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Oribi analytics is a powerful new platform that helps businesses grow their customer base and increase revenue. It utilizes various tools to help you measure your marketing campaigns, optimize conversion rates, and more! In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of Oribi Analytics over Google Analytics.

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While Oribi is more expensive than the free Google Analytics, it is actually great value compared to a lot of other enterprise-level behavioural analytics software and is priced perfectly for startups.

In fact, Oribi was launched specifically with small businesses in mind who do not have large technical teams to deal with analytics tracking.

The features offered by Oribi are not present in Google Analytics. These include the ability to monitor website engagement, as well as advanced insights into customer behaviour and how they interact with your business. You can also measure conversion rates for marketing campaigns using Oribi’s heatmaps and visualizations that will help you optimize campaign performance through A/B testing of different elements on a page or across multiple pages.

Oribi is unlike any other analytics tool available today, providing an intuitive interface which makes it easy to navigate even if you’re not technically inclined! It offers real-time updates so you’ll be able to see changes taking place quickly without having to wait hours for data refreshes like with some other software.

Oribi Free Trial

Oribi might not offer a free plan but you can get access to all its market-leading features right now with a 14-day free trial.

And get this – no credit card is required to sign up. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel while in the midst of growing your business and then getting charged.

With any software product, nothing quite beats getting under the hood and testing it out yourself before you commit.

Oribi Vs Google Analytics 

This Oribi review would not be complete – nor even started – without a head to head comparison with Google Analytics.

Oribi’s whole business model depends on beating Google Analytics with actionable insights into visitor journeys, event tracking and superior customer support.

And of course, it masters these perfectly.

With Google Analytics you get what you pay for. Sure, it’s free. But as a small business you can’t afford hiccups.

I know personally the agony of spending hours trying to figure out how to make Google Analytics capture a specific piece of data, or even just fixing a complete lack of useful data.

As a small business, you do not want this distraction. Nor do you want the expense of paying a consultant to help you with set up, maintenance and even analyzing the results of your analytics tool.

Data driven marketing analytics do make a big difference to your bottom line once you have a good product and traffic and you can implement actionable insights to improve your visitor journeys.

But if you’re just getting started and don’t have these in place, data analytics is a massive time-sucking distraction.

You should be working on product-market fit and getting your first valuable customers.

Not working out how to track a button click.

Like any tedious and repetitive task, it pays to outsource your data analytics to a cost-efficient third party who will spare you the pain and time of setting up and interpeting tracking data insights.

Oribi gives you beautiful insights to review easily and quickly and customer support to help you take your business to the next level.

That’s software and expert insights combined in a great value service.

Easire Set Up

Analytics on a website take place when the Google Analytics tracking ID has been included at the end of the JavaScript code in the header. Editing this code, whether by changing necessary numbers or moving other scripts to create room for it, will allow you to see how your site is performing and what changes need to be made.

oribi analytics offers benefits that are worth the time required to set it up. If you already have Google Analytics installed, then it is as easy as changing or adding oribi’s code

The oribi analytics platform goes through an automated verification process, which means that if the code is present, they begin collecting data. The website is set up with two days for them to collect all their insight.

Instant Event Tracking Out of the Box

One of the worst things about Google Analytics is how much you rely on it when using a tag manager. Once you think you understand analytics, bam – there’s no way to do anything without customizing or hiring someone else to customize it for you. Either way, money goes out the door and no one should have that much trouble just inputting basic data into a dashboard. All pageviews and button clicks are tracked automatically with oribi analytics-google tag manager can be eliminated entirely.

The good thing is that you can pin certain types of analytics and have a better view of them. For example, if I want to track my “contact me” button on my website, it would take four clicks with oribi analytics. With Google Analytics, that would take over 20 moves for me.

Here, you can group the events by making quick and easy reports for communications in-house.

Advanced Filtering

A successful marketing funnel gives site owners the opportunity to segment leads. From a simple setup, such as differentiating visitors by physical location, to something more complicated like custom cohorts, your website owner will have an easier path towards increased sales if they are able to break down wide swaths of data and understand who they’re targeting.

Detailed Website Insights

Trends in Google Analytics may vary from user to user, but trends in my experience with the service have been helpful. 

Oribi analytics is a new way to look at data and understand who they’re targeting. The trends analysis that is more than just “more or less visitors this month” are all based on the user experience of your website, which means it’s not only reporting but also creating recommendations for future improvements. Trends in Google Analytics may vary from user to user, but trends in my experience with the service have been helpful.

Funnel insights tells you information like % of visitors that come from a certain source and are X times more likely to convert than those who came from another. Visited page insights let you know which pages on your site get the most views, and how valuable they are in terms of conversion rate – so you’ll

Perfect out of the box, but can be tailored to your goals

While many see it as too good to be true, oribi analytics has made its suite of tools customizable enough to fit your business needs. 

Expert Customer Support

Although Google Analytics has a huge library of information and might offer some assistance when needed, Oribi’s in-platform support is so much better. Their responses are quick and come after the latest updates to their product.

Oribi Pricing

While Google Analytics is free to use, the costs can mount quickly in human time. When you compare oribi analytics’ competitive price and its in-depth reporting features, paying for full access with this analytics platform for marketing intelligence doesn’t seem like so much after all.

Oribi Analytics calculates pricing in monthly increments, broken down by business type. The main difference is Oribi has optimization calls and support each month.

Oribi’s pricing depends on how many visitors your site gets. But a small business website with less than 10,000 visitors a month should cost less than $500 a month.

That’s far less than a developer would charge for just a few hours work.

If you are looking to poke around things and see some of these features yourself, they do have a free trial that opens up all the feature set. Like the account, it does take 48 hours to populate your data but afterwards you will be able to see the entire suite of features.

While Oribi offers a helpful calculator we decided to do a deep dive to show you exactly how Oribi’s pricing is structured.

Oribi Business Website Pricing

Oribi Ecommerce Pricing

The needs of an Ecommerce shop are different to a normal business website and so Oribi offers different pricing for this.

Oribi Agency Pricing

Obviously Oribi is an excellent addition for agencies because you can save on staff time that would be otherwise spent interpreting Google Analytics and making recommendations. The benefit of that is your customers can enjoy Oribi’s white label reports and get actionable data without you having to commit your own resources. Plus Oribi’s agency pricing offers great value for money.

Is Oribi better than Google Analytics?

Absolutely yes – but that’s because it is a paid for service. Google Analytics is free but you get what you pay for and your business could suffer as a result.

How good is Oribi?

Oribi is excellent and well worth the subscription fee. Try a 14-day free trial and see for yourself.

What is Oribi io?

Oribi.io is the domain of Oribi analytics – a market-leading website analytics software.

How long is Oribi free trial?

The Oribi free trial is 14-days.

The 14 day trial will give you full access to everything on offer so try them out today if you’re interested in seeing what they’ll do for your business; there’s no obligation after the first two weeks to carry on if you’re not 100% happy.

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