Jarvis Vs Copy.AI

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In this article we will be comparing and contrasting two powerful AI copywriting tools – Jarvis vs Copy.ai and help you determine which one best suits your needs as an digital marketer or online content creator.

Utilising the most powerful AI copywriting tool is quickly becoming a must in today’s ver more fast-paced and competitive digital world. But where do you begin, and what is the best AI writing software to use?

AI is here, not to make human creativity redundant, but to support and unleash it. Imagine you have a writing partner who is able to reliably generate content and write engaging marketing campaigns, google ads, social media captions and longer-form blog posts, all in your own tone of voice, or in the brand voice you are using for your business? What if I told you this writing partner was also able to tap into machine learning to do their own research for blog posts on complex topics?

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If you are a writer, a content creator, a business owner or a market, there is no doubt that AI can help you unleash your creativity, ramp up your productivity, have a positive impact on your net worth and help you reach your content creation objectives – all while making life easier.

Whether you are just starting out and beginning to explore the possibilities of AI copywriting for blog content writing, Facebook ads, product descriptions or website copy or have already been relying on the incredible powers of an AI writing assistant for a while, this article will help you get clear on whether or not you are on the right track and using the AI writing tool that is going to deliver the best performance for you and your brand, business or creative project.

How using the right AI copywriting tools could maximise your creativity, productivity and revenue

Using AI copywriting software can help you produce content at a rate and scale you never imagined. When you want to generate and get viral ideas and revolutionary products out into the world, you need to be harnessing the powers of AI.

Using the right tools can help you write unlimited words, translate existing content into other languages when you want to expand into new territories and reach people who would not otherwise be able to enjoy your content.

Ai helps you share your ideas and products in the marketplace much quicker than ever before. With an AI writer in your arsenal, you can outwork much bigger businesses and dominate in your niche.

While AI writing software is not yet quite on par with human writers, it is getting there faster than you can blink – increasing in sophistication and versatility by the day. Now is the time to become an early adapter of AI technology if you want to see your influence and reach skyrocket in the upcoming months and years. Don’t get left behind as this new advance in technology catapults content creators, small business owners and maverick marketers into the future.

Learning how to work with artificial intelligence is guaranteed to unlock and ramp up your creativity and productivity, and to beef up your bottom line. Just imagine all the time and resources writing tools may be able to free up – time that you would otherwise be spending on content creation, writing product descriptions or social media ads. If all of the time you are currently spending on these things was given back to you on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, how much more would you be able to achieve?

When you no longer have to spend your creative energy on instagram captions, marketing copy for LinkedIn ads or ecommerce sites, wouldn’t it eliminate writer’s block and set you free to be creative?

How AI copywriting works

AI stands for artificial intelligence, and has been in development for a number of years. However, it is only really in the past couple of years that real quantum leaps have been made in terms of AI writing software becoming available, accessible and sophisticated enough to gain the attention of enterprising content marketers, business owners and creatives – just like you.

AI uses deep learning (which is essentially machine learning) to process vast quantities of data and existing content. This enables the AI article writer to produce write content that is both new and original, while adhering to the conventions of its genre.

AI writing tools are still so new that human editing is often necessary to make sure that all of the content is cohesive and gets the point across. Nevertheless, editing takes much less time and effort than the amount of time and effort that usually goes into researching, contemplating, writing and editing both long for and short form content. AI isn’t perfect, but it certainly cuts the learning curve in more than half while also helping writers blast through writer’s block.

In coming years, AI is only going to improve and become more sophisticated. Using an AI powered tool to write copy is also going to become much more widespread. If you’re one of the millions of people who missed out on being a first adapter when the internet and then the social media revolution happened, you are still in the race to become an early adapter of AI.

Getting into AI early gives you a number of significant advantages. Not only are the AI writing assistants we will be looking at here already very sophisticated, but if you get to grips with them before most other companies and solopreneurs open their eyes to the power of AI.

Being an early adapter enables you to understand the software before just about anyone else – and the upsides that you can feed your AI writing partner the content you want and teach it to sound like you in writing. There is a learning curve involved, but if you get started sooner, you’ll also learn and come to master AI sooner.

What you can use the AI copywriting tool for

An AI copywriting assistant can be put to any writing related task you can think of. Only your imagination limits exactly what you might be able to accomplish with the help of AI.

Having said that, current AI tools lend themselves better to some forms of writing over others. Let us take a look at some of the most relevant and useful ways in which you can put your new AI writing assistant to work.

Social media posts

AI writing works well for both shorter and long form content, ranging from social media cations to blog posts. Social media captions fall firmly in the short form category, but writing relevant content for something as seemingly simple as as Facebook or Instagram post can still be a significant time and energy drain, particularly if you have a brand or business you are trying to get off the ground and that requires you to post on social media multiple times a day.

AI streamlines the process by writing the captions for you. You can even teach it to write in your own personal tone of voice.

Blog content

Want to see what your AI writing assistant is really capable of? Put it to work on a blog post.

Some forms of copy writing are more complex than others, and blog post writing is one of the former. Because they are usually longer, the writer’s tone of voice comes through in a different way than if you are reading sales copy or ad primary text.

You may think that you would be able to spot a blog post written by an AI among the many that are written by humans – but would you? You may have already read countless blog articles written by artificial intelligence instead of flesh-and-blood writers.

Think about it for am moment. If you can’t tell whether a specific blog post was generated by human or artificial intelligence, does it matter? As long as the biog post had the information you needed and put this information across in an easy-to-understand and engaging tone of voice, you probably neither noticed nor cared.

The most sophisticated copywriting softwares on the market, including Jarvis AI and COPY AI, empower you to quickly and reliably generate enormous amounts of articles on the topics you want. So, if you have been waiting to start a website on a topic or within a nice you love, but you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time it would take, you are officially out of excuses.

Sales and digital ad copy

AI writing is a brilliant tool to have in your tool box when it comes to writing sales copy. Some forms of writing are undeniably more dry and boring to write than others – and we can probably all agree that sales copy is one of them.

Imagine the relief of handing a boring task – one you may have procrastinated on or done a sloppy job at because you find it boring – over to your eager assistant. The AI writing assistant, thankfully, doesn’t care about the topic or type of writing you ask it to do. An AI writer will tear into digital ad copy and other forms of sales copy with exactly the same amount of gusto and enthusiasm than if you task it with writing an erotic novella. Thank the digital gods for the advent of AI.

Website copy

Website text and other forms of bread text are one of those areas where your AI writer is going to prove incredibly useful.

Unsure of how to phrase your Terms and Conditions page and don’t want to spend the time going through your competitors’ Terms and Conditions pages for inspiration? Leave it to your AI writing assistant to figure it out – the AI software knows how to phrase things and put them across in clear, concise and engaging industry standard language.

You can always go over whatever your AI software has produced in the end to make sure it complies with what you had in mind and need to get across.

Landing pages

Your AI writing assistant is a boss when it comes to formulating landing pages – chances are, your AI knows much more about these pages than you do.

This feature is particularly useful if you are not experienced with pages designed to capture leads or sales; now your AI tool is both a writer and a marketing expert in your niche.

Product descriptions

AI is great at writing product descriptions that capture both the essence and utility of your products.

Sometimes, it is difficult to be objective about your own product or service – but the AI isn’t. Artificial intelligence can be trusted to cut through the unnecessary clutter and get the point of what you are offering or selling across to prospective buyers or clients. Let AI do the selling by writing the best and most enticing descriptions of the product in your catalogue.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be a real chore on an ongoing basis. Luckily, AI can help handle this for you, too. Let AI write engaging emails in your unique and engaging tone of voice, or simply in a voice that suits your brand.

Jarvis AI copywriting tool

All right, it is time to buckle up for the compassion between Jarvis AI and COPY AI. We’ll start with Jarvis AI and look at both the pros and the cons before moving onto COPY AI.

Jarvis is a powerful AI tools, whether you are a creative writer or content creator looking to boost your creativity and output, or an entrepreneur looking to produce irresistible marketing content or even startup ideas.

Jarvis’ real strength lies in its ability to generate SEO-rich blog posts that attract traffic to your blog or page, as well as to write long form content that both engages and converts into leads and sales.

If you are a marketer or a startup of any variety, Jarvis can prove invaluable as it can write content for ads, social media, video content and much more.

Jarvis is also suitable for agencies that wish to deliver high-quality marketing content to their clients in record time.

Now that you’ve been given a brief overview of Jarvis, let us lean in and take a more detailed look at both the pros and the cons of using Jarvis.

Jarvis AI pros

The most obvious pro associated with Jarvis AI is its ability to save you untold hours spent writing. Jarvis blasts writer’s block right out of the water and can help you write the same amount of content in a week that would otherwise take you a year or more to write organically.

And not only does Jarvis produce words super fast, it also produces 99.99% original copy. Now, that’s really something. 99.99% original copy means you will never have to worry about plagiarism.

Jarvis AI’s costumer support is also excellent, so if you have a question, get stuck or feel lost at any point in your journey to writing more and better with AI, the customer service team is there to help.

Jarvis AI even has an Acadamy where newbie writers are shown the ropes. Here, you’ll even be taught about SEO strategy and social media marketing.

Another significant pro of Jarvis AI is its price point. At just $29.99 a month (which includes up to 20,000 words) it is affordable for most.

Even if you are a lean startup, Jarvis is most likely within your budget. In fact, the real question might be, can you afford not to use Jarvis?

Jarvis AI cons

Now that we’ve taken a good look at the pros associated with using Jarvis, let us take a look at the cons – they are few but significant.

First of all, Jarvis does have occasional glitches, where the Jarvis long form assistant will generate large amounts of irrelevant and nonsensical content. These kinks will no doubt be smoothed out eventually, but for now, you’ll have to live with them if you want to use Jarvis.

In general, the writing produced by Jarvis AI requires human editing, as it isn’t perfect on its own and may sound odd in places.

How to make Jarvis AI work for you

If you want to use Jarvis, you need to know how to work it. For the most part, getting to grips with Jarvis AI or any other artificial intelligence tool is a matter of trial and error, but this is how to get started.

Once you have signed into Jarvis, the first step is called Choose Your Skill. You will be prompted to make a selection of the different platforms you will primarily be generating content for. This could be Instagram captions or the Content Improver tool, which allows you to input a piece of writing which Jarvis will then rewrite to improve the quality of the writing.

Step two is Describing. Here, you’ll be teaching Jarvis what business, niche or industry you’re in, and you will also be writing a short description of your business or brand. The purpose of this is to give Jarvis an introduction to your brand identity (which could be either your business or your personal brand).

Step three is where the rubber hits the road! Step three is all about integration – it’s the AI equivalent of stepping into a brand new Ferrari and taking it for a test drive. Here, you can start typing in the field and let Jarvis complete your sentences. It’s up to you to let Jarvis know whether you are writing a short, medium, or long form piece of content. In other words, you set the pace and Jarvis does the heavy lifting.

COPY AI writing software

COPY Ai promises to deliver high-quality copy faster, better and more reliably than any of its competitors.

A bit of backstory: COPY AI has been making waves in the emerging AI industry by attracting over 100,00 signups and just four investors pitching in a total of a whopping $2.9 million USD. COPY AI’s monthly revenue has also skyrocketed by 46% since the beginning of the year. All of these numbers should tell you one thing: COPY AI is a force to be reckoned with in the AI space.

Much like Jarvis AI, COPY AI promises to deliver fresh, well-written copy at teeth-chattering speed and volume. With COPY AI in your arsenal of writing instruments, writer’s block will soon be a thing of the past. COPY AI keeps your writing fresh and poignant, avoiding the fatigue that sets in when a human writer has been typing thousands upon thousands of words without a break.

COPY AI is also one of the most powerful brainstorming tools you could hope to add to your tool belt – it allows you to play around with different ideas and languages, all in a matter of seconds. This isn’t surprising, considering that COPY AI has been built on top of the world’s most sophisticated AI language model.

All in all, COPY AI is likely to absolutely blow your mind, but before you decide to take the plunge and sign up to COPY AI, let us first walk through its most remarkable pros, cons and key features.

COPY AI pros

One of the most spectacular upsides to using COPY AI is how highly customisable it is. Its highly intuitive user interface and open GPT 3 allows you to tailor-make the content you need for a vast variety of platforms and purposes.

Although there is a learning curve, finding your way around COPY AI and getting to grips with its writing process is as smooth and straightforward as getting familiar with any new and sophisticated software can possibly be. Like Jarvis AI, COPY AI has a community of copywriters you can join for support and learning. COPY AI also offers live training where you can ask any questions and get individualised assistance.

COPY AI is highly intuitive, making it super easy and fun to generate growth ideas and explore creative possibilities.

Plenty of leading companies and professionals use COPY AI, and the page is filled with social proof in the form of videos and testimonials form real users – COPY AI is loved and used by many reputable companies and purveyors of quality writing. When you sign up, you know you’ll be in good company.

COPY AI offers a number of tailored monthly plans, so you can find the one that best suits your needs and budget. COPY AI even offers a 7 day free trial if you are hesitant to commit before having tried out the different powerful features that the software offers.

COPY AI cons

Similarly to Jarvis AI, COPY AI has occasional glitches that lead to the production of reams of irrelevant or nonsensical copy. You can only control and limit these glitches to an extend, by being as crystal clear as you possibly can in your description of what you want COPY AI to write for you.

COPY AI has as higher price point than Jarvis, with monthly subscriptions starting at $35.

How to make COPY AI work for you

Don’t work hard on your writing – make COPY AI work hard for you! This is how to do just that.

The process of using COPY AI to generate vast amounts of writing is similar to using Jarvis AI.

Whenever you start a new project in COPY AI you will first have to decide what tone of voice you want the piece of content to be in – there are different options to choose from, including friendly and luxury. You will also need to select what type of content it is you are creating, for example and Instagram caption or a blog post. You can even outline the content you want the AI to write by turning a list of bullet points into an article! That’s pretty badass.

You need to make sure that you have described your idea in crystal clear terms in the description box before asking COPY AI to generate the result. If your description is unclear, chances are COPY AI will churn out something that isn’t coherent or what you had in mind.

When you hit the create button, COPY AI generates the text in a matter of seconds. You can’t beat that, no matter how fast you’re able to type! Now, all that’s left for you to do is tidy up the draft. As with Jarvis AI, the text you have generated with COPY AI will need to be passed under a human eye to ensure that everything is coherent and expressed in the tone of voice you had intended.

Your questions about copywriting with AI, answered

We have taken a detailed look at both the pros and the cons of writing with the help of AI tools – specifically Jarvis AI and COPY AI – but you may still be left with some questions. Hopefully, you will find them answered here before we get to the final comparison and verdict in the case of COPY.AI vs Jarvis AI.

Is Jarvis AI worth it?

Jarvis AI is an incredibly powerful yet affordable writing instrument, and once you get familiar with it, it is relatively easy to use. What’s more, Jarvis offers a 7 day free trial, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up.

What is the best AI copywriter?

The best AI copy writing tool depends on your criteria for choosing an AI writing tool. There are a few things you should consider before choosing your AI writing instrument.

Here are a few questions that, if you answer them for yourself, will lead you to the right answer: What will you be using the AI copywriter for – is it for social media, blog posts, something else? How often will I be using it? How many words will I need to generate on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis? Finally, what is your budget?

Is Copy AI plagiarised?

AI writing is nearly 100% original – nothing is plagiarised. AI writing assistants write original copy fast by using their exiting knowledge, gathered through deep learning, of existing texts in the same genre you are writing in.

Having chewed through millions of email newsletters, social media captions and childrens’ books allows the AI to quickly generate something in the same generate at lightning speed. The AI is like an artist who has learned its craft by absorbing the great works of all the masters and is able to mimic their styles, without stealing or plagiarising.

Does Jarvis use GPT3?

Jarvis AI and COPY AI both use OpenAi’s GPT 3 AI model to generate vast amounts of high-quality writing at amazing speed. GPT-3 is the AI industry standard and it enables both Jarvis and COPY AI to tap into more learning, skill and information than any one human copywriter is in possession of.

The verdict

So, what’s the verdict? Which AI copywriter wins this round between COPY.AI and Jarvis?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to AI copywriting assistants. More likely, there is one that better fits your needs, budget and other preferences.

While COPY AI may be the industry heavyweight, there is much to recommend Jarvis as a slightly more accessible and in many ways just as competent writing tool. If you are only going to be writing social media captions and shorter pieces of content, Jarvis is probably your best bet. Jarvis is also a great jumping-off point if you are brand new to copywriting with AI and want to get your feet wet.

On the other hand, if you have already been enlisting the services of an AI copy writer in your business for a while or if you are a writing or marketing professional, or a small company supplying multiple clients with SEO-rich quality writing for their platforms, COPY AI is probably the way to go.

Of course, there is no need to make a final decision before you have even had the chance to try either writing tool. Both AI platforms offer a free 7 day trial, so why not sign up and give them both a try?

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