ContentForge Review, Pricing & Alternatives

With so many new AI copywriters entering the market today, each promising to streamline and increase efficiency for your business, work and projects it is more vital than ever that you stay up to date with new technologies and with a free trial of 7 days/1000 words being offered by ContentForge right now, there is nothing to lose!

As a relative novice to AI copywriting programmes I was pleasantly surprised that the sign up to ContentForge was such a simple experience, following the seconds long sign up process the very first thing I was greeted with was a simple, uncluttered user interface.

This simply laid out website is very easy to operate and understand for a beginner user.

Selecting the tools tab in the main task bar revealed a wide array of over 20 functions to use including product name generators, digital ad writing functions (compatible with Facebook, Linkedin and Google Ads) basic SEO support, etc.

I trialled the Facebook digital Ad writer and was very impressed by how fast it worked to write a complete advert for me, in the tone of my choosing; its at this point that I became convinced that this product could really be a strong asset for any business with a social media account; I found functionality to be very impressive when I realised that this product is actually still in development!

ContentForge offers several well designed features geared towards bloggers specifically such as introduction, idea, outline and title blog functions that are almost wholly automated; simply input a basic outline of your idea or project, select number of outputs, click generate and allow the programme to do the work for you!

I would say that the programme was most beneficial for bloggers out of all customer types, closely followed by e-commerce users however this programme may even prove popular with copywriters and other professional writers since it also contains features that allows the programme to fully expand on or rephrase a sentence for you almost instantly.

There are excellent features for e-commerce users, including the product description design features that allow you to almost fully automate the process of writing sales listings for Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, etc.

The listicle producer is particularly impressive as you simply add a very basic description of what your product does and allow the tool to generate a list of benefits, the content generated is automatically very coherent and does not require an arduous amount of human involvement in order to produce a useable result unlike some other programmes on the market.

It is really wondrous to see how little human interaction this AI needs to get the job done, however its functionality is still that of a Beta programme when you take a closer look, this is not problematic however as the price point it is sold at more than compensates for it.

ContentForge does offer creative inspiration and support that is beyond a product of this price point, simply writing a couple of words into the ”blog post idea” section on the left hand side-bar is enough for the programme to generate 5 different suggestions for topics for you to write about.

It is incredibly easy to create and organise new documents, folders, listings advertisements and the website is efficient and easy to navigate with only a few clicks needed to start your new project.

Unlike some other AI content programmes, content created via this website is cohesive and coherent with very little editing required to make it flow naturally, a hallmark that I would typically associate with a much pricier programme .

Another thing that I found very impressive about ContentForge is its well thought out document feature that gives you the ability to write into your document (E-book, Essay, Description or other project) directly onto the website and simply press CTRL + K to allow the AI to take over and write flawlessly on your behalf, then edit at your leisure.

I used this programme to help me write a sample travel guide and also test product descriptions for two very different products and it did both so well that I wouldn’t have needed to edit the result at all prior to publishing!

While most companies offer a comparable feature, I find that it requires much more intensive editing to produce something that is fully coherent with a natural flow.

But it doesn’t stop there, not only can the AI programme write for you instantly, you’re also able to dictate the tone it uses, for example, casual, bold, professional or friendly (to name just a few) allowing your writing to always sound natural, in context and hold relevance to your target market.

I can imagine that this would save many hours in work and really optimise efficiency for most businesses in the digital age especially with the additional featured promised for the future including (but not limited to) automatic copyright free image insertion to blog posts based on context, export text in other formats (such as HTML) a browser extension, drag + drop document support and a wordpress plug in.

ContentForge Pricing

At time of writing ContentForge is priced at a very reasonable $49 one off fee for a lifetime subscription, this seems to be well below average for such a product,

with all of the features offered and more in the pipeline;

it is evidently clear that ContentForge offers excellent value for money up against competitor programmes despite the fact it will certainly need further development.

With ContentForge’s creators seemingly committed to updating, innovating and improving their programme, I’m almost certain pricing will rise considerably at some point in the not so distant future.

Alternatives to ContentForge

There are quite a few possible alternatives to ContentForge.

ContentForge Vs Jarvis

One fairly popular option is Jarvis which is highly rated for its ability to create quality content, Jarvis also has a wealth of templates and tutorials available to guide you, which ContentForge does not have. For creation of SEO friendly content, JarvisAI is also superior to ContentForge due to its partnership with Surfer SEO, conversely however, Jarvis doesn’t support any plug ins at this time, which is something ContentForge aims to do.

Overall, JarvisAI is another recommendable programme with many benefits.

However, these benefits come at an additional cost as the subscription price for JarvisAI follows the following structure.

  • $20 Per month basic plan.
  • $109 Per month, Unlimited plan.
  • $119 per month, Boss plan.

While Jarvis is generally recommendable, its clear ContentForge has the potential to do  very well as the ”new kid on the block” of copywriting AI.

Rytr vs ContentForge

Another popular programme is Rytr which comes highly recommended by many and may be considered an established industry leader, conversely to both JarvisAI and ContentForge, Rytr is very advanced and includes many unique features such as an inbuilt plagiarism checker which neither ContentForge or JarvisAI have, Rytr supports the use of over 30 different languages (compared to Jarvis’ 25) and also includes support for plug ins like wordpress and shopify and with only one pricing plan of just $29 per month, Rytr certainly offers JarvisAI a run for its money however ContentForges’ pricing is fairly unbeatable.

While ContentForge does not yet have plug in or language support available, its commitment to improving and adding additional features is very clear and in the future we could very well see ContentForge become a market leader; this is a product that has my confidence.

In conclusion

Overall, to conclude, this AI programme while somewhat basic compared to more established and developed programmes is very speedy and efficient taking only a couple of seconds to write several hundred words for you in whatever format you choose (Document, blog, product), you can use it to marvellously streamline all areas of the average E-commerce business or blog.

While there are more advanced programmes on the market with additional features, for a new, very discounted programme that is still in development, ContentForge offers incredible value for money.

The website was very easy to use even for a beginner,

I was very impressed with the product and will be recommending it to anyone.

It is clear that ContentForge has been designed well by someone who understands the demands of the AI copywriting industry; I am very keen to see how things unfold for ContentForge in the future.

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