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Conversion.AI is a promising tool powered by artificial intelligence.

Yes, you heard that right.

If this tool REALLY does what it’s been advertising, the future of copywriting is here now. It could help copywriters like me, marketers and entrepreneurs create high-quality, high-converting content for websites, email marketing, link building, an entire sales funnels, ads for Google/Facebook, and so much more.

I Conversion AI intro 1.jpg

Jarvis, as Conversion.AI calls its world’s first artificial intelligence bot copywriter, is reportedly so user-friendly that you don’t need to know a thing about SEO or be professionally taught to write.

So does it work? What else can it do?

Who is the Conversion.AI tool for? Are writers soon to be outdated?

What are its strengths and weaknesses?

 How much does it cost?

This Conversion.AI review will tackle everything you need to know about this buzz-worthy tool, and IF it’s something worth your hard-earned money.

What is Conversion AI?

Conversion.AI comes from the makers of Proof, the famous Social Proof Marketing tool that converts visitors into leads and customers using analytics and smart placing of notifications. This tool was only launched in 2017, but it is now used by over 25,000 online businesses successfully.

So when news about an AI-powered copywriting tool was about to be launched by the same company, many of my writer, SEO and marketer friends wanted to voluntarily test-drive Conversion.AI. Wouldn’t you want to be in on it too if you heard Conversion.AI has the power to write high-converting copy aimed at turning leads into paying and loyal customers?

I Conversion AI intro 2 Dashboard - Select a template.PNG

There’s no better way than to explain how Conversion.AI works than to actually show you.

Who is Conversion AI for?

Content creators (copywriters, marketers, Google ads and Facebook ads specialists, YouTubers, and so on) will benefit from the Conversion.AI tool significantly.


Copywriting formulas have been effective for decades. It is why several types of formulas exist, but none more popular than AIDA and PAS frameworks. Take a look at these examples (left side is my version, right side are the ones Jarvis “suggested” in specific frameworks.

AIDA FRAMEWORK: AIDA for “Attention, Interest, Desire, Action”2 Who is Conversion AI for - copywriters 1 AIDA Framework.PNG

PAS Framework: PAS refers to “Problem-Agitate-Solution” used in crafting new marketing copy ideas.

2 Who is Conversion AI for - copywriters 2 PAS Framework.PNG

As a copywriter who will churn in hundreds of copies through his/her entire career, having these templates make it SUPER easy to write a particular copy required for a current project.

If you’re scared that a robot will replace us copywriters, don’t be. Like many copywriting tools with AI technology, conversion.AI can become a powerful writing tool. Embrace what Jarvis can do for you, such as:

  • Get you out of a bad case of writer’s block (we’ve all been there!),     
  • Meet your deadline
  • Write with your target audience in mind
  • Master writing copy with strong SEO (search engine optimization)

Bloggers and website owners

It doesn’t matter if you own a personal blog, or the website of your small business. Both online properties require high converting copy to attract new visitors.

Conversion.AI templates are tailor-made to turn any blank page into a well written piece. As a blogger or site owner, you can use it for:

  • Fine-tuning your company bio, or About us page, Mission & Vision, and so-on.
  • Writing the perfect headline and sub-headline – Conversion.AI boasts that it trained Jarvis from the world’s best copywriters, so it can easily give you awesome titles and sub-titles that are proven to convert.
  • Crafting persuasive bullet points (Ideal for landing pages, product descriptions, and breaking down blocks of huge content). 3 Bloggers and websites 1.PNG

Blog Post Templates

If you’re new to blogging, it makes sense that you’re still figuring out what works or not. With several of Conversion.AI’s templates, you’ll be able to write articles (either short or long form content) like a pro.

  • Blog post title ideas: The blog post titles are mainly the reason why a newcomer to your blog clicks on your link. Having an interesting, shocking, emotional, hilarious, or attention-grabbing title encourages blog visitors to stick around longer, and come back for more.
  • Blog post outline: Writing any quality content requires some kind of flow (a beginning, middle, and end), even if what you’re writing isn’t a story. This is one of my favorites, since I always do an outline first, especially for long blog posts. Check out Jarvis’ suggestion for my Conversion.AI review post:
3 Bloggers and websites 2.PNG
  • Blog post intro paragraph: The opening paragraph grabs the attention of a reader. This is where you bring out your trivia, jokes, expert info, and other unique content. The first few sentences also dictate whether a reader will continue reading, or stop mid-blog post.
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph: You started strong with your introduction paragraph, so you must end your blog post strong as well. Jarvis can help you find the words to close your blog post, if you’re finding it hard to finish up with a bang.
  • Blog post title and meta description: In SEO, whenever you include a title and meta description of a blog post, you help the search engines identify exactly what information to display about your blog posts. SEO-optimized titles, tags and meta description helps your website or blog rank well on Google.
3 Bloggers and websites 3.PNG

Affiliate marketers and Owners of ecommerce sites

Affiliate marketers whose business revolves around promoting products and services will benefit from the ecommerce templates ready-made by Conversion.AI.

For example, if you’re writing marketing content for an Amazon product, use the Amazon-specific templates for product description, or listing down the item’s features or highlights in bullet form.

4 Affiliate marketers and ecommerce website owners 1.PNG

If you have your own products or services for sale on your website, don’t miss the following templates:

  • Product description: If you write copy for your online store, generating content targeted to your market and search engines is important. This template helps you write ad copy like the pros.
  • Feature-to-Benefit: This template creates a reader-friendly bullet-point list from your product description.
4 Affiliate marketers and ecommerce website owners 2.PNG
  • SEO Product page title and META description:
  • Content improver: I’ll expand a bit more about content improver further down this Conversion.AI review, but trust me when I say anybody can benefit from this feature regardless of what template you use.

Video creators, social media managers, SEO & marketers

Conversion.AI FEATURES

Content Improver

No matter what type of content you’re working on, the content improver can help you, well, improve your content. Just write a short paragraph to let Jarvis get the gist of what you’re trying to say, and it will automatically generate engaging copy.

This function helps fix anything as simple as spelling errors, to more complicate issues like grammar, sentence structure, and tone of voice.

Content Expander

All Jarvis-made Content Saved

Blog Post Outline and Blog Post Topic Ideas

How Conversion.AI works

Most features of Conversion.AI are self-explanatory. But to show you the user interface and what I consider the most useful feature, here’s a quick tutorial on how to create long-form content (3,000 words or more) using Conversion.AI.

Step 1:  Give Jarvis an Idea of your Content

Describe the content you want to create, so Jarvis could recommend content that’s on-point with your topic.

4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 1.PNG

Step 2.  Write the title

You have the option of writing the title yourself, or clicking “Generate Ideas” so Jarvis could suggest click-worthy titles for you. The tool will show you several title options. If you found one that you like, just click “use this one” and go to the next step.

4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 2.PNG

Click “generate more ideas” if you want to check out more title suggestions.

Step 3.   Write the intro paragraph.

You can simply enter your own words into the space provided, or just like the title, let Jarvis help you with the introduction.

Here’s my version:

4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 3a.PNG

Here are Jarvis’ version:

4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 3b.PNG

I decided to go with mine, and clicked “OPEN EDITOR” to finish set-up.

4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 3c.PNG

Step 4. Write on the Content Editor

There are three kinds of editor views you can choose from:

  • Focus mode: Imagine writing on a no-fuss notepad, but with the ability to add text settings, heading/sub-heading formats, and so on. You can always go back to focus mode if you’re cleaning up the content Jarvis added.
4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 4a Mode
  • SEO mode: Conversion.AI can be fully-integrated into SurferSEO. If you log into your SurferSEO account, you (and Jarvis) will be able to access those juicy keywords and key-phrases and work them into your content.
4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 4b Mode
  • Power mode: This is where you’d see all the possibilities Conversion.AI can bring into the content you’re working on. The tabs on the left side showcase all the content templates you can incorporate into your work. Choose one and a new tab for your chosen template would appear. Add entries to the provided space and wait for Jarvis to create suggested content. Copy-paste the generated content you want to use, or try again.
4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial 4c Mode

The cool thing about the power mode is that you can mix and match templates to add more ideas into your existing content.

Step 5: Collaborate with Jarvis

It can be very confusing to write with Jarvis at first, since it does churn out quite a LOT of content at a time. But once you get the groove, collaborating with Jarvis can be really addictive.

Regardless of what mode you’re working on, if you highlight sentences, paragraphs, a part or the entire content, a pop-up with heading options, bullet/numbering, and 3 quick re-writing functions that are super-helpful.


Sometimes, you might find the content Jarvis suggests too formal for your taste. Or you want to infuse your voice into the content. To do this, you can quickly re-write by highlighting the parts you want rewritten. Jarvis will suggest rewrites repeatedly until you’re contented. Of course you can simply get inspiration from these recommendations and twist it using your own words, rewriting to ensure you’ve got a totally unique content once you’re done. 5 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial Collaborate 1.PNG

Fix grammar

Machine learning relies on a user’s input first. If you don’t include as many details as possible, the AI-written content may possibly be too far away from the topic, or with inaccurate details.

However, fixing grammar is where Conversion.AI shines. Because grammar has existing rules already, which I assume most copywriting AI tools have already “taught” the bot behind the scenes, you wouldn’t have much issues with this function.

I imagine this would be a huge help for non-writers. As you can see from my example below, it only fixes spelling and grammatical errors, which is probably why there is almost no change with mine and Jarvis’ version. 4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial Collaborate 3.PNG

Explain it to a 5th grader

High quality content doesn’t have to be complicated. This function turns flowery, technical or complicated wording into an easy-to-understand piece that even a 5th grader could understand.

4 Long-form Conversion.AI tutorial Collaborate 3.PNG

Pros and Cons of Conversion AI


  • Live chat support
  • Helps with writer’s block


Conversion AI pricing and Plans

Free version

Conversion.AI Alternatives


In my opinion, Conversion.AI is a pretty impressive AI tool. It’s a game changer if you’re:

  • Writing fiction long form content. With this copywriting tool, you can write the initial draft and it could help you craft a story with 20,000 words easy. However, if you’re dealing with facts and require accuracy with details, this

Of course, like other copywriting AI tools, the process still requires a human editor not only to infuse your tone of voice into the story,

When it comes to helping people with writers block, the tool works

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