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Clickfunnels, founded in 2013, has at least 110,000 customers with an active subscription and with their impressive ability to streamline many complex processes combined with their commitment to assisting their customers’ business development, it’s easy to see why. 

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder that allows entrepreneurs and marketers to create effective and suitable sales funnels even without any prior experience in programming and web design. 

A good sales funnel is vital to any business especially as more and more businesses turn digital in the post-pandemic world, competition is fierce and Clickfunnels commits to simplifying an otherwise very complex process with its user-friendly features making web development and sales funnel creation easier than ever to execute. 

Without software like Clickfunnels, entrepreneurs would most likely need to consult an industry expert which would cost a significant amount of money and that’s without stopping to consider the cost of web designers and programmers… 

With Clickfunnels’ obvious commitment to customer satisfaction, growth and learning, it is no surprise to hear that a cache of easy-to-follow, step-by-step training videos are offered on an array of relevant topics. 

However, there is another feature that totally sets Clickfunnels apart and really allows entrepreneurs to up their marketing game – Daily Virtual Hackathons. 

What’s a hackathon? 

Despite its obvious simplicity and user-friendly features, Clickfunnels may still present a steep learning curve for novices. 

In order to effectively overcome this, Clickfunnels trainers dedicate many hours to hosting hackathons every week – in fact, Hackathons are currently held twice per day Monday-Friday and may even be recorded for those who have difficulty attending. 

A virtual hackathon is funnel-building training with live coaching. 

During these training sessions, you’ll be taught step by step how to build an effective sales funnel and get the most out of Clickfunnels as a program. 

You’ll learn how to create all kinds of funnels, such as webinar funnels, high ticket funnels, lead funnels, sales funnels and more. 

In addition to the above, since the sessions are live you’re able to jump in at any point and ask your tutor any questions about sales funnels, receiving additional help and support as you need it. 

Who are hackathons for? 

Almost all digital marketers could benefit from these powerful daily training sessions; this is a unique and powerful feature that really packs a punch in the world of marketing with a wealth of knowledge offered as a complimentary benefit for those who avail platinum or higher plans. 


Though Clickfunnels starter is available from $97 per month, we’ll be focusing on Platinum  as Starter package users cannot make use of the daily hackathons. 

For $297 you can avail of the platinum plan which includes the following. 

  • Unlimited Funnels, landing pages and follow-up funnels. 
  • Priority Live Chat Support. 
  • 3 User seats. 
  • Pre-built templates. 
  • Sales Analytics. 
  • Payment gateway integration. 
  • Access to The Funnelflix program. 

That is of course, all in addition to access to the daily virtual hackathon. 

Aimed at marketing firms and teams, the two comma club X subscription is available for $2,497 per month. Offering the above and also.. 

  • Priority support + VIP phone support. 
  • Unlimited access to The Funnelflix program. 
  • 27 payment gateways. 
  • 27 Domain names. 
  • 10 User seats. 


Clickfunnels is a premium program with a premium cost however, for the price, it offers first-class sales funnel training as well as a premium, simple, feature-packed product that can eliminate your need to hire a web developer, consultants, funnel builders etc… Making it far more cost-effective in the long run. 

However, I totally understand reservations, what if it’s not worth it? This is why I recommend availing the 14-day free trial which will allow you to assess how much it can offer you, how much your business performance improves and if it offers sufficient value for money. I had my reservations and I was very wrong. 

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