Writesonic Vs Nichesss

Writesonic vs Nichesss – which AI copywriting tool provides the best defence against the ever present threat of writer’s block?

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing social media posts, blog posts, elevator pitches, product descriptions or email marketing campaigns – sometimes we all run out of creative steam and find ourselves struggling to put words on the page.

But thanks to the rapidly developing powers of AI-powered writing tools, writer’s block will soon be nothing more than a hazy memory. 

In this article we’ll be looking at two of the newer AI copywriting tools on the market, namely Writesonic and Nichesss. Both softwares promise to help you blast through writer’s block and generate everything from social media posts to business ideas to blog posts with minimal effort on your part.


Let us first take a closer look at what makes Writesonic stand out as an AI-powered writing tool. Writesonic has an impressive and versatile array of templates and tools to offer, whether you’re a digital marketer, a social media content producer or an ecommerce business owner. 

Writesonic features

With the assistance of Writesonic, you can quickly generate 

  • Just about any kind of website copy you can dream up including landing pages, headers and SEO meta descriptions,
  • Digital ads copy for Facebook ads, Google ads and LinkedIn ads (with Instagram and Twitter ads soon to be added to the arsenal of options)
  • Article and blog copy (Writesonic’s AI Article Writer comes with a bunch of very useful tools such as automatically generated blog ideas, intros and outros, a content rephraser and expander feature, a grammar fixer, a readability checker and more)
  • eCommerce copy, including product descriptions and sales emails
  • Copywriting formulas such as Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA
  • And many other tools, including YouTube video script copy generation, business growth ideas, product names and press releases

Writesonic pricing and subscription options

Writesonic gives you five different subscription options to choose from – Free Trial, Basic, Professional, Startup and Agency.

The Free Trial is only accessible to new users and hooks you up with 10 credits. You also get access to all present features, 25 languages and 1 user seat.

The next step up after the Free Trial option is the Basic subscription plan, priced at $15/month. The Basic plan is intended for personal use and gives you 75 credits, access to all present features, 25 languages and 1 user seat.

For those who need a little more, the next step up from there is the Professional plan, which costs $45/month and is aimed at freelancers. You get unlimited credits, access to all present features, 25 languages and 1 user seat.

For those who need even more space to grow, the Startup plan is going to be the best choice. Priced at $95/month, the Startup plan taps you into unlimited credits, all present features, 25 languages, 2 user seats and priority support. Startup subscribers will also soon be able to access two incredible plug-ins that are currently in development, namely browser extensions and Shopify app.

Finally, there is the Agency plan, which is priced at $195/month and provides the perfect solution for businesses and agencies that need quality copy at scale. On the Agency plan you get unlimited credits, all present features, 25 languages, 4 user seats, custom feature requests and priority support, as well as access to these upcoming new features; browser extensions, Shopify app and White Labelling.


Now that we’ve had a good look at Writesonic, it’s time for us to look at its competitor, Nichess, and see how they compare, feature to feature.

Much like Writesonic, Nichess promises to help you generate high-quality and unique copy in a matter of seconds.

Nichess features

The different features and templates Nichess taps you into can help you generate a wide variety of written content, including:

  • Blog posts, social media posts and ad copy, using the Nichess AI writing tool
  • Emails, written for you in seconds
  • YouTube video ideas, including titles, keywords and script
  • Sales copy (Following proven, high-converting formulas)
  • Business ideas 
  • Find and identify profitable and hot niche ideas
  • All translated into 100+ languages

Nichess pricing and subscription options

Nichess keeps things simple by offering only one subscription plan, in addition to an initial free trial for those who like to try before they buy.

The Nichesss Pro subscription is priced at $19/month and gives you unlimited credits as well as the ability to make your own reports and search 40k+ subreddits. You also get access to the AI-powered idea generator tool and to the (also AI-powered) Copy Generator.

Writesonic Vs Nichess conclusion

Witesonic and Nichess both have a lot to offer, whether you’re a growing digital enterprise, a freelancer or someone who is merely curious about what AI-generated copy might help you achieve on social media or in business.

Having said that, Writesonic offers the best options for eCommerce business owners in the form of an upcoming Shopify-integration and access to multiple copywriting formulas geared specifically at selling. If you are a business or larger agency, Writesonic should be your go-to.

If, on the other hand, you’re a small solopreneur or startup, Nichess might be a better choice, since the Nichesss pro plan is competitively priced at just $19 a month, which is a cost even the most budget-conscious bootstrapper can probably get behind, given the vast possibilities an AI copywriting tool like Writesonic or Nichess can give you access to. Another thing that’s worth noting about the Nichess pro plan is that it gives you unlimited credits right off the bat, whereas Writesonic’s equivalent Professional plan costs over twice as much at $45/month.

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