Closers Copy Review: Is This Copywriting Software Legit?

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Have you been targeted a Facebook ad about this powerful new copywriting software? So was I, and I decided to try it out and then produce this Closers Copy review.

Overall Closers Copy is very promising as it reinvents the tired old idea of filling in a great long form to produce a piece of robotic copy.

Instead you enter just a few items and can then scroll through hundreds of predesigned emails and scripts to find the combination that suits you best.

Largely built on what resembles Google Docs, Closer’s Copy offers you a variety of ways to create email funnels, sales letters, and more with powerful sales copy. Founder Nico Engler even gives you hints in the side column for each step.

The Closer’s Copy wizard lets you select your purpose and then choose from a variety of templates for each step to close a potential customer.

Closer’s Copy offers Sales Letters, Email Scripts, Ads, Calls, and Website templates. Each of them offer specific copy depending on what you you’re looking for. For example, if you click on Ad, you can choose a template called Product Information. After clicking on your choice, it will then come out on your document.

Next, all you have to do is change the highlighted text to suit your needs. Each highlighted text puts focus on the text that you need to pay attention to.

Once you revise the template according to how you want it, you can also use other tools that this Funnel Scripts alternative offers like Headline Generator, Power Words, and Sensory Words.

Each tool offers you ideas for how to write your script, depending on your marketing goal. The Headline Generator asks you for your audience, problem, desired outcome, and solution. Once you fill up the form, it will generate what you need and help you build your funnel.

Like any preformatted system, you will always need to carry out a degree of tweaking yourself.

However, this feels much more intuitive with Closers Copy than other software. Partly because you choose from a wide variety of templates – hence choosing one that already makes sense – and then editing as a final polish.

Nico comments on a lot of these templates so there is also a lot of coaching thrown in as to why you should structure a script in this way.

This is a great Funnel Scripts alternative for its ease of use and number of features. There’s no training needed at all to get started. If you’re unsure if this is what you need, you can avail of a free trial and try it out before choosing your paid version. They offer two monthly plans – Freelancer for $39.99 or Professional for $49.99.

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