ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal

Whenever you’re having a hard time turning your thoughts into words, ShortlyAI is the writing partner you can depend on. With just a click of a button, ShortlyAI can take over and do the writing for you.

If you have already tested out ShortlyAI, you know just how powerful the AI is with creating all sorts of long content, from professional blogs and essays to stories and creative pieces. But of course, these powerful features come at a price.

Unfortunately, ShortlyAI doesn’t offer lifetime deals. A monthly subscription to ShortlyAI will cost you $79 while an annual plan cuts down your expense to $65 per month. Compared to other AI platforms, ShortlyAI’s services are much more expensive so it’s probably worth considering other services.

Closers Copy is one of the top-performing AI copywriting services that offer you the best value for your money. Aside from the production of high-quality content, Closers Copy also offers a sophisticated editor packed with tools to generate marketing-worthy copies at the speed of thought.

If you prefer one-time payments, you can avail Closers Copy’s lifetime deal, but it won’t be available all year long. Prices may also vary, so be sure to stay tuned!

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