Funnel Scripts $297: How To Get The Best Offer

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Looking for Funnel Scripts $297 offers? You’ve probably found a whole trail of Clickfunnels affiliates promoting Funnel Scripts for just $297 rather than the $797 lifetime fee.

Unfortunately this offer no longer applies. And many promoters have been slow to update their content to reflect this.

But don’t despair. Funnel Scripts is pretty outdated now as a copywriting system that requires filling in a long form.

Today there are a range of Funnel Scripts alternatives that offer much better value than Funnel Scripts $297.

One of them is Closer’s Copy.

Top pick

Closers Copy offers an incredible editor with a wealth of high quality templates and expert tips at every step. All for a low monthly subscription with a 30-day guarantee.


While most copywriting software is little more than a formulaic form, Closers Copy is a full text editor resembling Google docs that encompasses sales copy training, proven templates, AI-based spam analysis (which reduces the chance of your emails going into spam) and emotional analysis that helps you hit just the right tone for your audience.

Closers Copy offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a monthly plan that means you can cancel anytime.

Plus, there are a variety of ways you can save money on Closers Copy with a generous discount on annual plans and a limited lifetime offer that resembles the kind of one-off launch sales you see on Appsumo.

Closers Copy is new and bold. There’s nothing quite like it on the market today and I think over time it’s perfectly reasonable that the lifetime offer could disappear very soon and the monthly price go up on new subscriptions. Just like the Funnel Scripts $297 offer. They are adding new templates all the time – so it’s just going to get bigger and bigger.

Overall Closers Copy is very promising as it reinvents the tired old idea of filling in a great long form to produce a piece of robotic copy.

Instead you enter just a few items and can then scroll through hundreds of predesigned emails and scripts to find the combination that suits you best and change the highlighted sections to suit your business.

In my test I was seeing how Closers Copy could help my SEO agency, which presented some interesting combinations with templates designed for fat loss…

But most of these templates use very widely applicable formulas. What is your audience struggling with? What can you do to help them? Why should they trust you?

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