Ontraport vs Infusionsoft

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In order to stand out in today’s market, as an entrepreneur, you need all the help you can possibly get.

Top pick

With Infusionsoft by Keap, unlock an easy but powerful campaign builder for following up with every lead while managing appointments and invoices all in the same platform.


You need to segment your email list contacts, create custom sales automation targeted campaigns, not to forget direct mail, and increase conversions successfully for you or your clients to create a better sales experience.

Maybe you have a lot of products or membership sites and need to be able to better segment your email list, or you want to make different sales automation campaigns and track affiliate sales more effectively.

Or you have too many different systems mixed together and things are falling apart.

In this article, Ontraport Vs Infusionsoft by Keap email marketing automation platform comparison (formerly just Infusionsoft), you will discover that Ontraport and Infusionsoft are a one-stop solution to alleviate all the chaos involved in your business and make more sales.

In addition, it also helps entrepreneur business owners cover many beneficial aspects, namely, adding contact lists, creating advanced programs, potential customer ratings, customizable marketing activities, advanced reports, and customer-supplier management.

All that makes a good user experience for both Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Let’s check out some of the features Ontraport vs Infusionsoft have and what Ontraport vs Infusionsoft offers and where they stand in the marketplace.

Users can greatly benefit from Infusionsoft as the Infusionsoft is related to two main aspects:

Email marketing:

  • E-mail marketing is nothing more than a technology that can promote company business information to many people around it through e-mail. Since e-mail is one of the main communication methods, it helps the company make a lot of profits.
  • CRM. Fortunately, we have email marketing automation and e-commerce platforms such as Ontraport and Infusionsoft. They are all-in-one kind of platforms for email marketing and CRM. Trust me, you must be prepared before investing in any of them.

Infusionsoft and Ontraport require time and money to set up, so I want to give an honest introduction to each system so you can make the right decision based on yourself and your needs.

As your business grows, you will need the help of automation and balance all tasks. This is where CRMs like Ontraport or Infusionsoft comes in handy. Today, I will compare Ontraport vs Infusionsoft to understand the difference between their prices, features, ease of use, etc.

Ontraport and Infusionsoft are the two best business email marketing tools with automation on the market. Both have excellent features like marketing automation, CRM, e-commerce, membership management functions for small businesses, great user experience, and customer service.

But this is where the similarities end between Ontraport vs Infusionsoft?

One of these tools is better than the other and wins first place in the marketplace for all the features it offers, automation, and features listed above.

So, which platform is better for growing your business successfully? Read on!

Key Differences Summary

All the shiny features and promises provided by these two platforms will distract you.

However, if you can’t easily use the software, you won’t get any of its advantages and of course, not everyone has the same needs.

Now, many people will feel very confused when choosing any one of them. Now. let’s see the key differences between Infusionsoft vs Ontraport.

Infusionsoft’s marketing automation features all play a role in Campaign Builder, which allows users to use drag-and-drop functions and easy-to-understand symbols to build event sequences.

Infusionsoft divides its automation into “Traffic Source”, “Target”, “Sequence” and “Notes”, each of which has a set of options.

For example, the “traffic source” will include social media Facebook and Twitter, while the “Goals” provide certain actions that someone does, such as filling out a form or clicking an email.


Infusionsoft is focused on 2 main aspects:

Email marketing and CRM (customer relation management) Infusionsoft offers:

  • E-mail marketing is nothing more than a technology that can promote company business commercially to many people around the world through e-mail. Since e-mail is one of the main communication methods, it helps the company make a lot of profits. The average email click-through rate (CTR) is about 18%. In the current market, email marketing generates more leads of potential customers than any other marketing. Infusionsoft allows you to create a list of potential customers, target them to different categories, and design emails as needed.
  • CRM helps you build customer relationships with ease. There is no need to spend days and nights in from of the telephone and make calls. You can contact them via message, text voicemail, or postcard. Great, isn’t it?

Infusionsoft is a larger company in the marketplace of automation software with more capital and employees. This does not necessarily make it the best, but it does mean that you will have the right to use more resources and customer service that is fairly fast and helpful.

This is one of the most flexible programs on the market today. When using Infusionsoft you can send emails, faxes, voice mails, etc., thus providing you with more ways to contact potential customers/s.

Through a sophisticated tagging system, you can track the behavior of the customer on the site, so as to better adjust marketing strategies based on your behavior and interests. The depth of these labels is very large, and you can customize them with a large number of options and adapt them to your needs.

You can use Infusionsoft for customization, and it is amazing. This feature sets it apart from any other products on the market.

The Visual Campaign Builder has a drag and drop builder function, so it is very simple to use. It has many templates that you can adjust the way you want, or you can start from scratch and create your email.

It also has offline sales functions, such as sending proposals, negotiating or signing contracts, and all of the important steps for sales forecasting. This function is only available in Ontraport.

You will spend a lot of time on the campaign builder, planning out funnels, and setting up automated workflows. It takes some time to master it, but once you set up all the necessary integrations and fine-tune your processes, you will have a powerful marketing machine that can make money literally on autopilot.

If only its functions are the deciding criterion, then with InfusionSoft you will not go wrong.

InfusionSoft provides email marketing automation for every stage of the buyer’s journey. From capturing and nurturing potential customers to completing transactions and accepting payments.

For this method to be effective, you need two things – integration with existing tools and a powerful payment processing system.

InfusionSoft has both.

It integrates with the most popular third-party accounting tools such as Quickbooks and Xero and it works particularly well with WordPress and Magento.

You can even use its API to make custom integrations. Compared to Ontraport, this integration is a huge win for InfusionSoft. If you use some other software, you should add this factor to the final decision. This might be important to you as you cannot use your own servers to send out automation emails.

Although this sounds like a plus (it’s much easier to set up), if you operate in certain industries, Infusionsoft actually can cost you a lot of money through emails going into junk.

For example, if many people are using the InfusionSoft mail server to send spam or even over-promotional emails, some mailboxes may automatically mark your emails as “promotional”. This means your email will go to the spam box instead of the inbox and overall affect email deliverability.

Infusionsoft, like Ontraport, has a mobile app, as they say, they want to “get you out of the office, away from your desk, and back to your life” is an amazing way to use it while you are away from your office desk and want to be up-to-date with what is happening in Infusionsoft.

Although not catastrophic, as it may affect the email deliverability of the emails sent from Infusionsoft, you can use your own mail server on Ontraport; this is not the case with InfusionSoft.

As if not enough, it has a fully integrated e-commerce system including shopping carts, promotions and transactions, payment processing, and sales reports.

You can also sell more than one item to one person in an easy-to-use system. Basically, all the necessary functions to satisfy your sales team.

For your sales team, you can also think of sales opportunity features and channels, which makes Infusionsoft stand out from the competition.

If recruiting members is an important part of your business, then Infusionsoft is your ideal choice. Most importantly, their membership system is better and it is a lot easier for affiliates to use.

You can also have Infusionsoft third party chat plugin features for easy contact management and add new contacts while you are chatting with customers.

You can add new contacts directly to Infusionsoft, you can send invoices and documentation and use it as phone support. It will make it easy for you to combine CRM, email marketing, lead capture, and e-commerce in one place.

If having this feature is not essential to the way you work, and you tend to use Ontraport, their membership system is OK. Just it isn’t near Infusionsoft.


One drawback with Infusionsoft is the $2000 set up fee, which includes detailed training.

To be honest, as a person who doesn’t understand technology, I think it’s 100% worth spending $2,000 to learn how to use the program.

It takes an average of 8 weeks to make all the functions completely functional and understand how they work, so if you plan to go this route, be sure to give yourself some time.


Now, no program is perfect, not even the amazing Infusionsoft. It’s reporting is really not that amazingly great and requires a lot of configuration to get any valuable information. After finishing and customizing the report, it can work normally, but with such an advanced program, you shouldn’t have to do all these extra tasks.

All these great features require payment. Depending on the plan you have, your monthly payment ranges from US$199 to US$379, plus a start-up fee of US$2,000. No heart attack yet.

The fee not only includes everything you need to learn how to use the software and get everything up and running, but it also allows you to contact the support team to help you solve any problems. Infusionsoft is all concentrated on sales, so don’t be afraid to try to negotiate your start-up fee for a bit.

In addition, there are some functions that are not included in the monthly plan.

If you want great network analysis it will cost you extra money. If you want to add a membership site, that is also an extra cost.

How about text messages or old snail mail postcards? Pay more and pay more. All the extra fees you pay will add up and empty your wallet.

Infusionsoft does not provide split testing, which is a nightmare for some marketers.

Regardless of all the above, if you need any help, contact their customer support. They are pretty awesome!


For those who do not understand email marketing technology that much, Ontraport could be a better choice.

This is a smaller company that does not have as much capital as Infusionsoft, but the monthly fee includes more features.

Like Infusionsoft, Ontraport has a tagging system to help organize events but it cannot seamlessly connect with automated email services. However, their tracking service makes Infusionsoft stand out.

Not only can you track more things, but you can also check how often each contact visits the site, and if they haven’t visited your website for a while, you can send reminder emails.

Ontraport’s functions may not be as extensive as InfusionSoft’s functions, but no matter it is completely suitable for the needs of digital entrepreneurs/small businesses.

Ontraport’s mantra seems to be less is more, especially in overwhelmed small businesses. You may miss some features of Infusionsoft, but you will never miss its complexity.

Ontraport marketing automation solution and comes with one of the most comprehensive lists of marketing tools you can find in any software suite.

This is just a small list of what you get:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Shopping cart
  • Autoresponder
  • WordPress membership site
  • Affiliate management
  • Landing page creator
  • The mobile app for Ontraport allows you to do everything on the go.

Of course, there are some tools that can better accomplish each task (for example, Unbounce for creating landing pages or MemberMouse for WordPress membership), but Ontraport packages them all into a powerful and well-integrated toolset.

Do you want to reach your customers via SMS? Or send them a postcard after they perform the X action? Ontraport supports marketing automation across multiple channels. Email is just the tip of the iceberg; you can also set up complex automated rules for text messages and postcards.

Ontraport’s A/B testing capabilities are excellent. There are few tests that you can’t split-your email subject line, landing page title, copy, etc.

The best part is that Ontraport’s split test can be used directly. You don’t need plugins or integrations to make it work.

It is true that A/B testing is not as robust or data-rich as some other tools (such as Unbounce), but it still gives you a lot of control over the conversion.

Ontraport pros:

You can easily categorize things such as new customer autocomplete data, transaction reports, customer responses, and other required automation.

It also has e-mail marketing services and tracks which products have been purchased, the last order date, and the operations of the member site. It also includes one of the best marketing and sales software.

  • Provide various templates.
  • Effective recruitment process in the study plan.
  • Effective communication with paying customers.
  • Email marketing.
  • For each update, the software will be improved.
  • The channels you establish can be shared at any time and earn commissions at the same time.
  • 14-day demo version.


A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the cornerstone of any business. It is very important to choose the right CRM according to your specific business needs.


Ontraport supports integration with many other services you already use. Ontraport covers all the basics. Some examples:

  • Paypal, Stripe, Payjunction, and Payleap are all integrated with Ontraport
  • If you use Shopify, ShoppingCart, or WooCommerce, you will find easy integration with Ontraport
  • If you offer online courses, Ontraport can easily integrate Zippycourses, Teachable, and Click Funnels. There are more options for membership and course-based businesses.
  • Using Ontraport with WordPress is a powerful combination.
  • GoToWebinar and Kajabi are available options for webinars
  • Social media is more important than ever. In addition, Ontraport is compatible with Facebook
  • Easy bookkeeping with QuickBooks
  • There are hundreds of possibilities to use Zapier!
  • Many companies need to maintain the organization’s more complex relationships and data. This is where the custom objects come into play. A custom object is a simple kind of database in CRM. It is similar to your contact database, and just like your database has many contact records, your custom object database can as well have many object records.


Infusionsoft automation develops software for small business owners and entrepreneurs and has its place in the big marketplace or tools. Infusion software can be used to develop and manage the entire business.

With its advanced audience segmentation technology and built-in landing page system, you can instantly increase your customer database from hundreds to thousands.

Using Infusionsoft customer management system (CRM) , there is no need to make calls day and night, nor to manage countless data records in a monotonous excel worksheet. This allows you to build effective relationships with the customer.

This helps to contact your customer or a lead in a variety of ways, such as text messages, voice mail, or postcards.

It frees you from all chaos and helps you track potential lead customers at the same time. Similarly, we can even store general contact information, such as birthdays, meeting schedules, emails, etc., which can eliminate a lot of notes.

Then it involves the so-called potential customer score, which is mainly measured by the number of clicks on the shared link, the filled-in form, and the attention paid to the regular updates you provide to customers.

If the score is high, then we can conclude that the customer has been faithfully paying interest and interacting with your company. If the score is low,it means that there is no obvious connection between customers, so it can pave the way for improvisational marketing flaws.

The remainder of reduced customer engagement provides you with a second opportunity to develop market strategies and design them to maintain engagement and ROI.

The CRM part of Keep (Infusionsoft) is considered the most effective way to contact customers. As we all know, classic business involves a large number of spreadsheets, documents, and many other data processing.

Advantages of Infusionsoft CRM:

  • Organize dates perfectly
  • Advanced audience and lead segmentation
  • Enhance communication with suppliers and customers through reminders
  • One-click control of all potential customers
  • Update the normal working status of your customers
  • E-mail made easy
  • Maintain traffic reports and click-through rates

Disadvantages of Infusionsoft:

  • Tricky tool
  • Expensive
  • Sometimes email errors occur

Infusionsoft allows integration through Zapier. Zapier provides thousands of alliances, here are some examples:

  • With Parsey integration, you can update contacts, set appointments, and add notes to contact files.
  • Memberium allows you to turn your WordPress site into a membership site
  • If you use WordPress and want a new login page, you can integrate Thrive
  • Sync2 CRM is a great choice for users who use social media Facebook Ads
  • Tools like Google Calendar and Cronofy can help you and your team predict what will happen in the coming months
  • Easily integrate Paypal, Square, PayPro, Square other popular payment processors.
  • Chatfuel, Manychat, ChatWork, and LiveChat can all be used with Zapier
  • If you don’t like Infusionsoft’s proprietary task manager, you can choose. Zapier connects organizational tools such as Asana and Todoist to help divide and distribute tasks.
  • Incorporate your Infusionsoft account with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Sheets
  • Google Analytics (analysis) and Ruler Analytics (ruler analysis) seamless integration.

Companies of similar size share a common ground in meeting the needs of CRM software. Small businesses have used Infusionsoft software to succeed because it combines CRM and marketing automation software into one system.

Infusionsoft software allows you to organize, manage, score sales leads, segment customer data, and manage tasks. The software can be integrated with email accounts.

In a recent survey, it turns out that 67% of users agree that Infusionsoft helps to have better followers, while 56% of users believe that it improves CRM customer relationships. It provides comprehensive insights into sales performance and many other things that are considered the key to a successful business. Best of all, it starts at $199 per month.

Well, this is a brief intro to what Infusionsoft is. Now, let us discuss the other side of the coin.

Landing Pages

It is important to understand what is the funnel. A sales funnel is a collection of web pages and emails assembled in order to take customers from discovery and consideration to conversion.

A landing page is the typically the start of the funnel using either a low-priced or free product or service so as to make contact with prospects and then sell them other products.

  • The main goal of the funnel is to convert potential customers into customers.
  • A website is just a collection of many elements developed to attract people to take specific actions.
  • Compared with competitors, Ontraport vs Infusionsoft provides you with more services and can help you create amazing landing pages that offer customers, contacts, or users a great user experience while we all know how user experience is important.
  • Create sales processes or have membership sites created in a matter of minutes. Welcome to more lead scoring!
  • The editor for the page builder is very easy to use.
  • To create awesome and super professional landing pages for your sales and marketing purposes, all you need to do is drag and drop different components on the page, and change the text and appearance to suit your needs.
  • The good news is that there is no need to write any code!

By providing you with a large number of templates, what Ontraport offers, and what Infusionsoft offers will make your life easier.

Or you get a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it (which is unlikely).

Some of the features will make you fall in love with any you decide to get so here Ontraport vs Infusionsoft is almost a tie.

Ontraport vs Infusionsoft or similar tools provides for its users fully customizable landing pages, email templates, campaigns, and more.

The best part is that Ontraport makes customizing things so easy in comparison to other email marketing platforms and managed differently as well (Activecampaign).

No coding required! Anyone with Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly experience will adapt quickly.

There are many great page-building tools, but Ontraport is by far the most flexible and you will have ease using it. The reasons are as follows:

  • Ontraport is already integrated into your marketing automation suite, so you can start your campaign and find success faster than using third-party page creation tools that require integration.
  • You can easily get started to create beautiful pages using Ontraport with our fully flexible and customizable landing page templates, or use our drag ‘n drop generator to layout pages from scratch.
  • You can skip the steep learning curve (Ontraport is very straightforward) with our intuitive interface, which offers simple settings and various pre-designed content such as call-to-action buttons and icons.
  • If you really want to adjust the details in Ontraport, you can manipulate anything, from colors, sizes, and fonts to more complex visual features such as gradients, fill size around the image, shadows, and more.
  • On Ontraport, you can track website visits and page visitors at any given time, and automatically perform the next step, such as sending tasks to sales representatives for immediate follow-up.
  • You can use customer information in the CRM database to personalize the page.
  • You can view the source of page visitors to make strategic decisions around marketing activities.
  • Using Ontraport, you can seamlessly trigger subsequent steps based on the actions the visitor performs on your page, such as delivering the product after the visitor purchases the product, or adding the email address to the list after the user selects the form.

Using Infusionsoft here are four ways to create a landing page:

  • Create a “better” thank you page. When people fill out a web form (any web form), once they click the “submit” button, they will have to log in. The same goes for orders and even shopping carts. You have built-in Infusionsoft’s “Thank You Page” in the “backend” of the web form (also known as the “Settings” tab) and the order form (also in the “Settings” tab), but if you want to create a separate Bracket ((with own URL) Thank you page, this is a good tool.
  • Use the landing as the registration form for your lead. This is a good tool for event registration and gathering lead information. Pay attention to all the content about the event, fill in your registration information in the field, and click “Submit”. If you need to pay, you need to enter the “Order Form” link as the “Thank you” page URL.
  • Collect information after the purchase. Now that someone has registered for your course, workshop, or anything else, you may need more information from them. Yes, in most cases, web forms may solve the problem, but if you need a lot of content on the page to explain what you need, the landing page builder can get the job done.
  • Create web pages quickly. Although this is not an ideal solution (because the link is not that great for SEO), if you need a web page to accomplish something as quickly as possible, and you don’t know how to build a web page on your own website (most of us don’t know ), this is a critical moment. I think that as long as we need a hosting page, we can provide us (the app owners) with the Infusionsoft hosting URL. This is a great opportunity, but it is often overlooked/underrated.

You can use the Infusionsoft contact ID to personalize the booking process on the landing page. There are two main benefits of identifying customers by recording ID:

  • On the user side, it allows you to update the correct records, thereby eliminating any chances to update the wrong records and keep the CRM data clean.
  • On the customer side, it allows you to pre-populate the “booking form” step with Infusionsoft contact record data, or skip the “booking form” step altogether. This eliminates the need to ask customers for the information you already have, which increases conversion rates and moves leads in the sales funnel faster and more efficiently.

Campaign Builder

Let’s see the comparisons between Ontraport vs Infusionsoft for creating powerful sales funnels.


Ontrpaort’s visual sales automation campaign builder allows you to easily and intuitively design and automate the most complex sales and marketing funnels, and combine each customer touchpoint – page visits, online checkout, email, SMS, direct mails, internal tasks for real-time tracking, and so on.

You can easily add custom triggers, goals, and actions to the map to create your own dynamic campaigns from start to finish.

The layout of the Ontraport automation visual campaign builder platform is stylish and all in one place. The organizational structure of the site is very suitable for novices and experienced marketers.

The campaign generator is designed to quickly formulate complex strategies. The entire website of Ontraport feels fast and intuitive and the user experience amazing. You will love it.

If you want to get started to create a custom campaign, sales automation, or a sales pipeline, you can use the same dragging and dropping process features as for creating a page.

The same process is used to create emails, registration pages, and forms, using visual campaign builder. Learning one tool essentially teaches you how to use the rest! Obviously, Ontraport has designed its own platform to attract all audiences.


The visual email marketing campaign builder is the best thing when it comes to InfusionSoft.

This is what it sounds like: a visual way to create complex automated emails by simply dragging and dropping different elements.

If you are used to drawing or mapping the sequences on paper and then transferring them to email marketing automation tools with clumsy sequence builders, you will absolutely love the visual campaign builder.

This is the main feature of InfusionSoft (Ontraport platform still has a list-based sequence builder), and they have done a lot of work in promoting it.

In terms of user experience, InfusionSoft has received 10/10 feedback only in terms of visual marketing campaign builders.

Email Templates

Many business owners and innovators know how to combine both great products and services, but do not really understand how to effectively use automated marketing technology to have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Does this sound like you? You may do everything else, but if your marketing strategy is ineffective, it may stall your business.


Fortunately, Infusionsoft hopes to do all the tedious, messy, and complicated work for you. Infusionsoft’s experts have developed drag-and-drop e-marketing campaign templates that anyone can use.

One thing that was confusing me about Infusionsoft is calling email newsletters “broadcasts.”

That being said, after clicking “Broadcast”, you will get a nice number of email templates for you to choose from.

Same as Ontraport, but they are very modern and clean. However, if you are looking for hundreds of templates, choose an alternative as Mailchimp.


Ontraport comes with pre-made email campaigns, so you can start the sales channel immediately. For those who are not familiar with drag-and-drop customization, pre-made Ontraport campaigns are a good choice.

For those who want to get started quickly, Ontraport provides another option is to buy pre-made templates from other users. You can also find free templates designed by other users. If you have established sales channels, you can sell your old designs to other companies.

The only way to make your campaign stand out is to have a beautiful email template.

Ontraport allows you to create Simple emails, Ontramail, and Raw HTML emails. After reviewing these three options, I was completely sold. This is a problem that Ontraport easily solves. Even novices can flourish.

Simple emails is very simple, and as the name suggests, it is the easiest to write. Raw HTML Email allows you to create HTML format emails to insert internal and external embedded links.

In addition, you can choose to design a template from scratch on Ontraport. An editor based on dragging and dropping builder blocks allows you to do that. This visual campaign builder in Ontraport is very useful in comparison to other sales and marketing automation tools. I like the CTA button, coupons, FOMO-themed emails, etc.

Most importantly, on Ontraport, you can save the marketing campaigns template (which can be very useful for drip campaigns and you will create marketing sales letters faster. You will find it very useful using them in direct mail marketing sales) to save time in for later. Even share them with the community for a certain price.

As for the email broadcast feature, you can create and schedule one-time emails to send to a group of contacts or incorporate automatic emails into a campaign.

AB Testing


For marketing automation tools, Ontraport’s A/B testing capabilities are excellent. There are few tests that you can’t split up-your email subject line, landing page title, copy, etc.

Ontraport’s best part is split testing that can be used directly. You don’t need plugins or integrations to make it work.

Ontraport’s A/B testing is not as powerful or have a lot of data-rich as A/B testing tools, such as Unbounce, however, it still gives you a lot of control over the conversion. If you have been following some of our blog posts or my guest posts, you already know that I value CRO very much.


Infusionsoft only provides testing of broadcast emails, not the entire web landing page. You can see which variations of the subject line, picture, preview text, and sender name are best for your audience.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

This part is easy. Infusionsoft has a shopping cart, but Ontraport does not.

In other words, Infusionsoft’s shopping cart has some major differences. The shopping cart is one of these features, and it seems to have only been added without careful consideration. I would always recommend that you use a fully functional shopping cart, such as Shopify.

If you are a small business owner, then this is actually the last software suite you need to buy-at least until your business grows enough to require more powerful standalone single-function tools.

The shopping cart is in fact one of the most neglected aspects of marketing automation. After all, if you want to automate marketing, then eight out of ten are selling goods online.

By default, the shopping cart supports:

  • Automatic payment by credit card (perfect for membership/subscription sites)
  • Upsells are essential to maximizing the income of each visitor
  • Automated sequence to restore abandoned shopping cart

Understand that shopping carts are technically complex; for independent shopping carts with the above functions, several providers charge tens or even hundreds of dollars, so let’s check Infusionsoft vs Ontraport shopping carts.


  • It is difficult to customize the design in Infusionsoft, but it has become easier to add a new shopping cart/order forms in the new versions released because all designs are now based on CSS (Infusionsoft uses forms for their shopping carts and order forms).
  • The only option is a shopping cart hosted by Infusionsoft (not in your domain). If you don’t want to manage a secure website, that’s great, but depending on your industry, it can hurt conversions.
  • Paypal is built into the shopping cart, which is great. And amazing third party integration that gives Infusionsoft huge plus.
  • You can use the shopping cart through an iframe, but it’s weird for tracking and design, and some browsers don’t like it (if you use an iframe to put the shopping cart on your website, you must have your own SSL).
  • Infusionsoft allows multi-step check-out or one-page check-out, which is very suitable for conversion.
  • There are some great integrations with Magento, Shopify, and other major shopping carts in Infusionsoft, but using them will bring you more usage fees or a lot of cash.


  • Not like Infusionsoft Ontraport does not have a traditional shopping cart, for example, shopping carts like Amazon or Apple, but what they do have is order forms that allow you to sell products, subscriptions, or pre-defined product bundles with payment plans. If you need traditional shopping carts where people can choose from multiple catalogs, categories, or product lines, you need Ontraport or integrate with other shopping carts (such as Magento).
  • Ontraport applies to all authors, speakers, seminar leaders, online marketers, etc. who sell information through order forms.
  • You can easily create order forms to collect contact information such as billing address or credit card information, or you can customize it to collect the specific information you need.

Social Media Integration


The integration of Ontraport with Facebook is great for capturing potential customers, and it can be set up and used at no extra cost. Customer records are created based on leads potential customers get from your Facebook ads, so the records are simple, automated, and ready to use out of the box.


On the other hand, Infusionsoft provides a plug-in that works very well, but only requires an additional monthly fee.


The pricing of Infusionsoft vs Ontraport could be the main deal-breaker, so let’s see the pricing tiers and difference between Infusionsoft and Ontraport email marketing automation platform.


Ontraport offers package prices that are competitive so companies of all sizes have multiple options and offers a 14-days free trial.

  • The basic plan-The basic plan costs $79 per month and includes 1,000 contacts and unlimited emails.
  • In addition-only $147 per month, you can get 2500 contacts, two user accounts, Ontraport offers setting services.
  • Professional Edition-$297 per month can provide you with 10,000 contacts and three user profiles. Including installation services. What makes this package unique is the postmaster consultation.
  • Ontraport also offers enterprise-Medium to large enterprises that will want to view this package. For $497 a month, it can provide you with 20,000 contacts, 200,000 emails, five users, and account management. The plan also includes postmaster consultation and setup.

Except for the enterprise level, each level of Ontraport includes an unlimited amount of e-mail each month. With a 20,000 contact limit, most businesses will not need more than 200,000 emails.

With the support, Ontraport Customer service team, you will have direct access to well trained and helpful Ontraport experts from Monday to Sunday. With the phone support, you can schedule the call with their expert any time you want.

They will also share the screen with you and resolve any challenges and answer any questions you have. They are very professional and responsive, so using their phone support Ontraport is a great option for your thing for you.


Unlike Ontraport, Infusionsoft is expensive (it can get to be some of the most expensive e-marketing tools on the marketplace), and has a bit complicated registration process, but you will get excellent support.

This is starting to look more and more like a corporate tool, rather than a small business-friendly, startup-centric solution.

If you have money, that’s great, but if you are struggling, Infusionsoft can quickly get ridiculously expensive prices but they have a free trial where there is no credit card required.

So why not give it a try? They also offer a refund and your personal data will be 100% secured and you can read that on their privacy policy page.

The most affordable Infusionsoft plan package starts at $199/month and it only provides 2500 contacts and 12,500 Emails per month (or only 5 emails per contact).

You must also purchase the “kickstart” package, which starts at $999 and it a one-time payment. Overall, the minimum expenditure for the pure vanilla plan is $3,387 per year.

You can also cancel the subscription at any time. You just need to remember to initiate your cancellation request directly to support at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date and you get your money-back guarantee.



Keap’s Infusionsoft is excellent in usability and design, so if you are looking for a pleasant and easy-to-use user interface, it is definitely your ideal platform.

Infusionsoft also provides users with beautiful-looking templates, so you can ensure that you always leave a good impression on your customers.

You should note that although Infusionsoft is very limited in contact management, it makes it more suitable for businesses with a smaller customer base.


If you need more powerful tools (especially in the CRM field) and highly advanced analysis functions, then it is definitely a better choice.

It also allows for a larger contact base, which is ideal for a wider range of large enterprises.

However, you do need to be prepared for a steep learning curve, especially if you are new to email marketing. The user interface is not the most user-friendly, and its tools are difficult to master.

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