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As a business owner, you should be aware of the importance of copywriting for your success. Good copywriting reflects the values of your company and creates an impact on your target audience, driving them to engage with you and eventually, make a purchase.

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Most business owners simply hire the services of a professional copywriter for this purpose but this can be expensive. The services of a copywriter can cost you anywhere from $25 to $2000, depending on the number of words you require and the range of tasks you expect them to fulfill such as keyword optimization, SEO optimization, research, and sometimes graphics.

Now you do not have to spend that much money on a task that you can do yourself! In fact, you do not need to be a great writer to do so!

Best Copywriting Software Quick Comparison

Why do you need a copywriting tool?

With the help of copywriting software and copywriting tools, you can do your own writing for your website and your social media platforms.

When it comes to purchasing copywriting software, make sure that you do not be swayed by products that promise to do everything for you, stating that they have the best AI technology to do all the writing.

Content produced purely by AI copywriting software often sounds too fake or robotic. They often do not trigger an emotional response.

For instance, Article Forge is a popular tool for churning out blog posts with AI but the quality is not great. Conversion.AI on the other hand is a helpful assistant that will pick up on what you are writing and can then go on to write a full paragraph once you’ve written a sentence as a prompt.

The truth is, copywriting is not a hands-free experience.

To be effective, you have to know your own goals and way with words. The best copywriting software is one that does not do all the work but one that will act as a helping hand or a guide and allows you to still learn and pick up a few ideas for improvement.

So, what are the best copywriting software and copywriting tools available in the market? Here, we discuss the best ones that we could find on the market today. Read on to see your options.

Best Copywriting Software and AI Copywriting Tools

Conversion.AI Review

conversion AI

Conversion.AI – now rebranded as –  has been causing a big buzz in the digital marketing community. It is a true AI copywriting assistant (called Jarvis) with a vast array of templates from SEO meta tags to Youtube video outlines, blog post intros, and Amazon product descriptions.

The Jarvis AI is very powerful and works side by side with your requirements which you place in a sidebar. The number of requirements does make it a little slow to set up compared to alternatives like Closers Copy and Rytr but you then get a large number of variations generated.

The default is three but you can generate more or request a much larger batch. That means when the AI does come across poorly you have plenty of better alternatives right away.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Jarvis.AI is its long-form blog post templates. These are quite unique in AI copywriters which can normally only assist with small snippets.

Most importantly, Jarvis.AI integrates directly with Surfer SEO so you can import Surfer’s recommendations for a given keyword. That means not only do you craft the perfect persuasive sales copy, but you also power that up with market-leading on-page SEO. That means not only is your copy more likely to convert, but you’ll get more free organic traffic to your post.

The downside of ConversionAI is the price. If your business spans eCommerce, Youtube, SEO, and email then you should get good value for it. But if you’re earlier in your journey you will probably only need 20% of the functionality.

But fortunately, ConversionAI provides a cheaper plan that does just this with a smaller number of templates for simple headlines and descriptions.


  • Starter – $29 per month
  • Boss mode – $119 per month


  • Easy to use and creates content fast
  • Connected with SurferSEO
  • Supports 26 languages


  • Limited free trials
  • Limited content creation in the starter plan

Closers Copy Review

Closers Copy is a software that is jam-packed with features that helps you improve your copywriting skills, templates to help you get started, and all the copywriting tools that you will be needing to be a great copywriter.

The people behind Closers Copy have been in the sales industry too so they do know what it takes to make a sale. Their knowledge, combined with AI-powered copywriting tools, resulted in this all-in-one software that has greatly helped a lot of businesses grow.

This software has a generous library of templates to choose from. All you have to do is choose which one suits best for your copywriting goals such as ads, email campaigns, or sales letters, and fill in the blanks. You can also make your own template if you want to do things your way.

When you are done, you also get to use a one-click analysis tool that will show to you the overall tone and the emotional motivators that stir up when your work is read. The analysis tool will also tell you if your copywriting will end up in a spam box or not.

Closers Copy also comes with an ad preview tool that will report to you how your ad copy will look on Google and Facebook. This is very useful for your online marketing.

As an all-in-one tool, you do not need to be so great in writing just to produce high-quality copywriting. The AI this software is using is highly intuitive and the software is easy to use.

Closers Copy has two available types of paid accounts. The Freelancer account is worth $39.99 per month and the Professional account is worth $49.99 per month. There is no way for you to use this software for free. But they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a refund if their terms for the refund are met.


  • Professional Lifetime – $167 / one-time
  • Unlimited Lifetime – $297 / one-time


  • Multiple copywriting features and copywriting tools.
  • Great and useful for people who have no experience in copywriting.


  • No free trial.

Copysmith.AI Review is a powerful copywriting assistant that can produce everything from short Facebook ads to long-form blog posts. It can even work with Google Ads, promotional emails, and blog comments to give you a hand when it comes to marketing.

Trying out templates takes only a few minutes, even if you have no marketing/copywriting experience. For each template, you want to use, simply type keywords and short descriptions about your service or product into the fields provided until the AI technology generates the copy within seconds.

Copysmith excels at creating an accurate copy. However, if you’re not happy with your first few attempts and are looking to improve accuracy, carefully revise keywords and descriptions.

Copysmith carries a blog post generator that allows you to input a few pieces of information and create an entire blog post.

After entering your introductory paragraph, a few keywords, and two or three opening sentences, the template is already filled with useful copy written in your own style. Editing content has never been easier thanks to the convenient rephrase function that changes phrases on demand.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith offers a subscription plan to ensure your content is safeguarded against plagiarism. Copysmith’s copy is generated with its state-of-the-art AI technology, which means it passes all of the major plagiarism checkers (e.g., Copyscape).
The Starter account is recommended for small and medium businesses and will give you 50 credits each month that you can use to get 500 pieces of original short content types. If you choose to be billed monthly, this will cost $19 per month. If you choose to be billed annually, this will cost $16 per month.

The Professional account is recommended for growth and marketing professionals. You will be given 250 credits per month that you can use to create 2500 pieces of original content. All content types will be available and you will also get 100 blogs post-credits.

With the Professional account, you get priority customer service and prioritized input on your product roadmap. If you choose to be billed monthly, this will cost $59 per month. If you choose to be billed annually, this will cost $50 per month.

Copysmith offers 50% off for nonprofits and B-corps. You just have to email a copy of your certification to them to avail of this discount.

There is also an Enterprise account, which is recommended for marketing teams and agencies or those who run a copywriting business. This account will give 2000 credits per month which you can use to have 20,000 pieces of original copy for all content types. You will also get unlimited blog posts.
The Enterprise plan has a custom domain that you can use for sharing outputs, an assigned account manager, and prioritized input on the product roadmap. This account will cost $499 per month if billed monthly or $424 per month if billed annually.

Copysmith also has the 2021 Early Adopter Plan that gives 1000 credits per month that you can use to produce 10,000 pieces of original copy for all types of content. You also get 100 blogs post-credits. You will be getting prioritized customer service and input on the product roadmap with this account. This plan costs $59 per month if billed monthly or $50 per month if billed annually.

They also give you the option to request a special plan for a higher volume of work. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website and a representative will get back to you through your email address with an offer as soon as possible.


  • Offers a free trial without asking for your credit card details.
  • Has affordable pricing and flexible payment plans.


  • Unused credits or posts will not be rolled over to the next month so this works best if you need a huge amount of copy.

Writesonic Review

As a marketer, you know the importance of crafting copy that connects with your audience and persuades them to buy from you. But when it comes time for drafting new content or updating old posts on social media channels?

You often find yourself in writer’s block mode – struggling to make something interesting happen! Well, there is now an easy solution: Writesonic AI marketing copywriting software can help take care of this tedious task for you by generating quick-witted writing based on what keywords are relevant to your industry.

Forget about hiring expensive writers who might not really understand exactly how things work at your company; just let our artificial intelligence do all the heavy lifting (without taking away any human touch).

Writesonic is very similar to Copy.AI, Copysmith, and Conversion.AI, although it offers a lot of flexibility in the Writesonic pricing.

Writesonic offers a nice low barrier to entry with a free plan for up to 10 credits, a pretty friendly starter plan including article writer for $25 a month, and multiple tiers right up to $449.


  • One of the best AI copies on the market
  • Easy to use with all the topics clearly defined
  • Great offers in the basic plan


  • Not the best product description
  • Uses credits for small changes

Rytr Review

Rytr is a very friendly and lightweight alternative to Conversion.AI. Rather than a huge library of templates, Rytr feels like a one-page app.

When you open a document you have a simple panel offering you a variety of templates – including simply expanding or rewriting a section of text – and a tone dropdown that lets you select from a wide variety of moods. You only get one generation but you are able to regenerate that – or just a section of it – as much as you like.

What’s more is Rytr has a great free plan and if you end up going over your credits, the paid plans start from just $15 a month. Frankly, if the AI were half as good as Rytr’s is I would still regard this as the excellent value just for knocking out occasional Youtube descriptions, SEO meta tags, and email follow-ups.

Rytr certainly lacks the heft of Conversion AIs Pro plan but is nearly half the price of the Starter plan.


  • User-friendly interface and copywriting software
  • Great landing page generator
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker


  • Limited input options
  • No informative tone option

ContentBot AI Review

Contentbot has had a lot of hype in the last few months and with good reason. Contentbot is an AI-powered content tool that helps bloggers create engaging blog posts by delivering them fresh, on-topic content daily, weekly or monthly. In this review, we will take a look at what makes Contentbot so special and why you should consider it as part of your blogging routine.

I have tested their WordPress plugin mainly for blog introductions, and the results are astonishing. I’ve concluded there is high-quality content generated by that works well on most topics, but it lacks comprehensiveness when you try to narrow down a topic too much in some cases.

When you want to close deals on autopilot, ContentBot is the ideal solution. Using GPT-3’s advanced natural language processing system, ContentBot automatically generates strong sales emails with zero effort on your part.

And best of all, ContentBot is the first WordPress plugin to seamlessly integrate with Gutenberg, making it the easiest way to share high-quality snippets without ever lifting a finger.

You know the intense writing process can be hard. But thanks to ContentBot, you can have your own personal AI assistant that speeds up the content creation process and saves you time and energy for other things.


  • Easy to use copywriting tool
  • Generates completely new content
  • Great template range


  • No tutorial videos like some other copywriting software tools
  • Ad copies could be better

Surfer SEO

Crafting effective sales copy to turn readers into buyers is one thing. But getting traffic to your product is paramount. Ad clicks on Facebook and Google get expensive very quickly and these competitive markets mean you’re going to have to keep spending to keep selling. But then there’s organic SEO – writing pages to answer popular search terms on Google relevant to your audience. But how do you get from page 6 to page one of Google?

Surfer is the most powerful on-page SEO tool on the market today. It analyzes top-ranking pages for your keyword to produce a recipe for you and your writers to follow. For instance, word count, related topics, popular queries, and hundreds of other ranking factors are all condensed into an easy-to-follow editor that awards you a content score as you write.

If you’re a copywriter, Surfer is a great way to increase your fees by guaranteeing a certain content score to your clients which is a strong signal of future traffic.


  • Real LSI and relevant keywords
  • SEO audit
  • Assistance with the structure


  • Not the most affordable copywriting software

Copypro Review

CopyPro is a tool created by well-known copywriter and digital marketer, Jon Benson. Jon is a renowned copywriter in the digital marketing industry and actually is the genius behind the Sellerator (now remarketed as NOW VSL), the world’s first AI VSL copywriting software.

CopyPro can take care of entrepreneurs and marketers who need great content and copy. They also have a service called CopyPro Academy, which caters to copywriters, editors, and content writers that need training and access to clients.

The software can generate social media ad copy, sales page copy, emails, VSL scripts, webinar scripts, and many more. These templates (called CopyPro Blueprints) are already packed with the right emotional triggers that will catch the attention of your target market. The templates are created by the top copywriters in the industry today, helping you have a creative and effective copy compared to your competition.

CopyPro also has a Niche Builder tool that allows you to customize your marketing goals for a specific target niche. This will help you get more sales in less time.

All you have to do is set it up, choose a template, personalize the copy, and you are good to go.

The software costs $1497. CopyPro also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like their service.


  • Comes with a lead generation system that will help you get more leads and customers
  • The purchase comes with free access to a bi-weekly group coaching where you can interact with marketing experts for tips and Q&A


  • This copywriting tool is quite expensive and there is only a one-time payment available

Word AI Review

WordAi is a popular spinning software that generates new unique content by re-wording entire sentences. It offers English, Spanish, French, and Italian support which makes it suitable for everyone.

As well as being one of the most talked-about article generators for content spinners. WordAi looks at the meaning behind your sentence to predict how you want to reword it with possible alternatives in mind. That’s what makes it a powerful AI writer.

The automatic spinning features of WordAi are great for those with no time to spare. But the tool does have some limitations when it comes to altering the spintax by hand.

WordAi actually generates decent content for software. There is still room for improvement, but until computer language or human consciousness improves, it can’t be perfect asn an AI writer.

Content will generally be well-edited, but content with spammy qualities needs to be edited manually if WordAi cannot understand the material.

WordAi, which costs $49.95/month or $347/year with plans aptly named “Turing Monthly Plan” and “Turing Yearly Plan” can be tested with a three-day free trial.

When you reach a processing volume of 3 million words per month, contact the sales team. They typically offer bulk API pricing. The usual rate is $2 per 10,000 words.

Users enjoy the easy-to-use and high-quality article spinning software, which is a convenient tool for scraping content without being caught by plagiarism checkers.

Contrary to what you might expect from software that’s supposed to generate content, WordAi copes poorly when faced with specialized terminology. 


  • You can use this copywriting tool with many other tools
  • Has a 3-day free tool trial
  • You can use it on all devices


  • No offline mode
  • No lifetime offer

Automatic Script Review

As the name says, Automatic Script will automate the process of creating your sales content. The content that you can create includes scripts for a sales letter, email campaign, video script, headline, Facebook ads, Google AdWords Ads, webinar, upsell, and many more.

It does not even matter what type of product you are selling or what niche you are in. Their scripts can be adjusted and personalized to put your business in the best light.

All you have to do is select the type of script you want, pick a model, and then the software will ask you a bunch of questions that you fill in to personalize the script for you. You will then receive a script that you can edit and download.

Automatic Script has a Standard plan that costs $39 per month if billed monthly or $20 per month if billed annually. The standard plan gives you a limited number of scripts and tools to use. If you want more, you will have to upgrade to the Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan costs $69 per month if billed monthly or $40 per month if billed annually.

Autoscript also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the product.


  • As much as a 49% discount if you choose the annual payment plan.
  • Creates high converting copy for your business.


  • You have to tweak the scripts a little to make sure it sounds a little more unique.

Hemingway App Review

The Hemingway app is designed to be more of a writing tool that checks your grammar and content than a marketing tool. It works on improving the conciseness of your writing, meaning no unnecessary words – your message is straight to the point. It also improves the clarity of your message by pointing out which sentences could be confusing to readers.

When you are writing your content or pasting your content for editing, you will notice that there will be highlights in your text and they come in different colors. Every color represents a problem area in your writing that needs fixing. All you have to do is place your mouse over the highlighted words and the app will give you suggestions on how to improve them.

Hemingway also has a readability score to give you an idea of how effective your content will be. It is widely used by professional writers, content marketers, scriptwriters, magazine writers, copywriters, novelists, and editors. It is renowned to greatly improve your writing no matter what topic you are handling or how long your content is.

Hemingway App has an online version and a desktop version. You can access the online version for free and you can use it for writing and editing. Take note though that the online version does not have a save and export function. These functions are only available in the paid desktop version.

The Hemingway desktop version is available for both Mac and PC for $19.99. You can use it even if you are not online, which is very useful if you love to write anywhere or if you are in a place with weak Wi-Fi.

You will be able to publish directly to your Medium and WordPress pages from the Hemingway desktop version. Hemingway will also handle all you need for your web pages such as formatting, HTML headings, and links.


  • No installation or log is needed if you use the online version and you can use it for free.
  • The paid desktop version can be used without a Wi-Fi connection.


  • You still have to create your own content. So this is best if you already are good with words.

CopyAI Review

CopyAI is one of the greatest tools on the market, especially if you’re struggling to start and finish an excellent article. This AI system will take your initial input and generate incredible content in minutes, whether it’s a product description or you want to create social media posts.

This fantastic software works on your description, and the good news is that you don’t need to write much; only a few phrases or 10 to 30 words would be enough. However, keep in mind that the AI will perform better with longer and more thorough descriptions.

To obtain the best results, you may include extra information such as your target audience and what you need the material for.

This AI copywriting software is really fast, and you will get a duplicate in minutes. Of course, like any other writing tool, this one will provide you with editing tools that will allow you to fine-tune the output even more.

Here are a few examples of content you can create using CopyAI:

  • Create product descriptions and YouTube video descriptions;
  • Advertisements and ad copies;
  • E-mails and subject lines;
  • Create blog posts (content ideas, intros, titles, and creating blog content)
  • Meta descriptions
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Write marketing copy

The sales copy generator is undoubtedly one of the most popular and often utilized basic and advanced features. This will enable you to produce fantastic copy in order to improve interaction and the number of clicks you typically receive, as well as enhance total revenue. Search engines are optimized to recognize these copies as high-quality content and they will push it in the searches.

Because it supports over 20 languages, this application might be useful for most content creators and company owners all over the world.


  • Free plan – 7 days for testing
  • Solo plan – $35 per month
  • Custom – billed yearly


  • Has a free trial great for testing
  • Unlimited runs in paid versions
  • Easy to use
  • Write high-quality content


  • Minor grammar mistakes
  • No option for specific keywords

Headlime Review

Headlime is a new product on the market, but it uses artificial intelligence to create great copy and content in seconds.

You may use this tool to make a variety of objects, such as:

  • Sentence rewriting – sometimes you have the correct concept but not the appropriate words, and Headlime may help you generate better and more engaging material.
  • Sales copy – Like other AI tools, this one is well-known for compiling concise sentences and marketing copy, among other things.
  • Blog ideas – These include content ideas, headlines, subheadlines, and other aspects of the blog that you may become stuck on.

This AI copywriting software is similar to Copysmith in that it will produce great and original material quickly, which you can then modify for even better results.

There are over ten languages to pick from, and the tools are continually updated, so new features are likely to appear.

Although the copy and blog writing tools are the most popular, we find that it takes a lot of editing to make the finished product seem more natural and sound like it was produced by a genuine professional writer.


  • Basic features $59 per month
  • Enterprise plan $399


  • Many useful features
  • 10+ languages available
  • Great business tools


  • Sometimes same content pops up
  • Not affordable for most users

Smart Copy Review

Smart Copy copywriting software was formerly known as Snazzy, and it’s one of the newest products on the market, but it’s expanding quickly. Smart Copy has several capabilities that are not found in any other AI writing software, which may be a significant benefit for your content creation.

For example, there is a template for company founders to use when pitching to a venture capitalist through email. There is also tone adjustment based on how you want your posts to sound and additional keywords.

It’s a fantastic AI copywriting tool to create content for Facebook and Google ad copies, as well as outreach emails and sales. You can also make landing pages, but it will not be the finest landing page you’ve ever seen.

There is still room for growth.

The tool is quick since you don’t have to enter fundamental company information every time you require new content. Smart Copy will remember your preferences and generate content ideas and other content based on them.


  • Free plan
  • Growth $49 per month


  • Remembers the initial information
  • Easy to use and optimize
  • Has a free plan


  • Not as many features as some other copywriting software tools

Article Forge

Article Forge is one of the best automated copywriting software on the market for article production, and what distinguishes it from the majority of the solutions on our list is the uniqueness of the generated content.

This tool has many wonderful features, but we’d like to focus on the bulk content option because it’s one of the most distinctive.

This feature is for you if you need to generate high-quality material on a more automatic timetable. Despite the fact that there is a regular content option, we favor bulk article production since it will utilize the same keyword and generate numerous copies that will not only attract traffic to your website but will also improve interactions and sales.

The produced material will appear to be written by a person, which may be highly advantageous to your target audience and your business.


  • Free trial
  • $57 per month billed monthly
  • $27 per month billed annually


  • Has a free trial
  • Great for WordPress, Medium, and some social networks
  • Mimics a human writer perfectly


  • Not the fastest among the AI copywriting tools
  • Keyword research can be completely off the mark


Outranking, like Surfer SEO, is a tool that optimizes your content and analyzes SERPs. It’s a wonderful method to evaluate how your created content will be discovered, and you can optimize the keywords for the greatest search engine results.

Because let’s face it, even if the content is fantastic, if there are fewer keywords than the competitors, it will be buried deep in search results.

Outranking is simple to use; just start a new document and enter the term or phrase you wish to write about, and this tool will do the rest. You may then quickly start creating content and answer all of your readers’ queries about the subject.

Outranking works well with other programs such as Google Docs, Grammarly, and even WordPress. Furthermore, larger organizations may form writing teams that use the same tool to achieve the greatest results.

Overall, if you’re looking for a solid SEO expert tool, this could be the finest option.


  • Free trial
  • Starter – $39 per month
  • Growth – $79 per month


  • Great for generating keywords
  • Has a SEO ranking available
  • Allows you to determine the most frequently asked questions on the topic


  • 20.000 words per month limit in the Starter Plan

How to choose among the best copywriting tools?

As you can see, there are several copywriting tools on the market that may assist you with content creation and optimization. However, not every tool is appropriate for every company owner.

This is why you should think about a few things before making your decision.

  • Budget – One of the most significant elements influencing your selection. The most costly copywriting software is not necessarily the finest. To obtain the best results, make sure to examine all of the costs and compare them to the deal.
  • Content creation – Some of the tools listed can help you come up with ideas and improve your creativity, while others will actually create the content for you. So, choose the ideal copywriting tool for you based on your tastes and writing style.
  • Goal – Every company is unique, and each should have its own growth route that distinguishes it from its competitors. This is why you should consider what sort of material you require: is it only social media posts, advertisements, emails, or sales copies? Take everything into account and choose the finest copywriting software for your requirements.

Copywriting Software vs. Copywriter

Hiring copywriters does not work for every business – especially for small businesses.

If you are still in the early days of being an entrepreneur, you probably are still experimenting with your brand voice and target audience. You probably do not have a clear path towards your business goals just yet.

The thing is, no one will understand your company, services, or products better than you do. So if you are still figuring things out, imagine how a copywriter can work with that. They will just have to generate a generic sales copy, social media posts, and content for you while you still figure out what you truly want.

The problem with generic content is that the audience has seen and heard it all.

You need to capture your audience’s attention not by flowery words or witty statements but by making an impact through the truth behind your story and words.

Copywriters cannot magically produce words that will make your products sound like it is the best thing that happened on this planet. But you know your products, services, and what kind of values your business wants to represent. You know what it means to pour your heart and sweat to produce them. Copywriters will not be able to truly capture that.

Copywriting services are not as cheap as you think. Writers can actually charge you a hundred or a thousand dollars for their services. And there is no guarantee that their work actually converts to sales.

What if it doesn’t? You end up losing money.

Anyone can write. Your words may not be as good as others but you can always improve your writing through tools. Your simple words can turn into convincing ones. Even the best writer uses tools to help improve their work and captivate their audience with a few seed keywords added.

So do not waste your money hiring professional copywriters. Invest in a good copywriting software or copywriting tool and you can do the work yourself!


The success of your business will depend on how good your copywriting is. These are words that should have an impact on your audience so that they will respond to your call to action whether it may be buying a product, checking out your website, subscribing to your sales letter or blog, or leaving a comment on your post.

Copywriting is not as easy as we want it to be. But if you work with the best copywriting tools, you will no longer have to worry about writer’s block. No more time was wasted staring at a blank page, wondering how to start.

You no longer have to invest a lot of time and money trying to learn about copywriting. You do not have to waste money hiring a writer who does not know your product or services well enough to produce great results.

It is now possible to produce your own sales copy and work on your own content marketing and website even if you have no experience as a salesperson, a marketer, or a writer as long as you have the right copywriting tool. These copywriting tools have intuitive AI technology that can make things easier and faster for you.

Captivating your audience and generating sales is possible without outsourcing your copywriting needs. Thanks to these tools, you can produce a good sales copy easily!

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