Rytr vs Jarvis: An In-Depth Comparative Analysis

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Many people think writing copy for ads or websites is easy. It’s not, writing good copy is much harder than most people realize.

Luckily, AI copywriting tools are already here to help us. With the rise of machine learning, it’s now possible for machines to generate content that matches or even exceeds human-written text in terms of persuasiveness and readability.

When I started learning about AI copywriting tools, I thought this was just a fun experiment. But after testing these tools, I’ve realized this is a massive time saver that’ll save you hundreds of hours if you use it on your own websites, blogs or ads.

In this article, you’re going to learn about 2 awesome AI copywriting tools Rytr and Conversion/Jarvis AI that help you write faster, better, and with less effort. In fact, these are the tools that I am personally using for my websites, which you might have seen if you’ve been following my blog lately.

If you’re just starting out with copywriting or simply want to improve your current process without breaking the bank on expensive writers or content automation, these tools will be immensely helpful.

Rytr Features

Rytr is a sass product founded by Abhi Godara which helps you write high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s jump right into Rytr, I will give a true and accurate idea of what to expect when you use this tool.

Getting Started

Once you login to the account, the initial screen will look something like this:

You can create different files and folders, manage account settings, check content creation history etc. The left-hand panel is used for generating content on the right-hand side is the editor to play around with the generated output.

15+ Supported Languages

Select your preferred language from 15 plus options. Once you’ve selected a language, Rytr will automatically detect the dominant language and switch the content language accordingly.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice gives personality to your content. It helps you make your content sound interesting and fun.

The option is pretty straightforward, select a tone of voice that matches the type of content you’re writing.

Use Cases

Choose a specific use case for your content needs, let’s say you want to write a testimonial, select it, feed the required info, and generate a good review.

List of Use Cases/Frameworks:

  • Blog Section Writing/ Write long-form articles
  • Product Descriptions
  • Emails
  • Video Idea
  • Product Description
  • Facebook, Google, Linkedin Ads
  • YouTube Video Attractive Intro Script
  • Song Lyrics
  • Interview Questions
  • SEO Title
  • SEO Meta Description
  • and much more.

You can get an overview of each of them by selecting it, there’s a caption under each use case to see what each use case can do please read them to get a better idea.

For this review, I am going to use email as an example. Let’s test it out.

I have selected the email option from the drop-down and now I will provide some key points. You should provide a few points that you want your email to convey for best results make sure you provide as much input as possible and follow the format shown as the placeholder text in the input area.

Lastly, decide how many output variations you would like “I have selected 3” and then click Ryte for me on the bottom right, and just like that you have a high-quality human-like email written for you instantly.

If you are not happy with your results tweak your input text, tone of voice settings a little bit to get desired results.

Rytr uses its own use case-specific AI enhancements to produce high-quality content that’s why you see a huge difference between the output quality of Rytr and other similar tools.

Rephrase, Append, Shorten

Highlight a piece of text make sure it’s between the suggested limit to see the ribbon bar for options other than standard editing features like bold, headings, lists.

There are some really interesting editing options available in the ribbon bar. Expand allows you to insert a few words throughout the text to make it wordier. Shorten reduces the length of the text while maintaining its meaning, and rephrase helps you rewrite the whole thing to make it sound different.

Use the append option to add some words at the end of your selection for unfinished paragraphs or sentences. 

Article Writing

This is where you can create long-form content in minutes. You have to provide the topic title and some keywords if you want to. Usually, I leave keywords empty. You can craft articles section-wise because that’s how Rytr has defined this use case.

After completing a section or heading, change the title and generate content for another sub-heading or topic.


Commands are custom instructions to the AI that triggers the order for Rytr to generate content based on a given command. It helps the tool learn about different patterns and also make a huge impact when producing content with AI writing tools. Take a look at this example:

Here I type “Write some powerful life-changing quotes” then press command and here are the results:

It’s not bad, I can use some of them to add in my article because I am writing about “how to be the best version of yourself”. It isn’t directly related but still, I can utilize them smartly.

Plagiarism Checker

It has a plagiarism checker to remove any signs of duplicate content. You can scan articles you’ve written or articles from other websites and pages to get accurate statistical data about the percentage of similarity within your work and how much information has been taken from what source.

I highlighted one of the quotes that we generated with the help of command and it clearly shows how much similarity there is with other sources.


  • Easy to use and straightforward
  • Affordable AI copywriting tool
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Chrome extension is also available
  • Customer Support


  • Writing long-form articles isn’t easy in this app
  • Less variety of templates/use cases


Under the account settings, you can see how many credits have been consumed. The free plan only lets you generate 5K characters per month. For unlimited character generations per month, subscribe to the premium plan which costs $29/month. You can also add team members as well with an additional price of $19/month for each seat.

Features Of Jarvis/Conversion AI

Conversion AI is one of the copywriting tools that has made the headlines on the internet after its release. The main reason behind its fame is top-notch marketing and excellent product quality. A lot of entrepreneurs, marketers, content writers are making use of this tool in many different ways. The features that Conversion AI offers are mind-blowing, even though it is an alternative to Rytr I wanted to include them so you can have a side-by-side comparison.

Get Started with Jarvis AI

After signing in to the account, you will see a page that is pretty intuitive and clean. You can see the latest updates and news, the number of words that are generated in a week, and some other useful options such as live chat and a link to the official Facebook Group.

Manage your files

You can easily manage your files and folders, here folders are called projects and under that maintain your content files. I don’t create projects in Jarvis but if that’s something that you want for productivity purposes then take advantage of it.

I personally use the default project, because creating more projects can cost you money in Jarvis.

Variety of Templates

It has a wide range of templates to choose from, more than 50+ that are well defined and super helpful for any brand, product or service. Following are some of the frameworks and templates:

  • AIDA framework
  • PAS framework
  • Content Improver
  • Intro Paragraph
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post Conclusion
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Feature to benefit
  • Company Bio
  • Product Description

Jarvis comes with an all-in-one brand package that lets you do a lot of things. Create social media posts, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and much more just in one place without having to open any other platform for that specific task.

Custom & Pre-Defined Commands

Jarvis commands are one of the best features of this app. Just write a simple command and let the magic happen. Commands are available only for boss mode subscribers not for every user.

Custom commands are the ones that you type and hit Ctrl + Enter. Check out a list of pre-defined commands here https://help.jarvis.ai/article/351-boss-mode-command-ideas

Have a look at this example:

I hope you get the idea of how commands work in Jarvis after seeing the above image.


Jarvis has announced recipes in the mid of August 2021, the goal here is to assist users in creating content for different purposes like review blog posts, cold email, press releases etc. You can find recipes in the left sidebar menu, click on it and here you will see available recipes select the one you want to use and hit run.

If you want to design your own recipe click on “New Recipe” start writing the list of commands, save it and now you have a custom-made recipe.


Write blog posts and articles with the help of a long-form assistant. You can create tons of content for your blog websites easily with the long-form. Just provide a topic title, description, some keywords and you are good to go. Believe me, writing blog posts with Jarvis is one of the best ways to create articles at a maximum pace.

Tone of Voice

This feature is interesting in Jarvis because here you can set any tone of voice. Of course, there are built-in tones of voice as well. But what makes it special is that you can customize your tone as well. You can set the voice as Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins or Oprah etc. Isn’t it nice? 

Supported Languages

It supports multiple languages which are German, English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. Unlike other tools, you won’t see any option to select a language. Feed key points and info in your desired language then hit the compose button and it will start writing in that language.

Surfer SEO Addon

This addon made Jarvis better than any other AI copywriting tool. Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool based on Google’s NLP (Natural Language Processing).

But how it’s useful? Surfer analyses the content and suggests related terms, phrases along with density to add to the current article. It helps you rank higher in Google for the desired keyword.

Write content with Jarvis and optimize it with Surfer at the same time. A fantastic combo of two amazing tools. They offer a 7 day trial for as low as $1. If you are an SEO Pro then it’s worth paying for a tool like Surfer.

These are just some of the features I discussed. Jarvis has a bunch of other useful features such as blogpost workflow, start from scratch etc that provide the freedom to work the way you want to.


  • 50+ templates to choose from
  • Fast and clean structure
  • Super easy to use
  • Surfer SEO Addon
  • Write long-form content without worrying about plagiarism
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Active Facebook Community


  • It is expensive compared to Rytr
  • No plagiarism checker
  • Workflow management lacks, on the other side Rytr lets you create folders and files without any limitation.


Jarvis offers 3 different plans that are Starter, Pro and Boss Mode. All three plans come with their own unique features that suit bloggers, content creators and marketers.

Starter, $29/month

  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 50+ Short-Form
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 Project Folders
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Chat Support
  • AI Copywriter’s Community

Pro, $109/month

  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Long-form assistant
  • Workspace documents
  • 50+ Short-Form
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 Project Folders
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Chat Support
  • AI Copywriter’s Community

Boss Mode, $119/month

  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2,000-3,000 Character Lookback
  • Unlimited Runs
  • Jarvis Commands
  • Long-form assistant
  • Workspace documents
  • 50+ Short-Form
  • Copywriting Templates
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5 Project Folders
  • 25+ Supported Languages
  • Chat Support
  • AI Copywriter’s Community

Final Verdict

If you ask me which one should I go for? I’d say get both of them, perform A/B testing and see which one fits your needs and budget. Jarvis is good for agencies and marketers that are producing handsome amounts of money through their business so it’s definitely a good choice if your budget isn’t tight. I use Jarvis daily and quite frankly I love it more than any other copywriting tool.

Rytr is a cheap and awesome alternative to Jarvis and in my opinion is a brilliant AI copywriting tool for bloggers, independent content creators and people who are just starting out. It has got all the basics that you need to create awesome content with less back and forth hassle which makes your workflow faster.

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