vs – Which AI Copy Writing Tool is The Best for your Needs?

AI copywriting tools have become a hot topic these days and with good reason. They can help you do more in less time and they are a great way to create content that is tailored for your audience.

Some people feel that there is a lack of human touch when you use AI copywriting software and they prefer hand-written content. Others say it can be difficult for them to tell which words or phrases were automatically generated by the bot, versus those written by a human.

There are also some who feel that AI copywriting tools aren’t as good at writing content based on key phrases and words, while others argue it’s a great way to create SEO-friendly content without having to worry about keyword density or other factors.

In this article, we are comparing two popular AI writing tools, “ &” that are being used by marketers to speed up their content creation. After reading this article you will be able to decide which one fits your needs and budget better.

Introduction to and is rebranded with the name which was developed by creative thinkers Dave and Chris with the aim of automating and improving the content creation process. It was released in 2021 to the public and made the headlines on the internet. is acquired by so they are the family of products now. The Jarvis boss mode is also inspired by shortly user interface. However, the team has no plans to take shortly away so it’s not going anywhere.

What are the similarities between and

Both tools are artificial intelligence powered writing software based on GPT-3, they allow marketers to automate their copywriting process without having to worry about plagiarism and generating new ideas for a lot of different types of content. They also have a lot in common when it comes to features and functions, so if you’ve used one before then you will already be familiar with the other tool.

Here’s a list of similar features:

1) Long-form Editor

The most popular feature that many people use these tools for is a long-form content generator. Both have this feature that lets you craft detailed blog posts for your money websites. You can write 1K to 10K words and honestly, there’s no limit to that.

2) Output Length

This feature determines how much content to produce when you hit the compose (in Jarvis) or write for me (in button. It has 3 options: small, medium, and large. You can choose any of them according to your needs, typically medium works better.

3) Content/Article Brief

These tools have a content brief (in Jarvis) and article brief (in shortly) feature that you can use to instruct the robot what’s the topic about, here you should describe your topic in detail, better input helps the robot understand the context of the blogpost and delivers the best content. The best practice is to change the brief for each section and hit the compose button, this will also prevent you from repeated content.

4) Commands

Commands give you control over AI, here you are the one who is directly interacting with the robot and giving orders to do a certain task by following commands. For e.g in Jarvis, you can write a command “write about the history of google” then press Ctrl+Enter and it will start writing the history of Google. There are also pre-defined commands available in both of these tools.

What’s the difference between and

There are some major differences that set them apart from each other:

1) Templates

Jarvis has different types of templates such as PAS, AIDA, and a lot more that can help you in content marketing for your brand, whereas shortly does not have any templates.

2) Active Community

The team behind Jarvis is very supportive and they have an active Facebook group with over 35K members that are ready to assist if you are stuck somewhere in Jarvis. However, there’s no Facebook group for shortly but as we mentioned before they are the family products now so you can post regarding shortly in Conversion ai Community.

3) Rephrase Sentence

There’s no rephrase option in but Jarvis has this feature that you can use to change the style of the sentence or if you have copied content from somewhere else just hit the rephrase button by highlighting the text and boom now you have unique content.

4) Content Optimization

Conversion ai integrated surfer SEO addon couple of months ago that provides you keywords and entities which are relevant to the topic. Basically, it analyses the content and gives suggestions based on NLP (Natural Language Processing). You can optimize the content by adding those keywords and entities to rank in Google. There’s no SEO content optimization tool available directly in

5) Grammar Check

Conversion ai has a built-in grammar checker, just highlight the specific text and you will see the option “fix grammar” but shortly falls once again here because it doesn’t have this feature.

6) Pricing

Jarvis has 3 different plans “Starter” costs $29/month “Pro” costs $109/month and “Boss Mode” costs $119/month with a 7-day money-back guarantee whereas shortly costs $79/month and you get everything unlimited, they also offer a yearly plan which costs $65/month and saves you 2 months of subscription.

Jarvis starter plan gives you 50+ Short-Form Templates but you can’t use a long-form editor. Pro plan includes everything that the starter plan has and includes workspace document, unlimited project folders, & a long-form editor. Boss Mode comes with access to all features and includes 2K-3K character look back, unlimited runs (If you don’t subscribe to the boss mode you have to manually edit the content after some minutes to enable the compose button) and jarvis commands.

Which one should you go for conversion ai or shortly ai?

If you are looking for a tool that is easy to use, budget-friendly and produces nice content then is your friend. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking for a tool that doesn’t cost much but is still exceptionally powerful too. If you are already making a good amount of money from your blogs or you are a business having a team of writers then go for Jarvis because the tool is constantly improving with new features coming in. Jarvis is a go-to option if money isn’t a problem for you. Otherwise, is a good alternative at a lower price. 

Why you should use AI Copywriting tools

The whole point of using these AI copywriting tools is to save your time and effort. It’s 2021, the world is moving faster than ever before but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality for quantity because these robots sometimes provide gibberish content. 

However, they aren’t useless, if you want them to be your writing partner then first learn how to use them. Once you master AI writing assistants you can spend hours on these tools and never get bored because they are always ready to help you.

These AI copywriting robots do all the hard work for you, so why not take advantage of it? And if you are still not convinced to use them then just think of one thing, would you rather spend hours writing content or let the robot do all that for your benefit? These tools are not only for the lazy ones, they are also for those who don’t have enough time to write a single blog post.

What to expect from AI Copywriting tools

If you are not finding AI writing tools understanding your niche then keep in mind that they are writing tools, not research tools. Don’t treat them as extensive keyword research for the articles. If you prime it with the important elements of your topic you will get very usable posts but it will need direction as will all GPT3 systems. It is tricky at first but going through the training can really help you. Make sure to fact-check and do manual editing when you craft an article with an AI writing assistant.

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