Flodesk Pricing: How To Get 50% Off For LIFE

Flodesk pricing can seem hard to fathom. Despite Flodesk having a beautiful landing page that is worthy of its own Instagram-worthy email and form builder, Flodesk pricing plans are nowhere near as prominent as with most email marketing tools.

Flodesk costs $38, which definitely puts it at the more premium end of email marketing tools. However, right now you can get 50% off Flodesk pricing here with this discounted link – no discount code required.

That’s not just your first month either. Your whole subscription will be just $19 a month. But that’s a very generous offer from a very new marketing tool and so could be stopped at any time.

Try the Flodesk 30-day free trial, and if you like it make sure to lock in your 50% discount while you still can.

Don’t pay for something you won’t use even at a discount. But if Flodesk floats your boat then take advantage. This is a premium tool with a fantastic price.

Flodesk Pricing – Unlimited Subscribers

While $38 Flodesk price – or the discounted $19 – is steep compared to some email providers, you get an unlimited number of subscribers allowance for that.

Most email marketing automation tools use subscriber limits as a rather devious pricing model.

Whether you’re a blogger, ecommerce store or coach, the chances are you’re going to be signing up with a relatively small number of subscribers. That means your email provider is likely to be very cheap or maybe even free.

Aweber is free up to 500 contacts. ConvertKit – probably the closest Flodesk competitor – is free up to 1000 contacts although you can’t use the automation tools.

But fast forward a few years and you’ve grown your online business and with any luck you could have thousands of subscribers at your fingertips.

Your email list is often the most valuable part of your business as an audience of people who know and trust you and so are more receptive to future offers and purchases than a website visitor who hardly knows you.

When you get to larger email list sizes an enterprise-level tool like GetResponse makes sense thanks to its volume discount pricing, while more influencer and blogger-focused tools like Convertkit get expensive.

For 10,000 subscribers, Converkit is $119 per month on the basic plan.

GetResponse is $65 monthly or offers a disounted rate for 2-year plans at $45.50 per month.

With Flodesk pricing, even the $38 plan seems cheap compared to even GetResponse’s ultimate discount and far cheaper than rival ConvertKit. That’s before you lock in the bargain discount price of $19.

Flodesk Features

Another great aspect of Flodesk’s pricing is that you get access to everything. All Flodesk features are available in the same plan – as well as the 30-day free trial.

Before we get started on the technical details – it is definitely worth mentioning Flodesk’s overall branding. It is very Millennial! As the editor loads you get presented with calming prompts like “have you meditated today?”.

Perhaps the only email marketing tool that’s as cool and trendy as Flodesk is Drip. Both platforms of course have excellent integration with social media channels like Facebook and Instagram as well ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

The dashboard feels like a premium fashion brand and this reflects in the email and form templates you can customize.

These hot platforms leave old providers like Aweber and Mailchimp for dust.

The fact that everything is included in the same plan means you get full access to landing pages and automation. Heck, Flodesk could be a great and much cheaper Clickfunnels alternative if you’re looking to build a sales funnel and follow up with leads.

Flodesk Free Trial

I can’t overestimate the importance of free trials with email marketing tools. Sometimes you just have to dive in and try a platform for yourself to find out if even the best features are easy to use.

Some email free trials prevent you from using the best features you really need to try out like A/B testing (Aweber) or ConvertKit (automation).

The Flodesk free trial is not only fully-featured, but you don’t need to enter your card details to sign up.

Most email marketing tools offer card-free trials – Aweber, GetResponse, SendLane and ActiveCampaign.

But some let the side down.

Clickfunnels requires you to enter your card details to unlock a 14-day free trial. However, cancelling from the billing dashboard was easy.

Constant Contact on the other hand made it very difficult to avoid being charged after your 30-day free trial as I had to call customer support.

However, they did offer me a range of discounts and a free month and so you might be able to get a 60-day free trial of Constant Contact if you’re lucky.

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