Scriptdoll Vs Funnel Scripts

Scriptdoll vs Funnel Scripts – how do these two legacy softwares compare, and are they still the best options for you and your business in today’s fast-paced digital world?

Both Scriptdoll and Funnel Scripts have been around for quite some time, and have long since earned their reputations as reliable e-mail marketing and sales copy softwares. But how do the two compare, and are either of them still competitive in the current market?

In this article, we’ll be looking at Scriptdoll and Funnel Script side by side, before giving a recommendation as to which software is best equipped to help you skyrocket the success of your online business.


Our first contender, Scriptdoll, has been around since 2014. 

The software was developed to help you write effective sales copy – primarily email marketing sequences, but also other forms of script including webinar slides – all at the touch of a few buttons.

Scriptdoll is suitable for both smaller and larger-scale projects. It doesn’t matter whether the project you are working on is an e-mail marketing campaign consisting of 5-10 emails, or a mega campaign requiring 50+ emails – Scriptdoll can help you write it both better and faster than you could yourself.

Scriptdoll comes with a decent selection of templates written by highly experienced copywriters and digital marketers. All you need to do is tweak them a little to make them workable for your product or business.

Scriptdoll – how does it work?

Compared to more current AI copywriting tools, such as Jarvis AI or ClosersCopy, Scriptdoll might seem rather limited in its options.

When you open Scriptdoll, you’ll be faced with a few different options. The software lets you choose what kind of script you want to generate. Your options are e-mail marketing campaign, short form sales copy, long form sales copy and video script.

After making your initial selection, the next step is to select a template. You’ll have a number of expertly crafted templates to pick and choose between.

Once you have tweaked your chosen template, it is time to customize your campaign by entering your (business) name, the name of your product, the start and end days of your campaign and so forth.

You should also customize your product description so that it truly reflects what’s unique and interesting about your product. You’ll also need to add the product price along with any bonuses you want to include with it.

Once you have made all of the tweaks you want to in the editor, it is time to export your written copy, which you’ll be able to use in a variety of apps, including Megaphone, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, WP Profit Builder and many others.

Scriptdoll templates

To give you a clearer idea of what’s possible with the help of Scriptdoll, here is an overview over the different templates Scriptdoll gives you access to.

The Bonding to Buyer Email Sequence

This email sequence template should be your template of choice if your goal is to quickly build an email list and start turning casual visitors into long-term customers and fans. The Bonding to Buyer template comes with a six part email sequence that can be tweaked and customize to suit your product and niche.

The Venetian Video Sales Letter Script

This template is designed to help you increase the number of people who will buy your promoted product or service by enabling you to quickly write a video sales letter, replete with a human voiceover and video sales letter script.

The Workhorse Sales Letter Template

Another interesting template available on Scriptdoll is the Workhorse Sales Letter Template, which allows you to generate long form sales letters, with a focus on telling your brand story and inspire an emotional connection to your brand or service.

The Work Smarter Email Sequence

This email sequence template is aimed at helping you ramp up your conversion rates by generating and dispatching short-form email sequences focused on highlighting the features and benefits of your product or service.

The General Short Form Sales Template

This template is focused on generating powerful short form sales letters, perfect for online sales videos, ecommerce sites, television and radio commercials.

The Bill Gates Webinar Email Sequence

This template is specifically designed to help you fill the seats at your webinars.

Scriptdoll Pros

The pre-written templates that come with Scriptdoll are high quality, proven to be effective, and very easy to customize and use. If you have been relying on your own copywriting skills (or those of a hired copywriter), you’ll be amazed at how much Scriptdoll can help you accomplish in a very short amount of time.

Another pro of utilizing script doll is the fact that you are able to save the information you use in the templates, so that it’s there, waiting for you to use it to create as many different campaigns as you like.

Scriptdoll Cons

While Scriptdoll is good at what it claims to do – help you write e-mail marketing campaigns and other sales scripts – it is somewhat limited compared to other, newer AI writers, including Jarvis and ClosersCopy. 

Funnel Scripts

Our next contender is Funnel Scripts. 

Funnel Scripts is a solid copywriting tool, aimed at helping you create copy that targets your market’s pain points and converts visitors into long-term loyal customers. Much like Scriptdoll, Funne Scripts is particularly focused on copy for sales letters, emails, ads and webinar slides.

Funnel Scripts pros

The primary pro of utilizing Funnel Scripts is that this software does what it says on the tin – it generates well-written copy, and for a variety of different purposes.

Unlike Scriptdoll, Funnel Script also includes some rather impressive bonuses, including:

Funnel Blueprints (an interactive PDF file that walks you through each script template and helps you understand how to make the best of each), Inception Secrets (a recorded webinar teaching you how to sell better and more convincingly) and 5 Fast Shared Funnels (a collection of ready-made ClickFunnels funnels that are ready for you to import and use, provided that you have a ClickFunnels account).

Funnel Scripts cons

At $797 for an unlimited membership, Funnel Scripts can be prohibitively expensive for those just starting out and those who have to be very mindful of their budget. Without a monthly subscription option, and without the ability to sign up for a free trail, the cost of entry constitutes quite an upfront investment.

If you want an enterprise account for Funnel Scripts, which gives you access to the Funnel Hacks Masterclass, Funnel Builder Secrets Training, Traffic Secrets Memberships and more, it’ll cost you $2,997 for a yearly membership. 

Finding a more budget friendly option isn’t too difficult, and might even be a necessity. 

Scriptdoll vs Funnel Scripts – verdict

While Scriptdoll has its strengths and would be a big step up if you have never used an AI copywriting tool in your business before, it simply doesn’t hold up next to Funnel Scripts.

Not only is Funnel Scripts easier to use, it also comes with much more scope in terms of what you are able to create with it – and let’s not forget that Click Funnels comes with a much more extensive array of bonuses that Scriptdoll does.

What’s more, Scriptdoll feels decidedly clunky, outdated and limited in scope when compared to either Click Funnels or any of the newer AI copywriting tools out there. 

Alternatives to Scriptdoll and Funnel Scripts

Scriptdoll and Funnel Scripts were both very impressive tools when they were first launched, and while Click Funnels is still a solid choice of writing software (for those who can afford it), Scriptdoll has been thoroughly blown out of the water by any number of the newer AI copywriting tools that have come on the market over the past few years. 

Click Funnels’ major weakness is its price point, which makes it an unappealing choice for budget-savvy agencies, freelancers and startups. 

One of the best alternatives to Click Funnels are Jarvis AI, which starts at just $24/month for the Starter plan, and $119/month if you want to unlock Boss Mode. Jarvis Boss Mode allows you to write everything from blog post outlines to product descriptions to video scripts, almost without having to put your fingers on the keyboard.

Another good alternative to Click Funnels is ClosersCopy, which offers a variety of plans –  Starter, Professional and Unlimited. ClosersCopy plans range in cost from $29.99/month to $79.99/month, depending on the range of features you wish to unlock.

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