Best CRM For Facebook Leads To Rocket Your Marketing

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The best CRM for Facebook leads will let you build an autonomous and scalable marketing funnel to drive prospects to your products and services.

With 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social platform in the world. It is no longer just a platform for sharing cat pictures with friends. A lot of business is carried out on Facebook. This information needs to be reflected in your CRM.

Facebook CRM integration allows you to record and manage business conducted through Facebook both through acquiring new Facebook leads and then tracking the interaction of each Facebook lead with your business.

There are two benefits to importing Facebook lead data to your CRM:

  • It saves your team from having to manage multiple platforms
  • End the manual data entry process – Facebook lead ads run all the time and you don’t want to import each Facebook lead manually or in a batch when you can do it inreal-time automatically. You can be sipping from a Coconut on a beach while your Facebook lead ads drive prospects to your sales funnel and sell your product without you having to do anything.

Normally whenever your Facebook lead ad captures information, you need to go through a troublesome process, which is to export the information from Facebook and then import it into the CRM. These days you can do this easily and it will save your time by automating this tedious process.

Traditionally this was done in batches using CSV uploads. Downloading CSV files from Facebook lead ads is easy. The file is manually exported and you can open it with Excel, Apple’s Numbers, or LibreOffice. After opening it, you can manually import Facebook email leads for free when you connect it from the CRM system using Google Sheets.

That isn’t exactly a hands-off approach to connect leads without the integrations and by the time you have uploaded your leads to your CRM and started an email autoresponder or email sequence with a tool like ActiveCampaign, your Facebook lead could have forgotten why they signed up to you when your email marketing campaign finally arrives.

Since then, things have changed (even within Facebook campaign managers or business managers). Now, you can use third-party apps or tools on Facebook to select multiple options of what to do with your Facebook leads.

Here’s how they work.

When someone clicks on your prospecting Facebook lead ad, a form will open that will automatically fill in the person’s contact information based on the information they share with Facebook (such as name and email address).

Auto-filling the contact information that people share with Facebook can make the form fill up to two clicks: one click on the lead ad to open the form and another to submit the auto-filled form.

We all know that using a lead’s name in an email to them guarantees better performance for an email campaign, but the challenge is how to capture details like names without making a signup form too long and tedious. With Facebook lead ads those details can be filled instantly with just a single click on a Facebook lead ad.

Here are some of the best CRM’s:


In the latest research by Facebook and Salesforce, a leading online retailer combined email and Facebook advertising to attract 77% of its audience than email alone. In addition, they found that email openers who came into contact with advertisements were 22% more likely to buy than those who did not.

Track valuable Salesforce leads, such as who your leads are, their contact information, where they first found your brand and their contact status.

You can also track budgeted costs and actual costs of advertising campaigns in Salesforce. Then, access to the fields (such as how many leads were converted, new opportunities, expected revenue, etc.) can help you track the effectiveness of your campaign.

Facebook Lead Ads will definitely help your sales team to work and nurture new leads to become potential customers by automatically connecting leads directly to the system of Salesforce, or through the marketing team to show offers to Facebook leads through email marketing and mobile channels, thereby helping brands enhance their new customer acquisition strategies and after all, have a system that will automatically add Facebook lead ad contacts to you email marketing sequences.

Salesforce is one of the primary authorities for enterprise-level business applications, and its CRM platform is no exception. It’s CRM center is very useful, but figuring out which service elements you need is not an easy task, because the platform is very fragmented. I suggest contacting their sales team if you have any trouble with anything. They will work hard to help you out.


Thanks to ActiveCampaign, you can assign tags (labels) to new leads. In this way, you can segment your audience to tailor the most relevant content and services to them. With ActiveCampaign, you can easily create workflows and channels to increase sales using contacts from Facebook lead ads thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder that everyone can use.

It allows you tosend the right Facebook lead ads to the right user and align the message with the customer’s life cycle. The integration also allows you to upload your ActiveCampaign contact list to Facebook for easy interaction with customers on the spot.

For example, you can also use triggers and actions to connect to Facebook Lead Ads + ActiveCampaign in minutes. For example, trigger a “new campaign open.” It will trigger when the contact opens the campaign. Each contact in each campaign will only be triggered once.

Or Actions, “Add contact to automation”. It adds existing contacts to any automation. If the contact does not already exist, the contact will be created and then added to the automation. There are some other options you can check which can be really helpful when trying to add your Facebook’s new lead to the right automation.

ActiveCampaign allows you to capture sales leads from Facebook Lead Ads and add them to your account as contacts. However, for this, you need to use one of the many third-party integrations platforms like Zapier for example.


One of the main benefits of integrating Facebook Lead Ads with HubSpot CRM is that you can manage all the detailed information of potential customers collected and track the status of each potential customer relationship in a smart and effective way.

Also, if you want to create an email marketing campaign to target newly collected potential customers, you can do it easily with HubSpot. But here, you need to use a paid plan.

You can connect Facebook and HubSpot CRM the way you want. You start by selecting the trigger and action events listed in Hubspot. That easy!

In order to test whether the integration is set up correctly, Facebook provides a “Leading Ad Testing Tool” for this, so just use it to create a test line and ensure that the data is received correctly.


Connect Facebook and Mailchimp the way you want and select the desired trigger and action event.

The advantage of MailChimp’s Facebook ads is that if you are the administrator of a bunch of different Facebook pages, you can serve ads to any audience in your MailChimp account without having to upload it to the Facebook audience’s backend and access it there. This is very useful for social media managers who control Facebook pages that may share lookalike audiences or target groups. You can even serve ads to users who have not yet subscribed to your list!

Sprout Social

Another well-known company, I think it could become one of the top CRM platforms together with Salesforce, AgoraPulse, and several other top companies for leads. They have a very good free trial version for you to see if you like the features they provide, so please try it.

With Sprout’s paid promotion for Facebook, marketers can expand the most effective content or plan later promotions in the same workflow as organic publishing. They can also set spending for their future lead generation leads and choose pre-made audiences and campaigns drawn directly from Facebook Ads Manager.

When supporting existing events, users can schedule “recommended posts”, maintain the organization of the event from the “Compose” window, and then track and manage natural content in “recommended posts” and “calendar list” and “week view”. They can also repurpose well-performing content by adding posted posts in the “Sent Mail Report.”


Insightly is an affordable customer relationship management (CRM) and project management application that can provide a lot of value by helping SMEs.

This is a CRM that focuses on long-term relationships. Its functions help support, expand, connect, and track the life cycle value of each Facebook lead in the network. Its functions include workflow automation and a series of integrations with other tools.

You will not need to manually download each Facebook lead from Facebook and save them in a spreadsheet, nor do you need to upload them to other tools. All your new potential customers can be automatically accessed and managed in real-time through your CRM system.


A great way to access leads is to synchronize your Facebook lead ads and your business page with social media management tools integrated with Facebook lead ads. Once connected, tools such as Zoho Social will automatically update new leads as they are generated, so you don’t have to go through a manual process every time.

Your marketing team can as well analyze the details of lead ad campaigns from within Zoho CRM. Use the Facebook Ads Manager extension to synchronize each Facebook lead ad, ad sets, campaigns, and accounts with your Zoho CRM account.

Zoho is a broad platform with social, CRM, event management, email marketing and project management functions. The CRM is very useful because it is easy to use, can be used without much configuration, and is relatively cheap.


Sprinklr was rated as one of the best social media management companies by Forbes. Sprinklr provides a platform that integrates social management, advocacy, advertising, and analysis functions in one. This is a powerful platform that provides many useful features for brands of most sizes.

The Sprinklr service can help improve Facebook’s performance for your lead generation ad, which includes AI and automation-driven real-time optimization, automation, dynamic advertising production, and AI-based optimization, to name a few.


If your specific CRM system or email marketing tool is not already in the list of native integrations available to Facebook, you can use Zapier to connect Facebook Lead Ads (advanced features) with the CRM of your choice.

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Facebook Custom Audiences with more than 2,000 apps to automate your work and discover super-powerful features for productivity.

Few words form us:

If you are considering doing lead generation advertising for the first time, do it. We see that too many companies focus on the fact that they are busy and ignore marketing, which may have disastrous consequences in the future.

Using an existing customer list is always a good starting point because 80% of new business will come from existing contacts.

If in doubt, please follow our simple rules:

  • Always set a lifetime budget
  • Always have a deep understanding of your audience to make budgeting easier and smarter
  • Be creative and consider AIDCA (attention, interest, desire, commitment, action) when designing pictures
  • Learn from what you do-review, change and try again

If you can’t get sales right away, don’t be discouraged. Remember that brand awareness is important, maybe your next addition will make them take action.

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