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If you are looking for a comprehensive CopyShark AI review, you’ve just found it.

In this review, we’ll be looking at why you really need to leverage an AI copywriting tool like CopyShark in your business if you want to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace, which businesses and individuals CopyShark AI is best suited for, what tools and features Copy Shark AI taps you into, and what the pricing and subscription options are.

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By the end of this review, you’ll probably have drawn your own conclusion as to whether or not CopyShark AI can help you unlock the full potential of your business, but we’ll still send you off with a clear conclusion, anyway. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to take action if you’re still undecided.

Sound good? Want to learn more about CopyShark AI and what this powerful AI-powered tool can help you do? Keep on reading.

The lowdown on CopyShark AI

CopyShark AI is a deceptively simple yet powerful AI tool that has been developed to help users craft well-written and effective copy for a large variety of purposes. You might say that Copy Shark AI is like having your very own expert copywriter on hand who is able to write powerful copy at the click of a button and in a matter of seconds rather than hours or days.

CopyShark’s extensive suite of built-in tools and features are powered by Open AI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence, which is the most sophisticated of its kind to date.

The fact that CopyShark runs on AI means that copy creation is lightening quick, and just about as easy as 1, 2, 3.

One subscription to Copy Shark AI gives you access to over fifty powerful tools that are guaranteed to equip you with everything you need to be able to generate unlimited amounts of ad copy, website copy, product descriptions, blog posts, landing page copy, email copy and so much more.

CopyShark AI really is all about removing limitations and barriers to success, and the software is supported by over twenty different languages including English, Spanish, French and German. See Copyshark’s website for a full list of languages that are supported.

When you sign up for CopyShark AI, you can rest assured that the AI powered tool is results driven and focused on helping you achieve measurable progress towards your goals. CopyShark AI lets you turn your writing efforts into KPIs to help you stay on-track while you increase conversion rates, capture kore lead and scale your business.

Why your business needs an AI tool like CopyShark

If you’re a marketer, an entrepreneur, a writer or a content creator of any kind, you need to be asking yourself why you aren’t already leveraging the burgeoning powers of artificial intelligence tools that have become available over the past few years.

The AI revolution is only at its very beginning, and those who jump in early and become early adaptors of AI tools like CopySShark and many others are guaranteed to gain an edge over everyone else in the years and the decades to come. AI has been around for over a decade, but it is only rally in the past couple of years that quantum leaps have been made within this emerging field.

Now, more and more people are awakening to the possibilities that artificial intelligence can help them tap into. What AI really means is massive leverage – on a scale that has only been accessible to businesses and individuals with monumental size and budgets up until now. For the first time in history, AI levels the playing field to an almost unimaginable extend.

Create ad copy, sales copy, product descriptions, blog paragraps and more in just a few clicks

Let’s say you are a blogger, a freelance writer, a marketer or a YouTuber. You know how much time and energy it takes to write a compelling product description, a well-structured YouTube video script or blog post. As a result, there are definite limits to how much you are able to produce in a day.

Enter Copy Shark AI and other artificial intelligence writing tools like it. Now you are no longer constrained to what you alone (or as part of a small team) can get done. Suddenly, you have access to an incredibly powerful and intelligent software that can do a lot of it for you – of course, under your guidance and direction.

Leverage artificial intelligence to unleash your potential

Imagine what you might be able to do if your time and energy were freed up so that you can focus more on working on your business rather than in it. With an AI writing tool like CopyShark AI on your team, this dream becomes a reality.

While no copywriting software is perfect, including Copy Shark AI, it may still be the closest thing you might get to having a full staff of tireless expert marketers and writers working for you.

With an AI copywriting tool like Copyshark AI, it becomes possible for individual freelancers and small businesses to create just as much as a large enterprise – now that is potential.

Who Copy Shark AI is for

CopyShark AI is an incredibly powerful and interesting tool, with a great many possible applications. Almost anyone who creates or owns a business would be able to benefit from using CopyShark AI – but there are some that are going to find this AI powered tool particularly useful.


If you are a marketer or eCommerce business owner in today’s fast-moving and ever more competitive digital space, you know better than anyone that you always need to be looking for an edge – something that allows you to craft better hooks that drive more conversions, persuasive ad copy and product descriptions that inspires people to buy.

Thankfully, AI makes it possible to 10x not only your productivity but also the effectiveness of your copy. Even if you are a highly experienced and capable copywriter and marketer, the AI is still bound to do a better job at it than you. Copy Shark taps you into proven scripts and generates ad copy and product descriptions based on what works best and is most likely to drive conversions and sales right now.

Not only does the CopyShark AI tool enable you to craft the most effective landing pages of your entire career – it gives you the ability to generate hundreds of them in a matter of just a few minutes.


If you’re a writer, whether you are a journalist, a blogger, a freelancer or even a creative writer, CopyShark AI might be the tool of your dreams.

With CopyShark AI in your tool belt, you will never have to face writer’s block again. While the AI isn’t (yet) able to write entire polished articles for you, it can still generate catchy headlines, powerful introductions and compelling paragraphs that, when you edit them and add your own human touch and eye for detail, enable you to get much, much more writing done in much less time than ever before. In other words, if you are someone who makes your living writing, Copy Shark promises to become your new best friend.


Entrepreneurs, founders and startups of any kind need lots of effective copy to get their efforts off the ground and out into the world.

It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, you need words – lots of words – to convey what your idea or product are all about, and Copy Shark AI gives you that leverage, even if you don’t have a large budget or a team to do the writing for you.

CopyShark proudly state on their website that they are an AI copywriting software for founders by founders, and promise that Copy Shark will help you write 10x smarter copy.

Content creators

If you are a content creator, you are all too familiar with the pressure to constantly be generating fresh and exciting new content. It can be very stressful trying to keep up and stay relevant.

CopyShark takes a lot of this burden off you, by spitting out all of the blog ideas, YouTube video scripts and written copy you need for any social media platform at the click of a button.

CopyShark AI tools

As already hinted at, the CopyShark copywriting software gives you access to over fifty effective writing tools that empower you to maximise, streamline and improve your content creation efforts like never before.

Here is a comprehensive, if not exhaustive, overview over the tools and functions that CopyShark AI taps you into.

Product description generator

CopyShark AI’s product description generator lets you easily generate as many high-converting product descriptions as you need for your business.

If you are an eCommerce business owner or affiliate marketer, you know that sales are oxygen for your business. What drives sales is conversions, and compelling, melt-in-your-mouth product descriptions are a prerequisite for conversions and sales. Even if you have beautiful photographs and video of your product, a description that sings is the dot over the i.

CopyShark Ai’s product description generator tool can even help you craft descriptions that are optimized for specific platforms, such as Amazon and Etsy.

Google ads and Facebook ads primary text

When you are ready to start advertising your product or service, CopyShark is ready to help you maximise the effectiveness of your ads by supplying you with highly effective, easily customizable ad primary text, specifically geared towards the platform of your choice. CopyShark is ideally suited for the creation of Facebook ads, Google ads and more.

Content improver

With CopyShark’s content improver tool, you’ll be able to glean invaluable insights into how you can improve your writing and make it stronger, cleaner and more compelling. If you are a creative writer, you are going to find the content improver feature to tbe one of the most useful features CopyShark has to offer.

Sales copy

CopyShark can help you craft sales copy of every kind you can think of. Landing page bread text and attention-grabbing headlines, company bios, persuasive bullet points, unique value propositions, creative product titles and descriptions, and so, so much more.

Blog intros and paragraphs

If you are a blogger – or really, anyone who writes on a regular basis – you are going to find this feature useful. At the click of a button, CopyShark is able to generate intro paragraphs and follow-up paragraphs, with a bit of guidance from you, the author.

The blog post generating tool is fantastic when you get stuck or lack inspiration, as your new AI writing companion guarantees that you will always be able to put one paragraph after another, until you have an entire article in front of you.

If you are feeling inspired, CopyShark can even generate new blog ideas and topics to write about.

Personalized cold emails

There is an art to writing personalized cold emails that prospects actually open – and respond to. CopyShark helps you get results by offering you templates and practically writing enticing cold emails for you.

Pinterest pins

If you use Pinterest to build your brand, CopyShark can help with that, too. The CopyShark Pinterest pins tool allows you to make beautiful and inspiring pin-worthy Pinterest posts in seconds.

Quora answers

It might surprise you that an AI is able to construe intelligent and compelling Quora answers – but then, CopyShark is filled with positive surprises.

Google my business listing

Put your business on the map by letting the AI generate a human-sounding Google My Business listing, complete with a catchy description aimed at increasing store visits and conversions.

Real estate listings

If you are in the real estate business, you are probably spending a significant amount of your valuable time on formulating your listings.

With CopyShark AI, this kind of drudgery will soon be a thing of the past as you can set the AI to create real estate listings in bulk, so all you have to do is go over and edit them. Work smarter, not harder, as the saying goes.

SEO meta descriptions

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are trying to accomplish; you need SEO-rich meta descriptions, or your content creation efforts are going to be futile.

Luckily, CopyShark AI knows exactly what to put in meta descriptions, whether it be on your website, in your YouTube video description or elsewhere.

Press release

Press releases can be extremely valuable for businesses, but writing them can be quite a drag.

So why not let AI technology take care of it for you? CopyShark is able to create press releases on any topic you choose at the click of a few buttons.

Brand mission generator

At the click of just one button, CopyShark is able to generate a mission statement for your business.

Email subject lines

Whenever you are sending out your weekly newsletter – or when you are construing entire marketing campaigns – you need email subject lines that draw your readers and prospective customers in.

The CopyShark AI copywriter can do that for you, too.

eCommerce abandoned cart emails

Never leave a potential sale on the table.

CopyShark makes it easy to set up automated, well-worded abandoned cart emails that inspire prospects to take action and make the purchase.

Strategic conversions

Trust Copyshark AI to know all of the most effective tricks of the trade when it comes to writing copy that hooks, converts and sells.

The artificial intelligence is rigged to help you craft effective problem-agitate-solution copy, attention-interest-desire-action copy, feature to benefit copy, and before after bridge copy.

YouTube scripts

If you are a YouTuber, you are going to love this feature.

CopyShark is able to generate unlimited YouTube video hooks and intros, video ad script, video script outlines and more, freeing you up to focus on what actually matters; creating your videos and connecting with your audience.

Sentence expander

CopyShark’s sentence expander feature is pure gold if you want to write better, more interesting and compelling sentences.

At the click of a button, the sentence expander lets you elaborate on your sentences by adding in anything that might be missing, or that could make it more engaging to read.

CopyShark AI pricing and subscription options

CopyShark AI keeps things delightfully simple by offering only two different subscription options – monthly and annual. Both subscription give you access to the full suite of AI-powered features and tools.

Having said that, there are some advantages to choosing the annual subscription, namely unlimited credits and access to premium support.


The monthly subscription costs $29/month, and as mentioned, it gives you access to all of the tools and features mentioned in this review article. However, you only get 20o AI generation credits, which means you will only be able to produce so much on a monthly basis. You also get access to normal support, while premium support is reserved for annual subscribers.


An annual subscription to CopyShark AI is priced at $299. It gives you access to all of the AI-powered tools, unlimited credits, and premium support.

Copy Shark AI Q & A

We have gone over all of CopyShark’s essential features, but you might still be left with a few questions. If so, I hope you find them answered here.

Is CopyShark AI legit?

CopyShark AI is a cutting-edge copywriting software powered by GPT-3. Although the AI copywriting niche is still very young, CopyShark has been around for long enough to earn a stellar reputation as one of the best contenders in the field.

And indeed, with its extensive suite of Ai writing tools, the CopyShark software has a lot to offer whether you need to generate Facebook ads, blog posts, YouTube video scripts, marketing emails or practically any other kind of copywriting you can think of.

Is CopyShark the best AI powered software?

CopyShark is one of the most impressive pieces of AI-driven copywriting softwares currently available. Whether it is the best, however, is impossible to say. There are other strong contenders such as Jarvis AI and ClosersCopy. Each of these softwares come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Is Creaite free?

Creaite is an AI-powered copywriting software with a strong emphasis on helping users generate written content, particularly articles and blog posts crafted from one seed sentence.

Creaite isn’t free but requires a one-off payment of either $87 or $97, depending on whether you choose the Lite or Agency subscription.

CopyShark AI: Final thoughts

If you’ve been wondering whether an AI copywriting tool like CopyShark can help you amplify your reach, your conversions and your revenue, the answer is yes. In fact, if you are not already putting an AI writer to good use in your business right now, you are currently missing out on a tremendous opportunity – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, even – to scale and grow your business beyond what you have previously dared to imagine.

CopyShark is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most versatile and powerful AI-powered writing tools in existence today. Whichever subscription option you choose, you get access to more features and tools than you need. CopyShark is even surprisingly affordable, considering how many doors of possibility the software opens up for you.

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