Does ShortlyAI Plagiarize?

If you’ve already heard about ShortlyAI, chances are you know just how powerful this AI is. With just a brief description of what article or story you want to write about and a single click of a button, ShortlyAI will magically do the writing for you.

ShortlyAI also comes with commands that will allow you to control the AI. Aside from writing your intros, ShortlyAI can shorten or lengthen paragraphs, rephrase sentences, or continue what you have already written. It’s much like you’re writing alongside a real assistant!

So, does this power come at a cost?

Since your content is being written by a machine, of course, there will be that risky feeling that your copies are plagiarized or being used repeatedly much like a template, but ShortlyAI assures you that their AI produces unique and original output.

ShortlyAI makes use of an advanced AI trained intensively on a lot of text to provide you with high-quality and original content. It also makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3, one of the world’s biggest neural-network powered language models, much like other AI copywriting services.

There hasn’t been much problem with GPT-3 programs with regards to the originality of copies. I’ve also gone and tested out my content from ShortlyAI and they successfully passed common plagiarism checkers, you won’t really need to worry. However, for peace of mind, you can always make sure that your output is original by using online plagiarism checkers.

If you’re set on availing a subscription with ShortlyAI, you can check out their prices below.

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