Best Email Marketing For Shopify

Are you looking for the best Shopify email marketing app?

If you are having difficulties in finding the best email marketing for Shopify that suits your needs, I think I am able to help! There are many email marketing applications available, and many are very similar in features and prices.

In such the same ocean, how do you find the right one?

Start here, because I have analyzed the most popular and best rated Shopify emailing services apps, bringing you the free and paid solutions selected in this guide.

Whether you are just starting with a single campaign or you want to take your entire email marketing strategy to the next level, there is the best Shopify email tool and a plan to meet your needs.

It’s no secret that Shopify is one of the most commonly used e-commerce platforms. Whether you are opening a new store on Shopify or want to develop an existing business, email marketing is your must-have choice.

With email marketing, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) and automatically connect with existing and potential customers. Email marketing is the best way to convert browsers into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

For that you need HTML email templates (To begin with, you can certainly try your hands on HTML email templates for free. From customized animations to a pixel perfect quality, they have got it all covered.

In this article, you will find the 12 best email marketing apps for the Shopify online store to give you a general idea of ​​the content in these apps and let you choose according to your business needs.

  1. Klaviyo
  2. Aweber
  3. Omnisend
  4. Drip
  5. Mailerlite
  6. Privy
  7. Jilt
  8. Smartrmail
  9. ActiveCampaign
  10. Get response
  11. Seguno
  12. Sendinblue

What kind of features do you need to look for in an email marketing platform?

The key to building your brand successfully with Shopify email marketing is knowing what your brand needs to get the best out of email marketing. It’s best to set up the ideal email marketing services plan for your Shopify store and start searching for software that suits your requirements.

Here are some items you may need to add to the list:

  • Drag and drop email editor – Self-explanatory. The ability to create email campaigns with a simple drag and drop option. You take the section you would like to have in the email (for example, image or a text) and drag it on the email template.
  • A/B testing -Ability to test different subject lines for the same email to see on which email will people click. That is very beneficial as you can take advantage of future email campaigns.
  • Social listening
  • Easy integration is a must. Connecting your email marketing tools to the Shopify store should be intuitive. There should also be a document outlining the process.
  • Automation – For example onboarding, abandoned cart, and churn reduction. Based on the customer action the email will be sent based on that. The emailing service send automatically an email so the customer can make another action we want (for example, an abandoned cart – we want to tell him that he left some items in his cart and that he should buy them).
  • Analysis – Your team should have the ability to interpret the data
  • Personalization – the level achieved varies by provider

Another good question you should ask yourself is which features on these platforms will benefit e-commerce merchants. Like all excellent answers, it uses a three-pronged approach:

  1. Email editor-do you need it to be easy to use? Is there a great deal of functions? Discount codes? Could you do merge tags?
  2. Tracking – What level of results and analysis do you need?
  3. Activation-personalization function, A/B test, advanced automatic reply (autoresponders).

So now that you know what you are looking for, let us explore your options!

What can and should the best email marketing service do with Shopify?

1 Klaviyo

Indeed, among many marketing types, e-marketing is a common marketing method used by many companies because it can save money. Therefore, Klaviyo aims to upgrade your company’s digital marketing activities with higher quality. Klaviyo helps companies effectively implement activities and provides an automation platform by establishing many unique functions. The application allows business managers to properly analyze the efficiency of marketing activities and evaluate customer interest trends, for example, the products customers buy the most, their income range so that you can make decisions to focus on your target customers.

Shopify’s Klaviyo email marketing app now has huge support among website owners. The app for the Shopify store has given it over 1,000 positive reviews.

Price: Free installation up to 250 email contacts and 500 emails to send. Paid plans for 250 or more email contacts start at $20 per month.

The attractive part is its free version, but other than that, it scores well in most important email marketing categories:


  • Has pre-built email templates, editable email templates, and email autoresponder.
  • Easily create personalized email campaigns based on behavior and transaction data.
  • Easily set up shopping abandoned cart and win-back emails to regain “lost” sales.
  • Supports a large number of one-click integration
  • Integrates with Facebook Advertising, Recharge, Zendesk, Swell Rewards,, Aftership, etc.
  • Has pre-built website integrations

A/B testing

  • It is super easy to test different subject lines, content creation and more, to help optimize message delivery and optimize sending time
  • The unlimited option of A/B testing, even in the free version

Klaviyo’s USP has the ability to truly use rich data sets, which can accurately and precisely describe your existing and potential markets at any given moment.

Shopify rating: 4.3 of 5 stars(1005 reviews)

2 AWeber

AWeber email marketing is known as a productive marketing tool that can provide many subscription pop-ups. After installation, a registration pop-up window will be displayed immediately and visitors will be asked to subscribe to your newsletter when they visit your page. As a result, this application will synchronize the data of those subscribers. It can be a name, email, address, purchase, or even the total amount of spending.

With more than 700 email templates, AWeber Email Marketing enables store administrators to customize the appearance of emails. The application is fully integrated with AWeber. Provide a 30-day free trial.


  • Easy-to-use email marketing automation tool with pop-up forms
  • Shows registration pop-up window on your website
  • After every 15 minutes, sync your customer data
  • Enable/disable emails to be sent to customers by default
  • Integration with AWeber
  • Over 700+ reply email templates

Price: USD 5 per month. 30-day free trial.

Shopify rating: 4.8 of 5 stars(41 reviews)

3 Omnisend

Connecting Shopify store and Omnisend is easy and requires absolutely zero coding experience-the the only limit is your own imagination.

Omnisend is a powerful omnichannel marketing automation platform designed for high-growth e-commerce companies. With advanced automated workflows, customer segmentation capabilities, and numerous channels to contact customers (via email, SMS, push notifications, etc.), Omnisend enables marketers to build lasting customer relationships while scaling up.


  • Up to 2,000 subscribers and 24,000 emails per month – $30/mo
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers and 60,000 emails per month- $60 /mo
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers and 120,000 emails per month: $102/mo

Shopify rating: 4.7 of 5 stars(3682 reviews)

4 Drip

Just like Klaviyo and Omnisend, Drip has passed the “e-commerce email marketing” test with audience segmentation, pre-built campaign templates, workflow, and customer data insights, but what I like most about Drip is the built-in workflow. These workflows can be used to automate email marketing, and one of them is the “price reduction” notification, which lets customers know when the price of an item in the shopping cart will decrease.

Drip also provides multi-channel marketing touchpoints, so users can use the data in Drip to target their customers on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Up to 2500 contacts: $39 per month and can send unlimited emails.
  • Up to 5,000 contacts: $89/month and can send unlimited emails.
  • Up to 10,000 emails per month: $154 per month and can send unlimited emails.

Shopify rating: 4.3 of 5 stars(23 reviews)

5 Mailerlite

MailerLite email marketing tool is a software that provides marketing solutions and excellent customer support. With this application, store owners can easily track sales, because MailerLite email marketing always syncs your customers with Shopify and those customers who have subscribed to the newsletter to your MailerLite account. Moreover, all their information, such as name, email, and address will also be fully synchronized. Then, based on these data, various customer groups will be classified to define some segments, such as first-time purchases, high-spending customers, repeat customers, and so on.


  • Sync data and keep track of sales activities
  • Import products and access their images, descriptions,…
  • Automatically trigger emails based on customers’ recent purchases
  • Store customer’s name, email, order information, and more.


  • Free up tp 1,000 subscribers
  • $15 per month for 2,500 subscribers
  • $30 per mnth up to 5,0000 subscribers
  • $50 per month up to 10,000 subscribers

Note that all pricing plans except up to 1,000 subscribers (12,000 emails a month) are with unlimited email sends a month.

Shopify rating: 3.4 of 5 stars(63 reviews)

6 Privy

Privy is one of the most trusted email marketing apps on Shopify. You can set up an account in a few seconds and quickly start your first campaign. Using this application, you can create many great elements for your website, including exit-intent pop-ups and banner ads, which will help you expand your marketing list. You can also increase the value of a visitor’s shopping cart through an upsell pop-up window with shopping cart functionality.


  • You can split-test campaigns to see customer preferences.
  • Many different ad campaign trigger conditions.
  • Real-time reports, so you can view the performance of your campaigns.
  • Can be integrated with many other email marketing software packages.


Free for new businesses with less than 5000 average monthly page views.

  • Privy Text – Starts at $1- for 100 contacts
  • Privy Email plan – $13 a month for 1000 subscribers
  • $30 a month for 5000 subscribers
  • $255 a month for 50 000 subscribers
  • $55 a month for 10,000 subscribers

Shopify rating: 4.6 of 5 stars(24284 reviews)

7 Jilt

Jilt for eCommerce email marketing is an app made and published by Jilt. It is a powerful tool that can help store owners quickly increase sales through automated emails. Using only the email, you can now completely save various shopping carts to avoid abandonment. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, all campaigns are made up entirely easy to help you control your sales. In particular, Jilt eCommerce email marketing can help you personalize each email based on one or several specific customer groups, total order amount, shipping country, customer LTV, etc.

It can help you follow up on the customers on the shopping cart. It sends pre-checkout emails, so you can track all confirmed orders and orders leftover from various stages of shopping. The applications allow you to send customized emails based on the group you want to target.


  • An email marketing platform that can make you money in less time.
  • Increase revenue by providing good email marketing services.
  • Use pre-checkout email notification to restore abandoned shopping carts.
  • A 100% focused on e-commerce email marketing platform.
  • Easy to customize the email design in a professional way.
  • Send emails in different languages.


  • Limited free plan up to 300 subscribers and up to 600 sends per email.
  • $20 a month for up to 1,000 contacts with unlimited campaigns and emails
  • $79 a month for up to 5,000 subscribers with unlimited campaigns and emails
  • $129 a month for up to 10,000 subscribers with unlimited campaigns and emails
  • $529 a month up to 50,000 subscribers with unlimited campaigns and emails

Shopify rating: 4.7 of 5 stars(655 reviews)

8 Smartrmail

SmartrMail email marketing is an application designed to help marketers improve their email marketing activities. The app provides you with a platform where you can better connect with customers and offer them new deals. It allows you to group customers based on their shopping behavior and then continues to send personalized emails.

This application will also come in handy when you want to attract customers through newsletters. It allows you to prepare these email newsletters in a short time, which is 5 times shorter than other applications to complete the same task.

It can help you initiate other email marketing campaigns, such as win-back email campaigns.


  • Increase customer engagement
  • Add products to email in a short time
  • Able to segment according to customer shopping behavior
  • It can be integrated with Sumo, Justono, and Wisepops.


Standard Plan – $19.00 (12 Emails per Subscriber, all automation, live chat support)

Unlimited plan – $99 a month (All of our Standard plan features plus unlimited sending, Facebook audience sync, send boost, smart send frequency, smart A/B testing, priority support).

Shopify rating: 4.8 of 5 stars(277 reviews)

9 ActiveCampaign

This platform represents advanced marketing. ActiveCampaign can provide you with CRM functions. It allows you to manage sales funnels and customer databases on the basis of email marketing.

In addition, ActiveCampaign is another platform that can send text messages at any time for you and connect with customers from Facebook.

One of the best things about this platform is that if you need multiple domains to manage, it can work well for you. Since you don’t need to directly connect a domain to ActiveCampaign, you can choose which domain to assign the campaign to.

Although ActiveCampaign provides amazing support to customers, you will need some time to learn how the platform works along with its in-depth features.


Lite version plan: $15 a month, paid to 500 subscribers annually.

Plus plan: $70 a month, can accommodate 500 subscribers, as well as Facebook custom audiences, lead and contact ratings, SMS marketing, dynamic content, and up to 25 users.

Professional plan: $159 a month and can accommodate 500 subscribers. Additional features include predictive delivery and content, customer attribution and purchase paths, site messaging, split automation, one-to-one training courses, and email marketing consulting.

Enterprise plan: $279 a month for 500 subscribers. This plan includes all of the Professional features as well as a dedicated account manager, custom email domain, free social data for your subscribers, and unlimited users.

Shopify rating: No reviews so far

10 Get Response

Get Response gives users the ability to build landing pages, webinars, create social ads, and more within the platform.

With Getresponse email marketing platform you can capture and store fields and activities in your Shopify account. Every time an event is triggered on Getresponse, a new action is taken and sent to Shopify with your customized details. Apply filters to easily automate business processes.

As a powerful provider of marketing automation, GetResponse goes further than general email marketing services. It does this by providing features such as login pages, webinars, and CRM.

It also happens to be one of the best tools for Shopify email marketing. Its deep data integration supports synchronized customer, order and product data, advanced segmentation and tagging, and automated advertising campaigns.

Shopify rating: 1.5 of 5 stars(9 reviews)

11 Seguno

You can create, manage, and track email marketing without leaving Shopify. In addition, it will help you send all the latest and best discounts to the customer’s email list. Some of the functions it provides are full automation of standard emails, such as welcome emails to new subscribers, discount reminders, thank-you letters for new buyers, and so on.

And, the most important is Seguno, they can be fully integrated with Mailchimp. Meaning, for users who have been using Mailchimp as their main e-marketing tool, you can import contacts and data from Mailchimp to Seguno without worry.


  • Create and manage email marketing in the Shopify app
  • Support to minimize abandoned checkout
  • Automatically provide pre-built touchpoints
  • Add unique code to email
  • Allow collection of dynamic suggestions/ recommendations


  • Free plan up to 250 subscribers
  • 10 USD a month for 1,000 subscribers
  • 20 USD a month up to 2,000 subscribers

Shopify rating: 4.8 of 5 stars(579 reviews)

12 Sendinblue

As a powerful assistant to many store managers, Combidesk has developed and launched SendinBlue email marketing service to help administrators carry out effective email marketing activities.

Using SendinBlue emailing service for marketing, you can regularly synchronize new subscriber data to a selected SendinBlue list that you can decide for yourself. In addition, the app also allows you to collect customer-related information, such as email, name, address, tags, previous purchases, recent orders, etc. In addition, the SendinBlue email marketing department often updates your SendinBlue subscriber list every 15 minutes in an automated way.


  • Provide good solutions for email marketing services and can control sales.
  • Increase the recycling rate of discarded carts.
  • Automatically synchronize after a certain time frame.
  • All information (such as name, address) will also be synchronized to your SendinBlue account.
  • Support various types of marketing activities easily.


Free: $0 a month for 300 emails per day, unlimited contact details, email campaigns, transactional emails and CRM support. The free version of SendinBlue also has the Sendinblue logo on your email, which can be a downside for people who want to build their own brand online.

Lite version plan: $25 a month for 40,000 emails a month, no daily sending limit, unlimited contact, and all the features of the free plan.

Essential plan: $39 a month for, 60,000 emails a month, advanced statistics, no SendinBlue brand logo on the emails, unlimited contacts, and all the features of the Lite package.

Premium version plan: $66 a month for 120,000 emails a month, unlimited contact details, chat features, marketing automation, landing pages, machine learning, sending time optimization, Facebook ads, and up to 10 user accounts.

The beauty of SendinBlue is that whether you want to send an automated welcome email to subscribers, retarget customers, or expand social media for customer loyalty, you can get everything you need in one package. SendinBlue will grow as your business develops to adapt to the size of your company.

Shopify rating: 3.5 of 5 stars(23 reviews).

Final Thoughts

Since Shopify allows the installation of Shopify email apps, it is now relatively easy for both new and experienced store owners to benefit from email marketing.

Here are several more platforms for Shopify email marketing should not be neglected: MailChimp (10-day free trial), Mailjet (14-day free trial), VerticalResponse (30-day free trial), MailerLite

Depending on what you want to achieve with your online store, the above apps will help you increase website traffic using the best Shopify email marketing tools, increase sales, and enhance brand awareness between new and existing customers.

All the apps mentioned can be used with any free Shopify theme running in the store.

Assuming you understood and figured out the importance of email marketing for Shopify stores and the expectations of the Shopify email marketing app, you should start paying attention to your business needs.

Make sure that the one or more applications you choose are the best Shopify email marketing platforms to meet the required number of subscribers, including the features needed to grow your e-commerce business and the price range that suits you. You can test the free trial at any time to decide which the best email app for you. What is the best Shopify email marketing app? I hope this article can give you an idea and help you make a decision. After all, best application is the one that suits your needs.

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