ShortlyAI Pricing

ShortlyAI is a very powerful AI copywriting software that will serve as a writing partner you can depend on when you’re having a hard putting into words all the thoughts and ideas in your head.

Unlike its competitors, it focuses mainly on longer forms of content such as blogs, essays, reviews, and stories. With just a click of a button, ShortlyAI can take over the writing for you. At your command, ShortlyAI can also shorten or lengthen your paragraphs, rephrase sentences, continue what you have already started, or even write the introduction for you.

The monthly and annual plans for subscription to ShortlyAI are as follows:

For new users, ShortlyAI offers you 4 trial runs to test out its capabilities. That’s 4 times that you will be able to click on the Write for Me button and wait to see ShortlyAI work its magic. After those 4 runs, you will probably be wanting more.

A subscription to ShortlyAI, however, is a bit more expensive compared to other AI copywriting services. But, considering ShortlyAI’s ability to produce high-quality content, its ease of use, and the premium feel of the platform itself, then the price may be worth it. If you’re a blogger or content writer, then a subscription to ShortlyAI may just be what you need.

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