Clickfunnels vs Instapage

Clickfunnels vs Instapage comes down to who you are and what you are looking for in a pagebuilder.

I would recommend Clickfunnels as a complete marketing stack – from landing pages to email marketing – while Instapage is more of a specialized tool purely for creating landing pages.

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The Key Difference

While Clickfunnels and Instapage seem like very similar products as drag and drop landing page builders, Clickfunnels goes much further.

With Clickfunnels the aim is not to create a single page, but multiple pages in a funnel that take your prospective customer from an initial lead magnet or low-value product, to then upselling higher value products.

All this can be combined with a shopping cart which handles the actual payment processing, as well as member-only pages if you’re selling a course or webinar.

With Instapage you can build beautiful landing pages that are fast and mobile-optimized with built in heatmaps and analytics. I

t also integrates with WordPress if that is where you want to host your pages as well as popular email providers like GetResponse, Aweber, ActiveCampaign and Drip.

So overall Clickfunnels is best if you want a complete, all-in-one system for selling your products. Instapage on the other hand is easily the better page-builder with comprehensive optimization and analytics features – not to mention 200 templates – but does require purchasing additional services for features like email and shopping carts. Plus a lot of Instapage’s integration require a Zapier subscription to tie them all together.

While there is nothing wrong with combining systems – especially as an all-in-one tool risks being a jack of all trades and master of none – do remember that this adds not just extra cost but also extra room for failures.

Free Trial

Both Instapage and Clickfunnels offer a free 14 day trial, which is probably the best way for you to find out which is right for you.

Analysis paralysis affects many aspiring entrepreneurs when trying to work out the right path ultimately results in delaying finding that path. Sometimes the best approach is just to dive in and work things out as you go.

Thankfully both Clickfunnels and Instapage have extensive resources to help beginners and experts alike craft the web perfect experience they need.

Clickfunnels vs Instapage Pricing

Ordinarily I write about Clickfunnels with a warning that it is very expensive and yet it remains popular because of its ruthless advertising.

You can totally create sales funnels using your own marketing stack for a much lower cost. For instance, GetResponse has a landing page builer and automated funnels which it pitches as a direct competitor to Clickfunnels for a much lower subscription fee. Plus what you pay will depend on how many contacts you have to starting out will be very cheap.

However, Instapage is also very expensive at $149 per month on an annual plan. Thus Clickfunnels and Instapage are quite similarly priced, although Instapage combined with an email marketing service and shopping cart should still work out cheaper.

Overall Instapage is the cheaper platform while also being very specialized on landing pages, thus evading Clickfunnel’s problem of trying to master multiple different products.

However, the big draw of Clickfunnels is the fact that you don’t need any other services once you have signed up because everything you need is provided and already syncronised so you don’t need to worry about integration.

Landing Page Builder

When comparing Clickfunnels vs Instapage it would be wrong not to begin with reviewing the landing page software of these two platforms.

Both platforms offer a fantastic drag and drop landing page builder that anyone can use with minimal experience.

You really don’t need a lesson on how to drag and drop widgets into place. Both Clickfunnels and Instapage make this even easier with a range of templates.

While dragging and dropping takes little skill, designing an effective landing page is a skill that can take years to master, so having professionally-designed templates ready to go is a real gift.

These customizable templates mean you can escape the huge pressure of starting off with a blank page – the hardest bit – and immediately scan hundreds of great examples for inspiration.

Instapage has a lead here because of its specialism on landing pages and so its no surprise it has more landing page templates and these are very impressive.

Clickfunnels does provide templates and there is also the Clickfunnels marketplace where you can find both landing page templates and whole funnel templates. Some of these are free and some are paid.

Both Instapage and Clickfunnels are proud of maintaining a great pagespeed so you get maximum value out of your advertising and minmise abandonment.

A/B Testing

The right landing page is the first impression your business makes on a customer after catching their interest with an ad.

That means your landing page needs to be very well-designed and fast, but you also need to be able to test different variations because what you think may be the right combination of colours, copy and call-to-action may not be the most effective. The best marketers on the planet are committed to constant testing to find the most conversion-optimized result.

Both Instapage and Clickfunnels come with powerful A/B testing features, although overall Instapage wins by a small margin because its analytics are a little more granular while Clickfunnels relies on an overall “confidence score”.

Instapage’s A/B testing is carried out server-side which means there is no affect on page speed. Other A/B testing systems often load both versions on the front end and then display one, which weighs on speed.


One big perk for Instapage is its Dynamic Text Replacement which means you can syncronise it with traffic sources such as Google Ads.

If you use PPC to get traffic then you hopefully know about targeting different variations of the same keyword. The cost you pay per click and how high you rank is largely determined by your Quality Score. That means if you are targeting differently phrased keywords with the same text on your page then your quality score may be affected. On the other hand, if you tailor the text on your page automatically to each search term then you should get a much higher and cheaper quality score.

Email Marketing

A great landing page is no good if you don’t follow up on your leads and so the best landing pages integrate cleanly with email marketing software, rather than forcing you to upload batches of leads on spreadsheets.

Clickfunnels has its own built in Follow Up Funnels email marketing platform which keeps everything together and saves you buying a separate platform. However, should you choose to it will also integrate with your own email marketing software.


Clickfunnels offers the additional software Funnel Scripts so that anyone can craft powerful sales copy. Like landing page design, copywriting is one of those skills that seems easy and yet professionals are easily able to charge huge sums if they are the best in the industry. An amateur and a professional might write the same sort of copy, but by just changing a few words or structuring it slightly differently, the professional’s always stands out.

Instapage has no system for copywriting assistance, although you could obviously use Clickfunnels’ Funnel Scripts separately. Alternatively there are rival software products like Automatic Script, or you could hire a copywriter to help you out.

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