Copymatic Review, Pricing, and Alternatives

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Imagine yourself powering through with your nth cup of coffee, sitting in front of your screen, and dealing with writer’s block and your looming deadline. DREADFUL. But don’t fret, because here’s another powerful AI tool for you.

Need to generate engaging content for your audience? Easy!

Looking for catchy subject lines or headlines to get that click? Problem solved.

Want to boost your traffic and sales in your social media? Consider it done.

Copymatic has got your back for all your copywriting needs. It’s like working with a team of copywriting experts writing powerful copy with just a click. Let me elaborate.

What is Copymatic?

Copymatic uses the most advanced artificial intelligence to generate engaging, conversion-optimized, and human-quality copy or content ranging from social media ads to full landing pages or blog posts in seconds. You won’t have to write an article, blog post, or essay from a blank space again. For headline or subject line writing, Copymatic AI has been trained with over 8 million emails to learn what makes people click so you can guarantee that it will write engaging email subject lines in no time using smart algorithms that understand your industry and audience.

How Does It Work?

You’ll be surprised how user-friendly the interface is. You can generate a copy with these three easy steps. Firstly, you will need to select from a wide range of AI tools to write social media ads, hero sections, blog posts, and more. Next step is to provide as any details as you can to the AI what you want to write about. Now their highly trained AI will go through the details and start generating unique and human-like content in seconds. If you’re still puzzled with the process, don’t worry, I’ll give you a detailed step-by-step process.

Who Is Copymatic For?

Copymatic AI caters to everyone but it is most useful for marketing professionals, freelance writers, and e-commerce owners. Copymatic offers a wide array of tools to tend your every need such as writing Facebook or Google advertisements, or Youtube descriptions and titles automatically.

If you’re concerned with plagiarism, Copymatic AI ensures that the quality content they provide you is unique. When your team is working on increasing the organic traffic in your website or you want to write about your product, just provide the necessary details and Copymatic AI will write it for you.


Copymatic AI has four main functions: Article Writer, Article Rewriter, About Page Generator, and Subject Line Generator. All of these functions follow the three-step procedure: select an AI tool, provide the necessary details for the AI to understand, and take your copy.

For the Article Writer feature, you can write unlimited number of quality articles on autopilot and automate your SEO work. Copymatic AI’s Write For Me tool can be useful in writing introductions, paragraphs or sentences based on a subheading or title. With the AI Rewriter feature, you paste your essays, articles, or blogs to the website for Copymatic AI to reword and generate a plagiarism-free copy. Your company’s About Us page is a key part of your website where your potential clients first visit. Using the About Us Generator, you can have a captivating content for your About Us page in just a few clicks after providing details about your company. Lastly, the Subject Line Generator feature can help you create catchy lines to get that click.

These functions are just some of the 50+ AI tools that Copymatic AI can offer to make your copywriting life easier. Other tools include writing cancellation email, product names, startup name generator, and more. You can also generate any type of copy that includes popular copywriting formulas such as AIDA, QUEST or Pain-Agitate-Solution.


If you’re still not convinced here are the edges of Copymatic AI. It is powered by GPT-3 AI language model which is one of the best AI language models now. You can adjust the creativity level or the tone of voice to generate the perfect copy for your business. Copymatic AI also has more than fifty handy tools for you to generate any type of copy and the converted copies are optimized to make sure that they provide a creative, quality, and captivating copy for you. You also don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for poor grammar because Copymatic AI does accurate grammar checks. 

Ease of Use

For starters, Copymatic AI is surprisingly easy to use, very user-friendly, and can save you hours doing your work. Once you get to the dashboard, the wide array of tools Copymatic AI offers are already presented along with a brief description of their use. It’s all straightforward where you select a tool and then input the information of your topic or type of copy. You can adjust the creative setting to suit your taste better and you will be presented with a grammatically correct, plagiarism-free, and human-like output. Also, Copymatic AI supports 20+ languages to cater to different nationalities.


Now, for the subscription plans, Copymatic AI has two options: Starter and Pro. The Starter and Pro Plan are almost the same except for the number of credits you’re entitled to. Credits are what you use as “payment” to use Copymatic AI’s tools. Each tool requires different number of credits depending on length of content. For the Starter plan, you are entitled to 1000 credits monthly while you will have access to unlimited credits in the Pro version. Copymatic AI offers its users a free trial of their product with ten credits to spend.

Review In Detail

Signing Up

To try Copymatic AI, you will first need to sign up as you can see in the upper right corner.

Copymatic AI page already gives a brief description of who they are and an introduction video on what they can offer. Once you avail the free trial version, you are automatically entitled to ten credits that you can use in any AI tool you want.


After signing up, you are directed to your dashboard that shows you the various AI tools Copymatic AI have to offer. On the section on top of the page, you can see different tabs for all the tools and how Copymatic AI works. The “How It Works” tab shows frequently asked questions about the product. The new updates or tools developed by the Copymatic team can be viewed in the “What’s New” tab.

The AI tools are also grouped depending on the type of copy you need so you can select if you are writing for a blog content, website copy, social media advertisements, or marketing deliverables. On the upper right corner, you can manage your account settings, billing and invoices, subscription plan, and API Access.

Start Writing

First, visit the Copymatic website and create your account to access the free trial version. After signing up, you will have access to ten credits and over 50 AI tools for the type of copy you need.

Here are the detailed steps to guide you in Copymatic AI sentence completion feature.

Step 1: Select an AI tool

For this guide, let’s select the Paragraph Writer tool. This tool helps you create quality paragraphs in under thirty seconds. It will direct you to a new page that shows the information required for the tool and the number of credits you will need to use the tool. Again, the AI tools vary in the number of required credits to use depending on the type of copy you need.

Step 2: Describe your article for the AI to understand.

You can select from twenty different languages and choose the creativity level of your copy. You can choose between the “regular” and “high” options that suits the tone of your copy. Although the “regular” option is sufficient to generate a smart, accurate, and human-like copy. But you should also note that the higher the creativity level, the more characters will be used. Now, you need to provide the title of your topic and subheadings for the AI to understand and write about to generate an accurate copy.

If you’re struggling with choosing a suitable title, you can also select the Blog Title, Meta Title, or Website Headlines tool to help you.

Step 3: Generate your copy or title

As soon as you’re satisfied with the information you provided, just click the “generate” button and wait for a few seconds for your smart AI tool to complete your sentences. From my experience, I only had to wait less than ten seconds and I had five accurate paragraphs based on my selected topic and keywords.

Meanwhile, here is a 6-step guide in using Copymatic AI in writing your article including generating the title, intro, outline, and content.

Step 1: Provide necessary details for the AI

Choose the Blog Post Writer tool from your dashboard. You’ll be directed to the page below that shows you the details you need to input and the service you want to spend your credits on. Provide the information and choose the language and creativity level you need. The tool will require at least 40 characters from you for it to be sufficient.

Step 2: Choose a title

You can opt to provide a title that you already thought of or you can use one credit for the title generator to do the work for you.

Copymatic AI was already able to provide seven possible article titles in seconds based on the keywords I wrote.

Step 3: Writing an introduction

Again, you can also use the intro generator that Copymatic AI offers or you can input the intro that you already worked on. The generator will cost you two credits but it can provide you different possible intros.

I got five intros in my case. Choose the intro that suits you and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Create an outline

Choose the “I’ll write my own” button to input your written outline but if you can’t make an outline for your topic, you can use the outline generator again to save you time. The options generated will have at least six subheadings.

Here is some of the outline options that the AI generated. Choose your outline and proceed to the next tab.

Step 5: Generate your content

You have the option to let the AI generate content for your outline but if you’re satisfied with what you have already, you can stop there.

If you opted to use the paragraph generator, you’ll be directed to a page with your generated paragraphs that will require one credit for each paragraph so you will need to stack up on those credit points. Copymatic AI only generates one paragraph for every subheading but you have the option to write more for each subheading.

You can also add new sections after selecting the “Add section below” button if you want to write more about your topic.

Step 6: Export your file

Within a short time, you can have a 1000-word article written for you. You can save your article when you’re finished. Find the “Export” button located on the upper right corner where you can opt to export the file by copying the content or as an html code.

You can see the sample html code generated below.

Copymatic AI is a game-changer in the content writing. With its sentence completion, writing, and rewriting features and tools, marketing professionals, freelancers, and e-commerce owners can save time doing their work. Anyone can generate any type of copy including, blog posts, headlines, intros, outlines, and ads for Facebook, Youtube, or Google.

For beginners, Copymatic AI can give you a wide array of AI tools to help its clients familiarize with how AI-generated copy works. The interface is user-friendly and not bombarded with ads or huge chunks of texts. It provides a straightforward, fast, and quality experience.

There were setbacks encountered in the limitations in the AI knowledge, credits offered for the starter plan, topics covered, and grammar checks. However, the AI sentence completion feature still has a long way to go but is developing and progressing rapidly. Copymatic AI can’t fully replace the human capabilities yet but given the time and money saved in writing and the generated outputs, Copymatic AI’s service is still worth the try.


  • Saves time and money
  • Can generate unlimited content for the pro version
  • Supports 20+ foreign languages
  • Generates quality and human-like content
  • Access to a wide array of AI copywriting tools
  • Provides creativity level option to cater users taste
  • Very beginner-friendly and user-friendly


  • Only gives 10 credits for the trial version which is insufficient to explore the tools
  • Minor spelling checks encountered
  • AI’s knowledge is only up to 2019
  • Can’t work with topics on the medical, legal, and sexual field
  • Relatively more expensive than other services given the limited credits for starters
  • Encountered minor plagiarism issues for the generated copy

Copymatic Alternatives

Copymatic vs. CopyAI

CopyAI is one of the best AI-powered copywriting service out there similar with Copymatic, but offers more tools to choose from which means you can get a wider array of personalized content that includes greeting cards, birthday cards, and love letters. With Copy.AI, you can organize your work by adding more workspaces unlike in Copymatic AI. Copy.AI provides an option to select the input and output language you want to use which Copymatic lacks. Copy.AI also allows its users to edit the generated content right away or download the results.

In terms of subscription plans, Copymatic’s $29 monthly plan is cheaper compared with Copy.AI $50 subscription plan but the additional cost makes up for the number of tools and assistances from Copy.AI’s services. But Copymatic has a 1,000-credit limit monthly which may not be enough for bulk copy generations. For individuals, freelancers, or small teams, Copymatic’s Starter Plan may be sufficient but if you’re a large enterprise, Copy.AI may be a better option for you.

Both platforms are user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Copymatic AI’s interface has a simpler and more straightforward vibe while Copy.AI has a more comprehensive interface. Overall, Copy.AI’s functionalities, features, and quality of content generated exceed that of Copymatic’s.

Copymatic vs. Writesonic

Writesonic offers a bigger collection of tools and templates compared to other services, including Copymatic. Writesonic also offers quality features such as Grammar Checker and Readability Checker. Copymatic’s built-in plagiarism checker is a plus but it’s only available in the Expertise Plan.

Writesonic offers a much wider array of AI tools with more than 40 tools compared to Copymatic’s 20+ tools for your marketing, content creation, and SEO needs. Writesonic makes use of credit points in availing the services while Copymatic provides unlimited access to tools even in the starter plan. Writesonic, however, supports multiple languages in contrast to Copymatic which only supports one language at the moment. Also, the quality of AI-generated content from Writesonic is much more accurate compared to that of Copymatic.

The 10,000-word limit from the free trial version of Copymatic is more generous compared to the ten free credits that Writesonic offers. If you’re not looking for intense writing, Writesonic’s basic plan that costs $15 monthly should be sufficient. For individuals or freelancers, Copymatic’s starter plan should be enough which costs $35 monthly compared to Writesonic’s $45 monthly plan. Both starter plans allow one user seat and if you wish to add additional seats, Copymatic is still cheaper given its unlimited content generation. To access the unlimited credits of Writesonic, you need to subscribe to the Startup plan which costs $95 monthly for two user seats.

Copymatic vs. Conversion.AI

Conversion.AI is another strong competitor in the AI-powered content creation industry with its jam-packed tools for generating SEO meta tags, Youtube video outlines, website content, ad texts, blog post introductions, PPC ads etc. and AI that can understand complex communication through natural patterns. Conversion.AI also offers its users the opportunity to train their AI on your preferred writing style to benefit your content writing in the long run. This is what sets it apart from other services like Copymatic AI.

In terms of the quality of content, Conversion AI also exceeds Copymatic AI capabilities even though both of the platforms use the same AI language. Conversion AI also gives its users the option to set the tone of the content to make it more suitable for your taste.

For free trials, Conversion.AI is more flexible since it gives you unlimited access for 7 days whereas Copymatic AI only offers 10 free credits which is  not enough  to explore the tools and run multiple generations. Comparing the starter plans, Copymatic offers 1,000 credits for $29 monthly while Conversion.AI offers a 20,000-word limit monthly for the same price. To get unlimited access, Copymatic will cost you $49 monthly which is a lot cheaper than Conversion.AI’s pro version that costs $109 monthly.

Copymatic vs. Contentbot

Both platforms operates on the same AI language. In terms of the language they operate in, Copymatic operates in over 20 foreign languages while Contentbot supports all languages supported by Google Translate can render inaccurate at times especially for long content so Contentbot still has a lot of features to work on.

Contentbot and Copymatic AI makes use of credit points to use the tools and generate copies. For thir subscription plans, Contentbot offers a free lifetime plan with 10 free shortform credits monthly which is equivalent to generating about 120 pieces of short form content. The Premium Plan that costs $59 has inclusions such as unlimited shortform credits, 25 long form credits equivalent to about 42,000 words monthly which is good for startups and content marketers. This is more expensive than Copymatic’s starter plan that costs $29 monthly since it includes a plagiarism checker and unlimited shortform credits. If you need longer access to longform credits, you can avail the Premium+ Plan with 6 user seats, unlimited short form credits, and 75 long form credits instead of Copymatic AI’s pro version that costs $49 monthly for unlimited credits.

Copymatic vs. Rytr

Rytr exhibits one of the user-friendliest interfaces among other copywriting services. This AI writing assistant can generate engaging and original copies in just a few seconds from emails to pay-per-click copies. In terms of quality filters, Rytr has the upperhand since it provides a wide variety of tones to choose from while Copymatic only provides around five tone options. In Rytr, you can also have a better formatting experience similar to the basic function of Word since Copymatic only offers a save or copy option.

For their trial versions offered, Copymatic offers 10 free credits which is not sufficient enough to try the tools while Rytr allows a free lifetime plan with a 5,000-character limit monthly. Rytr and Copymatic AI offers the same price for their start plan but you can get unlimited access to Rytr’s tools with the starter plan. If you need access to unlimited credits while using Copymatic AI, you can opt for the $49 monthly plan.

Copymatic vs. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is another AI-powered copywriting service with the same language model. Compared to Copymatic AI, it is mainly focused on content rewriting, simplification, and expansion. It is sufficient if you only need to handle or edit longer forms of content such as essays, reviews, and blogs. Copymatic AI, on the other hand, is good for both short and long forms of content. ShortlyAI has a page-type interface with built-in commands for each tool. In terms of variety of AI tools and functionality, Copymatic is a better option with more than 40 tools to utilize for your next project.

Looking at their subscription packages, ShortlyAI’s monthly plan amounts to $79 which is much more expensive than Copymatic’s Starter Plan at $29 and Premium Plan at $49. The output that Shortly AI generates for long forms of content are more accurate and smarter compared to that of Copymatic AI. So, if your priority is long form content, Shortly AI can serve you better. But if you want the whole package for both long and short form content, then Copymatic AI is worth the money. 

Copymatic vs. Closers Copy

Closers Copy is also an AI-powered long form editor that prides itself of its more advanced tools compared to its competitors. Closers Copy’s powerful libraries contains unique tools such as workflow builders and marketing frameworks created by your community or Closer Copy’s default models to be used as a guide in your next project. This feature can really help you automate drafting your social media outlines, intros, ads, and more. Closers Copy also has the option to organize your workspace and more setting regarding how to manage your files and account. Closers Copy also supports more than 120 foreign languages as compared to Copymatic AI.

Another set of unique features that sets apart Closers Copy to emerging AI-powered creation tools are its Power Words Lookup, Thesaurus Lookup, and analysis of copy’s emotions, sentences, keywords, and voice. These take content creation to the next level. Closers Copy also has a tool that can evaluate the impact of your email copy if it’s captivating enough.

With these functionalities and features, Closers Copy is relatively more expensive than most AI-powered copywriting services but I think it’s worth the money especially if you’re a large team working in content creation or marketing. To compare, Copymatic’s starter plan costs $29 monthly with the 1,000-credit limit while Closers Copy entitles you to 75 runs monthly and a maximum of 45,000 words at the same price. To access the unlimited runs for Closers Copy, you will need to avail the Unlimited Plan at $79.99 monthly which is more expensive than the $49 monthly plan of Copymatic.

Copymatic vs. Anyword

Anyword is one of the best AI creation tool in the market nowadays. Apart from the common AI tools for content reviewing, sentence completion, and copy generation, this platform provides its users a unique feature called Predictive Engagement Score which evaluates the impact of each copy result so the user can see what best relates to their target audience. This is unique feature is what makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors because it enables businesses to optimize their marketing and personalize messages to their clients.

In terms of the quality of content, Anyword’s outputs are a little basic and monotone since it lacks the quality filters that Copymatic have such as tone settings and the target audience. Another edge that Anyword has is that it provides plagiarism checks that Copymatic still needs to adapt. Anyword also has settings to monitor the length of the content you want to generate ranging from short, medium, and long. In accessing the free trial version, Anyword gives its users a 5,000-word limit while Copymatic AI gives 10 free credits. Both free trial inclusions are not enough to try out all the tools so you need to choose based on the AI tools they offer.

Looking at the inclusions that come with the two platforms’ starter plans, Anyword’s 15,000-word monthly limit for $19 will not be enough to generate a month worth of copies so you can opt for the 1,000-credit limit that Copymatic AI offers for $29. You’ll need to opt for the higher plans to use unlimited words and multiple seats for your team. The Predictive Performance Score feature is also only available to the higher packages of Anyword.

Copymatic vs. Nichesss

Nichesss is relatively new to the field but it doesn’t fall short from what other copywriting services can offer. Both platforms operate on the same AI language. Nichesss almost the same amount of AI creation tools but are more useful for short form type of copies while Copymatic can support long form content with its Article Writer tools.

Nichesss also lets its users to take quizzes about their passion and lets the AI use those information to generate possible business ideas that suit the user. Unlike Copymatic, Nichesss has a built-in plagiarism checker to guarantee the users an original and accurate content. Comparing their user interface, Copymatic has a more professional atmosphere to its interface compared to Nichesss fun and playful vibe. Both platforms are easy to navigate and easy to use. Nichesss also offers different packs such as poetry, code, dialogue copies and more.

Nichesss has a more affordable plan with unlimited access to all its tools including idea and copy generators and plagiarism checkers at the price of $19 monthly compared to Copymatic’s 1000-credit limit for $29 monthly. For beginners, you can opt to use Nichesss if you’re more focused on short form content. But if you want to avail the whole package for long form and short form content, you can go with Copymatic AI’s starter plan.

Copymatic vs. Copysmith

Copysmith is has the same functions as most AI-powered copywriting services. It contains a lot of templates or tools to choose from. In addition, it also has a built-in plagiarism checker that Copymatic AI is still working on. However, the plagiarism checks that Copysmith offers is limited only depending on the subscription package you avail.

The user interface of both platforms adapt a simple and minimalistic vibe. Both of them are beginner-friendly and easy to navigate. In terms of quality filters,  both platforms offers an option to choose the tone of the content, language, and keywords you want for your content.

Copysmith offers different plans depending on the number of credits entitled for use and number of plagiarism checks. For beginners, the starter plan only offers 50 credits and 20 plagiarism checks that costs $19 monthly. This is more affordable than Copymatic AI’s 1000-credit limit monthly at $29. But if you’re a professional or a freelancer, Copysmith’s Professional plan amounting to $59 can give you access to unlimited credits and 100 plagiarism checks monthly while Copymatic AI’s unlimited credits plan costs $49. From these rates, features, and functions, Copymatic is a more viable option compared with Copysmith but there are tools that may be expensible for different types of users so it is still important to try them out. To try the free version, Copysmith allows you unlimited credits to explore the tools for 7 days which I think is better than the 10 free credits you are entitled in Copymatic

Copymatic vs. Peppertype.AI

Even though its relatively new to the market, Peppertype.ais prides itself of its advanced AI tools in generating quality, engeaging, and optimized content for its users. Currently, it operates in one language while Copymatic AI can work with over 20 languages. The point goes to if you want to work on your projects in an organized manner since allows you to add wokspaces which Copymatic AI still lacks. also allows you to collaborate with your teammates and conduct plagiarism checks if you avail a higher package.

However, Copymatic AI provides a larger quantity of AI tools to choose from with 40 tools available. In terms of user interface, both are user-friendly and easy to use. Once you reach your dashboard, you’re not bombarded by overwhelming information. Copymatic AI has a simpler vibe if that’s what you’re looking for. Both platforms are good for beginners but if you need an Article Writer tool, Copymatic AI is the way to go. has a blog and Facebook community that can help you through navigating the website and their services. Copymatic may lack those communities but since the page is easy to navigate, everything is pretty self-explanatory and  straightforward.

Copymatic makes use of credits and the number of credits vary depending on the type of copy you need. For starter plans, you will be entitled to 1000 credits monthly at $29 monthly which is a cheaper but more limited package compared to’s unlimited copy generation at $35 monthly. So, if you will be generating large amounts and different types of copies,’s starter or growth plan should be a better choice.

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