AppSumo – Is it Legit?

What is AppSumo? 

AppSumo is the brainchild of famed entrepreneur Noah Kagan, who was employee number 30 at Facebook, however, he was quite spectacularly fired just before the company went public, costing him around $185 million in employee shares. Ouch. 

Despite that setback, Kagan continued to increase his wealth and success with his entrepreneurial know-how and ultimately launched the Sumo group, of which AppSumo is the largest entity and arguably the most popular too – with over 1 million users to date. 

AppSumo offers a popular online marketplace where you can buy all manner of software programs and tools, however, they maintain a real focus on customer service, as well as assisting young startups with their launch – for example offering a black Friday fund where digital startups can access up to $10,000 in funding to launch their business. 

It is clearly one of the aims of the AppSumo platform to offer not only great software at an unbeatable price but also excellent customer service, too.

What kind of deals does AppSumo Offer? 

 AppSumo offers HUGE savings in its bid to successfully launch young digital businesses and their lifetime deals can offer as much as 50-95% off of a variety of software programs designed to make your life easier. This is an excellent combination of helping businesses establish a lifetime following/customer base while also offering crazy value for money to their customers. Everyone is a winner! 

 Everything to make your business, organization and digital endeavors a success can be found on AppSumo. With its unique digital offerings and people-centric approach, AppSumo has even managed to top business giants Facebook, Apple, and Google on a revenue per employee basis. 

AppSumo has been the launchpad for many young digital products, with over 1,000 startup launches under its belt; AppSumo has even been known to help establish some of the hottest products on the market right now, most deals start at around $40 but some are even cheaper than this, for LIFETIME access. It really cannot get any better than that… 

AppSumo specializes in offering limited-time lifetime deals to create a brilliant combination of unbeatable value and the security of knowing the product is 100% yours for its lifetime with no monthly subscription fees required. 


In conclusion, YES AppSumo is a legitimate, trusted company with a massive customer base (1M+). 

I have personally used them many times (in fact, like many digital marketers – I’ve somewhat of an addiction) and never had any problems accessing customer support at all or requesting the rare refund. 

This is all very unsurprising given they are so committed to customer satisfaction and have multiple contact channels open for you to use… However, if this is the first you’ve ever heard of AppSumo, then who could blame you for having a few reservations? 

I get it – really, which is why I’m duty-bound to point out that AppSumo not only offers first-class customer support via email and a convenient live chatting function, it also has a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee on ALL of its products, no questions asked. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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