Peppertype Review, Pricing, and Alternatives

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Artificial intelligence has been a real game-changer in the content creation industry as it develops and progresses quickly. You don’t have to deal with writer’s block and doing extensive researching anymore when you use AI generators.

Think how much time, money, and work you or your team can save and allocate to other important phases.

This is why different providers using this technology are emerging and developing quickly and one of the players in this field is

What Is Peppertype? harnesses the skills and competence of experienced copywriters and AI technology to aid in generating quality, smart, captivating, and accurate content for its users. It allows customization of writing style through quality filters such as asking the tone you want the content to take or the target audience of your copy. You can choose to be inspirational, confident, or sound like Sherlock Holmes.

In three easy steps, you can generate a quality content in just a few seconds using the artificial intelligence engine which has been trained with over hundreds of thousands of content to understand what works for you and your audience.

How Does It Work?

With, you can automatically generate quality content in three easy steps in a few seconds. First, select from more than 20 AI tools for the type of content you need. The tools offered by are diverse and include services for description generators, content rewriters, review generators, poll Q&A generators, and more.

Next step is to fill out the prompts with the details needed from you about the product or topic you want to write about. This may include product names, brief description, and keywords.

Lastly, wait for a few seconds and choose the AI – generated copy that suits your taste. You can opt to copy it instantly or save it for later.

Who Is Peppertype for?

Peppertype caters to anyone but is most beneficial to those working in the e-commerce, marketing, and content creation industry. For marketing and SEO professionals, boost your sales and traffic with AI-generated content for your proposals, blogs, and advertisements. With, it feels like working with your own team of experienced content creation specialists for e-commerce owners or founders. Product managers can also benefit from these AI tools in crafting a creative and catchy content that will satisfy your clients’ wishes.

With the growing number of content creators during the pandemic, competition also rises. Using AI technology, content creators can now avoid dealing with writer’s block and keep their creative juices flowing using the wide variety of tools offers in order to get that click.

As you can see, Peppertype is available to a wide variety of users from different industries. All you need to do is find the most suitable plan for you or your team to get the best out of the service.


Peppertype offers “content packs” that categorizes the tools depending on the type of copy you need for your social media, copywriting gig, or business.

Social Media

You can generate tweets that can get higher activity using the “Tweet Idea” generator. For your next social media post captions, Peppertype also has the tool for you to craft captivating posts and descriptions. There is also a “Personal Bio” tool to focus the spotlight on your profile. You just need to provide some keywords and a brief description about what you want to write about. For some of the tools, you can select the Advanced Option to indicate the tone of voice you prefer and describe your target audience for the AI to better cater your needs.


If you’re having trouble elaborating your piece, let Peppertype write it for you using the Content Expander tool which expands the thought you want to write about. You can also simplify your content for a specific grade level to comprehend using the Content Simplifier tool. Another useful tool that you can have access to is the First to Third Person Converter tool which is pretty self-explanatory. It saves you time from rewriting but it only has a processing limit of 600 characters at a time. Also, if you’re not satisfied with how your article or post is written, you can use the Content Rewriter tool to help you improve your content.

For those who want to save time in drafting email communications, provides tools that generate relevant email subject lines and cold emails that can guarantee you that view.


In creating ad copies, it can be a tedious task to think of the right wording that will replicate the essence of the product you’re advertising which is why the Google Ad Copy tool is a blessing in creating variations for your ad copies. Meanwhile, for your next blog post, tools can be used to give you blog ideas, generate blog outlines, and automatically draft blog intros and conclusion. Imagine the amount of work and time you can save!

Product also has the right tools for you if you need to write a product review or a customer response. No need to manually draft appropriate responses for a good or bad review anymore. You can select the Advanced Option for the Customer Review Response tool to set the tone of your reply, indicate the rating of the user, or provide their name.


Amazon is one of the companies that trusts service. With this, users can access product title, product description, and product headline generator. You can also generate bullet points about your product and customize the content for your target audience, keywords you want, and the tone of voice the suits your taste.

Features guarantees its 20,000+ users a fresh and accurate content with its built-in grammar and plagiarism checks to ensure a quality output. This can save you time and money from doing extensive researching and brainstorming.

You can access more than twenty AI tools that can make your work easier for different types of content. The AI tools has an advanced layer of quality filters so you can customize the output that’s more fit for you. These quality filters include setting the tone of the content, target audience, and keyword that you want to include.

Don’t worry about mixing up your saved projects. You can organize your workspaces by adding new ones so you will be able to separate your personal and work projects. This way you can work more efficiently.

Ease of Use

Even though is relatively new to the game, it provides a user-friendly and comprehensive interface to enlighten potential users about the service. The website is pretty straightforward and everything you need to know about the can be found easily such as what the product is about, how it works, pricing, and frequently asked questions. Each AI tool also contains a brief description on their use.

If you’re still lost with how it works, Peppertype has a supportive and collaborative Facebook community to answer your questions. They also have a blog that teaches its users how to make the best out of their subscription plan. The blogs include tutorials and other relevant writing tips and tricks in using

Pricing offers three different plans for its users. All of these subscriptions have almost the same benefits and varies only in collaboration, access, and result downloading limitations.

For individuals or a small team, the starter plan will cost $35 monthly but can vary depending on the number of user seats which you can modify on the dropdown menu. But if you are in a larger team or working in marketing, the Growth plan is more suitable for you which costs $199 monthly. This plan allows collaboration with your team and no limitations in access control and downloading results.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan caters to huge enterprises, marketplaces, and aggregators that requires bulk content generation, and a more tailor-fitted solutions and integrations for their brand.

Peppertype also offers a 20% discount for their potential users if you subscribe to their annual plan which is a huge cut in expenses.

Review In Detail

Signing Up

The first thing you’ll see is an introduction video about the service. There are also tabs on the upper right corner that shows more information about the product, how it works, pricing, and its communities you can join. They also have different customer reviews and testimonials to support the quality of service they provide.

To familiarize more with, choose the “Get started for free” button on the upper right corner to sign up with your email account.


After signing up, you should see your dashboard showing the wide array of AI tools you can use. You are entitled to a limit of 10,000 words to explore the tools for the free trial version.

The content packs are seen in one row which categorizes the type of copy you need. You can select between the Social Media, Copywriting, SEO, E-commerce, or Product content packs. To manage your account, select the dropdown menu on the upper right corner and choose My Account. This directs you to your profile settings, usage status, workspace settings, and billing plan. You can also add additional workspaces and team members in this field.

Now if you’re ready, let’s start creating your AI-generated copy using

Start Writing

Step 1: Select the type of content

For this guide, let’s try the SEO content pack to write a blog article for your website. If you already have a topic in mind, that’s great! But if you don’t, Peppertype has got your back. Choose the Blog Ideas tool to kickstart your writing.

Step 2: Input the required details in the prompts

The page will ask for the product or brand name of what you want to write about and a brief description. Note that it has a character limit of 180 characters so keep it simple and make sure that it best describes the product you want to write about.

Once you’re satisfied, press the “Create content” button to direct you to the results page.

Step 3: Review the result

For this demonstration, was able to generate a total of 11 blog ideas to choose from. You can opt to copy or save the one that you like. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can edit the details that you provided or select the “Create more outputs” button to generate more blog ideas. 

If you opted to subscribe to the Growth Plan, you will be able to export and download your results in a CSV file. Once you’re done, you can choose the next tool you want to try and it automatically fills out the description you provided. To view your saved copies, select the tab on the top part of the page.

Content plays a key factor in the success of your product which is why crafting engaging and click-worthy content is vital in boosting traffic and increasing sales to your page. So, if you are looking to automating your SEO or copywriting work, might just do the work for you. is one of the emerging AI copywriting services in the market. With over 20,000 users and partnerships with company giants such as Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, and more, has established its name in the market in a short period of time. You can access more different content packs varying from your social media, copywriting, SEO, product, and e-commerce needs. These packs contain more than 20 AI tools to automate your work and give you an accurate and smart output in under ten seconds.

The interface is easy to understand and navigate. There is also a Peppertype Facebook community and blog to answer your questions and teach you some tips and tricks to optimize your experience. Since the company is relatively young, there is still a lot of space for progress since the technology still needs human capabilities to make it perfect which is why takes the most of the burden from you but allows you to review or edit the generated copy to make it more you.

Weighing these pros and cons, I believe is still worth the buzz so check it out for yourself and to see if it’s a perfect fit for you.


  • Beginner-friendly and user-friendly interface
  • Time-saving and efficient
  • Increases productivity
  • Can generate unlimited content
  • Generates quality content
  • Access to a wide array of AI copywriting tools
  • Provides quality filters in line with users’ taste


  • Word limitation for the free trial version compared to the unlimited access other providers have
  • Minor spelling and grammar checks encountered
  • No API Access yet
  • Fewer AI tools compared to other providers
  • Built-in plagiarism checker only available in expertise plan

Peppertype Alternatives vs. CopyAI

CopyAI is also an AI-powered copywriting service similar with, but it has more tools to choose from which means you can get a wider variety of personalized content that includes greeting cards, birthday cards, and love letters. Copy.AI provides an option to select the input and output language you want to use which lacks.

In terms of subscription plans,’s $35 monthly plan is cheaper compared with Copy.AI $50 package but the additional expense makes up for the number of tools and benefits from Copy.AI’s plan.

The two platforms are both user-friendly and provides comprehensive information on how they work. Overall, Copy.AI’s functionalities, features, and quality of content generated exceed that of’s. For individuals, freelancers, or small teams,’s Starter Plan may be sufficient but if you’re a large enterprise, Copy.AI may be a better suit for you. vs. Writesonic

Writesonic offers a bigger collection of tools and templates compared to other services, including Some of the edges of Writesonic is that it offers features such as Grammar Checker, and Readability Checker.’s built-in plagiarism checker is a plus but it’s only available in the Expertise Plan.

Writesonic offers a much wider array of AI tools with more than 40 tools compared to’s 20+ tools for your marketing, content creation, and SEO needs. Writesonic makes use of credit points in availing the services while provides unlimited access to tools even in the starter plan. Writesonic, however, supports multiple languages in contrast to which only supports one language at the moment. Also, the quality of AI-generated content from Writesonic is much more accurate compared to that of

The 10,000-word limit from the free trial version of is more generous compared to the ten free credits that Writesonic offers. If you’re not looking for intense writing, Writesonic’s basic plan that costs $15 monthly should be sufficient. For individuals or freelancers,’s starter plan should be enough which costs $35 monthly compared to Writesonic’s $45 monthly plan. Both starter plans allow one user seat and if you wish to add additional seats, is still cheaper given its unlimited content generation. To access the unlimited credits of Writesonic, you need to subscribe to the Startup plan which costs $95 monthly for two user seats. vs. Conversion.AI

Conversion.AI employs an AI copywriting assistant called Jarvis with a huge stock of templates that allows him to take care of SEO meta tags, Youtube video outlines, website content, ad texts, blog post introductions, PPC ads etc. since he can understand complex communication through natural patterns. Aside from writing your text completely by himself, Conversion.AI gives the opportunity for you to let Jarvis do the hard work or give him tips on how to complete specific tasks which is a unique feature that lacks.

In terms of the quality of content, I think Jarvis has the edge. Some of the generated blog ideas from was not relevant to what I was looking for whereas in Jarvis, the output was satisfactory. The character limit in Conversion.AI is also higher compared to that with in terms of description details. Both of the platforms use the same AI language and the quality filters are somewhat similar. Conversion.AI also supports more foreign languages compared to

For free trials, Conversion.AI is more flexible since it gives you unlimited access for 7 days whereas enforces a 10,000 – word limit. Comparing the start plans, offers unlimited characters for $35 monthly while Conversion.AI offers a 20,000-words limit monthly for $29. To get unlimited access, will cost you $199 monthly which is more expensive than Conversion.AI’s pro version that costs $109 monthly. vs. Contentbot

Contentbot offers slightly more AI content creation tools than Both operates on the same AI language. For languages they support, only operates in English while Contentbot supports all languages supported by Google Translate. Although, Google Translate can be unreliable and inaccurate at times so Contentbot is still working on this feature. 

Contentbot offers a free lifetime plan with 10 shortform credits which is equivalent to about 120 pieces of content monthly. The Premium Plan that costs $59 has inclusions such as unlimited shortform credits, 25 long form credits equivalent to about 42,000 words monthly which is good for startups and content marketers. This is more expensive than’s starter plan but it includes a plagiarism checker and more tools to choose from. If you need longer access to longform credits, you can avail the Premium+ Plan with 6 user seats, and 75 long form credits. vs. Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that can generate engaging and original copies in just a few seconds from emails to pay-per-click copies. It has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate website. In terms of quality filters, both platforms have a wide variety of tone to choose from but Rytr provides specific options while let’s the user fill out the tone he/she wants.  Rytr also has the edge in terms of language compatibility since lacks this functionality. You can also have a better formatting experience with Rytr since only offers a save or copy option unless you avail the Growth plan where you can download a CSV file of your results.

For the starter plan offered, offers a 10,000 – word limit while Rytr allows a free lifetime plan with a 5,000-character limit monthly. Rytr’s $29 Premium Plan is relatively cheaper compared to’s $35 Starter Plan if your priority are short form contents. But if you require longer forms of content and bulk generation for your enterprise,’s Growth and Expertise Plan is the way to go. vs. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is also an AI-powered copywriting service with the same language model. However, it is mainly focused on content rewriting, simplification, and expansion. It is sufficient if you only need to handle or edit longer forms of content such as essays, reviews, and blogs., on the other hand, is good for both short and long forms of content. ShortlyAI has a page-type interface with built-in commands that calls each tool. In terms of variety of AI tools and functionality, is a better option with more than twenty tools to utilize for your next project.

Comparing their subscription packages, ShortlyAI’s monthly plan amounts to $79 which is relatively more expensive than’s Starter Plan though this plan is better for short forms of content. The Growth and Expertise plan that caters to long forms of content and bulk generation are more expensive than ShortlyAI’s premium plan. However, the accuracy of the article output is better using ShortlyAI. vs. Closers Copy

Closers Copy is an AI-powered long form editor that features more advanced tools compared to that of Closers Copy houses powerful libraries that contains unique tools such as workflow builders and marketing frameworks from your community or Closer Copy’s default models in creating a guide for your content. This is extremely helpful in automatically drafting social media outlines, intros, ads, and more. Both platforms have the option to organize your workspace but Closers Copy has more setting regarding how to manage your files and account. Closers Copy also supports more than 120 foreign languages which is a huge improvement compared to

Closers Copy also has useful features such as Power Words Lookup, Thesaurus Lookup, and analysis of copy’s emotions, sentences, keywords, and voice. These features take content creation to the next level. It can even determine the impact of your email copy whether it’s captivating enough and deserves that click or not.

Closers Copy is relatively more expensive than most AI-powered copywriting services. But given its quality, features, and functionalities, I think it’s worth the money. To compare,’s starter plan is more expensive at $35 monthly than Closers Copy at $29.99 monthly. However, you can get unlimited generations with Peppertype,ai while you are only entitled to 75 runs monthly and a maximum of 45,000 words for Closers Copy. To access the unlimited runs, you will need to avail the Unlimited Plan at $79.99 monthly. vs. Anyword

Anyword is one of the emerging AI content creation tools nowadays. Aside from the general AI tools for content reviewing and generation, this platform provides its users a unique feature called Predictive Engagement Score which validates the impact of the created copy so you can optimize the content to tailor-fit it to your target audience. This is additional feature is what sets it apart from most services because it enables businesses to optimize their marketing and personalize messages to their clients.

In terms of the quality of content, Anyword’s outputs are a little basic and monotone since it lacks the quality filters that have such as tone settings and the target audience. Although, Anyword provides plagiarism checks that’s Starter and Growth plans lack. Anyword also has settings to monitor the length of the content you want from short, medium, to long. In accessing the free trial version, Anyword gives its users a 5,000-word limit which is significantly lower than’s 10,000-word limit.

Comparing the inclusions that come with the two platforms’ starter plans, is clearly the better option if you’re in the content creation industry. Anyword’s 15,000-word monthly limit for $19 will not be enough to generate a month worth of copies. You’ll need to opt for the higher plans to use unlimited words and multiple seats for your team. The Predictive Performance Score feature is also only available to the higher packages. vs. Nichesss

Both platforms operate on the same AI language and are more useful for short form type of copies. Nichesss offers more tools than but have more quality filters to set the tone of the content.

Both platforms are relatively new to the game and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Nichesss has a unique feature that allows its users to take quizzes to discover their passion and generate business ideas in line with that passion. Unlike, Nichesss has a plagiarism checker and supports more languages.

In terms of their user interface, has a more professional interface compared to Nichesss fun and playful vibe. Both are easy to navigate and easy to use. Nichesss also offers different packs such as poetry, code, dialogue copies and more.

Nichesss offers a more affordable plan with unlimited access to all its tools including idea and copy generators and plagiarism checkers at the price of $19 monthly. For beginners, you can opt to use Nichesss if you’re more focused on short form content. vs. Copysmith

Copysmith is another AI creation tool that also offers a wide range of tools for content creation. To guarantee a plagiarism-free and accurate output, Copysmith provides a built-in plagiarism checker which makes it its edge among different competitors in the field. also offers plagiarism checks but only for clients who avail the Enterprise Plan. Even if its limited, Copysmith already includes plagiarism checks in the cheapest plan.

Copysmith offers different plans depending on the number of credits entitled for use and number of plagiarism checks. The starter plan only offers 50 credits and 20 plagiarism checks monthly which is enough for beginners. But if you’re a professional or a freelancer, Copysmith’s Professional plan amounting to $59 can give you access to unlimited credits and 100 plagiarism checks monthly which is costlier than’s starter plan that costs $35 monthly. For the free trial version, Copysmith allows you unlimited credits to explore the tools for 7 days which I think is a better than the 10,000-word limit from vs. Copymatic

Copymatic uses the most advanced AI in generating engaging, optimized, and human-like content ranging from social media ads to full landing pages or blog posts in seconds. It supports more than 20 foreign languages unlike However, Copymatic AI provides a larger quantity of AI tools to choose from. In terms of user interface, both are user-friendly but Copymatic AI has a simpler and easier page to navigate which is good for beginners. Although, has a blog and Facebook community that can help you through navigating the website and their services. Copymatic may lack those communities but since the page is easy to navigate, everything is pretty self-explanatory and  straightforward. earns a plus in terms of organization since it allows the user to add more workspaces for different projects.

The two platforms also differ in how you can avail the tool. Copymatic makes use of credits and the number of credits vary depending on the type of copy you need. For starter plans, Copymatic has a cheaper package amounting to $29 per month which entitles you to 1,000 credits monthly and access to the tools and API. This may be cheaper compared to if you’re only looking to generate a few copies. But if you will be generating large amounts and different types of copies,’s starter plan that cost $35 monthly should be a better choice. also allows you to collaborate with your teammates and conduct plagiarism checks if you avail a higher package.

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