Best Free Copywriting Software

If you’ve discovered the potential of copywriting tools for growing your business, you’re probably seeking the best, and potentially free, answer.

You’ve come to the right place since we have all of the greatest free writing tools to assist you not only create excellent content but also reach your target audience and improve sales.

Because every smart business owner understands the importance of sales copy and other content for their internet business, it’s vital to know that there are alternatives to hiring professional copywriters.

While there is no question that a professional copywriter will have the finest phrases to attract people and enhance your website, they may be rather costly.

So, keep reading to learn more about free copywriting software and make the best decision possible when choosing the free tool for you.

Do you need a copywriting tool?

Before we begin compiling a list of the finest AI copywriting software on the market, you may be asking if that is something you require?

This is determined by your desire to succeed.

Because competition in any industry is strong nowadays, you must ensure that every text connected to your business portrays you as the finest option.

This is why every ad, blog post, email, and landing page matters and must be flawless from start to finish. This will not only entice the target audience to click on the ad and learn more about your business or product, but it will also hold their interest long enough for them to buy it in the end.

So, if your ultimate objective is to develop your business, you will need the best AI copywriting software.

Although you can hire copywriters to perform the copywriting research and create content for you, AI technologies and software have advanced so much over the years that you can now do it all yourself.

Even if you lack expertise and are not a great writer, or just have writer’s block these programs will utilize the advanced technology to generate the finest titles, landing pages, sales pages, and so much more.

All you have to do is select the best one for your company, and we will assist you in making that decision.

Best Free Copywriting Tools


Jarvis is one of the greatest copywriting tools on the market, and it was among the first to use new AI technologies in copywriting.

This incredible program can do a variety of jobs for company owners, including generating blog posts, Google ads, and Amazon product descriptions, as well as SEO meta tags and other generated content.

The new technology will make it simple and quick to improve traffic to your website and engage your audience on social media and increase your online presence, among other things. When you produce anything new on Jarvis, you will have three or more alternatives to select from.

The generated content is always original and innovative.

Jarvis supports over 26 languages, making it a worldwide tool that many people all around the globe can utilize. Furthermore, it functions inside the AIDA framework, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, which has historically produced the best outcomes.

Jarvis offers a three-day free version, which is more than enough time to evaluate the product and determine whether it is the best fit for your company strategy.

Even if you decide that the premium version isn’t for you, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee, making it one of the most secure alternatives on the market today.


  • 3-day free trial
  • Starter – $29 per month
  • Pro – $109 per month


  • Great user interface
  • Creates content super fast
  • Has a free trial and money-back guarantee


  • You will need to upgrade the plan if you are serious about content quality


Rytr provides excellent results promptly and is one of the most user-friendly copywriting tools.

Rather than a plethora of outdated choices, Rytr features a simple to access and use dashboard. Rytr is ideal if you need a boost in your writing because it provides excellent editing capabilities for the full text or just a portion of it.

This is also one of the AI tools that will produce content utilizing cutting-edge technology to achieve the greatest outcomes.

You may select from over 30 languages and over 20 different voice tones.

Rytr is an excellent choice for small teams and companies because the pricing is reasonable and a free plan is offered.

Furthermore, certain features are particularly designed to make it easier for teams to work together on projects. With the addition of the Chrome extension, this AI tool will allow you to work on emails, social media posts, and blog content from any device.

The free plan includes 5.000 characters each month, and if you wish to increase, you may do so for $29 per month.


  • Free plan – with limited features
  • Starter – from $29 per month


  • Great to edit content
  • Engaging user interface
  • Has a free plan available
  • Catches grammar mistakes


  • Limited free option
  • Not the best tool to generate marketing copies


Writesonic is one of the best copywriting tools on the market for quickly transforming ideas into product descriptions, blog outlines, and blog articles, as well as a great sales copy.

This writing tool is accessible in over 24 languages, which, as we all know, may mean a lot to s digital marketer who doesn’t use English exclusively.

Writesonic provides numerous choices for producing the finest possible content, yet the platform is incredibly clean and simple to use.

You will have a free plan with 10 credits that you may use to create advertisements, summaries, and other material. You can also use the grammar checker and find spelling errors.

After you’ve tested the tool, you might want to pay for extra credits and options, which aren’t too expensive.

Furthermore, the Writesonic team provides a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product. This is an excellent choice if you are just beginning and want to be cautious with your investments.


  • Free trial
  • Starter – $9.99 per month
  • Professional – $35.60 per month


  • An amazing tool when you have writer’s block
  • Easy to create marketing content with
  • Has a free trial
  • Affordable plans


  • Product description could be better
  • Credits are spent even for the minor changes


Copysmith is another well-known AI copywriting tool that has a plethora of capabilities and works well for both small and large businesses. This tool has numerous templates where you only need to enter a few keywords and a short description to create a full copy.

Copysmith excels in the following tasks:

  • Product descriptions
  • Google advertisements
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Comments on a blog
  • Long-form content

The platform is entirely dependent on credits, which are determined by your payment plan. The good news is that each user will have three days to test out this product and choose whether or not it meets their demands.

Paid plans are relatively inexpensive and flexible, so every company can tailor the price to their own requirements.

Furthermore, in addition to all of the excellent features and AI technologies, this application now offers third-party integrations such as Google Ads, Shopify, and Fraise.


  • 3-day free trial
  • Starter – $19 per month
  • Professional – $59 per month
  • Enterprise – Contact Copysmith


  • Free trial
  • Affordable and customizable payment plans
  • Works very fast with little input


  • Credits don’t roll over to the next month
  • Not the best option for beginners


Anyword made our list of the top artificial intelligence tools for writing because it offers a number of extra features that set it apart from the competition.

This is a fantastic opportunity to write content in seconds with minimum input while devoting your time and attention to marketing. Anyword’s AI technology will handle all of the heavy liftings for you by creating the best copy and providing you with a performance score.

This will make it easy to tweak and change the copy for the greatest conversion rates.

Furthermore, this program has a custom mode that will replicate the style of the text you wish to publish. So you might have one tone for your Snapchat and other social media channels and another for your site.

Don’t worry, Anyword will do the same and mimic the tone you want to portray.

This copywriting program also has a free trial period, which allows you to test out all of the capabilities before settling on a monthly plan.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Starter plan – $19 per month
  • Pro plan – Contact Anyword
  • Enterprise plan – Contact Anyword


  • Has a free trial
  • Offers performance score
  • Has a custom mode for the tone of each post


  • Limited starter plan that you will need to replace for the pricier plan


CopyAI is a fantastic tool if you need a little extra inspiration and suggestions for how to effectively market your product or service.

This program can generate:

  • Google advertisements
  • E-mails
  • Landing pages
  • Description of the product
  • Posts for social media channels as well as much more
  • Blog outline and blog post

You must enter a brief description of 10 to 30 words, and the AI will handle the rest. It can generate excellent copies in seconds and will provide you with extra editing options to make it perfect.

This AI copywriting software is one of the most popular on our list since it supports over 20 languages, making it an ideal global marketing partner.

The good news is that you can test it for free for a week, which should be more than enough time to decide whether or not this is the program for you.

Remember that this tool has a Google Chrome extension, so you may use it almost everywhere. It’s also quite easy to use, having a clean and modern appearance.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Solo plan – $49 per month
  • Custom – Contact CopyAI


  • Has a free trial plan
  • It’s modern and easy to use
  • Has unlimited runs in paid plans


  • Small spelling and grammar errors can happen
  • The same content will appear from time to time, so you need to edit the description


ContentBot is one of the most adaptable solutions on our list since it can meet the requirements of:

  • Founders
  • Content marketers
  • Digital marketers
  • Copywriters
  • SEO experts
  • Bloggers

Even if you’re using WordPress and other tools, it’s a fantastic chance to create high-quality content.

The program has a plethora of templates from which to create marketing text, landing sites, blog material, and much more.

There is also an inspiration tool provided to help you obtain the best outcomes for your business and sector. This is one of the instruments that work with the creator to make it extremely simple to comprehend the mechanics of copywriting.

There is a limited free plan, but it will last forever so it might be a good solution for smaller companies and individuals that are just getting started.


  • Free plan – Forever
  • Premium plan – $29 per month
  • Premium Plus plan – $79 per month


  • Has a forever free plan
  • Great for professional copywriting
  • Writing copy in seconds and uses Google analytics


  • Not the best generated passive voice
  • Long-form content needs improvement

Word AI

WordAI is one of the most popular tools on our list if you already have content created but want to polish it. It’s simply a spinning program that uses machine learning to provide you with the best results as quickly as possible.

This AI program has the ability to:

  • Completely restructure your sentence
  • Enrich text
  • Describe the same ideas differently
  • Improve the quality of your content
  • Make the content more clear and easy to understand

If you wish to rework your material, this may be extremely useful and effective; but, you must have some text, to begin with.

It’s quite intuitive, and it can understand what the phrase was supposed to achieve and organize it much better. This is one of the most reasonably priced products on the market, and they do provide a free trial.


  • 3-day free trial
  • Monthly – $57
  • Yearly – $27
  • Enterprise – Custom


  • Compatible with other tools and apps
  • Has a free trial
  • Can be used on every device


  • No offline mode
  • Not the best copywriting software if you need new content generated from scratch


Outranking, as the name implies, is an SEO and keyword optimization tool.

This is an excellent piece of software for more experienced copywriters who need that additional push in the correct direction, as it displays your SEO score in real-time. This allows you to optimize your text so that it performs best in searches and generate the finest content possible in the shortest amount of time.

Outranking works well with WordPress, Grammarly, and Google Docs, making it a popular choice among many online company owners because hardly anything can beat Google docs when it comes to quick editing.

Furthermore, despite the fact that this program offers a wealth of features, it is simple to use.

Just create a new project and input the topic or phrase you wish to write about. The program will then identify the competitors, do complete keyword research, and assist you in producing the optimal content that your website requires.

Outranking provides a free trial, which is a fantastic way to try the product before purchasing it.


  • Free trial
  • Starter – $39 per month
  • Growth – $79 per month


  • Works with Google Doc and WordPress
  • Has a free trial
  • Amazing for word count and keyword research
  • Great to optimize search results


  • Limited starter plan that will not be enough for most users

Smart Copy

Smart Copy is a popular choice among content creators and business owners for good reason. This AI program will develop great copies in minutes, and they will always be high-quality and as if they were generated by a human copywriter.

You can perform a variety of activities, including:

  • Expand your existing ideas and create better content;
  • Remix your content to repurpose it;
  • Match your brand and create unique content for many platforms;

You can use the Smart Copy tool to build landing pages, taglines, advertisements, and much more.

There are approximately 30 templates available, with new ones being uploaded on a regular basis. The app is available in six languages and is accessible to a wide range of non-English speaking nations and content providers.

Furthermore, it is well-known for the high quality of its long-form writing and its straightforward price structure. You can choose between the free plan and the growth plan if you want additional features.


  • Free plan
  • Growth plan – $49 per month


  • One of the best AI copywriting software on the market
  • It’s extremely easy to use and optimize
  • Supports six languages and has a free plan


  • Could use more templates and increased search volume

Article Forge

Articleforge is another high-quality and free alternative on the market. This program generates new articles each time by utilizing powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You may view samples of produced articles on a variety of themes and determine whether this tool might be beneficial to you and your business.

The tool is simple to use; just enter a keyword, article length, and other parameters, and the content will be created in less than 60 seconds. With this program, each piece is unique, and there is no duplicate content, so you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

The AI copywriting tool offers a 5-day free plan, which is more than enough time to determine whether this is the perfect solution for you.

In addition, there is a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee, which is an excellent deal for small businesses and individuals.


  • 5-day free trial
  • $57 per month if billed monthly
  • $27 per month if billed yearly


  • One of the best copywriting software with the free option
  • Works amazing with Google docs, Medium, and WordPress
  • Writes complex sentences that mimic a human writer perfectly


  • Can be a bit slow sometimes

Hemingway App 

If you’re searching for a good writing companion, the Hemingway app is for you. While it may not be the ideal answer for marketing, it is excellent for improving your writing skills.

Hemingway app will assist you in creating more clear and succinct phrases as well as displaying the readability score. This may be quite useful if you are missing a few words or weakening phrases to adequately explain your product or service.

This Hemingway app includes a free online version, but you can’t store or export content there.

If you enjoy what you see in the web edition, you may upgrade to the desktop app, which includes all of the extra features. You will be able to post straight to WordPress and Medium, and it will also operate when you are not connected to the internet.


  • Free online version
  • Desktop version – $19.99 per month


  • No limits on the online free version
  • Can be used offline if you pay for the desktop app
  • Great for writers who have a draft created


  • Not the best copywriting software because you will still need to do all the writing

What to look for in a free copywriting tool?

A fantastic copywriting software should include several elements that will allow you to create unique and successful material. Because we’re discussing artificial intelligence, keep in mind that most tools will sound robotic and repetitious, so pick the best one to prevent unoriginal and plagiarized material.

Here are some essential features to look for in copywriting software:

Creates original content

The produced content will be based on various keywords and descriptions but will follow the same principles.

This is why the tool you use must have enough data to support a variety of items such as emails, subject lines, sales copy, social media postings, and advertising. This material must have a good SEO score while also being creative and distinctive.

You must be distinct from the competition and stand out in a positive way.

Understands target audience

Before creating copy, the finest copywriting tools allow you to select the target audience.

This is significant since various items necessitate different types of visitors and buyers. If you want to appeal to teens, your advertisement must be entirely tailored to their lifestyle and preferences.

Addresses emotions

Even if the copywriting software is performing all of the work for you, it must seem like it was written by a person and contain emotional words.

This will entice visitors to click on the link and perhaps provide their email address in exchange for specific freebies. This will create leads and make the final transaction easier to complete.

Generates understandable content

Most of the copywriting tools will have advanced features that should help you with the writing process. But keep in mind that professional copywriting often means writing understandable and easy text that most of the readers will enjoy.

Several copywriting tools can go a bit too far and complicate things, but you can always make concise sentences, passive voice, and edit content to add that human element.

With writing, less is more.

Works fast

The entire purpose of using AI copywriting software is to save time on the copywriting process.

These technologies often generate copies in a matter of seconds or minutes at most. If you did everything by hand, it may take you days, therefore a decent writing tool will come in handy.

Keep in mind that some copywriting software is faster than others, so if this is important to you and your business, have another look at our recommendations above.

Has many features

The best AI copywriting software will always have many available templates and advanced features like:

  • Word count
  • Editing tools
  • Headline analyzer
  • Google analytics
  • Keyword ideas
  • Detailed analysis

This will help you create the best website copy and at the end of the day secure the sale. So, make sure that the writing tools you use have all the features you need.

How to choose the best free copywriting software?

Now that we’ve established the notion of fantastic copywriting tools and how much they can help you build your online company, we can talk about how to select the best one for you.

This is determined by a variety of criteria, including your budget, SEO understanding, and the sort of content you will require the most.

However, there are a few factors to consider in general:

Fits the budget

Budget is frequently the first consideration when establishing a business, which is why we included all of the tools that are free or have a free trial and the finest alternatives on the market.

These free trials will allow you to try out the tool before purchasing it.

Before making a purchase, always evaluate whether the product is worth the price and how much you will use it. Remember that the most costly copywriting tools are not necessarily the best for your company.

Suits your business

Distinct business owners have varied ideas for their businesses and, as a result, different demands. Some will require the best blog article to attract readers and engage search engines, whilst others will require killer sales copy.

With this in mind, you should analyze each copywriting tool on our list to determine which one is ideal for you.

Produces results

In the end, the only thing that matters in business is the outcome. And, let’s face it, you need the copywriting tool to generate those sales.

So, make sure to read all of the user evaluations and pay close attention to the pros and cons sections we’ve included for each copywriting software. This will offer you the greatest sense of what to expect and how much your business will grow.

Is copywriting software better than professional copywriters?

Content marketers understand the value of each copy and know that good content writers are the number one thing that can boost your sales.

However, a great copywriter will set you back quite a lot on yearly basis, and this can be too much for companies that are just getting started.

This is why it’s a good thing that copywriting tools can replace the copywriter and allow you to create the best content on your own.

With the new AI technology, all the keyword research and blog articles will be done in minutes rather than days, and you will save more money and time that can be invested in marketing.


What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting refers to artificial intelligence-generated copy. This is computer-generated material that uses several techniques to imitate the work of a human copywriter.

Each AI copywriting tool has its own algorithms on which the finished result is built, but they are all based on tried and true techniques that have been proved to perform well with readers and Google.

AI copywriting is not the same as employing a human copywriter, but it can be done at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

What type of copy AI copywriting tool creates?

This is a common question because various businesses require different types of content.

The answer varies on the platform you choose, but you can usually generate video descriptions, product descriptions, titles, blog ideas, article subjects, blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, sales pages, meta descriptions, e-mails, and much more.

When you need anything written, most AI programs will provide the appropriate template that you can utilize to complete the assignment.

What are the benefits of copywriting software?

As you can see from the evaluations above, there are several advantages to using decent copywriting software.

For starters, they are typically less expensive than hiring a professional copywriter. Furthermore, the technologies are quick and create material in minutes.

It’s also worth noting that you, as the business owner, will be doing the majority of the initial input, copywriting research, and editing of the articles generated by the copywriting program.

This implies you have the finest ideas for what you want for your company, and no writer on the planet understands your vision better than you.

Final Thoughts

Many successful business owners recognize the value of strong copy and how it can help you grow income and sales.

Because experienced copywriters may be costly, technologies have been developed to assist you to generate content for a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, these tools are an excellent method to learn more about effective copywriting abilities and enhance your own over time. There is a plethora of software available on the market, but we have chosen the finest ones that provide a free edition.

If you are just beginning, this article will assist you in determining the best option for your company. And even if you are not a novice, this will be a welcome push in the right direction that will catapult your business to success.

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