Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites

Buy ready made affiliate websites and you could be on to some serious quick wins. Now when it comes to entrepreneurship its fair to say that there aren’t many quick wins despite what many gurus say.

There are no get rich quick schemes – at least none that are truly scalable and repeatable as opposed to just a flash of luck.

However, affiliate marketing is a very powerful way to grow a significant income. A lot of that income could be regarded as the sacred passive income  – although in reality putting in more work will reduce downside risk and increase cash flow.

The trouble with affiliate websites is they are slow. It usually takes well over a year for even experienced webmasters to build a truly profitable site that justifies the time put into it.

First you have the Google sandbox to deal with when no matter how good you are with SEO, your first 3 – 6 months will be an absolute grind.

You can shorten it with tricks like expiring domains and the Keyword Golden Ratio but it remains unpredictable and, frankly, a massive pain in the ass. When you get started on a site you are full of energy and commitment. But about two or three months in is when you find you have sunk a load of time and money into something that just isn’t yielding results. This is when many potentially successful online entrepreneurs give up.

Then you have the sheer investment that goes into building a site from scratch. A couple of articles off iWriter goes nowhere. You need a good 50,000 – 100,000 words to get your site going. The Great Gatsby – although a relatively short novella – is 47,094. So if you don’t have time to write a novel you probably don’t have time to start an affiliate website.

Then you have the backlinks. Given the most effective method of acquiring backlinks is through classic outreach and guestposting, that means even more content.

So if you choose to buy ready made affiliate websites it’s a bit of a no-brainer if you know what you’re doing.


Websites tend to be valued between 25 and 35 times their average monthly profit. So pure and simple, if a site is making $100 a month it is probably worth $2500 – 3500. The beauty is that as the ongoing costs of running a website are so low the profit tends to be pretty close to the overall revenue.

That’s a pretty nice deal for the owner – which could be you if you flip the site later – but also means that even if you did nothing to the site there’s a good chance you’ll make your money back in about three years. That’s amazing when you think a stock paying a dividend could take you decades to earn back the full price paid for the asset without selling it. The same goes for real estate rental yields. Affiliate websites could easily be one of the best asset classes out there.

What’s more is that with many webmasters around the world building and flipping “starter sites” you can buy a turnkey website ready to go for just a few thousand dollars.

If you’re good at SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization you can relatively easily comb through a site and increase its profit. This is what you need to keep in mind when looking to buy a ready made affiliate site – the opportunities that are being left on the table by the current owner.

Are there keywords in the top five that could be boosted a couple of places? Are they fulfilling best conversion rate practices like prominent calls to action and comparison charts? These could be quick wins if you already have these skills.

This is the beauty of buying a readymade affiliate site – skipping the sandbox and already having a load of content and backlinks that means you have lots to play with. If you can increase the earnings even slightly then you will recoup your own investment quicker while adding a lot more to the website’s value thanks to that 30x multiplier.

So what are the downsides? First is obviously the work required. There is no such thing as passive income. Even if you outsource everything with your website, it is unlikely you will be truly hands-off.

You also need skills – which can be learned but if you have already been in the digital marketing space you know you always have more to learn. If your rankings tank you have to comb through and try to work out what has gone wrong – competition, spammy links, a Google update? We’ve all been there and while there’s normally a way to push through it things can seem bleak until you fix it. For some people the answer never comes – like those hit by the Medic update when Google dropped all health sites that were not bullet-proof in their trust and authority.

And these are also some of the risks when looking to buy a ready made affiliate website. In April 2020 Amazon slashed its commission rates by about 60% in some categories. Home improvement in particular had been a very profitable niche until that point. The following month Google released a core update that also had quite an impact across the industry as it placed more value on big authoritative sites and even started boosting forums, ecommerce pages and social networks like Pinterest above 5000-word detailed articles on a subject. No doubt some people bought home affiliate sites earlier that year based on significant traffic and earnings – only to then find their commission halved and their traffic knocked.

The whole idea of buying “turnkey” affiliate websites for sale is dangerous. You can totally buy an affiliate site and just leave it. But for real success you need to treat it as your own online business. You may not need to work 9 – 5 but you may indeed end up working 9 am until midnight to really get a newly purchased site into the big money.

So where can you buy ready made affiliate websites?

It goes without saying that the major player in online businesses is Empire Flippers. They have carved out a huge reputation as the go-to broker for high quality businesses that have been through a thorough auditing process. However, they don’t deal with small players anymore and so this is only really an option if you have a budget over $25,000. Although it’s a great place to get some inspiration from some highly successful websites.

Next up is Flippa, although lots of sites on there are pretty poor quality. Then there’s Motion Invest and Alpha Investors. These are all part of a new generation of brokers who build, run and sell affiliate websites. If you really wanted passive income you could let your website be managed by one of these type of ventures as part of their portfolio.

Another big name is Human Proof Designs. They provide a complete affiliate marketing toolkit from turnkey sites to content creation and backlinks. There’s no broker service but the sites they build to sell are of a very good quality and you can buy one for just a few thousand dollars.

Another great resource is Facebook groups. In particular Flipping Websites by Alpha Investors. This is a very busy marketplace, but be warned it is the Wild West. You need to be confident in your auditing process and be careful with what you are buying and use an Escrow service to ensure a smooth transaction.

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