Is Flodesk Free?

Lots of bloggers, influencers and marketers have been discovering the power of Flodesk – but is Flodesk free?

Is Flodesk Free?

Flodesk itself is a paid email marketing tool but if you sign up through this link then you can secure 30 days of Flodesk free and unlimited with no credit card required.

If you sign up through this Flodesk discount link in time then you’ll also get 50% off your plan for life if you do decide to upgrade – though we don’t know how long this offer will last so grab yours now before it’s too late.

Flodesk may not be free after 30 days but you get a lot of features for a very low price of $38 per month, which works out at $19 a month if you use our Flodesk discount offer.

Flodesk is also a flat rate for unlimited access, unlike most email marketing tools which reserve certain features and functionalities for higher pricing tiers. You will also pay the same amount whether you have 10 subscribers or 100,000 subscribers. It’s always frustrating as a marketer when increasing your list size is so valuable and yet increases your overhead costs – it can really demotivate your list building efforts.

Flodesk may not be free but use this Flodesk discount code and get unlimited access for just $19 per month.

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