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Funnel Scripts may be some powerful copywriting software from the experts at Clickfunnels. But like the Clickfunnels platform itself, Funnel Scripts is very expensive.

A cheaper Funnel Scripts alternative is not hard to find.

Top pick

Closers Copy offers an incredible editor with a wealth of high quality templates and expert tips at every step. All for a low monthly subscription with a 30-day guarantee.


Most copywriting is quite simple when it is standardized. The templates have been around for generations, typically revolving around hooking a reader with a compelling headline, addressing a problem and solving it with a clear solution.

I mean, it wasn’t rocket science to hook your problem of needing copywriting software without spending a fortune, and now I offer these cheaper Funnel Scripts alternatives.

Rather than $797 on Funnel Scripts, these alternatives cost about $30 – 40 per month. And through them you will learn the concepts that make compelling copy and then you can cancel your subscription within just a few months.

Learning to write effective sales copy can revolutionize your business. That’s why Funnel Scripts is $797 and professional copywriters can charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

But you can get the same for much less with a cheaper Funnel Scripts alternative.

We live in a thriving marketplace where one innovation is always challenged by cheaper and better alternative.

These time-tested sales copy principles are easily condensed into simple, actionable templates which fill huge libraries to suit a wide variety of situations and products.

Access them right now from just $20 a month.

Best Copywriting Software Quick Comparison

Funnel Scripts Alternatives

Closers Copy Review

This new innovation from Germany is very exciting and could be one of the best Funnel Scripts alternatives.

Largely built on what resembles Google Docs, Closers Copy offers you a variety of ways to create email funnels, sales letters, and more with powerful sales copy.

The Closers Copy wizard lets you select your purpose and then choose from a variety of templates for each step to close a potential customer.

Closers Copy offers Sales Letters, Email Scripts, Ads, Calls, and Website templates. Each of them offer specific copy depending on what you you’re looking for. For example, if you click on Ad, you can choose a template called Product Information. After clicking on your choice, it will then come out on your document.

Next, all you have to do is change the highlighted text to suit your needs. Each highlighted text puts focus on the text that you need to pay attention to.

Once you revise the template according to how you want it, you can also use other tools that this Funnel Scripts alternative offers like Headline Generator, Power Words, and Sensory Words.

Each tool offers you ideas for how to write your script, depending on your marketing goal. The Headline Generator asks you for your audience, problem, desired outcome, and solution. Once you fill up the form, it will generate what you need and help you build your funnel.

This is a great Funnel Scripts alternative for its ease of use and number of features. There’s no training needed at all to get started.

If you’re unsure if this is what you need, you can avail of a free trial and try it out before choosing your paid version. They offer two monthly plans – Freelancer for $39.99 or Professional for $49.99.


conversion AI

Conversion.AI has been causing a big buzz in the digital marketing community. It is a true AI copywriting assistant with a vast array of templates from SEO meta tags to Youtube video outlines, blog post intros and Amazon product descriptions.

The AI is very powerful and works side by side with your requirements which you place in a side bar. The number of requirements does make it a little slow to set up compared to alternatives like Closers Copy and Rytr but you then get a large number of variations generated. The default is three but you can generate more or request a much larger batch. That means when the AI does come across poorly you have plenty of better alternatives right away.

Perhaps the msot exciting part of Conversion.AI is it’s long-form blog post templates. These are quite unique in AI copywriters which can normally only assist with small snippets.

Most importantly, Conversion.AI integrates directly with Surfer SEO so you can import Surfer’s recommendations for a given keyword. That means not only do you craft the perfect persuasive sales copy, but you also power that up with market-leading on-page SEO. That means not only is your copy more likely to convert, but you’ll get more free organic traffic to your post.

The downside of Conversion.A.I is the price. If your business spans ecommerce, Youtube, SEO and email then you should get good value for it. But if you’re earlier in your journey you will probably only need 20% of the functionality.


Rytr is a very friendly and lightweight alternative to Conversion.AI. Rather than a huge library of templates, Rytr feel like a one page app.

When you open a document you have a simple panel offering you a variety of templates – including simply expanding or rewriting a section of text – and a tone dropdown which lets you select from a wide variety of moods. You only get one generation but you are able to regenerate that – or just a section of it – as much as you like.

What’s more is Rytr has a great free plan and if you end up going over your credits, the paid plans start from just $15 a month. Frankly, if the AI were half as good as Rytr’s is I would still regard this as excellent value just for knocking out occasional Youtube descriptions, SEO meta tags and email follow ups.

Automatic Script Review

Automatic Script is basically a direct challenger to Funnel Scripts. All you have to do is select what you’re writing and fill in a form with your business details and goals. Next, Automatic Script will insert your information into templates for sales letters, emails, video scripts, and more. This Funnel Scripts alternative is also very easy to use.

It offers a variety of tools that any small business or company can use to start creating copy immediately. First, you choose what kind of script you need – a Facebook Call to Action (CTA), phone scripts, Facebook Ads, video scripts, Google Adwords or an opt-in Page. These are just some types of content you can create using Automatic Scripts.

After selecting the type of script you want to work on, you can choose from a number of samples to use as a model. On the next page, Automatic Scripts will ask you a few questions to create the best scripts for you, like “What is the age of your perfect customer?” After you answer all the questions, you simply click done. You’ll now have a script that you can choose to use as is, or edit even more to make it exactly to your liking.

Automatic Scripts promotes its founder Bran Callen as one of the main selling points of this service. According to the site, he has studied the best copywriters in the world, like Gary Halbert and John Carlton, and has put everything he has learned into Automatic Scripts. By using this Funnel Scripts alternative (instead of studying copywriting yourself or hiring a very expensive copywriter), you save time, energy, and money while being able to create great marketing scripts and content.

This Funnel Scripts alternative doesn’t publish how much its service costs but it does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Copysmith Review

Generate Facebook ads and taglines at the touch of a button

Another brand new startup in the world of copywriting software, Copysmith uses AI to churn out snippets of text really quickly. Like the other systems on here, the aim is not perfect copy but a draft that’s 90% done ready to tweak to perfection. But unlike many of these options here, Copysmith really does take only seconds. You add just a few keywords and the AI is able to work out what you’re trying to say.

Script Engage Review

The first thing you’ll notice about Script Engage is that it has a very sales-y website (more than the others). It features many testimonials from users, and very detailed explanations on how this software should be one of the must-have marketing tools for your online business. Once you go beyond all the selling content, you’ll see that this is another good Funnel Scripts alternative.

According to the site, Script Engage lets you 1) effortlessly generate any type of marketing materials in minutes, 2) maximize sales, leads, and profits from any campaign or promotion, 3) leverage proven winning copy responsible for millions in sales to promote your products and services.

When you log-in to Script Engage, you get access to video guides and training materials are available on the dashboard to help you complete the copywriting process to come up with the scripts you need. Similar to Automatic Scripts, you have to answer a series of questions that guides you during the creation of scripts. You can save your answers which allows you to use the same profile to create different kinds of marketing materials for the same product, saving you from having to answer the same questions over and over again. We like this feature as it saves effort that can be put into something else.

Script Engage does not offer a free trial but offer two paid plans – $39/ month or $297/year. Both plans include unlimited scripts, step by step training, and opportunities to attend a scripts webinar. This alternative to Funnel Scripts also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Script Doll Review

Another Funnel Scripts alternative is Script Doll. This software offers scripts for video sales letters, email scripts, full email marketing campaigns, and more to help you come up with the perfect scripts for your business, especially Internet marketing.

One of the features that differentiates Script Doll to the other Funnel Scripts alternatives is that it highlights the fact that it has a human copywriting and content team that works behind the scene to constantly improve the product and make sure you get exactly what you want for your business. This is one feature we especially like as you know that they are constantly working to improve their offerings.

When you subscribe to the service, you get access to the sales message engine. When a user makes a new customer or product profile it is saved to Script Doll. The information you save is transferred every time you make a new script, for example straight from an email script to a sales letter, which is a great time saver.

Every month, Script Doll adds new templates and new profiles that you can use with the information you saved. You can create different scripts regularly and test what works best for you and your funnel. This Funnel Scripts alternative also offers copy from celebrity copywriters and marketers. On the page, you can see samples of the scripts that you can generate for your funnel. This is a great feature that gives you a chance to see what kind of scripts you’ll be able to use in your own business. Script Doll offers a trial for just $1, which is almost as good as a free trial as well.

Instant Scripts Review

Instant Scripts is another software that’s a good alternative to Funnel Scripts. If you choose this service, you get access to hundreds of proven scripts and copy templates, access to over 400 plus emails, email sequences, sales pages, and Facebook Ads in over 80 categories. You can also mix and match scripts to create your own sequences that you’ll feel will fit your funnel better.

It highlights how easy it is to use with three simple steps:

1) Select a copy block from their block bank – choose whether you want to write a headline, bullet list, call to action, or body. After choosing, you just drag and drop from the menu on the left to the document on the right and you instantly get the foundation of your script.

2) Call the Smart Copy Assistant As-You-Write – go ahead and start writing as you would usually do. When you don’t know what to write next or you would just like to get more ideas before continuing, type the hotkey and this feature will appear. As you type keywords, you’ll be able to access thousands of ideas instantly.

3) Select the most relevant and powerful copy elements from the ones presented to you – explore all the options, click the elements you like, and continue to write until you come up with the best script, whether for an email or a video.

It also offers a trademarked a Rapid Headline Generator that help writers create compelling and click-worthy headlines and Rapid Subjectline Generator that creates effective subject lines for lead generation.

This Funnel Scripts alternative offers 2 plans – the Standard Edition for $39.95 per month which offers “essentials you need to quickly produce copy that converts”and a Pro Edition for $49.95 per month which includes additional categories in emails, email sequences, and social media posts. It also offers email SPAM detection and a good suggestion engine.

These Funnel Scripts alternatives are all good options for the business or copywriter who needs quick help with their scripts and sales funnel. Internet marketing and writing the right kind of scripts can be challenging and takes up a lot of time. Whichever alternative you choose, you’ll be able to create the funnel you need with less time and less effort.

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