis can rewrite paragraphs in a beautifully human way.

This also means he can’t make anything up so as long as your source paragraph includes factual details like pricing as he will repurpose those from the original paragraph.

To see how effective this is just look at the entry for Closers Copy below which I re-wrote from my best copywriting software guide.

This is the kind of service many marketers actually want a writer for – rewriting content so it is plagiarism free.

Now Jarvis can do it for a fraction of the cost.


If you’re looking for a stripped-back cheaper version of Conversion.AI then try Rytr.

Rytr is a simple app that lets you select the type of copy you’re looking to write and enter a snippet for it work from. This is great for short form content and sales copy but struggles when it comes to volume.

That said it is great for crafting a perfect blog intro instantly.

It’s a good choice for those on a tight budget or with little time to spare.

In fact, Rytr has an amazing free plan to get you started.

Premium plan prices start at $15 per month and increase depending on usage.

Closers Copy

Closers Copy is a software that will help you improve your copywriting skills, contains templates and an assortment of tools that are needed for being a great copywriter.

Closers Copy is one of the most thorough and effective sales software on the market. Its creators offer expert advice in addition to AI-generated features.

This software has a lot of templates to choose from. You can choose which one you want, for example: ads, email campaigns, or sales letters. If you don’t like the ones that are there, you can make your own template so that everything is the way you want it.

Copywriting is important but difficult. To guarantee that it’s on the right path, we can use tools like your article generator software’s One-Click Analysis Tool to see if you have a spammy tone or not.

There are two types of paid accounts available for Closers Copy. An individual account is $39.99 per month, and a business account is priced at $49.99 per month. There’s no option to use this software without paying but they do have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the service.


Contentbot is a new AI-powered blogging service, which delivers fresh content to bloggers. Out review will take a look at Contentbot’s special features and why you may want to use it for your blog posts.

I have tested their WordPress plugin mainly for blog introductions, and the results are astonishing. I’ve concluded there is high-quality content generated by Contenbot.ai that works well on most topics, but sometimes it falls short when you try to narrow down a topic too much in some cases.

ContentBot is the first WordPress plugin to seamlessly integrate with Gutenberg, making it the easiest way to share high-quality snippets without ever lifting a finger. You know the intense writing process can be hard. But thanks to ContentBot, you can have your own personal AI assistant that speeds up the content-creation process and saves you time for other projects.


Copysmith.ai is a powerful copywriting assistant that can produce everything from short Facebook ads to long-form blog posts. It can even work with Google Ads, promotional emails and blog comments to give you a hand when it comes to marketing.

Trying out templates takes only a few minutes, even if you have no marketing/copywriting experience. For each template you want to use, simply type keywords and short descriptions about your service or product into the fields provided until the AI technology generates the copy within seconds.

Copysmith excels at creating accurate copy. However, if you’re not happy with your first few attempts and are looking to improve accuracy, carefully revise keywords and descriptions.

Copysmith carries a blog post generator that allows you to input a few pieces of information and create an entire blog post.

After entering your introductory paragraph, a few keywords, and two or three opening sentences, the template is already filled with useful copy written in your own style. Editing content has never been easier thanks to the convenient rephrase function that changes phrases on demand.

Copysmith offers a subscription plan to ensure your content is safeguarded against plagiarism. Copysmith’s copy is generated with its state-of-the-art AI technology, which means it passes all of the major plagiarism checkers (e.g., Copyscape).

The Starter account is recommended for small and medium businesses and will give you 50 credits each month that you can use to get 500 pieces of original short content types. If you choose to be billed monthly, this will cost $19 per month. If you choose to be billed annually, this will cost $16 per month.

The Professional account is recommended for growth and marketing professionals. You will be given 250 credits per month that you can use to create 2500 pieces of original content. All content types will be available and you will also get 100 blog post credits.

With the Professional account, you get priority customer service and a prioritized input on your product roadmap. If you choose to be billed monthly, this will cost $59 per month. If you choose to be billed annually, this will cost $50 per month.

Copysmith offers 50% off for nonprofits and B-corps. You just have to email a copy of your certification to them to avail of this discount.

There is also an Enterprise account, which is recommended for marketing teams and agencies or those who run a copywriting business. This account will give 2000 credits per month which you can use to have 20,000 pieces of original copy for all content types. You will also get unlimited blog posts.

The Enterprise plan has a custom domain that you can use for sharing outputs, an assigned account manager, and prioritized input on the product roadmap. This account will cost $499 per month if billed monthly or $424 per month if billed annually.

Copysmith also has the 2021 Early Adopter Plan that gives 1000 credits per month that you can use to produce 10,000 pieces of original copy for all types of content. You also get 100 blog post credits. You will be getting prioritized customer service and input on the product roadmap with this account. This plan costs $59 per month if billed monthly or $50 per month if billed annually.

They also give you the option to request a special plan for a higher volume of work. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website and a representative will get back to you through your email address with an offer as soon as possible.

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI article generator that lets users select a topic, choose the length of their desired article and then have it written for them.

This is much more the type of SEO content machine that people think of when looking to create content with an AI content generator. No human input besides a keyword and a few requirements and then a finished article produced with powerful SEO article generator software.

Article Forge is an article writing software that reads millions of articles and learns from them in order to write content.

The software scrapes content from the web and then spins that content, paragraphs, etc., producing original text.

One of the main features of Article Forge is that it can automatically add relevant titles, videos, and images to every article you write.

You can also enable a button for its built-in image library so you just need to upload your own photos when needed or simple use their stock site for photos, too. Furthermore, any links will be automatically added.

Just register an account and start your 5-day trial. Be noted you will need to input your credit card details. If using PayPal, you will still need to put credit card details.

Article Forge is very popular as an AI content generator shortcut for constructing PBNs and other linkbuilding tactics and generally does yield a result that is as good as a cheap writer to generate articles.

If you’ve been ordering content for any length of time you surely know the experience of hiring a writer or agency only to find all they do is scrape similar content and rewrite it (poorly). We all worry about AI taking over our jobs – but frankly getting rid of these poor quality services would not be a bad thing.

Personally I find Article Forge despite its popularity to be quite limited in scope. While it can generate impressive human readable articles in a short time, its word limit is 750 words and while the content is readable it is still clearly written by a non-expert.

That means it could be great for filling pages on either a PBN site or a new site you just want to get some traffic to before you optimise it, but overall Article Forge is not going to replace true writers any time soon. However, you can stop hiring $5 writers off Fiverr for completing this task.

Article Forge starts at just $27 a month and has a 5-day free trial as well as a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is another one of those AI content generator software tools aimed for black hat mass volume and creating thousands of keyword-optimized articles quickly. Prices start at just $27 a month for this powerful AI article generator.

SCM has an easy-to-use interface that provides greater control over how you generate content. It is a popular choice for auto generated content, which saves time by adding photos, links, videos and importing data with just a few clicks. SCM helps create more high quality articles at lightning speed that are optimized to bring in visitors who will help garner traffic.

This is great for content on sites that need the same type of articles day in and day out, but this still isn’t a substitute for high quality human copywriters to get impressive results.

Word AI

WordAi is a popular spinning software that generates new unique content by re-wording entire sentences. It offers English, Spanish, French, and Italian support which makes it suitable for everyone.

As well as being one of the most talked about article generators for content spinners. WordAi looks at the meaning behind your sentence to predict how you want to reword it with possible alternatives in mind. That’s what makes it a powerful AI writer.

The automatic spinning features of WordAi are great for those with no time to spare.  But the tool does have some limitations when it comes to altering the spintax by hand.

WordAi actually generates decent content for software. There is still room for improvement, but until computer language or human consciousness improves, it can’t be perfect asn an AI writer.

Content will generally be well-edited, but content with spammy qualities need to be edited manually if WordAi cannot understand the material.

WordAi, which costs $49.95/month or $347/year with plans aptly named “Turing Monthly Plan” and “Turing Yearly Plan” can be tested with a three-day free trial.

When you reach a processing volume of 3 million words per month, contact the sales team. They typically offer bulk API pricing. The usual rate is $2 per 10,000 words.

Users enjoy the easy-to-use and high quality article spinning software, which is a convenient tool for scraping content without being caught by plagiarism checkers.

Contrary to what you might expect from a software that’s supposed to generate content, WordAi copes poorly when faced with specialized terminology. 

What Makes the Best AI Article Writing Software?

Content Creation Quality

The best article generator software will help with SEO and make it easier to create more quality content at a faster pace.

Auto-generated articles are typically low in quality, but the best article generator software can generate higher quality content quickly for marketing purposes such as blog posts or social media updates.

Article creation is often outsourced to freelance writers who specialize in creating these types of pieces, but this still requires someone on staff that has time and know how to do so reliably.


Saving money on writers if only effective if your article writing software offers good value.

A good AI writer and article generator tool will typically cost around $30 a month, which may not seem like much considering its benefits for your marketing campaigns and SEO efforts.

It’s worth noting that some AI article writing tools offer monthly plans at an affordable price point too while paying annually is typically cheaper.

Most article generator software providers also offer tiered pricing with more features in higher pricing plans.

Free Trial or MoneyBack Guarantee

The best AI writer here has to be Rytr because it has a generous free plan to get you started. That means you don’t even need to put your card details in. That said, if you’re working on generating articles that won’t last long.

On the other hand, you can get a 5-day trial of Conversion.AI’s unlimited plan which means you could potentially generate hundreds of articles in that time.

The best AI article builder software for more traditional churn and burn style content – Article Forge – also offers a 5-day free trial.

Sales Copy

The chances are if you are creating content with an ai article writer, your ultimate goal is sales. That means you don’t just want to create content automatically to rank on Google but you actually want to drive users to take action and give you their money.

This means a level of persuasion that both humans and the best AI can struggle with.

However, this new generation of automatic article writer tools like Conversion.AI and Rytr are built for this purpose and follow proven formulas and templates to drive engagement and sales.

Perhaps you would like to learn copywriting yourself? In that case go for Closers Copy as its founder Nico pops up to coach you through each template and explain how the copy is crafted to convert.

Best AI Article Generator Conclusion

I find it difficult to recommend a single best AI article generator software, as there are many factors which will dictate what the best AI article solution for you is.

One of these considerations is time constraints: if you need a new article quickly then Article Forge might be just right; but if your main concern is to write articles of quality and comprehensiveness then I would advise looking into either Conversion.AI or Rytr. Both offer excellent writing services at reasonable prices too.

So now you know the best article generator software, it’s time to get started on generating content. I hope this list has helped and made your life easier when creating a new site or page!

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