Scalenut: The AI Revolution Is Here

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If you are an online marketer, entrepreneur or writer and you aren’t already using Scalenut to, well, scale your writing output and grow your business, you’re in for a revelation.

It is fast becoming more and more difficult to keep up with the demands of the digital-first world – the only way to get noticed, stay relevant and build a solid platform for yourself, your brand or your product, is through high quality, high quantity content.

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This is where Scalenut comes in handy. For those not already in the know, Scalenut is a powerful AI-powered writing tool, designed to help you create long form written content at a scale and rate you didn’t think was possible. Leveraging Scalenut or another, similar content intelligence SAAS platform, empowers you to maximise your writing output and, with that, your chances of standing out and sticking in an oversaturated online space where everyone is competing for attention, followers and sales.

In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Scalenut, including its pros, cons, features and price tag. If this is what you’re here for, then keep on reading.

Does your business really need a content intelligence SAAS platform?

If you’re here, chances are you are already awakening to the possibilities of leveraging an AI content writing tool in your business. Even so, let us go over why it is you and your business need a SEO writing tool like Scalenut.

Generate unlimited long form content, faster and better

Instead of spending hours creating the content you need to grow your business, why not let your AI writing assistant identify target keywords, create great article outlines, headlines, Facebook ad copies, product descriptions and whatever else you need – all at a writing speed that a human simply can’t replicate?

With Scalenut, creating high quality, plagiarism free content only takes a mere fraction of the time that it does when you have to do everything manually, from researching what keywords you need to use to make your content turn up in search engines to doing the actual writing.

Because the writing process is much faster with Scalenut in your corner, it means you’ll be able to produce much more content while maintaining the same writing quality. Put the AI to work when it comes to doing the research and the writing, so that you can focus on editing and adding a human touch before hitting publish.

Never run out of ideas

Scalenut is much more than a SEO writing assistant – the software also helps you generate unlimited content ideas at the click of a few buttons. What this means practically is that you will never have to face writer’s block again.

Whenever you find yourself running low on ideas, artificial intelligence is able to produce more new blog ideas than you can shake a stick at.

Get all the ranking factors right

Up your content research game with the help of artificial intelligence.

Scalenut takes all of the guesswork out of writing top-ranking content by gathering, crunching and presenting massive amounts of data to you in the form of actionable insight right there in the editor.

By showing you the exact SEO parameters you need to aim for – including word count, keywords and more – Scalenut makes it easy to produce high quality content that is bound to float to the top of Google and other search engines.

Scalenut tools and features

Scalenut is not just an article optimization tool anymore, it comes with a bunch of additional powerful features and functions. Let’s go over the most important ones.

NLP-based content research

If you have never leveraged the power of AI for content research, you are going to be amazed.

Scalenut carries out NLP-based content research and generates a draft highlighting all of the SEO parameters you will need to hit in order to craft the best-ranking piece of content possible, all in a matter of seconds.

Salenut helps you understand user intent and brings in the questions and keyphrases that people are searching for, so that you can weave them into the piece of content you are writing.

Rather than presenting you with meaningless graphs, the Scalenut SEO assistant presents all of its research to you in the form of actionable insights, which makes creating relevant content in a simple and scalable way as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Unlimited content ideas

When the tide is low in your own idea pool, you can leave it to AI to do the creative thinking for you.

At the click of a button, Scalenut is able to come up with as many fresh new content ideas as you need, including ideas for ad copy, product descriptions, email headers and blog intros.

If you want to, you can generate entire blog posts in this manner, as long as you keep in mind that any completely AI-generated pieces of long form content are going to require a human editor before they’ll be ready to share.

Competition analysis and social questions

One of Scalenut’s greatest features is that the software is able to scrape insane amounts of data and present it to you in an easy-to-digest format.

This includes carrying out content research from competitor sites, which gives you detailed and actionable insights into how you can create better and more relevant content for any single targeted keyword.

Long-form AI writer and editor

Scalenut’s long form content editor tool is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, plus it packs all of the data you need to write the best piece of content you possibly can right into the editor.

Scalenut’s AI editor gives you a real time quality score which take a number of different parameters into account, including word count, keywords, headlines and more. The quality score improves in real time as you’re writing.

Receiving this real time feedback adds a fun gameification element to the writing process and keeps you motivated to write the best piece of content you possibly can.

Short-form AI copywriting

If there is one SEO writing tool that qualifies as a one-stop-shop, Scalenut might every well be it.

While you may only or primarily use Scalenut for long-form writing, the Scalenut AI copywriter is also more than capable of generating short form content such as ad copy and social media captions.

Content optimizer

If you have already been in business for a while, chances are you will have a blog or other forms of written content on your online platform that could do with some improvement. There is no need to start from scratch, however – not when Scalenut enbales you to make the most of what you have already got.

Scalenut’s own optimization feature shows you exactly what you need to do to rank your articles, by highlighting suggested keywords, word counts and other parameters that can improve your existing content. Now, instead of rewriting everything, you can get away with making a few edits to see your content soar in search engines.

Managed marketplace for human talent

Scalenut has something really cool to offer that most other AI-driven writing tools do not, and that is access to a managed marketplace of human freelancers.

Scalenut is able to match you up with highly experienced freelancers in your industry, so if you are in the fortunate position that you are able to hire freelancers to work on your business, Scalenut has a pre-vetted selection of talent ready and waiting to work for you. What’s more, they’re all fully trained of working with the Scalenut software.

In other words, if you want to remove yourself entirely from the equation when it comes to creating both short form and long form content for your business, Scalenut makes it easy for you to do exactly that.

Scalenut pricing and subscription options

Now that we have gathered an overview over Scalenut’s essential feature, pros and cons, the next thing you are going to want to know is probably how much a Scalenut subscription is going to cost you.

Scalenut offers three different plans, all at very different price points. The plans are called Individual, Growth and Pro, and which one you should choose is going to depend on the size and needs of your business, as well as on your budget. Each plan offers a 7-day free trial, so you can try before you buy.


Scalenut’s Individual plan is priced at $35/month (You can bring the cost down to $26/month with an annual subscription when you pay in one go).

The Individual plan gives you 15 document credits per month, as well as 25,000 short form AI words, 10,000 long form AI words, collaboration and writing with AI features, and 24/7 customer support.


The Growth plan, priced at $99/month (or $74/month with an annual subscription) taps you into significantly more than what you get on the Individual plan.

With Growth, you get access to everything in Individual plus 100 document credits, unlimited short form AI words and 250,000 AI words.


Finally, if Growth isn’t enough, there is the Pro plan, priced at $149/month ($112/month with an annual subscription).

Pro taps you into everything included in the Growth plan, plus unlimited document credits, unlimited long form AI words, priority access to new features and your very own dedicated customer success manager.

Scalenut pros

It should already be clear that Scalenut is a powerful and potentially transformational tool, but what are its greatest strengths? Well, let’s take a look at what they boil down to.

Saves you untold amounts of time and effort

One of the most important pros to highlight about Scalenut is how much time and effort the software stands to save you.

If you are either an individual or a small business (Heck, this is true even for larger businesses and enterprises) you shouldn’t underestimate the power and potential of being able to ramp up your content creation by several hundred percent. Leveraging AI means you become able to replicate your own efforts at scale. That’s tremendously powerful when you are trying to grow your platform, your brand or your business.

Takes the guesswork out of content creation

Scalenut provides you with full fledged content reports jam-packed with actionable insights that show you exactly how you can craft high-ranking copy.

To those who are naive about the importance of SEO, what ranks highly in Google and other search engines can seem like a bit of a mystery, when in fact, there’s a science to it – there is a specific recipe you can follow to create a solid, high quality, high ranking piece of content, and Scalenut gives you that recipe for every single keyword or key phrase you are wanting to rank for.

Optimized content, every time

If you already have a bunch of content sitting around on your blog or website that isn’t really doing much for you in terms of driving traffic, it could be that a few simple tweaks to your existing content could change that.

In short, Scalenut’s SEO optimizer tool could potentially help you turn a bunch of ineffective written content into a treasure chest of SEO-rich traffic magnets.

Access to human talent

To get the best results of working with AI, you need to combine artificial intelligence with a human editor who is able to go over what the AI has written and iron out any nonsensical glitches and also add a human touch here and there.

With Scalenut’s managed marketplace, you are able to work with human talent in your niche – a great feature if you would like to remove yourself entirely from the equation when it comes to producing content for your business. By outsourcing more of what needs to be done, you free yourself up to work more on your business than in it.

Scalenut cons

While Scalenut is a powerful and incredibly useful tool to have, it is not without its con. The primary one worth highlighting seems to be the root cause of all major issues and frustrations you are likely to encounter while using the software.

No AI is perfect

AI is already transforming the way we work and create, but we are still in the early stages of the AI revolution – which could very well turn out to be as significant as the social media revolution.

What this means in practical terms is two-fold: One, if you start working with AI now, you are going be among the early adopters of this revolutionary technology and stand to reap many benefits as a result. Two, you will be working with a technology that still isn’t fully developed or perfect.

You’ll discover this as soon as you start working with an AI writing tool like Scalenut. While the aI is able to craft original ideas and well-structured blog post outlines, it is also capable of spewing out reams of incoherent text and pure nonsense, which can be frustrating and require extensive editing.

Still, should the likelihood of experiencing a bit of frustration while you wait for the technology to truly catch up and grow into its full potential stop you? Probably not.

Scalenut – the best AI writing tool?

Scalenut is truly an end-to-end solution when it comes to helping you create massive amounts of high quality written content.

In short, if you aren’t already putting Scalenut to work in your business by generating unlimited content ideas for you to doing much of the actual writing – following a data-led, AI-powered winning SEO recipe that guarantees a high-quality piece of content every time you use the software – you need to be asking yourself why.

With Scalenut it becomes easy and effortless to get the ideas flowing and to produce high quality content at scale. It’s exactly what your business needs to grow and thrive in today’s world. While some might still be hesitant to start working with AI, the potential advantages to being an early adaptor are immense.

So what are you still waiting for? Head on over to Scalenut’s website and sign up right away. You could be producing SEO-optimized articles and social media posts that search engines will love in no time at all.

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