Lovo Review, Pricing, and Alternatives

Finding the perfect voice for your videos, demos, audio books, and other projects can be a difficult task. Not all content producers and editors are able to use their own voices for these voice over projects as it can be time-consuming, and hiring professional artists can be quite expensive, especially if you’re just starting out. 

To help you with these problems, a lot of text to speech programs have entered the market. These programs give you a chance to look through human-like AI voices, allowing you to save time looking for the perfect voice for your brand.

One of these programs is Lovo. In this review, we’re going to talk about its features, pricing, alternatives, as well as the basics of how we csn use the platform.


Lovo is a next-generation AI voiceover and text-to-speech platform with over 180 human-like voices in 33 different languages. Lovo helps you find the perfect voice for your audio ads, audiobooks, games, animations, e-learning demos, and other videos. With Lovo, creativity is at your fingertips.


Lovo is designed to service anyone who needs help looking for the perfect voice for their brand, program, or any video projects in need of a voice over or text-to-speech AI. Instead of the robotic text-to-speech sounds, use human-like voices for your projects at a fraction of what real voice recording will cost you.


Lovo boasts its large collection of realistic human voices powered by advanced text-to-speech technology. Lovo currently has a growing community of over 50,000 creators from 41 different countries and has helped its users create millions of voiceovers in just a few simple steps.

Unique Voice Collection

Currently, Lovo offers 180+ voice skins in 33 different languages. Along with this, each voice has its own unique traits, allowing you to find the voice that perfectly fits your project. Each month, Lovo adds new and improved voices to its collection.

Authentic Voices

Lovo makes sure that every voice created comes with truly human emotions to bring life into your work.

Custom Voices

If you want to take it a step further and create your own voice for your brand, Lovo’s voice cloning technology can help you create your own customized voice skin in just 15 minutes.


Lovo has a pretty simple user interface. Everything you need to start creating voiceovers will be conveniently placed in front of you. Once you sign up to the platform, you’ll understand right away how it is to work with Lovo. Short reminders and tutorials will also be available for you should you need them.


Lovo offers the following plans for you to enjoy:

The full features you get for the Free, Personal, and Freelancer plans are listed below:

Although Lovo offers a free plan, it won’t likely be enough as you won’t be given commercial rights to any of the voiceovers you have created, even though you can convert unlimited times. Unless you’re only going to use the voiceover for personal uses, you may want to look at Lovo’s Personal or Freelancer Plans.

The main difference of the Personal and Freelancer plans is the number of contents and monthly download limit. Another thing is that you can only make monetized Youtube videos if you have availed of their Freelancer plan. For small businesses and brands who are looking to reach more people with the help of the perfect voice for their brand, the Personal Plan will likely be a good fit for you.


Here is an overview of how you can make use of Lovo.

Signing Up

When you get to the Lovo landing page, you will be met with an aesthetically pleasing interface. Scrolling down the page, you’ll get to see a lot of samples of what the AI can do, a brief description about Lovo and its features, as well as a few testimonials from its satisfied customers. You’ll also find an impressive list of sites where Lovo has been featured:

Signing up to Lovo will only take a few seconds of your time. Simply enter your email address and create a password or sign up using your Google or Facebook accounts for a faster process. Once you finish signing up, you’ll be directed to your free account.


Everything’s pretty simple once you get a look at your workspace. In the middle of the space is where you can enter the text you wish to create a voiceover for. From here, you can edit certain features such as emphasis on your words, the pause at the end of your sentences, and the speed of your sentence. You’ll also notice a character count on the upper right side.

The icons on the right side of the workspace allow you to select your voice skin, upload text, share, download, and save your files. On the very left of the screen, you’ll find a simple menu. The library is where your saved text-to-speech creations are stored for easy access. You’ll also find a pronunciation editor under the Workspace menu.

Lovo allows you to create your very own voice skin for a monthly price of $69.99 per voice. You’re also given the option to allow your voice for public use and make a few dollars. If you do want to grab this opportunity, don’t worry about the process as Lovo will guide your every step of the way.

With a good microphone, a few simple steps, and a subscription of course, you can create text-to-speech audios using your own voice without really having to record your script manually.

Start Creating

Let’s go back to our workspace. The steps to creating voiceovers are very simple and easy to follow. The first thing for you to do is to select your voice skin. Click on the Voice Skin icon found on the right side or the name on top of your workspace to find a list of available voice skins.

Lovo currently offers over 180 voices for you to choose from. However, if you’re working with a free plan, you’ll have limited access to these options. You’ll notice some voice skins marked with a crown as your scroll through the options. To use these voices, you’ll have to upgrade your plan.

Because you have a lot of available voice skins, Lovo provides you with options to filter your search. You can select the type of scenario, age, gender, accent or language, and character of your voice. Lovo will automatically filter the voices according to your choices.

I think it’s very impressive for Lovo to have all these options available as it allows for more flexibility. With all the available scenarios and characteristics, you have a very good chance of finding the perfect voice for your brand. From documentaries to gaming audios, and dramatic or friendly tones, Lovo’s got suggestions for you.

Once you’ve chosen a voice, you can now create a title for your file and input your text. Lovo will automatically break down your text into sentences as shown below.

From here, you can choose how long your pauses would be after every sentence. You can also edit the speed of your sentences and add emphasis to certain words or phrases, allowing for the resulting audio to truly sound natural and human-like. Editing is a straight-forward process. Simply click on the proper icon and follow the instructions.

To listen to the audio, simply click on the Convert button found below. You’ll have to select the sentences in order to convert the speeches into audios. Converting each sentence will take about 10 seconds each.

Once you’re happy with your audio, you can now save it to your library, download, or share the files. Remember that in order for you to use these audio files for commercial purposes, you’ll have to avail of Lovo’s Personal or Freelancer Plans.

If you find yourself wanting to adjust or improve the pronunciation of words, simply choose a voice skin, type in your word and type in how it should or how you would want it to be pronounced. Just like that, you’ve taught the AI how to pronounce your words in the way you prefer.

With all the voice skins catered to all sorts of tones, scenarios, and use cases, you’re in for a treat as you search for the perfect voice for your project. I liked in particular how genuine its sample outputs sound, and how you’re able to customize the timing and pronunciations of your words to make it sound more genuine.

With Lovo, you’ll be able to come up with quality voiceovers without the hassles of having to record each sentence yourself or the costs of having it done professionally. With these good results, combined with the ease of using the platform, Lovo definitely gives great value for your money.


  • Offers a free plan
  • Large collection of voice skins catered to different languages, characteristics, and scenarios
  • Allows for customization of pauses, sentence speeds, emphasis, and word pronunciations


  • More expensive compared to other text-to-speech programs


Lovo vs. Play.ht

Play.ht is an AI-powered voice generator and realistic text-to-speech program with a growing library of over 570 natural-sounding voices complete with humanlike intonation in about 60 languages and accents powered by machine learning technology.

Comparing the two, Lovo offers you more personality with voices catered to different scenarios, ages, and more characteristics. With Play.ht, you’ll be a bit limited with options for voice styles, and you’ll have to manually figure out the tone you want for your audio. With regards to pricing, assuming that we are to avail the most affordable plan which already gives you commercial rights to the audios, Play.ht is the more affordable choice at $29.25 per month.

Lovo vs. vs. Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a program designed to help you create AI voices that sound real. Resember AI can blend human and synthetic voices with their text-to-speech generator paired with real-time APIs to build immersive experiences.

Resemble AI is capable of dubbing your native voice into other languages, allowing for you to reach a much broader audience. This feature gives Resemble AI an edge over Lovo, although Lovo offers a great range of tones and scenarios with regards to its voices. Comparing prices, Lovo offers a more affordable starting plan.  

Lovo vs. Spik.AI

Spik.AI is free app developed to help you generate realistic sounding audio from text using a mix of machine learning algorithms.

The use of Spik.AI is entirely free for its users. You can generate voice clips for up to 300 characters of text. If you sign up to the platform, you are upgraded to 1000 characters. Although it is a free program, Spik.AI lacks the variety in its voices, options for customization, and extra features that Lovo offers.

Lovo vs. Replica Studios

Replica Studios is another AI model which is taught how to generate audio by copying the real voice actors’ unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range. With the help of Replica Studios, you can boost your content creation and experimentation.

Compared to other text-to-speech programs, Replica Studios focuses particularly on providing you high quality AI voice recordings for games and films which means that you’ll likely encounter more emotions and creativity with its voices. If this are the types of voices you are looking for, Replica Studios will be a great choice. Otherwise, you can proceed with Lovo for a much general range of tones.

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