Clickbank Autopilot Money Making Software [Free Download]

Are you looking for a Clickbank autopilot money making software free download? There are a range of free and paid options for Clickbank autopilot money making software which typically involves a landing page to capture leads and then an autoresponder to follow up on those leads and sell them ClickBank products.



If you really want to supercharge your sales, consider signing up to Closers Copy (review) so you can quickly create powerful, persuasive sales copy for your pages and emails without training.

They offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee so you can try it free and see the results for yourself.

Alternatively, if you want to jump the queue to making money online while you sleep, there is a way you can get readymade funnel pages, pre-written emails and a tested system for driving traffic right away.

You can try it now for 14-days for less than $10.

That’s the fast way. But if you want a more DIY approach, read on.

Clickbank Autopilot Money Making Software [Free Download]

Actually ClickBank autopilot money making software doesn’t need a free download as they are all web-based.

Simply visit Aweber and set up an account. It’s best if you also register a domain name and hosting so that you can have a branded email address rather than a personal email address.

How To Make Money With ClickBank on Autopilot

To make money with ClickBank on autopilot for free you need to find a compelling offer in the ClickBank marketplace.

One with a gravity score around 20 – 100, a low initial sale value but a higher upsell or recurring payment.

Then you set up a simple sales funnel of landing page, thank you page with the offer and an email autoresponder to follow up with your leads and remind them to take the offer.

If you want comprehensive sales funnel training, I recommend you take the One Funnel Away Challenge (review) as this will save you a lot of time and transform your marketing skills.

How To Make Money With ClickBank on Autopilot Free

Pick a Niche

Develop your brand within a niche. Choosing your niche is a big timesaver and boost to future profits here.

The biggest and most profitable niches generally revolve around three areas:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships.

These three work very well and are also the focus on many products on Clickbank. And what’s more is these are the things that people are willing to spend the most on..

Choose Your ClickBank Product

This goes in hand with when you pick a niche. If you already have a following then your options are more limited, but you have a big head start just by having an audience in the first place.

If you’re starting from scratch then you can join choose your niche based on the products you want to sell.

ClickBank has a marketplace full of products you can promote as an affiliate as well as detailed insights into how popular and profitable those products are. But more on that later.

Build a Landing Page

Once you have your niche you need to set up a simple landing page to capture leads.

Our favourite landing page builders are:

However, Aweber has a basic free landing page builder, while Getresponse offers landing pages and sales funnels as part of its low-priced plans.

Set Up an Autoresponder

Then you need an email marketing platform to create an autoresponder series to form a relationship with your leads and sell them ClickBank products.

For that I would recommend Aweber as it is free up to 500 contacts and reasonably priced after that.

Plus the free plan includes features like automations which you don’t get in other platforms for free like ConvertKit.

Aweber even has a basic landing page builder included if you really want to stick to a budget.

Or you can level up a little and go for GetResponse which is a much more powerful online marketing platform. This has a great landing page builder as well as a funnel builder that lets you create a series of pages to drive leads towards buying.

You can even feature your ClickBank product on the thank you page after they sign up which is a powerful way to generate leads and make money in the short term before you even email them.

Importantly, whatever autoresponder you use make sure it allows affiliate marketing. When some affiliates abuse email marketing for spam, that affects the integrity of an email provider, reducing deliverability rates for other customers.

Email marketing platforms therefore need to ensure their users stay ethical and for that reason many popular services like Mailchimp do not allow affiliate marketing and can close your account for that reason.

We’ve written a whole article on the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing – but the short story is GetResponseSendlane and Aweber came top.

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