Longshot.AI Vs Surfer

So we’re going to be testing out long shot AI again, simply for the reason that I’ve got a new site to build out and supposedly longshot AI aims to be more, a complete blog post writer generate articles really quickly.

So I’m working on a relationship blog with an emphasis on non-monogamy and polyamory. So it’s quite a specialist niche. I suspect whatever happens, even with all the AI tools, I will need a specialist writer anyway, and to go through and make sure that everything is accurate.

But just to get us started to get to us the Google sandbox, we work on a new domain, so we need some content on there. So I’m going to try out, try out the AI. So before my usual blog posts routine, which is keyword research on eight trips, identified a keyword list and then setting up templates in surfer.

Now, ordinarily I would hand this over to a writer who can then follow the content guidelines, 2000 words with all of these words to include the other great thing about surfer is it includes a brief, which instantly tells you what other articles and therefore the articles that Google is thinking of what those users are actually looking for, what those articles are writing about.

So “coming out as polyamorous” could be interpreted and all sorts of different ways. It could be to parents, friends, family. But of course it did say talking about it’s new partners. I hadn’t thought of that. Very good thing to cover.

Obviously a good writer should come up with these topics as they go and keep researching, but to have all these, these topics already here, it’s great. Some of the fears, things like this and surfers should also have given us some questions to answer as well. So is being polyamorous cheating. Can you go to jail for being polyamorous?

Targeting low search volume, low competition terms can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to topics and questions, it’s always worth checking.

Normally these are pulled from the people also ask in Google. Yeah. What does it mean to come out? It’s probably, it’s been probably out shooting that’s when we had, and these other two other three haven’t been pulled through for some reason that we can come to that.

So let’s get started with long shot AI, assuming I have some AI credits left on the free version. So I’ve already started some it’s nice dashboard. You get a sense of how it works. Let’s if we can do a new one coming out as polyamorous, opposing this one, because it’s probably quite good for an AI tool because it’s quite wordy. It’s not so much about terminology. Fact-checking in detail as much more story-driven if you like much more human.

So long AI, first of all, is a bit like surfer in that it tries to find other relevant keywords to include also to get a better sense of what your article is about to inform the AI it’s normally doesn’t take too long. Also includes some helpful keyword data, which is useful.

Say introduce polyamory that’s relevant and play rate cheating should use the idea. Let’s have a few more Christian family might be relevant with a Smith, not too concerned about it has probably been taken from a news result coming out to experience.

That’s probably good for now. So not the best suggestions, but yeah. So pending.

Can I ask Paulie here? Some things to consider personal decision. I am too, also very good questions. Isn’t dressing. So you use what I think is Quora as well as Google and read it. So clearly these are based on what people are already searching for. What does it feel like? These are quite useful. Some of these are really specific, so not probably not so good for a general that’s cool colleagues. That’s a good one. So I’m looking at Reddit. How do you handle if your partner’s coming out, it’s not so relevant. I’m polyamorous, fear, people, fear coming out, parents and friends. Should you come out as polyamorous? And we never, we also need to ask the question is being polyamorous, cheating,

good search volume, 117, not massive, but this is very much a niche website.

Let’s try generating some headlines. I always find AI tools are great for coming up with a very human readable headlines. As in we’ve gotten asked a website about a topic, so we need lots of relevant articles. It’s quite an old fashioned way of doing SEO. And so these are very much coming up with some topic ideas, if you like, but from an SEO perspective, we’re targeting how to come out as polyamorous. Therefore introduction to polyamory is no. And same with most of these, to be honest. So headline let’s use that, right? Let me go to outline great blog outline. I find this is a bit clunky. It comes up down here. So first title not so good decision to come out as polyamorous is a personal one. That’s good many reasons why a person might choose to come out as polyamorous also good. And interestingly keywords to use is probably one of the best parts of long shots that you don’t get in. A lot of other AI tools. This is much more like surfing. So it’s basically looking at all the other terminology. You should be including skip Googled the best idea of what the article is about. And having said that if we go to surfer, we do generally find these words. These recommended keywords are much more detailed. And plus we’ve also got a number of times to use each one. So long shirts basically saying we just need to use each of these once has gone much further saying relationship structure two to five times and relationship status. We should use one to four times, probably a group one to two times so much more grounded in that regard, but long shots knew where the surfer has been the market leader for some years now. So that’s fair enough. But then we also have the AI writing tools say students come out as polyamorous as a personal one, simply write more on this paragraph. That’s actually very good. Polyamory is not a concept that can be boiled down to one simple definition. So it’d be really interesting apps and that, and there’s an extra a hundred characters in order to guide the AI more. It’s interesting. Now, if we take this while she first let’s take one of the briefs from surfer, these are briefs have already been rewritten by AI. Oops did not mean to set the whole thing. Okay. Deciding who’s come out to now. That’s something I don’t really long shot to have quite a Made that extra a hundred characters or less again, to write more while I’m waiting for that, I can quickly proofread the regenerate text So you’re probably getting the idea here. AI tools, including long shot, very good at paddling and filler, not so great for and genuinely meaningful insight . But for the time being, let’s put this back into surfer And see what it says. Say a score of 32 and we’re not really hitting or hitting a couple of these terms. So would say not great overall versus surfer and handwriting, but obviously as say I’ve got a website too for that. So I’m quite happy. This is a good 500 word starter that I can add into the website. And of course, AI tools like this can actually speed up your current writers. So over a long shot, I’m actually quite impressed. Just the fact that it gives your writers so much to work with from the initial research through to actually structuring the article that I’ll keep playing around with this and see if I can feed back with more.

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