Rytr Alternatives

Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you create high-quality content in just a few seconds, saving you money and time for other things that you need to do. It’s really simple- simply choose your type of content to draft, write a brief description about it, and Rytr will do the rest.

However, Rytr is not the only AI copywriting software out there. There are other alternatives that have been created to help writers and content creators in a multitude of ways.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Best Rytr Alternatives

Conversion.AI/ Jarvis

Conversion.AI has had a lot of people talking recently, as it’s an AI copywriter with a variety of templates. Examples include SEO tags, Youtube video outlines and blogs posts for when you need them. You can also find Amazon product descriptions or other compelling text templates to suit your needs.

The AI is pretty powerful and works side by side with your requirements which you place in a sidebar. The number of requirements does make it a little slow to set up compared to alternatives like Closers Copy and Rytr but once it’s configured, the plethora of options will make yourself settle for no less.

Comparing the two web apps, Conversion.AI offers more tools and services. Aside from having only a few types of copies to choose from, Rytr focuses more on shorter forms of content, whereas Conversion.AI does a great job with its long-form blog posts.

Conversion.AI offers a $29 Starting Plan with a limit of 20,000 words per month, while for the same price, Rytr offers unlimited credits. Availing unlimited credits with Conversion.AI costs $109, which is about 4 times more than the price of Rytr’s Starting Plan.

Closers Copy

Closers Copy is a comprehensive, one-stop solution for everything you need to copywrite. With features that will help you write better copy, templates to get started quickly and all the tools that professionals use, Closers Copy is great for all your text needs.

Closers Copy is made with precision to manage all of the sales you need. Their combination of human knowledge and artificial intelligence has been a huge success for many businesses’ growth.

This software allows you to choose from a generous library of templates that suits your copywriting goals. All you have to do is write the ad, email campaign, or sales letter and fill in the blanks of a template you have chosen. When you’re done, you also get to use an analysis tool that provides feedback on the overall tone of your work and the emotions that are stirred up when it’s read. It can tell you if your writing will end up in a spam bucket.

Both platforms are fairly easy to use. However, Closers Copy offers a lot more tools in one platform, allowing for more convenience. Apart from basic AI copywriting services, Closers Copy also allows you to grow your business and copies with the extra features that it offers.


Thanks to its many tools like adverts on social media sites, CopyAI is a great choice for online advertising. It is designed to service mainly for businesses and entrepreneurs but you can use it for almost any purpose. CopyAI has over 70 tools for you to explore and choose from, including tools for personal projects such as love letters, Mother’s Day cards, and birthday cards.

With CopyAI, you will only need to type a few words about your product or business in order to generate a copy fit for your target market, boosting your creativity and productivity. As CopyAI puts it, it’s like “having a legion of copywriters spoon-feeding you ideas and crafting copy that converts”.

Rytr and CopyAI are similar with regards to the convenience of using their interfaces. CopyAI does rely on more windows and clicking of links though, whereas with Rytr, it’s more of one-window thing. CopyAI’s Solo Plan costs $35 while Rytr’s plan costs $29. CopyAI does offer a lot more extra tools compared to Rytr, so the $6 difference may be worth it.


ShortlyAI uses an advanced AI that has been trained intensively on a lot of text to provide you with high-quality paragraphs. Unlike most, ShortlyAI is focused on longer forms of content such as blogs, essays, reviews and stories.

The AI will help you save time & effort by taking care of the writing process for you. Just from a short description of what you want to write about, ShortlyAI can help you create well-written content with just a click. You can ask the AI to shorten or lengthen your paragraphs, rephrase sentences, continue what you have already started, or even write the introduction for you. It’s pretty much like having someone collaborate on a writing project with you.

You won’t have to worry about getting penalized for plagiarism with ShortlyAI because all content is original & passes the common checks.

Whether Rytr or ShortlyAI is best for you will depend on the type of content you prefer & need help creating. For shorter content, Rytr might be the better option as ShortlyAI specializes in long-form writing.


Anyword’s AI is trained on $250M worth of ad spend using data from some of the world’s leading brands, allowing for it develop unique and effective marketing language. Anyword enables you to create marketing-worthy copies in just a few seconds by making use of multiple language models that are capable of analyzing text and understanding its intent and ideal audience.

Aside from content creation, Anyword offers services fit for Publishers and Developers.

Publishers can make the most of their readers by subscribing to Anyword. This guarantees a fair and healthy user base for your site without compromising on traffic quality or reader satisfaction. For Developers, Anyword provides services to make your product accessible and help you become better marketers. Anyword can help you deliver value and make your product addictive.

With regards to pricing, Anyword’s Starter Plan is much cheaper at $19. However, you will be limited to only 15,000 words per month. For $29, you can already get unlimited access to all that Rytr can do.


With Copysmith, you will “never have to stare at a blank page again”. Copysmith is a one-stop shop for all your content needs. Whether you’re writing blog posts, marketing ads, descriptions for video content or your own resume, Copysmith’s AI writer will come up with unique and quality pieces of copy in no time.

From templates for flyers to pastries, Copysmith has more than 30 types of customizable templates. They also have full translations for a hundred different languages. Even if you have no experience with marketing or copywriting, Copysmith will give you the ability to create effective copy.

With regards to the originality of the produced copies, Copysmith assures that their AI writes each generation word by word. They also offer free plagiarism checks with every batch of content generated, so you can always be sure that everything is original.

Copysmith is also has a very easy to use interface but with Rytr, it’s more of a one-window or page type of thing, which allows for a faster creation process. Copysmith’s Starter Plan is very afforable but it only includes access to shorter forms of content. For access to longer forms of content, you can availing its Professional Plan, but this will cost you $50.


Writesonic is designed to help you create better marketing copy with the use of a AI trained on high-performing copy from top brands. Among the kinds of marketing content you can create with Writesonic are advertisements catered to different social media platforms to landing pages, blogs, descriptions, and so much more. Writesonic also provides tools to help you generate ideas for your brands, as well as growth hacks for your startup business.

Writesonic works in just 4 easy steps: choose a template, describe your product, generate results, and finally, launch your final copy to turn your target audience into your loyal and happy customers.

Much like Rytr, Writesonic is also fairly easy to use, but comparing it to Rytr, Rytr would be a much simpler platform for beginners. Writesonic offers a $29 plan, but you will be limited to only 75 credits per month. For the same price with Rytr, you already have access to all that it offers. Writesonic, however, does offer a slightly larger variety of tools to choose from as compared to Rytr.

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