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With the abundance of AI copywriting assistants in the market, it can be difficult to know which one you should choose. In this review, we are going to talk about Nichesss. Having been available only this 2021, Nichesss is one of the latest AI copywriting services available in the market.

So, how does Nichesss compare to all the others?

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What is Nichesss?

Nichesss is an app that makes of artificial intelligence to help you create marketing content in just a few seconds. Nichesss can write high-converting email subject lines, blog posts, social media posts, Facebook and Google ads, and image-based social posts. It can even give you ideas and tell you what Youtube videos to make next. Nichesss is an app that can do “everything for you”, which “feels like a cheat code”.

Who is Nichesss for?

Nichesss, much like other AI copywriting assistants, are designed to service marketers and entrepreneurs, allowing for a much faster creation of high-quality marketing content.


Although Nichesss is a new platform and is still developing its tools and services, it can already do powerful content creation and idea generation. In fact, Nichesss already offers some features that other well-known AI copywriting services do not, which sounds very promising. Among the things that you can do with Nichesss are the following:

  • Generate unique blog posts, social media posts, ad copy and more
  • Write blog posts and blog outlines in seconds
  • Write e-mails
  • Get YouTube video ideas for your niche
  • Generate sales copy in 10 seconds using proven formulas that convert
  • Translate in hundreds of languages
  • Take a 10-second quiz and get business ideas
  • Find profitable and hot niches


Custom Content

With Nichesss, you can create content in just a few seconds with the help of its growing collection of powerful tools. Simply choose a task you need help with, and Nichesss will take care of it for you. Currently, the tasks you can accomplish with Nichesss include creation of a marketing plan, generation of short posts, ads, blogs, email content, and image posts. Nichesss also offers Career, Sales, Code, SEO, Books, Questions, Poetry, Courses, Real Estate, and Dialogue tools to help you with almost anything you need to write about. These specific tools are unique tools which makes it very promising to use.

AI Assisted Docs

Nichesss can assist you as you are writing longer forms of content.

Business Idea Quizzes

This is one of the unique and interesting features of Nichesss. If you’re new to the business world and looking to get ideas on what type of business to start, you can take a quiz and Nichesss will generate ideas suited for you based on your answers.

Search and Report

With this feature, you can browse reddit or look at your old copies and projects for new ideas.

Ease of Use

Nichesss is surprisingly easy to follow and make use of once you try exploring the platform yourself. I feel like some people wouldn’t appreciate the Nichesss right away because unlike other AI copywriting platforms, Nichesss has a fun and informal interface, even making use of a lot of emojis, cliparts, and other images for its links and buttons. This makes it seem like using Nichesss may be confusing and look cluttered, but it is actually pretty straight-forward and personally, I think the interface is quite interesting and fun once you get used to it. The process of creating copies is pretty much the same with all other platforms, as you only need to select what tool you want to use, input a few information, click on a single button, and wait for your copies.


Nichesss offers a free trial of their platform so that you can experience for yourself what it’s like to use the platform. However, you will only be given 4 trial reports, and you are limited to creating only short forms of content. Reports are what you call the set of resulting copies or other content generated by Nichesss. Once you have used them all, you will have to avail of its Pro Plan to continue creating and brainstorming with Nichesss.

Nichesss offers only one plan for $19/month, which is one of the cheapest plans available in the market when it comes to AI copywriting services. Nichesss makes use of credits, much like other platforms, but with the Pro Plan, you already get unlimited access to everything that Nichess offers with no other charges making it a very good deal. If you don’t already know what credits are, these are like tickets you use to avail copies and ideas from certain AI copywriting assistants.

Review In Detail

Signing Up

Nichesss has a fun and informal look to its platform, as opposed to the usual professional look of other AI copywriting services, which actually makes Nichesss stand out from the rest. I feel that from just one look at the platform and its design, people will either like or not like Nichesss, but I really do think that once you explore and get used to it, the bright colors, font styles, and emojis are actually a charming touch. Personally, I think it creates a thinking that creating dozens of copies can be fun and exciting. 

There isn’t much to see on Nichesss’ main page, aside from a brief list of things you can do with their AI. They don’t have the usual testimonials and logos of their loyal customers, demos, and other sections to fully introduce what it can do, but this is probably because of the platform being new. I think that the main page doesn’t really do justice to what Nichesss can actually do, because the platform does offer a lot of powerful tools and services despite it being a young platform.

To sign up and avail of the free trial, you only need to click on the Start Writing Now button, type in your email address, and choose a password.


After signing up, your dashboard will immediately pop up. From there, everything you need to start generating copies, brainstorming ideas, and answering quizzes are conveniently placed and accessible. Nichesss offers a large collection of tools and services. In the middle of the dashboard is where you can select what type of tool or service you want to use.

On the top part of your dashboard is where you can track the number of copies you have previously generated with Nichesss, as well as the icon where you can read notifications and access your account.

On the leftmost side of the dashboard is a list of icons for easier access to the ideas and copies you have generated with Nichesss.

Start Writing

Let’s test out a few features of Nichesss.


To start generating ad copies with Nichesss, simply select Ads and fill out the necessary information. One of the unique things about Nichesss is that you can generate different types of ad copies in one go. Usually, we select one type of ad copy, specific to a certain social media platform. With Nichesss, you can select up to 5 ads, which Nichesss collectively calls your plan. This actually makes a lot of sense as businesses will most likely post captions for different social media platforms simultaneously. With Nichesss, you’ll be able to come up with copies optimized for each social platform, while retaining a single tone, style, or idea in just a single click of a button. This makes content creation even faster.

Suppose we have an online shopping business called ShopEasy, and we wish to create Facebook, Google, and Short Posts ads. Here’s what I’ve written on the form.

Once you are done with the form, simply click on the Generate button and wait for your results. After a few seconds, notifications will pop up by the lower right side of your dashboard, telling you that you can now view your plan. It only takes a few seconds for your plan to be finished so don’t be worried about the wait.

On your content plans dashboard (found when you click on the sparkle emoji), click on View Plan to finally see the copies generated by Nichesss. Nichesss will produce around 4 different variations of copies for every ad type. Scroll through your results and take note of your favorites. Here’s what the AI was able to come up with for our trial business:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Short Post Ads

If you are unable to find any favorites from the results generated, you can always click on the Add More button found below every set of ads to generate even more options.

Nichesss also allows for easy editing of the copies. Simply click on the gear icon found in every generated result to start editing the copy to your liking. You can also copy, translate, and run a plagiarism check on your copies to make sure that your final ads are unique and genuine.

Marketing Plan

To further show you what Nichesss can do, let’s try and create a marketing plan for the same business. For a marketing plan, here’s the form you will need to fill out. One thing I’ve noticed is that Nichesss remembers the information you have entered in your previous content plans, so it automatically fills in the blanks which makes the content creation process even faster.

For a marketing plan, you will also be asked to choose what you want to include in your plan. Among the things you can select from are E-mail Subjects, Facebook Ads, FAQ-Answer Generator, Landing Page Headlines, and Blog Post Intros, but there are still a lot more to choose from such as Books Intros, Course Titles, and Listicles. If you are thinking of starting a new business, Nichesss can definitely help you take the first steps in turning that business into a reality.

Below item number 4, another set of questions may appear depending on the things you have chosen to be part of your marketing plan. In our case, Nichesss will ask what FAQ you would like it to answer, as well as the blog title of what you want it to write an intro for.

Lastly, choose your preferred language and once you’re all set, click on the Generate button and wait for your results.

Here’s the Marketing Plan that Nichesss was able to create for our business.

  • Blog Intro
  • Email Subject (Fun Tone)
  • FAQ-Answer Generator
  • Facebook Ads
  • Landing Page Headlines


One of the most unique features of Nichesss are the quizzes you can take to help you get ideas in starting or developing your business.

For a skillset quiz, you will have to answer a short form consisting of only two questions: what is it that you’re good at, and what businesses you are interested in. Once you are done, simply click on the generate button and Nichesss will automatically list possible business options for you, which will really help if you ever find yourself stuck and not knowing what to do. You may or may not find the exact answers you are looking for, but Nichess might just give the push you need or the step you need to take towards the right path.

Overall, Nichesss is a very promising AI copywriting software, able to generate marketing-worthy content for when you lack the inspiration and time to do so. With each and every copy it produces, Nichesss provides a Predictive Engagement Score, with a few demographic data, for you to better optimize your marketing copies and business posts. Nichesss also features quizzes you can take to help you figure out your next step for your business which is a unique and nice touch for an AI copywriting assistant. Unlike others, Nichesss has a more informal, but fun take on its platform and interface, making for a very interesting experience of creating copies and brainstorming ideas.

As for the quality of the copies, I do think that Nichesss does a great job when it comes to generating short forms of content. Some sound more generic than others, but perhaps a much more in-depth description of your product or business will help with this. With good quality copies, a large selection of tools and unique services, and an easy-to-understand interface for an affordable price, Nichesss offers the best value for your money.


-Offers a free trial (up to 4 credits)

-Offers unique tools and services such as quizzes to generate the best business ideas for you

-Allows generation of different copy types simultaneously

-Easy to edit content right away


-Focuses mainly on shorter forms of content

Nichesss Alternatives & Competitors

Nichesss vs. Copysmith

One of the main features of Copysmith is a built-in plagiarism checker to make sure that your copies are original, giving it an edge over its competitors. Nichesss also has a plagiarism checker. The difference between the two is that for Copysmith, you get limited checks per month whereas with Nichesss, you can check every copy you generate.

Although Nichesss is new, it doesn’t fall that far behind from what Copysmith is able to do. Both platforms are easy to use, but another thing that makes Nichesss stand out among the rest, is its informal but fun interface which can have be positive and negative points for Nichesss. This young and fun look and ideas by Nichesss may be appealing to the younger generation, which comprises most of the current market. However, some people might not like the interface if they prefer a simpler and more professional look. When it comes to quality, both platforms perform quite well.

Comparing prices, both Copysmith and Nichesss offer some of the most affordable plans in the market. Both platforms also make use of credits, however, with Copysmith’s $16 Starter Plan, you only get limited credits. With Nichesss, you get unlimited credits and access to all tools and services available in the platform for only $19.

Nichesss vs. CopyAI

CopyAI is another AI copywriting service with a big collection of tools to choose from. With CopyAI, you can even generate content for personal purposes such as greeting cards, birthday cards, and love letters.

Although Nichesss already has a lot to offer, CopyAI can offer even more. One thing that makes Nichesss stand out among the rest, is its informal but fun interface which can have be positive and negative points for Nichesss. This young and fun look and ideas by Nichesss may be appealing to the younger generation, which comprises most of the current market. However, some people might not like the interface if they prefer a simpler and more professional look. As for quality, CopyAI remains to be one of the best, but Nichesss does really well too.

The biggest difference between the two platforms is the huge difference between their prices, and this is perhaps the biggest deciding factor as well. CopyAI is priced at $35, and compared to Nichesss’ $19 Pro Plan, this is very expensive. Because of the features and solid plans that Nichesss is able to do, I would say that $19 is a pretty good deal to make me choose Nichesss.

Nichesss vs. Writesonic

Writesonic offers a bigger collection of tools and templates compared to other services. Its other features include other writing essentials such as Content Rephraser, Grammar Checker, and Readability Checker.

I would say that Writesonic delivers much genuine and unique pieces of content compared to Nichesss, but Nichesss is still able to provide copies of good quality.

When it comes to pricing, Nichesss is the more affordable choice. At $19, you get unlimited access to all tools and services it offers. Writesonic’s Starter Plan is priced at $25 with a limit of only 75 credits, which gives Nichesss a much greater value for money.

Nichesss vs. Conversion.AI

Conversion.AI makes use of a true AI copywriting assistant called Jarvis with a vast array of templates from SEO meta tags to Youtube video outlines, blog post intros, and Amazon product descriptions. Aside from basic content creation, Conversion.AI can help you improve your content by expanding sentences or rewriting paragraphs.

Nichesss and Conversion.AI share a lot of the same tools and features, but as for the quality of the copies they are able to generate, Conversion.AI leads the race with Nichesss following closely behind. As for the ease of use and user interface, the point goes to Conversion.AI as the whole platform has a very pleasing professional look whereas Nichesss looks informal (though it is quite fun, too).

The biggest difference with these two platforms is that at a price of $19, Nichesss already gives you access to all of its tools and services. An unlimited plan with Conversion.AI will cost you $109, which is about 5 times more expensive than Nichesss. Conversion.AI does, however, offer a Starting Plan for $29, but you will be limited to generating only 20,000 words per month.

Nichesss vs. ContentBot

With Contentbot, you get over 25 highly tuned AI tools at your fingertips.

In terms of available tools and quality of copies produced, ContentBot and Nichesss aren’t that far off from each other. One thing that differs the two platforms is that with ContentBot, editing of your copies right away isn’t yet available. With Nichesss, you only need to click on your copy to start editing it to your liking.

Both platforms are generous when it comes to their plans as both ContentBot and Nichesss offer their customers unlimited access to all their tools and other services. The main difference is that ContentBot is much more expensive compared to Nichesss, with ContentBot’s Premium Plan priced at $29 and Nichesss’ at $19. Considering that it already offers a lot of powerful tools, Nichesss is the better option.

Nichesss vs. Rytr

Rytr has one of the simplest and easiest to understand user interfaces among the other AI copywriting services. It features a much larger variety of tones to choose from, but what really sets it apart from other services is that it offers a free plan with 5,000 characters per month.

Rytr has a much more professional look to its interface, whereas Nichesss has a more fun and informal platform, even making use of emojis and stickers. Rytr offers fewer tools and services as compared to Nichesss. With Nichesss you can create all sorts of copies, but with Rytr, you can only come up with shorter forms of content.

Both Rytr and Nichesss are generous when it comes to their paid plans as they have no limits to the number of copies you can create and the tools you can choose to use. Rytr and Nichesss are priced at $29 and $19 respectively, making Nichesss the better option between the two.

Nichesss vs. Closers Copy

Closers Copy is an AI copywriting software that is jam-packed with features to help you improve copyrighting skills, templates to help you get started, as well as all the copywriting tools you need to be a great copywriter.

In terms of what you can do with the platform, Closers Copy wins as it includes a lot of extra features that will help grow your business and your copies even further such as Power Words Lookup, Thesaurus Lookup, and analysis of copy’s Emotions, Sentences, Keywords, and Voice. However, Nichesss still offers a wide variety of tools to use, as well as unique features, which makes it an interesting option as well. When it comes to the quality of the copies, Closers Copy is still the winner, but Nichesss actually does a pretty good job as well.

For these two platforms, pricing is probably the deciding factor. For only $19, you get unlimited access to all of Nichesss’ tools and services. The cheapest price for Closers Copy doesn’t even come close to Nichesss’ $19 plan. Closers Copy offers $29.99 for 50,000 characters/month, and $79.99 for unlimited characters. Because of the big price difference, and considering that both platforms can be of great use, going with Nichesss is the better option.

Nichesss vs. ShortlyAI

Though it is powered by the same language model as other well-known AI copywriting services, ShortlyAI offers fewer features and capabilities as it focuses mainly on writing, shortening, lengthening, or rephrasing longer forms of content such as blogs, essays, reviews, and stories.

Comparing the two platforms, Nichesss offers much more tools and services, and is much more affordable at only $19. Both Nichesss and ShortlyAI offer unlimited access to their platforms once you avail a plan, but because you can do a lot more with Nichesss for a much lower price, Nichesss it the better option.

Nichesss vs. Anyword

Aside from basic content creation, Anyword offers some of the best extra features for developing businesses. One of these features is the inclusion of a Predictive Engagement Score for every generated copy, allowing you to determine the impact of your copy and optimize the content for your target audience.

Both Anyword and Nichesss offer unique features which can boost your productivity, and the performance of your business and your marketing copies. The main difference between the two is that Anywords’s Starter Plans are limited to a certain number of words per month, while Nichesss offers unlimited accesss for only $19. For the same price, what you get with Anyword are 15,000 words per month. Since the two platforms have different useful features, you might want to check out which one works better for what you do.

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