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If you are wondering what the best Jarvis.AI alternatives are, you are going to find this article very useful. In it, we’ll be discussing why you need an AI writing assistant like Jarvis to help you scale your written output and grow your business – and this is true whether you are a freelance writer, a blogger, a marketer or an entrepreneur – and what your best options are if you don’t want to go with Jarvis AI.

If you are not already using Jarvis or a similar software to help you create content for your business, you are in for a big eye-opener. If you are already using Jarvis or other AI powered writing tools, it does’t hurt to know what the other options are. As a business owner you should always be on the lookout for the technological edge and the most powerful software that will help you stay well ahead of the competition.

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If you would like to stay ahead of the curve and learn how to leverage the best AI powered writing tools to help you blast through writer’s block and help you generate everything from content ideas, blog content, social media content and much more, then keep on reading.

Top three reasons why you need Jarvis or a similar AI writing software in your business

If you are here, reading this, it means that you are probably already completely aware of the importance of compellingly written content when it comes to growing your business and staying both relevant to and connected with your audience.

You probably also know that content creation can be a grind. With an AI content generator on your team, that is all going to change, and this is why.

Superpowers your writing process

If you are a writer ora content creator, you know how long the writing process can take, and how much effort and sometimes research needs to go into it. With an AI powered writing tool like Jarvis, however, writing becomes easy and effortless and you’ll never get caught in a writing slump again.

Jarvis or another AI writing assistant can generate the same amount of written content that it would normally take you hours or days to type up in a matter of seconds. Just take a moment to imagine the kinds of possibilities that this opens up. If you’re able to create much more written content much faster, what might you be able to do? If you can increase your written content output 10x or more, how quickly do you think you would be able to scale your business?

Lets you create content without ever running out of ideas

If you are a content creator, you are no stranger to running out of ideas. It doesn’t matter how creative you are, sometimes we all run into a dry spell, and that can be a major challenge if your livelihood depends on your ability to write and produce original content on a daily basis.

Leveraging an AI writing assistant means that you will never have to face a dry spell ever again. Whenever you are feeling a little uninspired or beset by writer’s block, you can let the AI generate content ideas, product descriptions, sales letters, ad copy and whatever else you, your client or your business needs.

Working with artificial intelligence is co-working with an extra imagination, an extra mind that never runs out of fresh ideas. In many cases, the ideas that the AI coms up with can even spark and inspire your own ideas, and when you combine the two, you’ll often find that this is when you end up creating the best content.

Works for both short and long form content, from social media posts to entire books

There are no limits to the kinds of content that an AI copywriting software can help you produce.

From social media posts to long form content such as in-depth articles and even books, you can trust your AI writing partner to be able to help you get from A-Z. With AI by your side, you will never again find yourself stuck on a writing project!

Takes the guesswork out of crafting winning content

Using the right SEO-rich keywords is extremely important when it comes to writing content that rises to the top of Google and other search engines. If only researching and finding all of the correct keywords wasn’t such a chore.

With AI, keyword and key phrase research is automatic and almost instantaneous. All you need to do is start with a seed keyword that you put into the Jarvis editor, or the editor of whichever other aI writing tool you are using instead. AI does the rest.

How Jarvis AI and other AI writing tools work

Before we go into looking at the best alternatives to Jarvis AI, we’ll look at how AI writing softwares actually work. Understanding how AI functions is important when it comes to picking the right AI powered writing software, since they all rely on the same essential technology but come with variations.

Jarvis AI and the other AI writing softwares that we will be looking at here rely on natural language processing and and the most advanced machine learning algorithm available today called GPT-3.

GPT-3 is an advanced, open-source AI language model that collects and crunches data from thousands of online platforms and resources in a matter of seconds. Artificial intelligence writing softwares that are built on top of GPT-3 are able to use this data to structure human-sounding written copy, including social media posts, digital ad copy, landing pages, blog posts and so much more.

All in all we are still in the very early stages of the AI revolution, which means that GPT-3 and all of the writing softwares that utilize it are rather far from perfect. In effect, the writing that the AI powered software is able to produce might not always be coherent or make sense, and is, for now, always going to require the touch of a human editor.

This is only for now, though. Artificial intelligence has already come a long way since its beginnings and AI technology is only going to become more and more prevalent as we head deeper into the 2020s. The only question is which side of the revolution you are going to be on – are you going to be one of the many who slept through the AI revolution and were late to adopt AI, or would you rather be among the relatively first to get onboard with this powerful new technology?

AI is slowly seeping into more and more of the apps and tools we all use on a day to day basis, but AI writing software is still far from commonplace. Why shouldn’t you be among the first business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs to awaken to the possibilities of implementing AI in their business?

While the majority of the population don’t need to be paying much attention to AI just yet, digital marketing teams, online entrepreneurs, content creators and writers definitely cannot afford not to.

What is Jarvis software? And is it the best AI writing tool on the market?

Jarvis AI is recognised by many content creators as being the gold standard when it comes to AI writing software.

But is this really the case?

Jarvis AI is an incredibly intuitive advanced AI language model and content editor that makes it both fast and easy to generate unspeakable amounts of content for your blog, social media, website or e-commerce store and so much more.

Jarvis offers incredible versatility and speed in terms of what you’re able to create, from short-form social media captions and product descriptions to entire novels.

A non-exhaustive list of the kinds of content Jarvis AI can help you create at the click of a button includes blog post topic ideas, blog outlines, blog intros, personal bios and business bios, digital ads copy including Facebook ad headlines and primary text, Google Ads headlines, ads descriptions and SEO title and meta descriptions, Amazon product features in the form of convincing bullet points, engaging questions and headlines, sales letters, eCommerce product descriptions, website copy, landing pages, caption ideas, YouTube video hooks and video descriptions, unique value propositions and more. Another great thing about Jarvis is that the AI is well versed in some of the most effective and cutting-edge marketing techniques such as the AIDA (Which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework and the PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) framework, and will weave these seamlessly into your social media content, web copy and product descriptions to make them all the more compelling and likely to result in signups, conversions and sales.

Jarvis Boss Mode is Jarvis AI’s main selling point. Boss mode allows creators to take control of Jarvis by giving the AI a prompt and then letting the AI fill in the rest. It works almost as if by magic.

The only real drawbacks to using Jarvis can be summed up in two sentences. First of all, we are still in the early stages of burgeoning AI revolution, which means that no AI writing tool currently in existence is without flaws – and this includes Jarvis. There is also the fact that Jarvis is rather pricy, at least if you are a brand new startup or beginner entrepreneur on a shoestring budget. While you can get access to Jarvis for as little as $29/month, which allows you to generate up to 20,000 words on a monthly basis, Boss Mode and the full range of possibilities that Jarvis AI has to offer is priced at $119/month.

This brings me to my next point, and the main reason why you are here. While Jarvis might be as good as an AI writing tool gets at this point in time, it isn’t the cheapest, and so it is little wonder if you are looking for an equally powerful but less expensive alternative. You might also be wondering whether there is an AI writing tool out there that is more specifically geared towards marketing or fiction writing than Jarvis AI, which is a good all-rounder writing assistant, is.

Best Jarvis AI alternatives

There is an explosion of AI writing softwares right now – they seem to be cropping up like mushrooms. With so many new AI tools to navigate, it can be difficult to know which one to choose for you and your business. To make things a little easier, here is an overview over some of the most competitive alternatives to Jarvis AI currently available.


ClosersCopy is an exciting new innovation from Germany that makes writing everything from ad campaigns to sales funnels as easy as 1, 2, 3.

ClosersCopy operates on an interface that looks and feels very much like Google Docs, which will make it seem instantly familiar and easy to navigate.

One thing to know about ClosersCopy is that it is a very marketing-focused AI software tool, offering a wealth of scripts for sales letters and emails, ads, sales calls, product descriptions and landing page copy designed to convert.

Features and functions

ClosersCopy’s main feature is its Wizard, which lets you select from a range of possibilities the purpose of the piece of content you are creating. Examples of what you can choose include blog posts, email subject lines, Facebook ads, landing pages and sales copy. Once you have instructed the AI tool as to the kind of content you want to create, you can sit back and let ClosersCopy’s wizard generate content for you to your heart’s content.

To make the writing process even easier for you, the text generated by ClosersCopy’s wizard comes with highlighted areas where you will need to edit in the specific details of your product or CTA.

Once you have crafted a piece of content, let’s say a product description, that you are happy with, ClosersCopy has a number of other tools that you can use to optimize and polish your copy even furhter before you put into action on your blog, website or email marketing strategy. These tools include Poer Words, Sensory Words and Headline Generator. By running your content through these tools, you ensure that you end up with the most powerful and convincing piece of content, every time – no weak headlines, no flat, uninspiring copy.

Free trial, pricing and subscription options

Like Jarvis, ClosersCopy offer an initial free trial – a great option if you would like to try before you buy.

If, after your free trial, you find that you like the software and want to commit to your new AI writing assistant on a more permanent basis, ClosersCopy offers two paid options: Freelancer and Professional.

ClosersCopy’s Freelancer plan used to be priced at $39.99/month, while the Professional was priced at $49.99/month. Recently, however, ClosersCopy has changed the pricing format for both plans and they are now both available as lifetime deals.

$187 gives you lifetime access to the Professional lifetime plan, while the new Unlimited lifetime plan costs $317. While either of these price tags look rather big up-front, they are soon going to seem small if you are planning to use AI to superpower your business for years an decades to come.


Just like Jarvis AI and ClosersCopy, Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that enables you to create content at rocket speed.

Compared to many of the other AI writing assistants mentioned in this article, Rytr is a relatively new software, but the tools and features that it has to offer seem to constantly get updated and added to. In other words, the team behind Rytr seem determined to pack as much value as possible into this new AI contender.

Features and functions

Rytr offers a very simple, three step content creation process that is powered by AI but controled by you.

First, you choose the type of content that you wish to create. Second, you add a short description to instruct the AI on what you want to write about, and third, you hit the generate button and sit back while your smart writing assistant does the writing for you in a matter of seconds.

Rytr supports over 25 different use cases and content types, including blog article and idea outlines, intro and bread text, business pitch ideas, emails, ads including Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, interview questions and job descriptions, landing page and website copy, post, caption and headline ideas, product descriptions, SEO titles and meta decriptions, attention-grabbing taglines and headlines, video descriptions, testimonials and reviews, and of course sales letters and emails.

As you can probably tell by the selection of tools and features that Rytr has to offer, Rytr is a software that lends itself particularly well to marketers and online businesses.

Free trial, pricing and subscription options

Like the other softwares that we have been looking at so far in this article, Rytr offers a free trial.

If, after trying Rytr on for size, you find that you need more, Rytr offers just one paid plan, the Premium Plan priced at $29/month, or $290 if you choose to go with an annual subscription.


Writesonic avails itself of a highly sophisticated AI that is trained on high-performing, high-converting copy from top brands, marketers and sales funnels. What this means is the Writesonic is a force to be reckoned with if your business relies on converting and closing (Newsflash: It does).

Writesonic is able to generate all sorts of marketing content for your business, including landing pages, blog post titles, outlines and intros, product descriptions and just about every other form of catchy short-form content you might need to grow your business.

If you are wondering who Writesonic is an ideal fit for, the answer is marketing teams and agencies, eCommerce brands and entrepreneurs.

Features and functions

With Writesonic, crafting effective sales copy is done in four easy steps. First, you choose a template depending on which type of copy you would like to generate. Second, you write a brief description to let the AI know what the unique features and important detail of your product or message is. Third, you let the AI do the actual writing, and finally, you go over it to make sure it is perfect before launching it to your audience!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different types of content you will be able to generate using Writesonic: Website copy including landing pages, headers and SEO meta descriptions, digital ads copy including Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads, blog copy including blog ideas, outlines, intros and other bread text, article summaries and more (Writesonic’s best tools for blog and article creation include the Content Rephraser and Expander and the AI Article Writer), eCommerce copy including product descriptions and sales letters, plus copywriting and call to action formulas such as AIDA and PAS.

In addition to all of these functions, Writesonic comes with a number of other tools that enable you to craft powerfully magnetic press releases, company bios, YouTube video titles and meta descriptions, product names and more.

Free trial, pricing and subscription options

Writesonic offers three different paid plans, as well as a free trial for those who would like to take the software for a test drive before committing to it. As for the paid plans they are called Starter, Professional and Business.

Writesonic’s Starter plan is priced at $25/month (0r just $9 with an annual subscription). Its target audience is new marketers and brand-new, boot-strapping startups.

For those who would like to expand, Writesonic’s Professional plan is a good choice, priced at $89/month, or $35.60 if you go with an annual subscription.

Finally thee is the Business plan, priced at $449/month, or $179.60 with an annual subscription. The Business plan is the right pick for medium businesses that require copywriting at scale.


Semrush is a powerful all-in one AI content writing and optimization tool that allows users to craft SEO-heavy content that is guaranteed to rise to the top of Google and other search engines. Whether you are creating content for your own blog, website or eCommerce shop, or for clients, Semrush promises to equip you with all the tools you need to dominate your niche.

With Semrush, you are able to do much more than simply generate winning content – Semrush goes above and beyond by helping you find new keyword opportunities, carry out backlink analysis and fix various site issues such as broken links. Semrush even lets you spy on your competitors’ keywords so that you can incorporate their content strategy into your own.

Features and functions

If there is one Semrush feature worth highlighting, it is the fact that Semrush presides over the largest keyword library in the industry, consisting of well over 20 million keywords. In other words, Semrush is able to easily find and present you with thousands of keyword ideas and variations for any one seed keyword you put in. Now, that’s powerful.

Semrush’s Organic Resarch tool is another powerful and imminently useful feature. Once you have created and logged into your Semrush account, go to the default search bad and select Organic Search from the drop-down menu. Now you can type in the domain name of any competitor you want to spy on, and let Semrush mine their winning keywords.

Site Audit is another potent Semrush feature deserving of a mention. Semrush’s Site Audit too is able to not only identify but also fix a number of site issues, including broken links. Semrush can even monitor your site’s health and will send you emails tracking your site’s overall health percentage. That way, you can keep an eye on everything while your page soars in the ranks.

As well as monitoring site health, Semrush also tracks positioning, carries out backlink audits, generates SEO reports and more. All in all, Semrush is a great tool for serious players in the entrepreneurial and marketing space.

Free trial, pricing and subscription options

Semrush offers three paid tiers, as well as a free trial. The paid plans are called Pro, Guru and Business.

The Pro plan on Semrush is priced at $119/95/month, the Guru plan at $229.95/month and the Business plan at $449.95/month.


Peppertype is all about helping you craft quality content fast and at scale.

While Peppertype is an incredibly versatile AI writing software that can help you generate written content for just about any purpose you can imagine, it is particularly well suited for social media and marketing copy. This makes Peppertype a solid writing tool choice for content creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, founders and SEO nerds alike.

As with most of the other AI writing tools we have been looking at in this article, generating content using Peppertype is accomplished in just a few simple steps. First, you need to select the type of content you want to generate from the options available. Second, enter the specific details of your product or business so that the AI will know what it is pitching or describing, and third, let the AI generate the content you need right in front of your eyes in the space of a few seconds.

Features and functions

Peppertype can help you create more than 30 different types of content depending on what your business needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list: Blog and article topics, ideas, intro and conclusion paragraphs, outlines in the form of bullet points, main content paragraphs, SEO-optimized meta titles, SEO-optimized meta descriptions, social media post captions, quirky and engaging Tweets, Facebook ad copies and primary text, Amazon product titles, features and descriptions, YouTube video topic ideas and description, informative Quora answers and more.

Free trial, pricing and subscription options

Peppertype offers three different paid options, as well as a free trial for those who are just starting out and want a taste of the possibilities before they commit themselves.

The paid plans are called Starter, Growth and Enterprise. Starter and Growth are priced at $35 and $200 respectively. For a custom quote for the Enterprise plan, you will have to reach out to Peppertype’s sakes team.


Outranking is a powerful AI writing assistant that is fuelled by factual research, SEO data and SERP analysis. The software was developed with the explicit aim of helping content creators, writers and marketers generate the written content they need at 10x the speed.

Features and functions

Outranking works very similarly to the other AI writing assistants we have been looking at in this article. All you need to do when you want to generate a new piece of content is to choose a Concept Template a click the Generate button.

Outranking presents you with a wealth of research ready for you to use, right there in the content editor. And turning the extensive research into high-quality copy is a simple as clicking on the Summarize Concept button and letting the AI do the work of weaving all of the right keywords into written content.

Besides the Content Editor, Outranking has a number of other incredible tools worth highlighting here. They include the AI Wizard, which lets you generate titles and outlines in under 15 minutes, the Concepts tool which lets you collect and write facts from ranking pages, the Methods tool which encompasses workflows and automation, the SERP analysis tool which gathers 360 degree intel on your competition and the Instructions tool which consists instep-by-step SEO optimization instructions.

It is also worth mentioning that Outranking integrates with both Google Docs and WordPress.

Free trial, pricing and subscription options

Outranking offers three paid tiers, as well as a free trial.

The paid plans are called Starter, Growth and Professional, and they are priced at $39/month, $79/month and $159/month respectively.

Parting words

If you are not already using Jarvis or another AI content writing and optimization tool to scale your business, you are not even in the game. The good news is that more and more powerful AI writing assistants are being developed, refined and made available all of the time.

While Jarvis is a true heavyweight in the AI space, Jarvis is not the only viable choice that a content creator, blogger or online marketer can make. In fact, there are several solid alternatives to choose from – Rytr and CloserCopy being good examples. The fact that just $187 can give you lifetime access to ClosersCopy’s Professional plan makes the latter seem a particularly appealing option.

All in all, you cannot go wrong with any of the AI content crafting tools on this list. And if you are still not sure, there is nothing stopping you from signing up for a number of free trials in order to find the AI writing software that is the best fit for you and your content strategy.

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