Funnel Scripts Review

If you want to increase your sales and advertise your company, you need strong content. However, because we are not all brilliant copywriters, and those may be very expensive, we are considering various alternatives.

This is why we are writing the Funnel Scripts review today, as one of the tools that can assist you in creating the copy and content you require for your product.

We’ll also go through some of the alternatives and more current releases, such as Jarvis or Closers Copy, that provide some great solutions, as well as how to use AI technology to achieve the best results.

So, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Funnel Scripts and much more.

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a fantastic product produced by veteran copywriter Jim Edwards and his ClikFunnels CEO partner Russel Brunson. They recognized the significance of great writing and how it can drive visitors to your website and generate leads that will boost your sales.

While we all recognize the value of strong copy that sells a product, we aren’t all copywriting gurus like Edwards, therefore this program was created to assist.

Copies are generally produced by professional authors who charge a lot of money yearly, so having software perform all of the work for you at a reduced price seems appealing. But is that it?


Funnel Scripts has all the features you need to increase sales and market your business in the simplest and most effective method imaginable.

How does Funnel Scripts work?

Funnel Scripts was created to work with the creator, however, we must point out that while it is simple to use once you understand the concept, it does take some time to get accustomed to.

It works on the assumption that strong copy is required for all aspects of your business, such as landing pages, advertisements, and content. As a result, some of the most common methods of advertising your business will be set out on the Funnel Scripts dashboard as a range of scripts.

You would enter information about your organization, target audience, and keywords, and the software will generate the finest ideas and copy for you.

All of this may be tweaked along the way to best fit your needs and increase sales. You are no longer always on the lookout for talented copywriters, and you can develop your company on your own even if you lack sales skills.

Professionals meticulously create each funnel script to catch the visitor’s interest and make the most of their visit. Its purpose is to generate leads that you would need to nurture and convert into clients.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Funnels Scripts:

1. Locate the script you want on the left-side menu – There are over 60 accessible scripts, each with a video lesson that will greatly assist you in selecting the correct script. Choosing the right script is essential, so take your time and experiment with all the options.

2. Fill out the questionnaire – Questions are typically identical and consist of basic information such as your company’s name, product, cost, and advantages, among other things. These will be incorporated into the script and used to promote your product or service in the best way.

3. Click the build button – This is where the platform’s magic happens. You may select the appropriate format and receive the copy in minutes. This means no more hours are spent typing and looking for the best copywriter.

4. Edit – The majority of the copies will require some form of modification. This may be a minor process depending on your tastes and demands.

For the greatest outcomes, choose the script that is suited for the audience.

This may appear to be a simpler task than it is, which is one of the reasons Funnel Scripts has headline results split into hot, warm, and cold leads. If you’re not sure who your target audience is, this should come in handy.

Scripts and projects can be stored and distributed to others. This is a wonderful feature if you want to collaborate on a project with someone, and it’s also one of the reasons why larger businesses utilize this program.

Funnel Scripts Features

This funnel building and copywriting software’s features are intended to help you with the first blank page and turn it into some productive work that will generate you sales.

Many company owners, affiliate marketers, and even bloggers are at a loss for ideas and don’t see a clear route to improve engagement and revenue.

This is where the features contained in Funnel Scrips will assist you in creating content. The copies created will:

  • Boost traffic
  • Increase engagement and lead generation
  • Maintain the relationship
  • Secure the sales

Several downloadable wizards and script generators may assist you in creating that killer copy even if you are stuck and lack creativity.

This is one of the reasons why Funnel Scripts is so popular; anyone can use it and get professional results every time with sales pages, sales funnels, and even video scripts.

However, bear in mind that there are other solutions on the market, and if you are dissatisfied with this software, there are other, more modern choices available, such as Jarvis.

The good news is that Funnel Scripts provides a money-back guarantee, allowing you to test out all of the features and determine whether they suit your needs and business. There is also a free trial included, but with limited options.

Here are the most popular features offered by Funnel Scripts:

Sales Copy & Video sales scripts

Sales copy scripts are at the top of the list when it comes to Funnel Scrips features, and for good reason.

Copies can make or break a business, and if you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a professional copywriter, this program will do it for you.

These copy scripts are divided into several smaller categories to assist you in finding and creating the finest copy for your business.

Keep in mind that each script has training videos that explain the concept and how the script works, which may be quite helpful in your understanding of the craft.

There are several sales scripts available, such as:

Call to action

These scripts will personalize your sales page buttons and produce the finest CTAs imaginable. As experienced copywriters know, a good call to action will make the best sales copy profitable.

Lead generating/capture scripts

One of the major purposes of a successful landing page and a copy is to get visitors to leave their information, such as an email address, which you can then use to nurture the relationship and eventually sell the product.

Amazon or e-commerce scripts

These scripts are a fantastic resource for Amazon sellers, and they even include text for the product description page.

Million-dollar testimonial scripts

These scripts are a great method to persuade your visitors to give a testimonial while also helping you develop trust with future clients.

Magic bullet scripts

Bullet scripts are intended to sell tangible goods. So, if this accurately describes your business, you may gain from it.

Order bump scripts

If there is something better than a sale, it is an opportunity to upsell to your customers. A strong upsell content may significantly boost your income.

Downloadable script wizards

The Funnel Scripts online dashboard is where the majority of the content for online businesses is produced. However, for the customers’ convenience, the creators included downloadable wizards, which are one of the most popular features of this software.

There are several wizards accessible, and with regular upgrades, there may be even more in the future.

The Perfect Webinar Wizard

Funnel Scripts webinar is by far one of their most popular wizards since it allows you to generate leads and construct webinar scripts. This is one of the tried-and-true techniques for attracting more individuals to give their contact information and even making quick purchases with special webinar offers.

The Easy Survey Wizard

Surveys and quizzes are another fun method to generate leads while your audience is engaged. People love to take quizzes and would gladly leave additional information if required.

The Star Story Solution Wizard

This wizard creates the ideal copy for your audience by combining the character, story, and solution.

This is intended to capture their attention, pique their interest in the story, and even place them in the role.

All of these phases bring your potential consumer to your website and the solution you provide. It may appear to be a bit repetitive, yet it has been one of the most successful marketing tactics used by larger corporations.

Wizards must be downloaded and utilized on a computer to be completely functional, and they can also work offline, which makes a significant difference when creating your site and trying to write copy.

Sales Letters

While the name may sound archaic, there is evidence that a good sales letter is still an effective method of selling items and services. You have the choice of using long-form sales scripts, short sales scripts, or even PPT video sales letters.

When everyone else is busy developing landing pages and funnels, this may be a fantastic strategy to employ.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a well-written sales letter.

Bullet Scripts

Bullet scripts are sometimes ignored by company owners, yet they may be a very effective technique for communicating with your audience.

They should be concise yet also engaging enough to pique people’s interest in your product or service and generate prospective leads.

This sales funnel is typically part of larger marketing on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

This category includes the following sorts of scripts:

  • Brunson bullet scripts feature
  • Bullet Scripts for Feature, Benefits, and Meaning (FBM)

Facebook newsfeed ad scripts

This is only one of the most common alternatives on the dashboard’s advertising scripts.

These scripts are intended to generate copy for advertisements on various websites, including Facebook. They should pique the viewer’s interest and urge them to click on the link to learn more.

Remember that competition on these platforms is tough, and you’ll need an incredible tool to write the greatest text that will drive interaction and captivate the audience.

Because people’s attention spans are shrinking by the minute, you will only have one chance to create a good first impression, so make it count.

Remember that there are some other solutions on the market, such as Closers Copy, that will employ the GPT-3 software to get even greater results.

Titles and Headlines

Even though it just involves a few words, creating a title for content created is frequently the most difficult task.

So, the wonderful thing about these scripts is that the titles and headlines will be original and fascinating enough to pique the readers’ interest.

This script may be used for sales websites, sales letters, email subject lines, and much more. The script will provide you with plenty of ideas and enhance your creativity while keeping you on track for success.

Content Creation scripts

Even if we’re talking about Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas and sales letters, content creation might be simple to envision but difficult to execute.

This is why it is advised that you go through these Funnel Scripts to increase your inspiration.

Content creation is one of those things that you may believe requires a unique skill, while in fact, all you need is practice and solid examples to produce the greatest sales copy.

Some scripts will assist you in generating emails, titles, and sales letters in order to get the lead and make the final sale after they have enough confidence in your company.

All of the content scripts will generate material that you can then change and tailor to your own requirements and tastes. The key thing is that they will provide you with the proper framework and suggestions for the greatest possible result.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

Using the Funnel Scripts will improve your sales and copywriting abilities, but the offer does not end there.

The team has chosen to include bonuses, which can be found at the bottom of the page once you sign up.

These bonuses include:

  • Expert Secrets Scripts
  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints
  • Live Monthly Coaching Call with Jim Edwards
  • One Funnel Away Scripts

Bonuses will benefit you in a variety of ways, but the most important benefit will be a greater knowledge of the whole funnel-building process and how to optimize your investments.

There are also funnel blueprints that include a drawn interactive map of the funnels that explains the entire operation on a bigger scale and allows you to employ the correct scripts at the right time and location.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also monthly training calls with Jim Edwards.

If you are ready to put in the time and effort to develop an outstanding company, these masterclasses can make all the difference.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Over the years, Funnel Scripts has offered a number of payment choices and rates, but they have always been on the costly side.

While hiring a skilled copywriter may be more expensive, some customers are criticizing the exorbitant price of this software.

The once-a-year payment is now a one-time fee of $797 for the whole package.

This will include:

  • Funnel Scripts Unlimited, which will include scripts from DotCom secrets scripts, Expert Secrets, and O.F.A.
  • Blueprints for Funnel Scripts
  • A monthly live coaching session with Jim Edwards
  • 60+ more scripts are included in the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass.

As you can see, there are a lot of great deals in this one-lifetime subscription, but you can upgrade to Funnel Builder Secrets for an extra $2.000 for six months.

You will receive a ClickFunnels account, a masterclass, training, subscriptions, as well as access to Funnel Scripts and bonuses.

This is a good price for someone serious about improving their copywriting skills and increasing their online business and company’s overall sales, but it may be a bit too much for the average user.

Fortunately, we will summarize all of the disadvantages and advantages in the Funnel Scripts overview, as well as provide a few options to make things more interesting, so you can make the best decision.

Funnel Scripts Overview

We can examine some of the major aspects that will make it on our list of pros and cons now that we are more familiar with the concept of this program following our initial Funnels Scripts review.

Because this may be one of the finest tools for promoting your online business on the one hand, but can also be rather overwhelming on the other, it’s essential to have a high-level overview of everything available.

This list will make it easier for you to make your final selection, so let’s get started.

Funnel Scripts Pros

We will discuss why we believe this is a beneficial product and service for certain consumers.

The benefits listed below apply to any business owner searching for strategies to improve sales and produce a good copy.

Limited free version

Free Funnel Scripts does have a free version, which is a great opportunity to test out the product before deciding if it is the right fit for you and your business.

In addition, Funnel Scripts software offers a 30-days-money-back guarantee, so even if you do end up not liking the product you can always request a refund the first month.

Downloadable wizards

The ability to download and use script wizards is one of the most popular aspects of Funnel Scripts.

This is not unexpected given that they may be used without an internet connection and are suitable for high-volume requests and large scripts.

Furthermore, these wizards are very adaptable and may be used for practically any online business.

Great sales copies

If you need high-quality produced copies but don’t have the writing skills, this program will perform all the heavy lifting for you.

It will increase efficiency as you will do things faster, and it will be more cost-efficient in the long run.

The sales scripts are among the best on the market, and they are highly effective in terms of generating leads and visitors to the website.

However, bear in mind that selecting the ideal script for your purposes requires some expertise and that this tool is not always the greatest solution for beginners.

Amazing bonuses

When it comes to Funnel Scripts software, bonuses are a solid plus because they provide you with more coaching and expertise in the entire sales process.

The bonuses include blueprints that novices need to utilize the appropriate scripts at the right place and right time, as well as live training sessions.

If you want to increase your knowledge of copywriting and sales while growing your business, this is a huge pro for you.


By purchasing Funnel Scripts you will have access to some of the greatest online training courses and classes.

Because not every software comes with training, this may be highly useful. There is also a video clip for each of the scripts, which should be handy when you are just starting started.

Funnel Scripts Cons

Because this is an unbiased Funnel Scripts review, we must disclose a few drawbacks we discovered throughout our study.

While they may not be deal-breakers for some, others may value any information.

Funnel Scripts cost

While the Funnel Scripts team often stresses the expense of a competent copywriter and compares it to their life-long payment plan, the fact is that this may not be the most cost-effective choice for many.

It’s a reasonable price for the offer; but, with only one price plan, it might be daunting for new business owners.


While we agree that it can produce some fantastic copies, the technology is becoming obsolete, and the copies are becoming generic.

Some business owners may find this successful, but others might profit more from modern technologies and GPT-3 software like Jarvis.

Low-quality scripts

The majority of the scripts on the platform will work well, however, there are a few examples where the produced copy is unimpressive.

You will provide the majority of the necessary information, and the result will be a jumbled-up collection of words.

This isn’t always the case, however, certain scripts require an update.

Do you need Funnel Scripts?

The answer to this question is not straightforward and this is why we created this Funnel Scripts review.

For some, this may be the ideal tool, but for others, it will be outdated. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle.

The Funnel Scripts software appears to be simple to understand and use, although it does require some experience. However, once you grasp the full power of a decent copy, you will understand why software like this one is so popular.

Making a decent copy is not always the simplest or cheapest thing in the world, and many individuals lack the imagination or expertise required to create the right content.

This is why software like this one may be beneficial to those business owners. It will lead your company on the proper path and help you to stay ahead of the competitors in a crowded market.

Because every post, ad, sales letter, and email matters, you must maximize every contact you have with your target audience, which is why investing in Funnel Scripts may be the best answer for some.

So, is Funnel Scripts worth the money? Yes, for some it really might be.

Alternatives to Funnel Scripts

Given that this is a comprehensive and honest Funnel Scripts review, we have to include a few alternatives so that you can make the best decision.

We agree that Funnel Scripts is among the best on the market, but with a hefty price tag and outdated scripts, there are a few alternatives.

Jarvis has been cited several times, and with good cause.

This is by far one of the greatest alternatives on the market and the only tool you’ll need to create incredible material in minutes.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is used in the technology to produce something new and distinct to test the audience with, rather than merely convincing replicas.

Jarvis is an excellent tool for a wide range of niches and enterprises since there are all the features needed for tailoring the material to your tone and company strategy.

It’s ideal for SEO content, Facebook newsfeed ad scripts, Amazon product descriptions, about us pages, sales copy, and a variety of other uses.

There are numerous payment options available, and the price is lower than the competition, making it our top pick for Funnel Scripts alternatives.

Automatic Scripts

As the name implies, this is the tool for you if you want to make automatic and quick copies that will increase your sales.

It’s ideal for generating advertising, sales copy, and content.

This automated production makes use of modern technologies to improve the content for your business and audience, and you can produce upsells, headlines, webinar scripts, video scripts, and much more.

There are two pricing options, one basic and one enterprise, and the rates are typically less expensive than Funnel Scripts software.

Closers copy

This is another tool on our list that employs GPT-3 software and artificial intelligence to generate the finest copies in a matter of seconds.

Simply select one of the numerous templates available and use it to generate sales copy, sales letter scripts, email scripts, advertisements, and even website templates.

It’s one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market, with continuous upgrades and an easy-to-use design.

There are two price plans, both of which are less expensive than Funnel Scripts.


Why do downloadable wizards exist?

Many individuals are perplexed as to why an internet platform designed for online commerce would have the ability to download specific portions.

The answer is pretty straightforward; there is the convenience of working off-line provided to clients.

However, this is not the primary reason you should download the wizards.

They are designed as huge applications with a large number of output requirements, and they work best when downloaded into devices. While scripts work flawlessly online the wizards are best for offline content creation.

How to fill in the script forms correctly?

Forms that must be completed before constructing any script are critical for the information supplied in the script and the ultimate product.

We mentioned a step-by-step process in the Funnel Scripts review.

Fortunately, you will be able to test it out, see a video on how to complete it, and receive example responses so that you are certain about the information necessary.

Every script can be tested and compared, and the final output can be edited and tweaked to better reflect your goals.

Is the software updated regularly?

Yes, despite the fact that there are some newer and more current choices on the market, this program has had a few upgrades since its inception.

The team started with only 19 scripts and two downloadable wizards, and it has now grown to over 60 scripts and six wizards.

As a result, you may expect further upgrades in the future to aid with content and sales copy.

Final Thoughts

We covered a lot in our Funnel Scripts review, from the fundamentals of how it works and who designed it to additional specifics about the features, pricing, and how it compares to the competitors.

With the extra benefits and drawbacks, you can quickly determine if this is the perfect product for you and your company.

One thing is certain: you will build an excellent copy, which will increase sales on your website and help you improve as a professional copywriter over time.

At the end of the day, Funnel Scripts works for the vast majority of people who have the financial means to invest in such tools. Because the cost of Funnel Scripts can be prohibitively expensive for the ordinary user, we recommend that you look around for the best deal available.

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