ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal (LTD)

Why pay $360+ per year when you can secure your ClosersCopy LIFETIME DEAL (LTD) right now?

ClosersCopy lifetime deal

What if you could have the best of both worlds? The convenience of a simple, easy-to-use editor that is available anytime and anywhere PLUS an AI writing assistant that can help make your copywriting more sophisticated.

That’s what ClosersCopy offers. With over 15 powerful writing features to unleash your creativity, and with access to an ever-growing library of templates proven to work, this is the best software tool for your copywriting needs!

ClosersCopy is a content research marketing and copywriting platform that uses AI to help you write any kind of content. The software goes heavy on copywriting and marketing so you will be seeing a lot of features and tools that concentrate on copywriting.

ClosersCopy harnesses the experience of a team of professional copywriters on what kind of copy sells. Combine that with the speed and agility of AI and you will be able to create a good and effective copy quickly!

The only downside is that the best copywriting software does not come cheap. While most tools start at just $30 per month, that amount can add up over time. That’s $360 per year – on the cheapest plan. But why pay over $360 per year when you can secure a ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal with just one payment?

Lifetime deal

ClosersCopy runs regular ClosersCopy Lifetime Deals which let you lock in lifelong membership and use the platform for a low one-off payment. Assuming you use the software for more than just a few months, you will make your money back very quickly.

The ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal gives you lifetime access to the software for a one-time payment. You will never have to pay a monthly or yearly recurring fee again! It also comes with an ever-growing library of templates that work, which are hand-curated by the professionals of the ClosersCopy team, so you know they are good.

Of course one of the best parts of a ClosersCopy lifetime deal – which are typically only available for very new software products – is you maintain your access as the platform grows and improves. As the software improves, it is common for developers to increase pricing – but not for existing users who have taken advantage of a lifetime deal.

Therefore, by securing this lifetime deal, you are not only getting a very affordable way to use the software but also investing by securing your place for any future updates at today’s prices.

The only problem with lifetime deals like ClosersCopy is that they don’t hang around. Software developers need to make money somehow. The key is to stop hesitating and jump in before deals like this disappear forever.

After all, most deals including the ClosersCopy lifetime deal include a 30-day money back guarantee so if you do somehow regret taking the offer within a month of purchasing the software, you can cancel and get a full refund – no questions asked!

How much does ClosersCopy normally cost?

ClosersCopy currently has three pricing tiers that you can pay for through a monthly or yearly subscription. Each package also has their limits when it comes to the AI copywriting tools available.



  • Monthly – $29.99
  • Annually – $251.92 (at $20.99 per month)

Features included:

  • Compose
  • Fluent
  • Frameworks
  • Insights
  • Longform
  • Markdown
  • Sales AI (50,000 characters per month)
  • Shortcuts
  • Swipe
  • Templates
  • Thesaurus
  • Wizard
  • Words



  • Monthly – $49.99
  • Annually – $419.92 (at $34.99 per month)

Features included:

  • Compose
  • Fluent
  • Frameworks
  • Insights
  • Longform
  • Markdown
  • Sales AI (200,000 characters per month)
  • Shortcuts
  • Swipe
  • Templates
  • Thesaurus
  • Wizard
  • Words



  • Monthly – $79.99 per month
  • Annually – $671.92 (at $55.99 per month)

Features included:

  • Compose
  • Fluent
  • Frameworks
  • Insights
  • Longform
  • Markdown
  • Sales AI (unlimited)
  • Shortcuts
  • Swipe
  • Teams (access for 3 extra people)
  • Templates
  • Thesaurus
  • Wizard
  • Words

How much does the ClosersCopy lifetime deal cost?

You can get the ClosersCopy lifetime deal for two tiers: Professional and Unlimited package.

If you get the Professional package, you pay a one-time fee of $167.

If you get the Unlimited package, you pay a one-time fee of $297.

There are no monthly fees, upsells, and the price includes US sales tax! As you can see, choosing the ClosersCopy lifetime deal is a way better deal than having to be billed monthly or annually. The one-time payment for lifetime access to the software is incredibly cheaper than the normal rates!

Now, you might be thinking – this deal is too good to be true. There must be a catch in there somewhere. And here it comes:

The lifetime deal is only available for a limited time. The AI technology that ClosersCopy uses needs a huge bandwidth and because of this, ClosersCopy will have to raise the price for the lifetime deal later on to be able to make some profit out of their wonderful tool.

So fair warning, this incredible deal may disappear from their website soon. You just have to grab it as soon as possible or risk having to pay a higher price later on.

Where can I get the ClosersCopy lifetime deal?

Of course, the primary way to get your hands on the ClosersCopy lifetime deal is from the ClosersCopy official website.

But before you proceed to the ClosersCopy website, try to search the net for coupons that can give you discounts on top of the already affordable lifetime deal.

ClosersCopy Features and Tools

To give you a clear idea of what you can get when you work with ClosersCopy, we highlight a quick list of the best features and tools that the software has. Take note that these are only the most loved tools of the software. ClosersCopy is actually packed with more features than that in this list.


The longform tool is ClosersCopy’s AI longform writing assistant, which will give you the ability to produce a good copy with just one click of a button. You have full control of the creativity of your output and how long it can get.

The longform tool is considered to be one of the most powerful tools of ClosersCopy since it can write anything from sales pages, articles, sales letters, email campaigns, blogs, Google Ad, and many more. It can even take previous content into consideration.

Sales AI

This AI tool helps you write to sell more products and services. The tool is based on actual sales conversations and marketing campaigns that have been proven and tested. When you use this tool you will be able to create a sales pitch that will speak to the desires of your target market.

This tool is very helpful for sales letters because it gives you persuasive copy techniques that can make any sales copy convert into profit for your business! Sales letter hits are guaranteed with this tool.


ClosersCopy comes with several copy analysis tools that will give you an insight on how well the copy will be doing based on an analysis of your writing process.

There are several tools under this department. Copy keyword analysis analyze the density of keywords you have in your copy. Copy keyword analysis analyze also if your content will be flagged down as spam.

The copy sentence analysis break down will analyze the complexity of your sentences. The copy sentence analysis break down tool will give suggestions for you to reach out to your audience more effectively.

There is also the emotions analysis tool where copy emotions analysis reveal what type of emotions your copy can stir. Copy emotions analysis reveal is important since you have to make sure that the tone of your copy matches the message that you intend to convey.


The frameworks tool gives you more control over the software. You can create your own framework for the software to follow which is very useful if you have a specific format or outline in mind.

If you are basically new to copywriting, do not worry – you do not need to create your own framework. ClosersCopy comes with a lot of framework templates that use proven and tested copywriting formulas for your needs whether you want to write an email campaign, produce a great product description, or create effective sales pages.

Frameworks included in ClosersCopy are Google Ads, SEO Meta title, Headings, Subheadings, Title, Q&A, Product Reviews, Amazon, Call to Action, PAS, BAD, AIDA, Outline, Conclusion, and many more.

Template library

ClosersCopy gives you a wide variety of templates to choose from. There are thousands of leverage proven templates for almost everything – social media ads, sales letters, and many more.

If you are looking for a way to kickstart your copywriting, checking out the library of templates will be a good start for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks! There is also a template library starter guidance tool to help you out.

Aside from the thousands of templates available, ClosersCopy also allows you to write your own templates. This way, if you are following a specific format, having your own templates will make the job faster for you.


The compose tool is headline-generating tool. It can autogenerate proven headline ideas whether they are headings or subheadings. These proven headline ideas will help you compose your long-form article based on the headings that you approve.

You are able to compose any type of copy with ClosersCopy. You can write a YouTube channel description that will entice people to subscribe. You can write ads and email campaigns that will make people curious and click. You can write Facebook ads that your target market will appreciate. Also, you can produce high converting sales letters to bring more profit to your business.

The possibilities that you can do with compelling marketing copy are endless. You can easily launch successful marketing campaigns with ClosersCopy because writing sales copy is no longer a stressful task.


The complete tool is a content research tool that can be very useful particularly for SEO writers. It is one of the latest tools that ClosersCopy has.

This tool will filter Google search results based on the query you enter. You can then scan articles with interesting headlines and insert them in the editor with just one click.

The entire post can also be inserted in the editor. This way, you also get to read the articles without having to deal with annoying ads.


The words tool suggests power words that will make your copy more appealing to your audience. These power words are mostly sensory words that will help your audience feel something and thus, allows your writing to create a bigger impact on their minds.


ClosersCopy comes with a Thesaurus integrated with it. All you have to do is click on the word that you would like to replace. This tool is a great time saver because you no longer have to switch tabs to find a better word.


Writing with the help of artificial intelligence is not a comfortable process for some people. If you are this type of person and you are checking out ClosersCopy for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed.

The step-by-step copy wizard tool will act as a guide to help you understand the fundamentals of each ClosersCopy tool. This way, you will have a guide for all processes and you can navigate the software easier.

The wizard will also remind you of important elements that you should pay attention to when writing direct response copy.

Writing advice

ClosersCopy offers guidance, persuasive copy techniques, and advice for copywriters who want to improve their craft. If you are not a professional writer, you may find this a very useful tool. All you have to do is click the 101 tab in the document editor and you will get a series of lessons that will help improve your copy.

It might seem weird to get writing advice from an AI but you have to keep in mind that the software comes from the brilliant minds of numerous copywriting experts. It does not hurt to learn a thing or two from the software!

Dark mode

ClosersCopy allows you to work on dark mode. It is pretty useful if you are working in an area with low lighting or if you prefer to give your eyes a break. You can easily switch to dark mode and default mode at any time from the screen.

ClosersCopy FAQs

Why choose ClosersCopy?

There are a lot of AI tools out there for copywriting. Most of them use a general language model, which is not really the best when you are aiming for marketing and getting sales. But with ClosersCopy, their AI is tweaked to give you a real marketing advantage, helping you sell all your products and services through good copywriting.

With Closers Copy, you can easily create sales letters, email campaigns, website templates, and even call scripts easily even if you are not a good writer!

Each template will offer a more specific copy so you can have a more specific area to work on, depending on your needs. For instance, if you go to Ad templates, you can specify the task more to product information. The software will then help you work on a product description that helps sell your products and services.

What makes ClosersCopy stand out is that it is a multilingual Sales AI. It can understand a total of 24 languages! Not every software can support that many languages! You are sure to get world class support with this AI tool!

Who is ClosersCopy for?

This copywriting software is designed to help out anyone that wants to produce great copy.

The AI writing tools are simple enough for startup business owners to use, giving them a chance to DIY their copy without having to hire a professional copywriter.

The tool is also complex enough for professional copywriters to use as a guide for their work. It is very helpful for a lot of niches and writing projects.

In the end, any writer can produce a better output!

What do you need to get lifetime access for ClosersCopy?

The software is cloud-based so you do not have to download or install a thing! All you need is to pay for your account then you can access the software from a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You only just have to be connected to the Internet to get things going!


There is no doubt that it takes a lot of years of training to become a professional copywriter. But it is also a fact that small business owners may not have the budget to hire a copywriter. With the help of ClosersCopy, you can make your own copy, whether you are a professional writer or not!

The best thing about ClosersCopy is that it can be used for a wide variety of niches. No matter what type of business you are in, you will be able to use the intuitive editor to your liking.

If you’re looking for a ClosersCopy lifetime deal then you are probably already sold on the huge benefits this copywriting software will bring to your business. After all, improving your sales copy even slightly will have a significant impact on your product descriptions, sales letters, landing pages, and email campaigns.

Words can easily convert into sales and ClosersCopy will make the whole writing process a whole lot easier for you. With the one time payment deal for a lifetime access, you surely will be able to write marketing copy any time, any where!

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