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Funnel Scripts may be some powerful copywriting software from the experts at Clickfunnels. But like the Clickfunnels platform itself, Funnel Scripts is very expensive.

A cheaper Funnel Scripts alternative is not hard to find.

Most copywriting is quite simple when it is standardized. The templates have been around for generations, typically revolving around hooking a reader with a compelling headline, addressing a problem and solving it with a clear solution.

I mean, it wasn’t rocket science to hook your problem of needing copywriting software without spending a fortune, and now I offer these cheaper Funnel Scripts alternatives.

Rather than $797 on Funnel Scripts, these alternatives cost about $30 – 40 per month. And through them you will learn the concepts that make compelling copy and then you can cancel your subscription within just a few months.

Learning to write effective sales copy can revolutionize your business. That’s why Funnel Scripts is $797 and professional copywriters can charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

But you can get the same for much less with a cheaper Funnel Scripts alternative.

We live in a thriving marketplace where one innovation is always challenged by cheaper and better alternative.

These time-tested sales copy principles are easily condensed into simple, actionable templates which fill huge libraries to suit a wide variety of situations and products.

Access them right now for just $30 a month.

Funnel Scripts Alternatives

Closer’s Copy

This new innovation from Germany is very exciting.

Largely built on what resemles Google Docs, Closer’s Copy offers you a variety of ways to create email funnels, sales letters and more with powerful sales copy.

The Closer’s Copy wizard lets you select your purpose and then choose from a variety of templates for each step to close a potential customer.

All you have to do is change the highlighted text to suit you.

Automatic Script Review

Automatic Script is basically a direct challenger to Funnel Scripts. All you have to do is select what you’re writing and fill in a form with your own business details and goals and they will be inserted into templates for sales letters, emails and more.

Script Engage

Script Doll

Instant Scripts

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