Simvoly Review

There have already been quite a few Simvoly Reviews out there, as this website builder seems to have gained quite a lot of popularity these days.

This drag and drop website builder has been designed for non-techy users and allows them to create custom websites, blogs, online stores, sales funnels, and attention-gripping landing pages. Simvoly promises to give you the best of both worlds: the ability to set up beautifully designed websites or high-converting sales funnels with zero coding experience.

The Deepest Simvoly Review You Can Read Online

In this Simvoly review, I shall try to establish two things: first, if this website builder is easy to work with and if it can keep up with a steadily growing business. Although Simvoly is a recent entrant into the online market, it has already caught the eye of medium and small businesses alike.

Who Is Simvoly for?

Many Simvoly reviews make it a point that this versatile website builder will do wonders for graphic designers, photographers, independent contractors, or small business owners. Simvoly’s E-commerce tools make it incredibly easy for these professionals to sell their products and services online.

Online Merchants

Simvoly is for people who wish to explore the endless opportunities of e-commerce. Simvoly is one of the best site builders in the world. Its drag and drop interface lets users list online store products and sell them to a targeted clientele. The funnel and page-building tool helps you provide your customers with an unforgettable sales journey.


No matter if you run content or a design agency, you can use Simvoly’s drag-and-drop interface to create highly engaging and 100% SEO-optimized content or innovative product designs with unrivaled ease of use.


If it is true that businesses can get more done by hiring freelancers, then freelancers can get more projects completed faster with the help of Simvoly. The platform offers great CRM and workflow management capabilities. In this way, freelancers will never find themselves overwhelmed by the workload.

Lawyers, Attorneys, Architects

These professionals tend to have hectic schedules and are always struggling to meet tight deadlines. They can avail of Symvoly’s booking and appointment features and schedule their meetings with great ease of use. They can create many different booking events, assign operators for each event, and list specific services that these operators provide.

Simvoly Features & E-commerce Tools

In the paragraphs below, I shall have a detailed look at the most useful features of Simvoly, starting with its amazing drag-and-drop website builder.

Website Builder

The field of website builders is tightly contested: Wix, Duda, Squarespace, and Weebly are sonly some of the big players that Simvoly aspires to challenge. The first thing one looks at when exploring a website builder is its library of templates.

The website themes are conveniently grouped into the following categories:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Fashion
  • Membership
  • Personal
  • Photography
  • Real estate
  • Services

The choice of themes and templates can be expanded further. The user can currently choose among 50 stunning themes. For comparison, Wix offers about ten times as many. Most Simvoly reviews share the opinion that the platform’s website builder is among the most flexible and user-friendly page creation tools you can find online.

The drag-and-drop function allows users to easily rearrange the position and size of elements within the selected template. When you need to add a video on your landing page, just go to the “+” button on the left and add a video blog. You can then edit the pre-selected image and add an appropriate video source. Because everything is offered in blocks, you don’t need any special IT knowledge.

Simvoly’s Magic Website Wizard

If the ease of use provided by the drag-and-drop functionality of Simvoly’s standard website builder isn’t enough for you, you can try the automatic website creation tool. It allows the user to get automatically-generated landing pages or fully functional websites by typing in the answers to a few topical questions.

How it works

You should first tell the wizard what kind of website you’d like to have. personal blog page, a photographer’s page, or an online store, among others. The next step is to indicate your website’s purpose: personal or business. From here, you can specify the exact type of your online business: sports gear, stationery store products.

As a next step, you can select the position of the main navigation menu. I personally prefer the website sections to be at the top of the page after you log in. After this, you need to log into your Simvoly account to reach the site-building interface.

Magic Website Wizard vs. Wix’s AI Website Assistant

Simvoly’s Magic website wizard lags behind Wix’s impressive automatic website building tool powered by artificial intelligence. With Wix, you simply provide your business or personal details. The AI-powered webpage building assistant produces a well-designed site you can adjust with a few tweaks.

Sales Funnel Building

Selling your products or services on Simvoly is easy and stress-free. The site builder lets you sell memberships, music, or video downloads without any external add-ons. Simvoly is the first website builder that combines websites and sales funnels to improve your online business’s conversion rates.

For now, you can select from about 30 sales funnel templates. Unlike Clickfunnels, which allows you to create multi-product sales funnels, Simvoly has focused on the single product sales funnel. This makes the funnel builder unsuitable for online stores with a wider selection of products.

They will have to build a separate sales funnel for each item at $2 per funnel. The plus side is that you can include more information about your product compared to other multi-product sales funnels.

A/B Testing & Mobile View

If you set up several funnels, you can use Simvoly’s a/b testing function to compare its conversion rates. The funnels are automatically optimized for a mobile view, and their mobile versions are again split tested.

The only downside is that Simvoly does not let you edit the mobile version designs. The ease of use of Simvoly’s funnel builder matches that of its site builder. The bump offers and the one-click upsells further boost your funnel’s conversion rate.

White Label Builder

Simvoly’s white label builder allows users to create their own website templates and sales funnels. You can brand the whole page with your business logo, list your pricing plans, or announce important user account limitations.

The white label builder provides wider functionality than the website builder. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows users to fully customize the looks of their sales funnels, web pages, or online stores with a few mouse clicks.

Online Store Builder

Simvoly is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that allows online sellers to set up and run online stores easily. Join the platform now to get your online business to a completely new level Simvoly’s optimized e-commerce tools. Your Simvoly online store can sell physical products, services, digital products, or memberships.

Physical Products

You can sell any physical product, organize your inventory, create product variations without limitations. Well, the only limitation is that you can sell ONLY ONE product.

Digital Products

These include photographs, e-books, and blogs, among others. The downside again is that You can only have one blog page per site. On the plus side, Simvoly provides online storage of your photos so that you can reuse them whenever you need to. Ensure that the photos you upload for sale are fully edited because Simvoli does not provide any photo editing tools.

Sell Services

Simvoly’s online store also allows you to sell services. This makes the platform very suitable for freelancers, language teachers, journalists, architects, lawyers, and other such professionals. You can even team up with other professionals and sell a portfolio of services organized into different categories.

Sell Memberships

Symvoli may not have the best website builder just yet, but its membership selling functionality is truly outstanding. You can sell website memberships via the E-Commerce functionality. Access is automatically granted as soon as the payment is processed.

Once you are done with site creation, you may designate membership areas to grant your customers access to premium content. As an administrator, you can track and manage the access levels of the different members’ accounts and control the personal profile of each member.

Payment Processing

No funnel builder is complete without adequate payment processing features. You can set your Simvoly store to accept payments through PayPal and Stripe.

Simvoly vs. Shopify: Which is the better e-commerce solution?

Shopify appears to be Simvoly’s most viable alternative in the field of e-commerce. Shopify has an overall score of 4.5, based on 61 user reviews on Knoji, while Simvoly scores 4.6 from 84 user reviews.

Shopify outclasses Simvoly with its integrated online marketing tools, Amazon Pay Support, and in-store pickup policy. On the other hand, Simvoly offers better SEO support, debit & prepaid card support, and a more flexible cancellation policy.


If your online business needs powerful Email Marketing tools, you can use GetResponse and Aweber directly from your account on Simvoly. GetResponse is by far the best email marketing service out there.

You can use it to launch highly targeted campaigns with a wide variety of business email templates. You can also integrate your Simvoly account with Aweber and take advantage of their effective email marketing automations and professionally looking sign-up forms. You can integrate Google analytics to see how a web page or a site performs in real-time and measure the traffic ut generates.

How Much Does Symvoly Cost?

Symvoli offers four pricing plans. They all come with a 14-day free trial and 0% transaction fees. No credit card is required. If you sign up for 12 months, their costs are as follows:

  • Personal: S12/mo
  • Business: $24/mo
  • Growth: $79/mo
  • Pro: $199/mo

Maybe you are uncertain as to whether or not you’d like to commit to Simvoly for a full year? Well, you can pay month-for-month, but the rates are significantly higher:

  • Personal: S18/mo
  • Business: $32/mo
  • Growth: $199/mo
  • Pro: $249/mo

All plans share the following features:

  • Live Chat Support
  • SSL Certificate
  • CRM Functionality
  • Split Testing
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Full E-Commerce Solution
  • Customer Memberships

Now, let’s look at the more specific tools, features, and functions you get with each e-commerce plan.


Simvoly’s cheapest e-commerce plan lets you create just one website, one funnel, and the ability to link one custom domain to your website or sales funnel. In your Personal Account, you can create 20 web pages that can be visited by up to 10,000 visitors per month. This plan also lets you sell five products in your online store and maintain 25 membership accounts through two admins.


With this e-commerce plan, you can also build just one website, but it lets you set up six sales funnels and link six domains. There is no limit to the number of landing pages you can set up, and the traffic to your site increases to 60 GB.

With the Business Plan, you can set up customized funnel checkouts and pleasantly surprise your customers with lucrative bump offers at checkout. And if they like another product just before finalizing their order, they can avail of the one-click-upsell option.

The Business Plan allows you to sell up to 100 products in your online store, maintain and manage up to 200 paid membership accounts, and process recurring payments with remarkable ease. Your Business account on Simvoly can have up to five admins.


This e-commerce plan lets you set up 3 different sites for the different branches of your business. You can use the website creation tool to set up 30 funnels and an unlimited number of web pages. With 120 GB of traffic, you can rest assured that your website will always be accessible.

The Best thing about the Growth Plan is that it has no cap on the number of products you can list in your online shop. You can also maintain an unlimited number of member accounts managed by up to 33 admins. With the White Label function, you can have a unique branded version of the platform.


This e-commerce plan lets you create ten sites with one of the best site builders in the world directly from your browser. The Pro Plan has all the features of its predecessors, plus 400GB of traffic and no limit on the number of funnels, domains, and pages.

You can sell an unlimited number of products in your online shop and manage an unlimited number of paid memberships. On top of everything else, you can have up to 100 account admins.

Customer Service

If you get stuck with a feature of the website builder, you can always click the question mark button in the lower right corner of your screen. That button takes Simvoly’s Academy with 28 video tutorials and detailed walkthroughs of the site-building process.

If you still can find a fix among those resources, you can contact Simvoly’s customer service via chat or email. Every plan above the basic one gives access to priority customer support. If you send a query during office hours, the shat representative replies almost immediately. Email queries are usually processed within up to six hours.

When I emailed a query about connecting a third-party domain to my Simvoly site, I got a reply within about ten minutes. On the downside, Simvoly does not have an online forum or a user community, where you can post a question or report an issue and ask for help.

Surprisingly, Simvoly does not provide one-to-one customer support and assistance over the phone or online, even with its more expensive plans.

Customer Reviews

There’s no point in reading the Simvoly reviews on their home page, as they all give the platform five stars. I had to dig really deep to find out what people really say about this sales funnel & website builder.

I wish it had a native online marketing tool.

My online business really depends on being able to launch targeted email campaigns on time. Unfortunately, Simvoly still lacks a native automation app. That’s really embarrassing for a solution marketed as an all-in-one marketing platform.

Jenna, Iowa

I can’t really get used to all these updates

The biggest challenge I see when using Simvoly is that new updates are coming almost every day, and I get really confused. Many of the new functions have bugs; others don’t work at all.

Stan, Nebraska

Basic Website Builder

As a professional web designer, I can say I have used website builders that are far more sophisticated. For example, the mobile versions of the websites are not customizable.

Rebecca, California

Of course, there are Simvoly reviews that abound in superlatives and people that rank Simvoly among the best website builders in the world. Here are some of them.

The best website builder I’ve used

Simvoly provides a super-fast and easy-to-use website builder. You’ll fall in love with it even if you have not designed a single web page before.

Felix Clarke, Guam

Aesthetically-pleasing and responsive web themes

I am an interior designer, and I struggled to host my agency’s website on WordPress. I no longer have to deal with a bevy of plugins or perplexing theme updates. Simvoly’s library is full of professionally-looking themes that truly represent the nature of my business.

Christie, Alabama

Final Verdict

As a newcomer among the best website builders globally, Simvoly still has plenty of room for improvement. On the whole, the platform creates an impression that it is still a work in progress. Here is my final verdict on this software, based on the following criteria.


Simvoly does its primary job really well. The websites you build may lack some features like photo editing, but that’s nothing one can’t do without. You can also use the software for blogs and funnels instead of opening separate WordPress or ClickFunnels accounts.


All Simvoly reviews I’ve read define the platform as highly reliable. The SSL protocol encrypts the traffic between your PC and the platform and protects your valuable business and personal data. Also, you can be sure that your Simvoly account will be accessible from anywhere in the world. You can keep building your site even when Simvolu’s engineers are updating the platform.


For all of the features and functions that Simvoly offers, its pricing options seem very affordable. Its business plan costs just $24 per month and is the people’s favorite. It provides access to almost all of the platform’s resources and unlocks all essential tools. If you need a more comprehensive plan, you can try Growth and Pro for 14 days for free before signing up for a full year.

Ease of Use

Simvoly is remarkably easy to use, even if it still lacks the special features of some other website builders. The UI is intuitive, and all site and funnel building elements are neatly organized in blocks. adding a description to a product is a piece of cake with a blog block that you can position wherever you want.

Customer Support

The customer support service of Symvoly can be further optimized. Having a live chat widget on all four plans is great, but they could have opened a toll-free phone line as well. The lack of help community or forum is another setback in Simvoly’s customer care policy.

However, I honestly think that large and mid-sized online businesses that have signed up for the Growth and Pro plans deserve special customer support in the form of on-demand one-to-one sessions online or on the phone.

That said, I think that Symvoly is yet to claim its spot among the website builders in the world. Stay tuned for more hot updates on this amazing platform!

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