Builderall Vs Kajabi

Builderall vs. Kajabi – which digital marketing software is better, and which one deserves to become the one stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs?

If you are a solopreneur, a digital marketer, a course creator or an e-commerce business owner, you are probably looking for the most versatile, most powerful and effective sales page, sales funnel, digital marketing and online course creating and hosting software on the planet. Well, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at two of the undoubtedly most exalted and commonly used sales funnel and online store builder softwares out there – Builderall vs Kajabi. We are going to compare them head to head before drawing a difficult conclusion: Which software is best in test? Really, which software provides its users with the greatest range of necessary tools and helpful features and the most intuitive interface, at the most reasonable price?

Keep reading to discover the answer.

Why you need to leverage landing page, funnel and online store builder software in your online business

But why do you even need a one-stop digital marketing software like Builderall or Kajabi? Is it all just hype, or can tools like Builderall or Kajabi really transform your bottom line and business for the better?

In case you had any doubt or hesitation, the answer is a big resounding yes. In fact, using a software application to help you build the most effective landing pages, funnels, e-mail campaigns and online courses is no longer something that’s nice to have – it is increasingly becoming a must. From building the perfect checkout page to creating a funnel guaranteed to convert visitors into paying customers, tools like Builderall and Kajabi can help you do it – better and faster than you have ever been able to before.

You can be pretty damn sure that all of the people and businesses you see succeeding are already leveraging powerful softwares like Builderall and Kajabi. Doing everything manually simply takes too much time, and is too prone to human error and subjectivity.

With marketing tools like Builderall or Kajabi, you and your business are going to be much better prepared to survive and thrive in the future.

Build landing pages, sales funnels, online courses and more in no time flat

If you have ever crafted your own landing pages, e-mail sequences and sales funnel from scratch, you know how much of a time sink it can be. Just imagine what would happen if you were able to get the same work that normally takes hours, if not days or even weeks to complete, done in a matter of minutes.

Speed is one of the major reasons why using an online marketing and sales software can help you succeed much faster and on a bigger scale than ever before. Why throw hours and hours after crafting the perfect squeeze page (or pay someone else to do it), when powerful sales funnel tools can do the heavy lifting for you?

You’ll of course still need to add your own product, tweak the expertly crafted templates and add your own touch to the sales process, but that’s a breeze in comparison and is likely going to take you a mere fraction of the time.

Tap into expert knowledge (rather than relying on your own)

The time of having to rely on your own limited funnel, website and course creating knowledge are over. If you have the idea for a product, or several, Builderall or Kajabi can help make it real.

Signing up for an online marketing software like Builderall or Kajabi instantly taps you into the combined knowledge of some of the world’s most experienced marketing experts.

Tools like Builderall and Kajabi have been developed specifically to serve online course creators and e-commerce entrepreneurs like you. Using Kajabi or Builderall makes the underlying architecture that makes the internet’s most effective landing pages and sales funnels work available to you, too.

If you already have a good product, all you need to do is load it into the effective, expertly honed framework that a website builder software can provide, tweak the available templates to suit your product and niche, and start converting casual visitors into raving fans and loyal customers.


While there is no doubt that a software application like Builderall or Kajabi can benefit and perhaps even transform your online business, deciding which one to go with can be confusing. To make your decision easier, let us take a closer look at both softwares, starting with Builderall.

The first thing you should know about Builderall is that it promises to overdeliver on your expectations. Builderall brands itself as a versatile software for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, coaches, local businesses and online creators and entrepreneurs alike.

Builderall also state on their website that they are committed to results, quality and customer experience, and promise that they are the digital marketing software with the wides range of tools and features.

When you start looking at the array of tools that Builderall has to offer, you very quickly begin to see why the team behind the software are so proud of it.

Builderall features

Builderall comes with an impressive list of features. This one is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a good idea of the possibilities that signing up for a Builderall plan could open up for you:

  • The best and fastest drag and drop
  • Website Builder with hundreds of features
  •  The Only Real and complete Graphic
  • Funnel Builder
  •  Video hosting tool
  •  Membership websites and e-learning system
  •  Unlimited Email Marketing
  •  CRM and automation system
  •  Chatbot and SiteBot
  •  Booking Calendar
  •  Super checkout system with dozens of payment gateway integrations
  •  Run your own affiliate program (1 tier or multi-tier)
  •  Ecommerce Checkout
  •  Auction Checkout
  •  Magazine Builder
  •  Mockup and image editor 
  •  Professional Quiz App 
  •  WordPress Professional Installation
  •  Video Wrapper
  •  Browser Notifications
  •  Blog Builder
  •  Chat Builder
  •  Google and Adsense Friendly Builder
  •  Hundreds of Video tutorials and a huge knowledge base
  •  Chat and ticket support

Builderall pricing and subscription models

Builderall offers four different subscriptions – Cheetah, Marketer, Premium and Funnel Club – so there is something to suit every requirement and budget.

Builderall’s entry-level subscription is called Cheetah, and is priced at just $14.90/mont. Signing up for Builderall Cheetah gives you 1 domain, 3 subdomains, 2,000 subscribers and 2GB Builderall disk space a month.

The next step up the ladder is Builderall’s Marketer subscription, which costs $69.90/month. This subscription expands to give you 3 domains, 5 subdomains, unlimited subscribers and 5 GB Builderall disk space.

If the Marketer subscription isn’t sufficient to meet your needs, Builderall Premium might be just the thing. Priced at $79.90/month, the Premium subscription gives you 15 domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited subscribers and 10 GB disk space. Crucially, Builderall Premium also gives you free reign of all tools and templates, plus automatic approval as an affiliate.

Finally, there is the Funnel Club subscription, also priced at $79.90/month, but with an additional entry fee of $199. In other words, accessing Funnel Club requires a financial commitment, but once you’re in, your monthly fee remains the same as it does for Premium subscribers, with the addition of as many expertly crafted funnels as your business or businesses might need.

Builderall learning and support

Builderall will not sit back and let their customers get lost or stuck while using their software. This is evidenced by the fact that Builderall offers extensive customer support options, including chat and support tickets.

Builderall also have a huge (and ever-expanding) knowledge base, including a library with hundreds of video tutorials ready for you to peruse if you want to learn more or are feeling stuck on how to use a particular tool or feature.

Builderall pros

It should already be clear that Builderall has some pretty hefty pros to offer for anyone considering either optimising or building subscription sites, sales pages, email marketing campaigns and so much more. Still, if we are to highlight just a few particularly weighty pros, here they are.

Range and versatility

First of all, there is the sheer range of features and tools, versatile enough to be of great use in just about any online business. Whether you are an e-commerce cowboy or a manifestation coach, Builderall can help you build a business around your particular service or product.

Stellar support

Secondly, it is very clear that the team behind Builderall are committed to delivering a spectacular product and customer experience – in other words, it is their business to help you and your business to succeed at the greatest level possible. They do this by providing spectacular value for your money, by educating you on how to use the Builderall software, and by supporting you if and when you find yourself up against a wall.


Another thing that makes Builderall very appealing is its beginner-friendly price point. While the most expensive subscriptions (Premium and Funnel Club) are going to set you back $79.90 a month, the entry level subscription, Cheetah, only costs $14.90 a month.

Builderall cons

Amazing as Builderall is, the software also comes with a few cons. Here they are.

Steep learning curve

Probably the greatest obstacle that anyone using Builderall is likely to run into is overwhelm as a result of the sheer range and seeming complexity of the tools and features made available by Builderall. If you are unfamiliar with website and funnel builder software, Builderall can seem quite overwhelming the first few times you log in and begin to create.

Thankfully, the team behind Builderall has anticipated your learning curve, and have created hours of video tutorials to help you through it.


Now that we have taken a good look at Builderall, it is time for us to take an equally thorough look at Kajabi and what it has to offer.

Kajabi is perhaps the best known online course creation software and hosting platform out there, but it is so much more than that.

A surprisingly versatile platform, Kajabi prides itself on being an all in one platform for all of your online business needs. That’s a rather bold claim, but it is not untrue.

While Kajabi is primarily geared towards the selling of courses, its powerful tools and integration options give you free rein to unleash your creativity and ingenuity as an online buisness owner and entrepreneur.

Kajabi places an emphasis on helping you build multiple income flows – which you need if you are someone who is looking to make real money in today’s constantly shifting, digital-first world.

Kajabi equips you with all the tools you need to be able to produce and manage online products, websites, landing pages, payments, analytics, marketing automations, email, communities, and much more, all in one convenient place.

One of Kajabi’s real strengths is that it allow you to craft premium product with the potential to attract premium prices and generate massive revenue for your online business. Create courses, coaching programs, membership sites, podcasts, newsletters, and bundles to your heart’s content.

Because Kajabi’s primary focus is on helping you sell your product, whatever this product might be, Kajabi makes it easy for your customers to pay by allowing you to use any number of one-time payments, trials, instalments, subscriptions, one-click upsells and more to both up your revenue in the immediate term, and to transform your bottom line and your business in the long term.

Kajabi features

Now that you have gained a cursory overview over what Kajabi is, does and aims to help you do as a digital entrepreneur, it is time to take a closer look at Kajabi’s most essential features.

The following list is an overview only – it is by no means exhaustive, but it’ll give you a much better understanding of what a Kajabi membership has to offer.

  • Affiliate reporting
  • Bundling options
  • Custom domain & white labelling
  • Customizable themes
  • Drag & drop features (Though only available when using the Premier theme)
  • Drip schedule course content
  • Email templates
  • Free trial option (Only available for courses with subscription pricing)
  • Multi-language support
  • Tool integration (Including Mailchimp, Convertkit, Stripe, GA and more)
  • Types of content available for courses: Video, text, 3rd party integrations
  • SSL (Via third party custom for domains)
  • Student emailing
  • Subscription + other pricing plans available for courses
  • Upsells
  • Website builder (Build websites, landing pages, custom pages and much more)
  • 100 courses supported
  • 10,000 active member limit
  • 0% transfer fee available

Merely looking at the list above might set your brain wheels spinning with ideas and inspiration – if that’s the case, good! Hold onto that inspiration as you keep reading.

Kajabi pricing and subscription models

Kajabi offers three different paid membership tiers, as well as a 14-day free trial.

You can either choose to pay annually, which gives you 20% off your membership fee, or pay in monthly instalments. The prices listed here are the monthly prices, without the 20% off that paying for an annual subscription would give you.

Kajabi’s Basic plan costs $149/month. Included in the Basic subscription are 3 products, 3 pipelines, unlimited landing pages and marketing emails, 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active members, 1 website and 1 admin user.

If you find that the Basic plan isn’t sufficient for your needs, the next step up is the Growth plan, at $199/month. While this is a noticeable step up in price, the Growth plan gives you much more room to expand. 15 products, 15 pipelines, unlimited landing pages and mails, 25,000 contracts and 10,000 active members, 1 website and 10 admin users are included.

Your third and final option is the Pro plan, priced at $399/month. The Pro plan truly unleashes the possibilities by upgrading your limits to 100 products, 100 pipelines, unlimited landing pages and emails, 100,000 contacts and 20,000 active members, 3 websites and 25 admin users.

And for those who are unsure or hesitant about making the commitment, Kajabi offers a 14 day free trial – that’s just about as closer to an offer you can’t refuse as you’re going to get.

Kajabi learning and support

Kajabi offers an impressive array of 24/7 support options to ensure you’ll never get stuck for long or languish while waiting for an answer.

Kajabi’s customer experience team are available any time you need them, day or night. Kajabi also has a vibrant community of users who share support and answer each other’s questions. You can participate in the Kajabi community both when you need help and when you are in a position to give it.

Finally – and this is a really useful resource, particularly when you are first starting out and are trying to wrap your head around the Kajabi software – there is Kajabi University. Kajabi University essentially consists of hours upon hours of video tutorials, all aimed at helping you use Kajabi to build incredible online courses, effective marketing campaigns, sales funnels and superpower your internet presence overall.

Kajabi pros

When it comes to naming the pros of using Kajabi, the list is long. But for the sake of ease, let’s boil it down to a few vital points.

Range of features

Kajabi comes with so many features you have no other choice than to be impressed.

Whether you choose to go with Kajabi Basic, Kajabi Growth or Kajabi Pro, you’ll have access to a wealth of the best tools to help you easily create online courses, sales funnels, email marketing campaigns and so much more. The sky is truly the limit, particularly if you are on the Pro plan.


It doesn’t matter what your product or service is – Kajabi can help you ramp up your conversions, craft better customer experiences, and drive long-term revenue to your business.

The fact that Kajabi comes with a wide range of customisable design templates and allows you to add plug-ins to your heart’s content means that you can can build just about whatever you can envision with Kajabi.

10x your sales

The absolute best thing about Kajabi is that it is entirely focused on helping you present your product and sell it. Kajabi comes with ready to tweak and use funnels and landing pages that are proven to work.

All you’ve got to do is make it yours. You do this by tweaking the templates (either a little or a lot), add any plug-ins you require, and add your product and your own words. Kajabi is the underpinning system and structure that can help you finally converting people to your product or service. If you do it right, your revenue is going to see a big bump after you start using Kajabi.

Kajabi cons

It should already be clear that Kajabi is a uniquely powerful online store and sales funnel builder, offering all of the essential tools that online marketers and solopreneurs might need.

However, no review or comparison would be balanced if we didn’t look at the cons. So here they are.


Out of the three Kajabi pricing plans, none come cheap. While Kajabi’s pricing is completely reasonable considering the massive amount of potential value you stand to gain from using the software, it is also quite prohibitive if you are a bootstrapping solopreneur or startup internet marketing agency.

Learning curve

While Kajabi offers a variety of templates and even drag and drop options to help you craft effective sales pages, courses, e commerce products, e-mail marketing sequences and more, the learning curve can nevertheless seem steep if you are unfamiliar with programming and not very technically inclined (I feel your pain).

Builderall Vs. Kajabi: Head to head comparison

Now that we have looked at Builderall vs. Kajabi separately, it is time to hold them up next to each other and see how they compare on a number of vital points. Here we go.


When it comes to important tools and features, both Kajabi and Builderall have much to offer, and it is not easy to draw a clear conclusion as to which software has the best selection – the answer to that is going to depend on what your business is, and whether you intend to sell a course, a coaching session, or a digital or physical product.

The primary difference between Builderall vs. Kajabi where features are concerned is that the features you get access to with a Builderall subscription are more versatile and could be put together in as many different ways as your imagination will allow. Kajabi’s features are more focused on the hosting and selling of online courses.

In other words, if you are looking for the best online course creating, hosting and selling tools on the market, you can’t do much better than Kajabi. On the other hand, if your business is selling an e-book or coaching sessions, Kajabi or Builderall might serve your purpose equally well.


When it comes to pricing, there is a clear difference between Builderall vs. Kajabi.

While Builderall’s entry level subscription, Cheetah, is priced at a mere $14.90 a month, Kajabi’s Basic subscription is priced at $149 a month.

Pricing may or may not be a big factor in your decision-making, depending on where you are at in your business. If you are selling a digital product and are bootstrapping a small brand or digital business, the difference between paying $14.90 and $149 for a software subscription could be the deciding factor.

If you are a startup selling courses, it might be worth considering paying extra to start out right on Kajabi, instead of having to potentially migrate all of your courses onto the platform later on, but if you are selling just about anything other than a course and you are on a shoestring budget, Builderall might be the best fit for your purse.


Both Builderall and Kajabi offer their customers a lot of support.

Both softwares offer a live support chat that is available 24/7, and both have extensive knowledge bases and training available. Both Kajabi and Builderall have an extensive knowledge base which includes untold hours of video tutorials aimed at teaching you how to effectively use all of their tools.

All in all, it is impossible to pick a clear winner when it comes to which software has the best support to offer.


Utility is always somewhat a matter of personal preference. Some might find Builderall easier and more intuitive to navigate, while others are going to prefer Kajabi.

Having said that, I believe most people are going to find Kajabi a little easier to use, if for no other reason than that Kajabi is more streamlined and aimed at setting up, hosting and selling online courses. With Builderall, you have more free reigns – more of a blank canvas to start with.

Funnel builder software Q & A

We have compared the two main softwares you came here to learn more about, but you might have other funnel builder software questions that are still unanswered. Hopefully, you’ll find them answered here.

What is the difference between Kartra and Kajabi?

Similarly to Kajabi, Kartra is a software offering a comprehensive solution to hosting and selling online courses. However, course hosting and selling isn’t all Kartra is good for.

There are a number of differences between Kartra and Kajabi. One of them is that Kajabi requires plug-ins, while Kartra allows you to keep everything on one platform.

Price point is another significant difference between Kartra and Kajabi. While Kajabi’s Basic plan costs $149/month, Kartra starts at $79/month, making Kartra the more bootstrapping friendly option.

Yet another difference between Kartra and Kajabi is that Kajabi gives you an unlimited cap on content hosting, whereas Kartra doesn’t.

What is the difference between Kajabi and Clickfunnels?

Kajabi and Clickfunnels are both top-class tools, and choosing between them can seem all but impossible. Knowing some of the main differences between them might help.

While Kajabi is focused on helping you create, host and promote your digital product, the primary focus of Clickfunnels is to help you capture leads and sell.

The good news is that Kajabi integrates with Clickfunnels, meaning you can use them both together for optimal effect. Pairing these two best-in-class softwares is a recipe for success.

What is the difference between Thinkfic and Kajabi?

Thinkfic is often presented as the number 1 alternative to Kajabi. Like Kajabi, Thinkfic is designed to help you build, market and sell online courses.

In addition to their similarities, there are also a number of differences between Thinkfic and Kajabi that are important to note, including the fact that Thinkfic allows you an unlimited number of subscribers, whereas Kajabi comes with a cap. Thinkfic also allow you to host and build everything on site, whereas Kajabi requires integration with third-party applications. Yet another potentially important difference to note is that Kajabi requires Zapier and some coding with Javascript, whereas Thinkfic doesn’t (Which is a great relief, if you don’t have coding experience).

Is Podia better than Kajabi?

Podia is yet another software that is sometimes being compared to Kajabi. While the two softwares share a number of vital similarities, there are also differences, and when held up next to each other, Kajabi is easily the winner.

Not only does Kajabi offer a greater variety of powerful features and tools, Kajabi also gives you more email creation and automation capabilities.

Want to expand your business online? This is the software application you need

You have patiently read through the entire Builderall vs. Kajabi comparison, and now that you have reached the end you have probably already formed your conclusion.

For online business owners lookinog for an all in one platform with a highly intuitive user interface to help them grow their internet business, it is going to be difficult to come up with a better find than Kajabi. Kajabi is a complete platform, replete with all of the tools and features any digital course creator or marketer could wish for.

However, if budget is a concern, Builderall offers a very solid range of features, too. And while the learning curve may be a little more steep with Builderall than with Kajabi, the business results you can generate with Builderall are just as impressive.

If you’re still not sure, your best option is to sign up for Kajabi’s free trial and test things out for yourself. Or you can choose to head on over to Builderall and sign up for a month of Cheetah to see if it whets your appetite and sparks your imagination.

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