Super Affiliate System Review

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and transparent Super Affiliate System review, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re probably aware that the affiliate marketing industry is booming, and that there is plenty of opportunity to be found and money to be made for those who take the time to learn the ropes.

At this point, affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry, but if you’re brand new to the game, it can all seem very overwhelming and it can be difficult to work out where to begin. Some opportunities may look golden on the surface but turn out to be little more than dressed-up scams, while other affiliate opportunities are harder to come by but may prove to be the ones that put money in your pocket month after month and year after year.

Because there are so many different affiliate programs and opportunities out there, many get overwhelmed or discouraged after trying out a few without much luck or result.

Enter the Super Affiliate System, recently rebranded as the Super Affiliate System PRO, developed by master marketer John Crestani, the author of ‘Work at Home Secrets & Scams.’

As a veteran affiliate marketer whose knowledge has been earned in the trenches of digital marketing, and who has achieved the affiliate marketing success that most budding marketers can only dream of, Crestani knows what it takes to generate income online by leveraging YouTube ads, Google ads and other forms of paid traffic.

The Super Affiliate System is based on, and contains, John Crestani’s hard-earned knowledge of what it takes to become a Super Affiliate Marketer. The Super Affiliate System is for hopeful digital marketers who also want to learn what it takes, but would like to take shortcuts and learn from those who came before them – in this particular case, from John Crestani – in order to achieve their dreams faster.

So, are you ready to take a deep-dive into the Super Affiliate System? Keep reading for a detailed overview over what it contains and what it has to teach.

Why you should pursue affiliate marketing

If you’re not already working on getting your affiliate marketing business up and running, it can only be because you haven’t fully opened your eyes to the possibilities. So, in case you need some motivation, here are the best reasons why you should start your own affiliate marketing business today.

Affiliate marketing is already a $12 billion industry, and the number is only going to grow in years and decades to come, as the technological revolution we’re living through picks up speed.

More and more people are buying more and more of the products and services they need online – just take a moment to consider your own shopping habits, or those of your friends and family. Chances are, you’re buying a significant portion of everything you spend money on the internet.

Whenever you purchase something, it isn’t only the seller of the product or service that gets paid. If you’re buying something from a platform like eBay or Amazon, the platform itself takes a cut of the seller’s earnings. In other cases, if an online marketer is responsible for directing you to the product you purchased, they also get a cut.

Learning how to become an effective affiliate marketer, i.e. someone who is able to connect people who want to buy with the products they’re willing to spend on is probably one of the best ways you could be investing your time and effort. As more and more of the buying and selling that goes on in the world is moving online, the sky’s the limit for how much a successful affiliate marketer is able to make.

What’s more, being an affiliate marketer might be the ticket to the level of freedom you would like to have in your life. As an affiliate marketer, all you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. You can work from anywhere, any time. No bosses, no rules, no schedule.

Another really cool thing about affiliate marketing that ought to excite you is the fact that affiliate marketing income is, at least to an extent, a passive source of income. Sure, there is work involved upfront, as you set up the landing pages you need and run the ads that are going to give you the results you’re after (This is particularly true in the beginning, while you’re learning how it all works), but once everything is up and running, you can make money – a lot of money – in your sleep.

Why most affiliate marketers fail

It is indisputable that the internet is a potential goldmine for hopeful affiliate marketers, but it is equally true that a lot of budding marketers fail and give up before they ever hit their first home-run. There are a few reasons for this.

The first stumbling block that prospective affiliate marketers get to wrestle with is an incorrect and limiting mindset. There are many ways in which it is possible to approach a field like affiliate marketing with the wrong mindset. For example, because a lot of affiliate marketers work from home, some make the mistake of not taking it as seriously as they should, and failing to put in the hours it would actually take to learn and grow into a successful affiliate marketer. Another example of an incorrect mindset is thinking that it is already too late to get into affiliate marketing, subscribing to the wildly incorrect idea that the horse has already bolted and that you cannot learn or catch with those who are already making a killing with their online business.

The second stumbling block that stops a lot of budding affiliates from becoming successful is trying to run your digital marketing business using improper marketing and traffic strategies. The sad truth is that many hopeful marketers lack the blueprint that would enable them to both drive massive amounts of traffic to the products they are promoting, and to convert a high percentage of that traffic into sales. Traffic and conversions really are the lifeblood of any business – and an affiliate marketing biz is no exception.

Who John Crestani is (and what makes him qualified to teach)

You’ve probably never heard of John Crestani, the creator of the Super Affiliate System. You’ve never seen him on Shark Tank – but you may have seen him in Forbes or Business Insider.

In many ways, John Crestani is a completely ordinary guy, who just happens to have discovered how to make money online. In fact, he’s been making money online since 2011 when he was laid off from his corporate job, and over the past decade, he has never stopped honing and developed his expertise as well as his strategies, ultimately distilling everything he has learned into the Super Affiliate System.

In the affiliate marketing industry, no one remains in business for over a decade, unless they’re doing something right. John Crestani started out as many budding affiliate marketers do, by experimenting, by trying and failing and trying again, until he had a solid formula that worked when he applied it, every time. Crestani first found success as an affiliate marketer in the medical industry, before branching out into other niches.

What Super Affiliate System PRO is and who it is for

The Super Affiliate System is all of John Crestani’s hard-earned affiliate marketing expertise rolled into one comprehensive affiliate marketing course. In the Super Affiliate System, John Crestani shares what it takes to become a super affiliate marketer, and promises to provide attendees with the skillset they need to make money online.

The Super Affiliate program is primarily aimed at prospective to intermediate affiliate marketers, while those who already have years of experience in the affiliate marketing field might find the Super Affiliate System to primarily cover ground that they are already familiar with. And even so, even highly experienced marketers may come upon something of value within the Super Affiliate System, since it goes into detail and lays solid foundation of evergreen principles and strategies.

But it is newcomers to the affiliate marketing industry that stand to gain the most from joining John Crestani’s program, as it takes all of the knowledge and experience it could take you years to gain on your own and packs it into one intensive course.

The Super Affiliate System is intended as a one-stop course for new affiliate marketers wanting to learn more about both the mindset, the principles and the concrete strategies and steps that enable successful affiliate marketers to make money online in today’s abundant but competitive digital landscape.

Super Affiliate System PRO overview

The Super Affiliate System PRO is laid out as a six-week course, intended to accelerate your growth and get your affiliate marketing enterprise up and running. The course is designed to teach you how to generate income through affiliate marketing, and specifically by driving traffic to products that you do not own in order to make a cut.

John Crestani’s strategy, if we are to boil it down, consists in crafting compelling landing pages that attract and convert casual browsers into customers for the products you are promoting. Each time you convert a browser into a customer, you get a percentage or a dollar amount of the sale price. Needless to say, affiliate marketing is a numbers game – the more paying customers you’re able to send to the products you are an affiliate of, the more money you are going to make.

As you will learn in the Super Affiliate System course, the way to drive massive amounts of traffic to the products you’re promoting is by leveraging paid traffic. In other words, you’ll be using Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads to redirect traffic from pages like Facebook and YouTube and send browsers to the landing pages you have set up.

The Super Affiliate System teaches you how to do all of this at the level of detail, so the course covers a lot of ground. Here’s an overview over the different aspects of affiliate marketing covered by John’s Super affiliate system:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Native ads
  • Social ads
  • Website creation
  • Content creation
  • Niche selection
  • Affiliate networks
  • Click funnels
  • Tracking and testing
  • Scaling
  • Advanced strategies
  • Mindset

In addition to all of the ground covered by the course, the Affiliate System PRO also taps you into what John Crestani calls the eight pillars. The eight pillars are as follows:

  • Pillar 1: Unlimited access to the Super Affiliate System PRO training program
  • Pillar 2: Inspiration for the very best products to promote as an affiliate
  • Pillar 3: Done-for-you page builder, complete with pre-configured pages that are ready to use (This feature is beyond useful, as it will save you an incredible amount of time and effort, particularly if you are not very practiced when it comes to putting effective landing pages together)
  • Pillar 4: Intuitive drag-and-drop editor with domain and hosting included
  • Pillar 5: Extensive library of done-for-you, pre-configured million dollar ads (Are you seeing dollar signs yet?)
  • Pillar 6: Live coaching calls with Crestani’s team once a week (4 x a month)
  • Pillar 7: Unlimited VIP 1-on-1 Email Coaching (Available to you 24/7/365)Pillar 8: Private,
  • Pillar 8: Access to the private “Accelerated Growth” Mastermind (Where you will find hundreds of success stories, inspiration, and a community of other marketers on the path to affiliate marketing success)

As if all of this wasn’t enough, you also get access to no less than eight rather impressive free bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: $1,100.00 in traffic credits + free traffic methods, all but guaranteed to get you off to a flying start
  • Bonus 2: Personal 1-on-1 call with an Super Affiliate System Growth Coach (I.e. your chance to get your most burning questions answered and receive tailor-made advice on how you can move your affiliate enterprise forward)
  • Bonus 3: Exclusive 21 day “ROI + Even More” roadmap
  • Bonus 4: A selection of done-for-you high ticket commissions (Known to generate $500+ in sales!)
  • Bonus 5: Pre-paid business LLC creation (Those tax saving vehicles are going to come in handy once the affiliate income starts rolling in)
  • Bonus 6: 2-For-1 Super Affiliate System PRO mentorship access

You even get two extra, unannounced bonuses in the form of a done-for-you local business white label accelerator bundle and a buyer file for AI (artificial intelligence) driven ads.

All in all, a Super Affiliate System membership taps you into not only an extensive knowledge base and a community of affiliate marketers who are already winning, it also gives you all of the tools and blueprints you need to get started, fast. While Super Affiliate System doesn’t promise to be a shortcut to success as an affiliate marketer, it is easy to see that the tools and insights you get, as well as the personal and direct 1-on-1 coaching, are exactly what a prospective digital marketer needs in order to go from nothing to something in a matter of weeks.

Super Affiliate System PRO pricing options

The Super Affiliate System offers two different pricing and payment options. Which one you should choose depends on your budget and whether or not you are able to pay for the full program up front.

If you choose to/are able to pay for your Super Affiliate System PRO membership in one go, this is by far the best option, as you end up paying less. A Super Affiliate PRO membership is priced at $997 when you make a one-off payment.

If you’re unable to pay in one go, you can still get access to Super Affiliate PRO. If you choose the flexible payments plan, you’ll be making a down payment of $397, followed by two further payments of $397 spaced 30 days apart.

While the flexible payments plan is a great option if you lack the funds to pay outright, the total cost is $1,191, over $200 more than if you pay in one go.

Regardless of which payment option you choose, you are covered by the program’s iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee. In other words, if the course doesn’t give you what you were hoping for, you’ll be able to ask for your money back.

Super Affiliate System PRO Q & A

If you’ve read this far, you have probably gained a good understanding of what the Super Affiliate System is and what it has to offer. Still, you may be left with some unanswered questions. If you do, I hope you’ll find them answered here.

How much do Super Affiliates make?

How much Super Affiliates make is an impossible question to answer. Affiliate marketing is not a traditional profession like, say, being a lawyer or a policeman. There is no employer who pays you a set salary.

This is simultaneously one of the greatest pros and cons when you choose to pursue affiliate marketing as a career/an income model – there are no guarantees, and there is no minimum or maximum amount of money you can make.

There are affiliates out there who make millions in revenue, and there are those who make nothing or very little, even after hours and hours of hard work.

Having said that, Super Affiliates who have taken the Super Affiliate System course have a head-start compared to those who are muddling along, trying to figure it all out on their own. While trying, failing and trying again is certainly one viable way of learning the ropes of affiliate marketing, it is not the only way – and it definitely is not the smartest.

Joining and studying a program like the Super Affiliate System is no guarantee that you will be wildly successful as as marketer, but it is one of the best stepping stones you can choose to utilise to accelerate your journey to affiliate mastery.

Does the 12 Minute Affiliate System work?

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a plug-and-play system designed to streamline the process of driving traffic to products and earning a commission. The 12 Minute Affiliate System was developed by marketer, blogger and public speaker Devon Brown, based on his own desire to streamline and automate his affiliate income.

While the Super Affiliate System focuses on both mindset, strategies and systems, the 12 Minute Affiliate System places its emphasis on systems and automation. One is not necessarily better than the other – in fact, the two might complement each other extremely well, but this applies to both of them: The system works if you work.

What is the Super Affiliate program?

The Super Affiliate System (or the Super Affiliate program, as it is also referred to as) might just be the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training you are able to find.

The Super Affiliate System has been developed by a veteran marketer, John Crestani, and the course overdelivers on every promise it makes. Access to the course gives you access to numerous done-for-you templates, such as pre-made landing pages designed for traffic and conversion and ad templates proven to be effective, as well as the know-how you need to put it all into action. You even get coaching calls with John Crestani and his team, and access to a mastermind group where you can connect and share both progress and inspiration with other marketers who are also enrolled in the program.

Super Affiliate System – final thoughts

There is no doubt that the Super Affiliate System is the entire package, giving you both the tools, the know-how and the vital encouragement you need to get your affiliate marketing venture of to a spectacular start. Of course, starting something new and learning new skillsets is never easy, but John Crestani and the rest of the team behind the Super Affiliate System make it as effortless as possible for new and prospective marketers to begin seeing their first encouraging results.

The Super Affiliate System contains a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience – all rolled into a mere six weeks. There are no shortcuts to success, in affiliate marketing or in life, but a Super Affiliate System membership could potentially save you years of learning through trial and error.

The Super Affiliate System isn’t a cheat code to easy money, but it teaches you everything you need to know to be able to take real steps towards generating passive income and living the life of your dreams. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection – and the knowledge contained within the Super Affiliate System – to get going.

In other words, what are you waiting for? If you are a new affiliate marketer and you want to have a hope of getting started and getting ahead in today’s competitive marketplace, can you afford not to give yourself every possible chance at success that you can get your hands on?

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