Copy.AI Lifetime Deal

Brainstorming ideas for a brand and producing dozens of copies is made easier with AI copywriting software such as CopyAI. Copy AI is a startup ad-creation service developed to change lives and empower people to create a livelihood.

Powered by a Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) AI, Copy AI aims boost our productivity and efficiency when it comes to creating unique and highly engaging marketing content.

One of our priorities for choosing a software is its value for money so naturally, we are on the look out for the best deals available. A monthly subscription to CopyAI will cost you $35 for a Solo Seat.

If you’re looking for one-time transactions for lifetime access, you may want to consider other services as CopyAI doesn’t offer lifetime deals. If you’re really set on availing a lifetime deal, one of the top AI services preferred by many people is Closers Copy.

Closers Copy boasts powerful tools to help you create high-quality content. The platform also offers a sophisticated editor packed with tools to generate marketing-worthy copies at the speed of thought.

Closers Copy’s lifetime deal won’t always be available, though, so keep your eyes open for when the next batch of deals are available! Prices may also go up each year, so secure your subscription as soon as you can.

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