Flodesk vs MailChimp

If you’re weighing your options between Flodesk vs MailChimp, trying to decide which email marketing tool would fit your business best, I was in the same boat as you.

I completely understand how hard this decision can be.

But after extensive trialling, my view is clear. Mailchimp is dead. Long live Flodesk.

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After that, have you thought about how you’re going to craft emails that convert?

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On one hand, MailChimp has been around far longer than Flodesk. On the other, Flodesk provides better-looking landing pages, no-coding-necessary email campaigns, and an entire marketing automation suite that doesn’t require a genius to set up.

Check this MailChimp vs Flodesk comparison, so you’d understand why many people and companies love Flodesk and made the switch from Mailchimp.

Don’t forget – sending great-looking emails with a service like Flodesk is step 1. But don’t forget, it’s your writing and persuasion abilities that really turn email addresses into happy customers.

Writing effective sales copy is a valuable skill that takes years to learn – but you can get a headstart with this powerful shortcut.

Flodesk vs MailChimp Feature Comparison

These are the most important factors I consider with an email marketing service provider:

Number of Subscribers Allowed

If you’re just starting, you may not see this factor as important. You’d say, “We just launched our email list, so there’s still time to upgrade when the time comes.”

If you are providing exceptional content, information, product, or services, there really is nowhere to go but up, so expect your subscribers to grow quickly.

Mailchimp Free Plan Forever

Mailchimp doesn’t have a free trial because it offers a “free plan forever,” which gives users up to 2,000 subscribers (or 12,000 emails each month), but charged once you surpass this number.

Other plans range from $9 (50k subscribers) to $299/month (200k subscribers). Mailchimp also offers an on-to-go pricing plan, so you can buy only the credits you need (wherein 1 credit = 1 sent email).  

Flodesk Unlimited Everything

In contrast, Flodesk makes it easy with straightforward pricing: $38/month (paid monthly) or $418/year (paid annually to save $38 per year). All account holders are given unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails sent. You can get a free trial for 30 days as well.

Ease of Use

If you tried an email marketing platform before, you know that there’s a steep learning curve when exploring the interface, creating an email list, and managing an email campaign from start to finish.

Many users bite more than they can chew with Mailchimp because the features are definitely more advanced for their brand.

While this is definitely a compliment for Mailchimp’s continuous development of its platform, it can be overwhelming to small business owners who will send emails by themselves and have no employee to handle any old or new email campaigns.

Is coding necessary?

If you have no HTML experience or no time for experimenting. Mailchimp’s advanced customization options would need some coding knowledge, which means using the platform can be frustrating to business owners who just want to work on their email marketing and provide much better support to their customers.

Flodesk is a very user-friendly tool. It was built for the business owner without extra time to learn a new language or program. You don’t need any coding knowledge; just pick and choose one from the dozens of ready-made templates, type in your messages, and you’ll be able to launch your email marketing and end up with beautifully-crafted emails every time.

Ready-made Template Options

This is where this Mailchimp vs Flodesk review always goes in favor of Flodesk.

Mailchimp has hundreds of email templates, but the availability depends on which plan you have. If you have the most expensive one, you’ll have access to EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, you’ll be stuck with the basics if you stay with the free-forever plan.

Flodesk makes all templates available to everyone – whether you’re a new, old, or trial user. If you’re planning to launch an email marketing campaign, you can do so right after signing up.

And out of all the many premium email templates I’ve seen with other similar tools, the Flodesk brand trumps any other company when it comes to the aesthetic, style, and design of email templates, pop-ups, forms, web pages, and other similar features.


While the built-in features of Mailchimp, Flodesk, and other similar platform are enough to launch an email marketing campaign, it is always good to have options for third-party integrations with tools like Stripe, Zapier, and WooCommerce.

Flodesk can be integrated with Squarespace, Zapier, SourceForge, Thrive Leads, Survey Sparrow, and so on. As Flodesk is still a baby in the email marketing space, I’m sure this is a continuously updating list.

Mailchimp wins this category. The company has been around for almost two decades and have partnered up with other businesses to bring more functionality into the platform.


As I said earlier, the price of Mailchimp is directly based on the number of subscribers.

Mailchimp Price

Mailchimp has tiers, which was designed to let your business grow as your audience grows with you.

  • Free ($0): Only includes 1 audience, but you get to access forms and landing pages, website builder, and marketing CRM.
  • Essentials ($9.99/month): Up to 3 audiences, 50 000 subscribers, A/B testing, and 24/7 support
  • Standard ($14.99/month): Have 100,000 subscribers and 5 audiences included
  • Premium ($299/month): Includes 200,000+ contacts and unlimited audiences
  • Pay-as-you-go: You get the same Essentials inclusions, but the number of emails you can send is limited by how many credits you’re willing to pay for. 1 email sent costs 1 credit, so if you want to send one email to 50 contacts, you’ll need 50 credits.

Flodesk Price

Flodesk has a flat fee of $38/month. You will pay this much even if you only have a single customer or thousands. For small businesses just starting with their list of emails, this pricing structure removes the worry of paying additional fees as your audience grows. I love this because no business should be penalized for succeeding with their email marketing efforts.

This current promocan get you 50% off Flodesk pricing here with this discounted linkNo discount code is required, so instead of paying the full price of $38, you can get it for only $19.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

If you’ve been on the fence about switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk (like I was before), you SHOULD definitely check these pros and cons out:

Pros and Cons of MailChimp


  • Stable and full-featured
  • Has many third-party integrations (including Woocommerce and WordPress)
  • Advanced postcards, blog pages, and more
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ability to share templates with customer projects


  • Expensive pricing
  • Learning curve
  • Heavy form builder
  • CSS, HTML may be required for advanced customization
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Not ideal for those who love creative designs

Who is MailChimp For?

MailChimp is older with more features. For the right people, these “pros” are beneficial since they would be able to incorporate everything from automation functions to a complete store with various analytics to boot.

However, for the small business with no one to focus their time and effort learning the ins and outs of Mailchimp, using this program can be frustrating or confusing. When this happens, these benefits can quickly turn into “cons.”

Because of these reasons, Mailchimp can be better maximized to its full potential by businesses who can afford to hire a user to design and create pages, email newsletters, pop-ups, or any other content even with advanced CSS and HTML involved. Mailchimp is also best for a user with many time on their hands to explore Mailchimp and all its glory.

If you love using Woocommerce and advanced customization, Mailchimp will do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Flodesk


  • User-friendly interface
  • Some of the prettiest and cleanest designs for emails
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy pricing scheme (unlimited everything just for 1 amount)
  • No coding needed (even for advanced options)
  • Easy to use analytics


  • Still new to marketing space (needs more integrations)
  • Cannot share designs (not ideal for agency firm use)
  • Lacks direct integrations

Who is Flodesk For?

First, you have to know that if you’re planning to use Flodesk as part of your marketing firm, Flodesk isn’t recommended because you’re not allowed to share the designs of emails, pop-ups, web pages, and other content with your customers.

However, if you’re a small business owner and you like a creative-looking blog, emails, and website pages, you’d love using Flodesk. This tool feels like it was made by graphic designers specifically to cater people like me who love looking at clean, artistic pages, but have no coding or graphic design skills to turn what I want into reality.

Since I switched, I use Flodesk on all my list building, emails, and even whenever I need to create graphics for a blog post. Know that using Flodesk is never frustrating – you can jump in even if you have never opened a marketing tool in your life. It lets you focus on your brand, instead of learning all the tool’s workarounds, which in some cases, take months, depending on how busy you are with your business.

Flodesk for Brand Building

There can never be a single “best” tool when you’re deciding between Mailchimp, Flodesk, and other similar tools. What a small business needs now may not be what other businesses need. Take both for a spin and if you’re ready to bring your brand to another level, go with Flodesk. You can get 50% off Flodesk pricing here with this discounted link

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