Builderall Review

In this Builderall review we test out this sales funnel builder that has won a lot of hype and question if it is really worth your time and money.

What is Builderall?

Everyone is moving online and going digital. Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find a brand, business, or personality that doesn’t have some sort of online presence. When new brands or new businesses are being envisioned, an online store or website is definitely part of the plan. With this comes creating creating websites, digital marketing, social media planning, email marketing, landing pages, and many more. People who are starting from scratch will definitely benefit from an all-in-one tool. This is where Builderall comes in.

This company was founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado in 2011 and has continued to grow globally since then. Let’s take a closer look at this online business builder in this Builderall review.

Builderall is made for anyone who wants to build a completely new website from the ground up. This site builder and digital marketing platform allows you to create a website and offers everything else you need to make this website a success. For those with existing websites, the Builderall platform can become a replacement for different third party subscriptions and offers a wide array of high quality digital tools. Some of the better-known products that it offers are the following:

  • Cheetah Drag N Drop website builder, including mobile versions

Buiderall offers website builders that allow you to create a website that is responsive in different formats – desktop, laptop, and mobile. Like the name suggests, you can drag and drop different elements around various landing page, adding image and text, and changing colors as well. If you have no idea where to start, another good thing about Builderall is that you can choose among thousands of templates for your website. This is great for people who do not have the time or know-how to make their website (wether an online business or a blog) from scratch. Before the Cheetah Drag N Drop website builder, Builderall offered the Pixel Perfect Drag N Drop website builder.

  • Email marketing

Builderall also has its own email marketing platform, called “Mailingboss” included in all plans. The Builderall email marketing tool has features similar to other email platforms available today. The ability to create lists, email workflows, and autoresponders are some of the tools offered.

  • SMS messaging

It also offers a platform that allows you to create and send SMS campaigns directly to your customers and subscribers.

  • Sales funnels

Builderall offers all all-in-one sales funnels that are pre-coded and can be used right away.

  • CRM

A built-in CRM tool is available for those who subscribe to the more expensive plans.

  • Affiliate marketing

One of the things that Builderall is well-known around the world for is its affiliate marketing program. This is one of the main features that founder Erick Salgado and Builderall has come up with to attract users and customers. We’ll discuss more of this later on in this review.

In short, Builderall provides you with everything you need to get your online business, or online presence, up and running. Whether you are a dentist in need of a website with simple landing pages that gives information and offers scheduling options, or a more complicated e-commerce business that is out to make serious money, Builderall can be the platform you are looking for.

Aside from the products mentioned above, Builderall also offers CRM, a Webinar builder, Magento commerce and many more. Taking a look at the whole list of Builderall apps and tools can be overwhelming. It offers everything from website builders, apps that allow you to edit images and videos, sales funnels, blog platforms, checkout, and more. Just from this list, it goes without saying that Builderall a great platform for those who want an all-in-one product. Working with Builderall saves you from having to work with and subscribe to different third party platforms. All you need is a little time to study how Builderall works and familiarize yourself with this tool and you’ll have yourself a convenient and seamless all-in-one website and marketing platform.


Builderall offers a number of plans, with features increasing as the price also increases, here’s a look at Builderall pricing and each plan’s features:

  • Free

0 Domain Connections ; 100 subscribers; Ticketing Support; 1 GB Disk Space and up to 3 websites

  • Builder – $19.90/month

3 Domain Connections; 100 subscribers; Ticketing and Live Chat Support; 2 GB Disk Space

  • Marketer – $29.90/month

5 Domain Connections; 5,000 subscribers; Ticketing and Live Chat Support; 5 GB Disk Space

  • Essential – $49.90/month

10 Domain Connections; 15,000 subscribers; Ticketing and Live Chat Support; 10 GB Disk Space

  • Premium – $69.90

15 Domain Connections; Unlimited subscribers; Ticketing and Live Chat Support; 10 GB Disk Space; List Import; Funnel Club

Builderall also offers a 14-day free trial, which is different from the forever free plan. The features included in each plan differ from each other. However, there are a number of standard tools that are available across all plans:

  • Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited Membership Areas
  • Blogging App
  • Super Checkout
  • Email Marketing
  • Super Checkout for Affiliate Sales Control
  • Bump Sells, Upsales and Downsales
  • Unlimited Impressions and Visitors
  • Page Loading Accelrator
  • Smart Popup
  • Website Sharing
  • Countdown, Evergreen, Fixed Date Timers
  • Email Marketing
  • Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation
  • Responsive Email Builder
  • Email Scarcity Timers

Only the Premium plan includes Magento commerce, VA access, Builderall webinar builder, Facebook Live Streaming Tool, YouTube Live Streaming Tool, WordPress 3-Click Integration, Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder, Builderall Drag N Drop E-learning, and Builderall Directory Builder.

Again, the tools and apps available on Builderall are pretty much everything you will ever need to run an online business or website – from a drag and drop builder, to the ability to make landing pages, to social media apps, creating a sales funnel, to digital marketing. Builderall provides you with what you need and then some. If you can’t find what you need here, chances are you don’t really need it for your website.

Is Builderall a pyramid scheme?

If you Google the term “Builderall”, a number of the links that will come out are about its Affiliate program. You might also find the question “Is Builderall a pyramid scheme?” come out in the suggested search terms. These are both valid because many people have asked if Builderall is a pyramid scheme.

This is because Builderall offers an affiliate program described as, in their own words, “a proven solution for you to earn a solid and recurring income in a proven and growing niche, by promoting a high-demand product at an irresistible price.” This pitch is also accompanied by a video that almost sounds too good to be true and looks very much like a “get rich quick” money-making scheme.

Builderall is not the only platform that offers an affiliate program, for example, Aweber and Convertkit also offers affiliate programs. However, its also not the norm for a marketing platform and digital marketing solutions company to be known for its affiliate program as much as it is known for its platform and products. Because of this, it’s no wonder that some people think it’s pretty much equal to a pyramid scheme.

However, the honest answer is no, Builderall is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme, by definition, is “a scheme that funnels earnings from those on lower levels of an organization to the top, and are often associated with fraudulent operations.” Pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries and usually involve membership fees with no real product being sold. They also always end badly. This is not what Builderall is.

Builderall offers a legitimate affiliate program that sells an actual product, which is Builderall tools and apps. The affiliate program is just that – an affiliate program that can become a full-time online business for some. Joining the program is free and you don’t need to buy anything to become a member. To be clear, affiliates do not earn commissions for simply referring a new affiliate, further solidifying the fact that this is NOT a pyramid scheme. So, how does a Builderall affiliate make money?

This is how the sales funnel goes – affiliates earn commissions when a Builderall product is sold (or when a Builderall customer makes his monthly payment), and every affiliate earns recurring commissions from their direct sales. An affiliate earns 100% commission from his customer’s first payment. Then every time a customer makes a payment after this, the affiliate earns a 30% commission. Affiliates also earn commissions from any Builderall product sold by people who they’ve referred to the affiliate program. Again, you won’t earn anything when you ask people to join and sign up for the program, but you do earn a commission if the person you referred to the program is able to sell a Builderall product down the line. Every time your 2nd tier customer (the customer of your referral) pays the Builderall monthly payment you earn a 30% commission.

People who decide to join the program will have a free trial for 1 week and then can choose between a $29 plan or $69 plan per month and then will also need to pay an annual fee of $50 to join the Affiliate program.

The Builderall website is full of links to the Affiliate program with testimonials from real people who have made money as a Builderall affiliate. The more you look through the website, the more references to the Affiliate program you’ll see. For me personally, it’s a little too much. Although it seems that being a Builderall affiliate has become a viable business for many people, I feel like a platform like Builderall should focus on its tools and core business. Going through the website, sometimes it feels like Builderall is more about the Affiliate program than the platform, tools, and products themselves. This actually might be true, but hopefully the products, tools, and websites produced by Builderall are just as good as the marketing of their Affiliate program.

It’s very enticing to hear about affiliates who have earned and made a living from the program. The video shown feature affiliates encouraging you to sign up. It almost felt like I was watching a Home Shopping Network commercial on how to make money quickly, as opposed to watching a video or seeing the features of a global digital marketing platform. I would have appreciated Builderall more if it was more about the products and tools it offers, not the affiliate program. Again, this is just my opinion. Other people might actually be more interested in learning about the program than the products Builderall offers. In any case, to answer the question – no, Builderall is not a pyramid scheme but it does push its Affiliate program rather quite aggressively.

How do you use Builderall?

Now let’s get back to the actual Builderall platform review.

To get started on Builderall, you simply have to sign up for an account using your email address, there’s no need to give your credit card details. I signed up for a free 14-day trial to give it a go. After making your account, Builderall will immediately offer an upgrade to the Premium Plan for $69.90 per month. If you do decide to upgrade, Builderall will also include “bonus apps” like the Mockup Studio, 3D Photo Editor Studio, Transparent Floating Videos, Animated VSL Video Builder, Click Map and App, SEO On-Page Report App and more. All very tempting, but you can say “no, thanks” and continue with the free trial. Signing up is a straightforward process and this becomes your Builderall login.

Let’s move on the experience of using Builderall. After completing sign-up you end up in the Home section where the first thing I noticed is an image promoting Affiliate Training and a banner welcoming to me to Team Taylor Your Best Life. I have no clue how I became a member of this team, but I’m assuming it was when I signed up to start using Builderall. This is also when I confirmed my suspicion that Affiliate Marketing is just as important to Builderall as the actual products they offer themselves.

Builderall Dashboard

On the Home page, a drop down menu on the upper right features different options, among which are Apps, Training, Affiliates, Notices and Add-ons.

Apps is what you choose to begin installing tools on your dashboard. Training offers training sessions on the Affiliate Program, TYBL Bonuses (again, related to the Team Taylor that I am now apparently part of), and Mentoring.

Affiliates brings you to another Affiliates-centric dashboard. Clicking on Notices will bring you to a message board (empty when you start). There’s also a Add-ons section has links to Inboxpath, a promotional plan that is for email marketing( you’ll need to pay $97 to use this), and ads for products to increase traffic to your affiliate website. Each tool has a short explanation on what it’s for but you will have to install it and start using it to see what each tool really does.

Once you are at the Builderall Home landing page, you can begin to install your selected tools on your dashboard, including marketing tools, sales funnels, and social media apps. There are two tools that are already available on your dashboard – the Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder and the Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation “Mailingboss”. Aside from these two, your dashboard will be empty and you’ll have to decide which tools you want to install.

One good thing about Builderall is the number of products it offers – from a CRM, to a webinar builder, how to build sales funnels, to a script generator, to a video editor, and many more. We’ve mentioned these also earlier in the review but they are worth mentioning again. Most of these tools are available for use for everyone, even for those availing of a free trial. If you begin to become overwhelmed with all the choices, you can narrow the list down via category. The different categories are as followers:

  • All Tools
  • Builders
  • Email Marketing
  • Engagement
  • Design
  • Reports
  • Others

If you click on Builders, it will offer you site builder tools that allow you to make a website, or websites. This is the obvious first step for anyone launching an online business or website. Under this category is the Pixel Perfect Builder which is the former Builderall builder, before Cheetah became the default website builder. If you’re an old user of Builderall and you still prefer to use this, it’s available for use. Builderall Canvas is also found here, this allows you to build your sales funnel. Described by Builderall as, “our signature digital funnel builder, where all of our tools come together and connect, making your sales funnels completely come to life on one screen.” This is one of the most important tools in the Builderall product portfolio.

The Email Marketing section has the Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation “Mailingboss” and Professional Emails, which allows you to create professional e-mail accounts for your domain. The Mailingboss platform lets you create a new workflow, create a new subscriber list, or create a new campaign. It also give you campaign statistics when your campaigns are up and running.

If you choose the Engagement category, has marketing tools such as Professional Messenger Chatbot that allows you to automate answering customers and clients via messenger chat. This category also includes Telegram that promotes your Telegram funnels using bots, Script Generator that helps with copywriting, Instagram Autoresponder that automates messages to increase engagement, SMS Messaging that can send bulk SMS messages, CRM, Social Autopost App that lets you manage multiple social networks, and more.

Under Reports, you’ll see the SEO On-Page Report App that helps rank your pages via SEO and Click Map which is a heat mapping tool that tells you where your visitors are clicking.

The Design section offers a number of options for you to install as well, one is the Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder which allows you to create digital magazines, next is the Mockup studio where you can mock-up GIFs and images. There is also the 3D Photo Editor Studio which lets you design photos and graphics, the Video Tag Tool that allows you to customize videos with actions such as call, email, and visit a website. Included is also the Video Wrapper that helps you make videos in less than 2 minutes and the Animated VSL Video Builder where you can make animated videos and sales videos that you can publish and download to your website, Facebook account, or YouTube channel.

Reports have two tools available – the SEO On Page Report App which ranks your page on search engines, and Click Map tool that lets you find where your visitors have been clicking on your pages.

Others has a VA Access tool which allows others to have limited access to your account and tools. DNS Manager and Funnel Club are also found in this section but are only available to paid accounts.

All in all, Builderall offers an extensive variety of products and tools, that I won’t even be able to go through all of them in this review. Just imagine that it has everything you need to set up a website, get it up and running, marketing the site to your customers, and finally to lead conversion and loyalty. Builderall is truly a digital marketing platform that offers you what you need from the start of the sales funnel to the end.

Is Builderall easy to use?

Moving on, let’s review how it is to actually use the product. Signing up to get started and exploring the Builderall dashboard is straightforward and relatively smooth. Even with the number of tools and products it offers, it is surprisingly easy to navigate the Builderall dashboard. It has been designed in a very visual manner and each tool has a clear and concise description that lets you know what it’s all about.

To actually start using Builderall for your online business, whatever it may be, is also pretty easy. After clicking Enter on the Cheetah Drag N Drop tool, you have to name your website and describe it. Then you can design your own website or choose a template. If you decide to choose a template, you are presented with hundreds of different templates, from niche funnel templates for a tutor or a mechanic, to business funnel images for a product launch or a business webinar. One pro for the Builderall platform is the wide variety of template options it offers. Also, they don’t just differ from each other in terms of design, but in terms of use as well (for example, you can choose a template for a car product launch or a webinar). It also offers not just website templates, but page template designs as well.

After you choose your template, you can start customizing it with the drop builder and put in your own images, video, and copy. It does take some practice to get used to the interface. Using it is simple enough, but there are a lot of aspects that I feel should be more intuitive. For example, I wanted to edit the text in the template I had chosen but for some reason, I couldn’t just erase the text immediately and put in my own copy. It did allow me to move around text boxes and images but the editing of the text was a bit of a challenge. You can also change fonts, insert videos, and headings. On the top left of the site, Builderall has a section where you can see your new website on different formats – desktop, tablet, and mobile – as you go along. This is a very helpful tool because it lets you see how your site will look to customers and allows you to tweak the design based on how it looks on the different platforms before finalizing.

After you edit the template you’ve chosen and saved it, then you can go into the steps to make it go live. You can change the site settings like the title of the website, add scripts, and edit SEO settings. One of the things I liked a lot about Builderall was the ability to create pop ups. Just like with the website and page templates, the pop ups also as a number of templates available. You can choose what kind of pop up first – like a menu or a form, then edit it to fit your taste.

As you continue to go through the different sections of this platform, you move along as you finalize the look of your website, choose the app you want to use, and what other tools you want include – a blog section, add headers and footers, install marketing tools, other Builderall apps, and many more.

The layout of all the tools and apps are presented in a very straightforward manner – simple font with clear choices presented in dropdown menus. You can tell that the developers wanted to make it as easy to use as possible. To a certain extent, they were successful because as a beginner, I could navigate through the different sections fairly seamlessly. Of course, learning how to use Builderall isn’t instant, but they offer support via their Tutorials section, which offers different videos on the different features. This is one pro of Builderall, they have a video for each feature, which makes it easier to understand how to use it.

Previously mentioned above and still worth mentioning again is that the Builderall platform has everything you need to create and launch any kind of website. Although I wouldn’t call it the perfect builder, the website creator has the tools that allow you to start building your own site, create sales funnels, setting up the checkout process using Super Checkout, connecting the site to your domain, and then implement follow up email marketing. It also integrates to other platforms and tools, including Shopify, Aweber, Stripe and Paypal, giving you more options on how you want to run your online business.

Customer Support

In terms of customer service, you can tell that Builderall aims to give its users the support they need. One way is an the extensive knowledge base available on the website where you can search for what you need or troubleshoot any issue you might be encountering.

For the free plan, only ticketing support is given but for all other plans you can live chat with al support team member. Builderall also has a dedicated YouTube channel that has many informative videos that teach you how to work each tool. There’s also a Builderall Facebook page that lets you get in touch with other users and ask each other questions and share tips with each other.

Should you use Builderall?

As you’ve probably already gathered from this review, Builderall has an extensive library of tools and apps in its platform designed to give users what they need, without having to leave the Builderall universe. Email marketing? Check. Canvas funnel? Check. SEO? Check. Facebook autoresponder? Check. The list goes on and on. If one of the goals of Builderall was to give its users all the tools they might want and need in order to run their websites or online business, then they succeeded.

All in all, Builderall is a high quality platform that allows you to create your own online business from scratch and gives you the tools to run it successfully – whether its an ecommerce business that involves setting up multiple websites, online stores, and landing pages, or a website that just aims to increase your visibility in your local community. Based on my experience using the platform, it’s not perfect (no app or tool is) but it definitely has everything you need to create and run your online business effectively. The affiliate program, if taken seriously and used properly, can also become another stream of income for those who are willing to put in the time and effort.

Overall, Builderall is a good product that delivers on what it wants to do – give users what they need to create a website from scratch, and offer all the tools and apps necessary to run an online business successfully.

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